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Help with 2 row Honeycomb Stemware - Glasswarein Glassware
Help with EAPG Possible Imperial Glass Pattern - Glasswarein Glassware
EAPG Richards & Hartley collection in color - Glasswarein Glassware
help with possible Bristol glass vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
need help with blown glass set - Art Glassin Art Glass
EAPG Adams & Co #86 amber pitcher - Glasswarein Glassware
help with possible Kanawha glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
trio of Fenton swans - Figurinesin Figurines
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  1. I know that either Smith or Wright reproduced this pattern in a couple items...including a pitcher. It's my understanding that the reproduced pitcher is the smaller of the 2 originals. Any thoughts?
  2. Could they also be from India? Much like the brass "teapots" one would see from there?
  3. Ok...3 more photos showing the top, base and backside.
  4. Thank you Billretirecoll, I will do my best to add those photos today. Stay tuned :)
  5. hi RichmondLori...I think they are from Italy as well. The glass is not frosted and the motif is painted. Possibly 1940s-60s maybe?
  6. I agree fortapache.....I think it's just the way the lighting and flash hit it. This pattern was actually available in many colors....sometimes the thumbprint corners were in a different color than th...
  7. thank you newfld....I do need to build my research book collection again. Over 30 years ago when I began collecting, I owned several books and over the years they seem to have disappeared lol.
  8. I also noticed the pattern on each is striking similar. Does anyone have ideas on the pattern name and can I assume they were produced around the same time?
  9. I have 2 mini pitchers from Kanawha, both with rough pontils. I'm pretty sure not all had the pontil, however. Consider me lost, lol but what popular "E" website? Ebay?
  10. the crown mark is similar to Mason’s, Morley & Ashworth crown. Any ideas? Maybe it is just a general basic English crown mark?
  11. well lol, I'm learning here. I see that Imari is more of a name to a style thus both can be from different origins. Japanese....English. Do you belive these to be early 19th century?
  12. I considered the possablity of Imari but don't know much about it. So, the covered dish is Japonisme? And the one with the crown is English Imari?
  13. thanks for the loves everyone :)
  14. ivan49, I see marks in regard to Royal Derby that look somewhat like mine, but none identical yet...and mine is more like flow blue. I am more interested in the mark on the first one. It too is remini...
  15. I think the name "Priscilla" is possibly a title that Butler Bros gave to the ware. It appears to have a more pronounced colonial "arch" at the top where as #125 seems to stay flat all the way to the ...
  16. Thank you TallCakes :) I'm looking at a June 1917 Butler Bros catalogue and I see an 8 in vase nearly identical listed as a "Priscilla" pattern. I think #125 is a better match but if you have the time...
  17. Any thoughts on the last one?
  18. WOW had no idea so many manufacturers made this pattern. Guess I will research each one and try to determine the winner :) thanks :)
  19. lol my wife used to have the nickname "Fred" after a Little House On The Prairie episode. Do you think they may be Indiana Glass by chance?
  20. Thank you so very much billretirecoll! Yes, I am well and I hope you are the same. I know these eapg "colonial" patterns can be nearly impossible to trace down at times due to it becoming a popular pa...
  21. Hartford does seem to be a much closer match :) Thanks're the greatest.
  22. I have the same bottle, sans lid. I believe it is from the 1960s, nut I'm not sure.
  23. Does any collector here own any Kokomo glass?
  24. better photos folks. Any clue as to who made this pattern?
  25. this is a re-post w/ better pics :)
  26. lol very nice. How many cake stands do you own anyways?
  27. understanding of wafer joining revolves around early 19th century candlesticks. Often the candlestick stem mold was used for other items, and the socket used on various single and m...
  28. Do you think it could be wafer joined?
  29. thank you Newfld :)
  30. Wow thanks everyone. Very interesting.....any idea to possible age?
  31. That one end that is flat and that a past break from a larger rock? It almost appears to be a translucent gray.
  32. ok will do...thanks :)
  33. Does the vinegar clean it?
  34. Should I edit this post with the second set of photos or make another post? Unsure of the etiquette here and too old to be breaking rules anymore :)
  35. I really don't recall where I got it from a friend, I believe. Will try the vinegar test. Does it matter where I place the vinegar?
  36. Thank you once again Sir TallCakes :)
  37. Thank you both :) TimeTraveller & TallCakes
  38. Thank you soooo very much TimeTraveller.....
  39. I now am nearly positive the taller is Imperials' Old Williamsburg
  40. lol once again I overlooked Viking. In the photo you led me to you can see what looks like a handlers stamp/mark. And it looks just like D. Dallisons. Thank you again though for pointing me in the rig...
  41. Very interesting...Nucut began around 1912 or so....correct? I wonder how much "later" this could have been produced? Minus the mark "Nucut" it is pretty much the same as an original. The sawtooth edg...
  42. I'm thinking the taller one may be Heisey....not sure though.
  43. Imperials' Nucut was never made in colors, correct?
  44. the clear vase (I forgot to mention) is HEAVILY bubbled, very thick and heavy. 3 part mold.
  45. wow Thanks Tallcakes. These fine rib patterns can be a bit confusing at times. I think Fenton had a 2 clear to 1 ribbed variation, and probably more. Any thoughts on the banded one?
  46. I have now learned much of the history Thanks to Sir (Master?) TallCakes about this "Tree Bark Flowerlite" Very interesting... I cannot seem to f...
  47. lol as always :)
  48. Thank you Sir TallCakes....I seem to have this bad habit of overlooking Viking Glass as a possibility during my research.
  49. Grape, aka Concord (Imperial mould) - sauce dish in cobalt blue Carnival, and green Carnival. ?????
  50. mine has a grape/leaf motif on the inside...nothing pressed on the outer....
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