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Steinschonau Ring Stand - Friedrich Pietsch? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cameo Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Gorgeous. What a haul in 2021. May the posts continue...
  2. Magnificent
  3. Well snagged! Alluring piece.
  4. There does appear to be a very similar shape on under that Welz decor, with silver overlay... but perhaps it is different? It doesn't surprise me that you love this decor, because to...
  5. Wonderful post. I have always appreciated the precision of these pieces and enjoyed your description of how they were made.
  6. Absolutely adorable!
  7. Really beautiful piece. Please follow through with your intent to post more of these.
  8. love, Love, LOVE!
  9. A tiny Heckert gem makes a fitting addition to your 'jewel' shelf.
  10. The shape has a slightly Rindskopf vibe to me, but really don't know. Love it though.
  11. Wonderful variety of silver iris and so well explained!
  12. Well - I never knew this was Loetz! Very nice example.
  13. Wonderful research. Thank you.
  14. I gasped when I saw this. It's fab!!!!!!
  15. Understated elegance. Very nice.
  16. This one is super cute.
  17. For those - like me - who wanted to see your goat:
  18. My vote is number one. It's sooooo Japanese. Even the abstract decor somehow conjures a blossom tree! Love it.
  19. Astonishing collection.
  20. Yes, and it is so precise I really have to look closely to see that photos 1 and 2 are two different 'faces' of the vase. They are almost identical. I really like the vertical lozenge shape which se...
  21. Exquisite enamel work.
  22. Fantastic pieces. New to me. Thanks.
  23. Wonderful.
  24. Next, the 8"?
  25. Great post and great back story. Well done!
  26. A convincing marriage of stray pieces, allowing them to live on. Well done.
  27. Superb.
  28. Great post!!
  29. Thanks for adding image of base. :)
  30. Do these examples have any marking on the base?
  31. Gosh, it was never my intent that this be construed as an offensive comment. I'm sorry if you found it so. Sincerely.
  32. I am happy to embrace the Anthroprocene age, but cannot agree there is any good in these wonderful birds being exposed to the dangers of plastic lids (and more particularly, the plastic rings). It is...
  33. I really like the theme of your post but it saddens me that so much of the bird's collection is plastic. What a shame it is no longer just feathers, flowers and berries... But - your collection of bl...
  34. Always great information. Thanks!!
  35. This one's a cutie.
  36. I love this post..... and I don't even LIKE baskets
  37. Well said Artfoot. Couldn't agree more.
  38. Look at Welz production, Bohemian
  39. Same shape in this post. Food for thought...
  40. I always really like these. The thickness of the enamel holds a special appeal for me. My favourite is the Violettine with anemone. I hope one will come my way eventually...
  41. Thank you for posting. I've never seen a flower tree before!!
  42. Might be worth looking into Smith's Old Timer vases, Arkansas - mid century
  43. Magnificent! Lucky you.
  44. Looks really awesome. 2 euro for that beauty - makes me weep!
  45. That's 'ditto' from me about the canes on the base.
  46. Very striking example of bambus. Well done!
  47. Thank you. I know little about Poschinger and enjoyed this post.
  48. Massive!
  49. I didn't realise tulips were once so prized. So interesting.
  50. OMG. What a score. I have NEVER EVER seen this Welz shape. Only familiar with the Loetz tulip version...
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