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  1. Also...what is it about them that makes you consider Harrach? The motif? Style? etc...I am trying to learn more about Czech/Bohemian art glass.
  2. Thank you inky.....I have heard of being able to research old Harrach design that possible?
  3. Added inky
  4. Does anyone know if the floral inserts were ever "real"? I believe mine is made of cloth...etc
  5. kwqd.....I believe your is actually Westmoreland or could be Czech.
  6. TallCakes....I am not sure on the glass disc. I would assume not as I feel the glass disc would always fall out where as the cork can be "shoved n snugged" lol. I will post the cake stand soon.
  7. Thank you once again TallCakes :) will like this...I found a perfect condition Adams Clear Ribbon (300) cake stand with the original floral insert and the cork with the patent dates intact! I...
  8. Thank you IronLace. It will still be a few days till the pitcher arrives but I do have some photos of it I will be posting tonight. I also have a decanter set and a couple vases that I really would lo...
  9. Thank you so very much IronLace :) You have an amazing collection and a vast knowledge of art glass. Funny story..I actually received of this vase by mistake. I purchased a pitcher (which I will be po...
  10. thank you very much Tallcakes
  11. thanks Tallcakes
  12. I have the same do you tell if i is an original?
  13. thanks everyone :)
  14. lol just checked "R"...there it is right in front of me :) I guess I rarely use "R" for 19 century glass...guess I should :) Thanks again.
  15. Thank you so very much Tallcakes. I usually ckeck "R" pretty regularly but for some reason never thought to with this one.
  16. In your opinion....would this be a scarce or rare piece?
  17. Thank you so much again Tallcakes.......even after looking thru what research books I have and not finding it I still knew it was a good piece.
  18. No it doesn't but that would be nice :)
  19. Thank you it difficult to get started selling glass online?
  20. yeah there are many Fenton pieces there.....most are mid-century. The Hobbs & Bruckenier are the oldest.
  21. yeah.....nothing on the full-size sets
  22. Thank you again Tallcakes
  23. That is so true :)
  24. Thank you IronLace..I thought of you and your collection when I found these. You have an amazing collection and I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine. Would you be able to tell by the crimp styl...
  25. Thank you Gillian...I knew it looked like a "cheap" repro upon first seeing it I just couldn't get over that mark having never seen it before. Thanks agaain for the info.
  26. lol I knew that "ruby" word I kept using didn't sound right. Thanks Tallcakes.
  27. lol yes Tallcakes I agree entirely........I would be content just knowing the year. Judging only by quality of glass....manufacturing flaws...etc it appears to be an older one....maybe as far back as ...
  28. I am hoping it is an original....but since I was clumsy and chipped it on the way into my house I am ok with it being
  29. hi AnythingObscure......the story goes that Goofus Glass was cheaper to manufacture than the Carnival Glass available at the time. Often people referred to being tricked or "goofed" when buying the gl...
  30. Thank you Tallcakes...that also seems to be all I can find on them.
  31. Also...was the cold paint done by the original manufacturer?
  32. thank you once again :) Was cold painted and goofus glass made the same way?
  33. thanks...thought you would enjoy them :)
  34. Thank you so much Tallcakes...hope you are well. Happy thanksgiving!
  35. I also have a cake stand in the #200 sheaf and block pattern from Co-operative glass co. Will try to post it soon if I haven't already.
  36. Thank you Tallcakes I have several "Tec" patterns but none in the "Plutec" line.
  37. Thank you so very much Tallcakes...I hope you are well and safe.
  38. I know that either Smith or Wright reproduced this pattern in a couple items...including a pitcher. It's my understanding that the reproduced pitcher is the smaller of the 2 originals. Any thoughts?
  39. Could they also be from India? Much like the brass "teapots" one would see from there?
  40. Ok...3 more photos showing the top, base and backside.
  41. Thank you Billretirecoll, I will do my best to add those photos today. Stay tuned :)
  42. hi RichmondLori...I think they are from Italy as well. The glass is not frosted and the motif is painted. Possibly 1940s-60s maybe?
  43. I agree fortapache.....I think it's just the way the lighting and flash hit it. This pattern was actually available in many colors....sometimes the thumbprint corners were in a different color than th...
  44. thank you newfld....I do need to build my research book collection again. Over 30 years ago when I began collecting, I owned several books and over the years they seem to have disappeared lol.
  45. I also noticed the pattern on each is striking similar. Does anyone have ideas on the pattern name and can I assume they were produced around the same time?
  46. I have 2 mini pitchers from Kanawha, both with rough pontils. I'm pretty sure not all had the pontil, however. Consider me lost, lol but what popular "E" website? Ebay?
  47. the crown mark is similar to Mason’s, Morley & Ashworth crown. Any ideas? Maybe it is just a general basic English crown mark?
  48. well lol, I'm learning here. I see that Imari is more of a name to a style thus both can be from different origins. Japanese....English. Do you belive these to be early 19th century?
  49. I considered the possablity of Imari but don't know much about it. So, the covered dish is Japonisme? And the one with the crown is English Imari?
  50. thanks for the loves everyone :)
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