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Steinschonau Ring Stand - Friedrich Pietsch? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cameo Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I have seen it more frequently in the blue/turquoise harlequin spatter.
  2. You're on a Welz roll...
  3. Welz shape and decor. Love these.
  4. Definitely looks like Loetz, but would not be signed with 'L'
  5. Rindskopf, as in comment 1.
  6. Actually, is that last link a slightly different shape, where the lobes run right into the neck, like this one?:
  7. There's this one too in a Welz decor: And how about this?:
  8. Thanks for going to such trouble with photo updates to steer me away from pink! I'm not usually a basket fan, but the new decor is great. I continue to learn so much from your ever expanding Welz co...
  9. So now the photo 3 you have substituted appears to have a clear base, but the decor looks even more like pink and white (definitely), lol. Am I the only one seeing pink here??
  10. The base in photo 3 looks amber to me, but it may be a photographic illusion. I don't know - this just screams pink and white swirl to me, but you are the one with the piece in hand. I hope you don'...
  11. Very interesting. So this is definitely orange and yellow, not the more usual pink and white swirl cased in amber?? Sorry if it's a stupid question.....
  12. Last photo provides a very convincing comparison. Thanks.
  13. So it's not just oxblood and pink? It's purple?
  14. Final vase in Comment 1 appears to be the same shape too, although I haven't seen this decor in person.
  15. It is my understanding the shape was produced in 3 sizes. (I own 2 of them).
  16. The shape in this post is not seen often but I have seen it in decors which have, until recently, been solidly identified as Kralik. (There is now some evidence growing about Steinwald production.) ...
  17. Yes, those feet are like plasticine rolled by a distracted kindergarten child. An exquisite contrast with the beautifully formed bowl.
  18. And the other half of the job lot??
  19. Thank you Michelle
  20. Very special vase. Drooling. What year approx?
  21. It has 6 sides, so is hexagonal, not octagonal. You may like to amend your title.
  22. Particularly nice in photo 2, methinks.
  23. (Didn't mean that pun)
  24. Nodding in furious agreement. The coloured handle lifts the piece. Love it!
  25. Never seen this decor. It's great!
  26. A Christmas feast, minus the cholesterol. Thank you!
  27. And hopefully a photo of the Christmas-theme glass to follow...
  28. An extraordinary post. Thank you. (Perhaps you might like to re-assemble the entire exhibition for us!!)
  29. These are magnificent!
  30. Lovely. Similar enamelling here:
  31. So, how tall is it please?
  32. :) So - likely a tourist vase after all. It's very pretty and the colour very subtle compared with the usual bold greens and reds.
  33. I think it IS a town's name. The language is Hungarian I believe. See the last link I provided above.
  35. I love these Riedel secessionist-enamelled vases too.
  36. Looks like Iglófüred. Quick googling kept referencing Slovakia?????
  37. Cut to spatter new for me also!
  38. I agree with IronLace. Lemon + Tomato = Pineapple
  39. Never seen these. So tactile.
  40. Beautifully curated and photographed.
  41. Elegant in its simplicity. I look forward to seeing your other acquisitions.
  42. Perhaps you don't know the website?? You will find many wonderful examples of Neptune there.
  43. Looks like Neptune decor.
  44. My hunch is that this will one day be found to be a Welz decor. Those mica inclusions, familiar colour palette and that neck sheared off on an angle. I wouldn't dare say it's Welz without proof, but...
  45. It's great when people dig through old posts. I then see things I missed. Awesome!
  46. Very nice. Mimosa is a decor I have difficulty with because there seem to be lots of lookalikes. That said, it certainly looks to me like Candia Mimosa. And it looks to be the same shape as the blue...
  47. Great research. So all the webbed decors, invariably attributed to Kralik, are now in question.
  48. Thanks for the link to the other vase in your collection with the same shape. Side by side, it is now easy to see that these two are a different shape to the other two I cited above. I agree with Iv...
  49. It's hard to tell from the angle, but I think the lower portion of the vase is smaller in your new example????
  50. Or this? These shapes have always intrigued me...
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