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Steinschonau Ring Stand - Friedrich Pietsch? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cameo Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Can't imagine these could be anything other than interwar production (for all the reasons in Welzebub's comment), but always good to keep the questions coming! Thanks for posting.
  2. Cobalt threading is gorgeous
  3. Fantastic!
  4. These are great. An education for me! Thanks.
  5. Some very interesting contributions to this discussion. Kralik 1928's link shows a piece which certainly appears to be more closely aligned to the hexagonal piece on legs, but the more elongated spatt...
  6. The spatter decor of this item is not remotely like the spatter decor of the link provided in comment 22. I previously owned this piece in a different spatter decor. I remain unconvinced of an attri...
  7. These fascinate me but I haven't yet seen one in the flesh. Lucky you!
  8. Wonderful!
  9. Am I the only one who sees a shark in that lava decoration (pic 1)? Great pieces!
  10. Thanks for taking the time to add the close-ups and continuing the discussion. It's very helpful. I welcome the mature, democratic discourse, and - I think you understood - my earlier comments were ...
  11. Thanks for the link. So - not a new label, just new to me!!!!
  12. #spatter ratio, sorry....
  13. Stimulating post. I could never conclude, without seeing the piece, that the decor from the exhibit is the same. Never. At the same time, I could not yet rule it out. The exhibition piece appears ...
  14. Love original labels! Is this a new label for Welz production? (I am aware of the FWK and Royal Art Glass labels). Perhaps you (or Welzebub) could elaborate for me???
  15. Sumptuous colour. How tall is this please? (Does the scale in original line drawing indicate a particular size?)
  16. Gloriously garish. Love it!
  17. Love this. Is the ground greenish? Or clear? (looks green, maybe just pics) Waiting for the group shot of the complete set.
  18. Wonderful 'primary source' material. Indisputable. Thanks for posting.
  19. :) Thanks
  20. On a similar theme:
  21. Fabulous post. I love these comparisons. (Such a shame you didn't get it.) Your Rindskopf posts continue to educate me.
  22. Thanks for clarification. These are great. How tall? (sorry to be the pest asking questions)
  23. I should have said 'honeyed' rather than 'murkier'!
  24. Do these examples have amber casing, rather than clear? The colours, although familiar, appear 'murkier' - as though they are encased in amber glass (not unknown in Welz production). Is this accurat...
  25. Great ad!! And great glass....
  26. I appreciate your response. Thanks! Great bowl...
  27. Your write-up implies that you have already contacted the webmaster and requested removal, reconsideration and - hopefully - recategorization of the disputed material???? Is that the case? If so, wha...
  28. Yellow-orange. Yes, that's the one.
  29. This bowl is remarkable. The top pink and purple spatter and the satin finish very much remind me of a decor by Welz. I'm interested to learn. What is the reason you firmly attributed it to Kralik?
  30. Thanks for reply. So - having now read your other post (because the info wasn't restated here) - you are saying the blue is Kralik, the pink and orange are Ruckl? That would really surprise me.
  31. I am definitely not a 'baskets' person, but I am astonished at the seemingly endless permutations of Welz baskets. This one, with more simple lines, would have tempted me. I have never seen the shap...
  32. I'm confused by this post. Are you suggesting pink and orange by same maker with blue by different maker because of different size? Agree with Jericho that many items were produced by the same house ...
  33. Hard decision then. Did the friend get it?
  34. Astonishing array. Thanks for posting. My favourites are the cameo on ivory - pic 3.
  35. I agree these items are really hard to pin down. But it's charming. The precise source of my own example of this style has eluded me for many years.
  36. aHa! Told ya. :)
  37. Very, very special. Love it!
  38. I respect your reluctance for a firm attribution, but for those of us not required to be so cautious, these are 100%Welz to me!
  39. I think it just says 'Glass Studio'.
  40. Yes, a poster for pic 1...but maybe crop out the toilet far left. Lol.
  41. See images here. These are cool.
  42. Exquisite work. No.2 is my favorite.
  43. Thanks. It will be interesting to see if someone comes up with the same shape in a more easily recognizable Welz decor.
  44. Haha. So nothing deep and meaningful at all! Thanks.
  45. Astonishing. Why is the rim in the pattern asymmetrical? Did it allow for different rim treatments of the same shape? (Apologies if this is an ignorant question. I don't own any books with pattern ...
  46. Certainly looks to me like a candidate for the ever-growing Welz catalog. Your date estimate surprised me though. Didn't realize it was so early. All those pseudo-Victorian pieces are confusing.
  47. Yes, Legras is what I had it pegged as. Glad I am not losing my mind... Thanks for the clarification kralik.
  48. Hi there. I am a bit confused about photo 4 in this post. In a post on Ruckl, two back row pieces are clearly identifiable to me (so, certainly to you) as Welz, and the centre front example is one w...
  49. Left-handers rather under-represented, wouldn't you say?
  50. Superb!
  51. See more