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little  traveler - Toysin Toys
fashiondoll collection - Sewingin Sewing
decter 60's teen girl - - Advertisingin Advertising
80's  counter top refurbed - 30'' tall- - Advertisingin Advertising
elgin petite window/countertop motion display - Advertisingin Advertising
rare 20'' latexture sewing doll - Sewingin Sewing
darling co. sprightly kid mannis - Advertisingin Advertising
woodikins '30's - Advertisingin Advertising
30's beauty salon busts - Advertisingin Advertising
schlappi  size 1o girl  -60's - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. thanks gypsyroad - yes you can email me pics... or via my website thanks!
  2. yes - i wonder if susie ever got to europe???
  3. thanks - are you still doing a book.. the 2 that i have are kind of weak !
  4. thanks for the info!
  5. which one is butterick? i totally agree - the singer is poorly designed - and she kind of has a pinhead! are you still working on your book?
  6. hi- the dress/tulle is original however the dress was stained - so i dyed it to match the hot pink tulle...added the sequins / glitter- i got the watches on ebay- box too.. her legs are crossed- she...
  7. yes ! i fell in love with her unusual face! so myrna loy! a friend is reproducing her slip - the original was in tatters... should be an easy restoration - then i think i might resell. she is unusual!
  8. she's about 5'5''- shorter than a missy mannequin - smaller bust- mid-60's= not a "real" jackie o wig - but same period - yes horsehair hardset....
  9. i think she is from vogue mannequins- late 80's- she is plaster/plastic- we used them on countertop displays and in small windows i will post before pics on my website...
  10. hi mannikin ! good to hear from you- the original was off white with a small swirley pattern.. very yellowed - did you see the counter top sitter in the red dress that just sold for almost 1,000? i...
  11. hi manikin and thanks for the info. i have searched the internet but could find no info on latexture - any leads ??? i looove this one ! and she is in near mint condition - now all i need is some ...
  12. umm.... i dont lie - she is untouched .... unnatural? its a wig . I don't know what material it is - hard rubber prob. I took all the picture myself; sorry I am having them retaken by a pro- airbru...
  13. yes - beautiful dreamy glass eyes - she was prob used in the window of a wig store or beauty salon.... my site is -
  14. did you click on the pics?? you can also visit the website might help- I don't think she is a repro-she is too soft looking -I can spot a repro from 100ft! tell me more about the book youre writing....
  15. no - heavy plaster- the other is rubber...
  16. 30'' tall - I have a friend who is going to make some better dresses for them- I love the hair.
  17. she's 4' tall- the hair is painted paper or tissue - it had to be trimmed and repainted. the wig is removable . the work that went into this mini manni is incredible!!
  18. hi! she is the torso of a zazu mannequin - we used them in macys intimates dept. in the 90's -if you go to flickr there are lots of pics of this series - as well as the catalogue- cheers! and if your...
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