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Steinschonau Ring Stand - Friedrich Pietsch? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cameo Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks for response Jericho. So, I think I've got it - Sklo's fabulous example not Welz, but you believe examples in this posting are. I'll give them greater scrutiny now to ascertain differences i...
  2. Jericho, I commented on your other post on similar decors. I find these dazzling. However, if you think sklo's example is not (yet) Welz, why are the others listed under the title of Welz? Have I m...
  3. Hey Jericho, When you commented on sklo's post of similar decor, you agreed with welzebub that there is not enough (yet) to attribute these to Welz. Given that position, do you think the title of thi...
  4. Isn't that first shape in Image 1 in the Welz production literature? (I'd say that's fairly convincing, if I am correct.) Thanks for posting the 1892 patent - fascinating!
  5. A very stimulating read. Thank you. I have the same question as Artfoot. Is it the often-seen mark on Welz pieces?
  6. Very unusual example. Thanks for posting.
  7. The gold iridescence sets off the amber twigs beautifully.
  8. Got it. Body shape similar, very different foot. I suspect the number will rapidly go well beyond that, particularly if you include all the multitudes of blaaaaahskets.
  9. Picture 1, top left is an awesome Welz decor I have never seen before.
  10. Photo 4, top row, 4 across - a little more slender in shape?? Or just the perspective......? And photo 3 not updated with your recent acquisition? Love these images!!
  11. I would be interested to see a separate posting on your large compote in image 4, with a photo of the 'Made in Czechoslovakia' provenance mark. It's difficult to determine the shape of this compote f...
  12. Marvellous. And huge.
  13. I just clicked and clocked up '100'. Congratulations!
  14. It's a stunner.
  15. Very illuminating. If you then applied your 'silhouette' technique (of blackening whole vase form), images 2 and 4 in vase 1 - from production literature - would appear hugely different! And image 4...
  16. Looks to be the same yellow/orange and brown combination in my Loetz cameo posted here. But such a totally different aesthetic!! And yours has red as well. Never seen anything like these. This pair...
  17. Thanks for response. You definitely need the candy dish!
  18. These are so regal. I recall the original posting and just reread it. So, is this now considered a confirmed Kralik decor? And was it resolved whether the label on taller piece is indicative of ear...
  19. This is special. Lucky you.
  20. Wezebub, no excuses necessary. My husband is emotive and verbose, but extremely smart, well informed and empathetic. I have developed the necessary filters..... No offence intended... I'm sure you ...
  21. JenniferH - In defending free speech, I wonder how it is that my polite questioning on Truthordare's posts is invariably deleted. I have never experienced the same on Welzebub's posts. I am a regula...
  22. wonderful!
  23. This one is really yummy. I'm more used to seeing those canes with blue, not purple.
  24. I didn't know that either! Thanks Welzebub.
  25. (For others like me, who may have arrived late and found this recent discourse confusing, you need to see a post in 'Postcards', not 'Art Glass'.)
  26. Thank you so much. I hadn't read that article of yours. Amazing.
  27. Just adding my voice reinforcing all above comments re astonishing breadth, originality and complexity of Welz production over the years. Regarding the Futuristic pieces - do you have any additional ...
  28. This one is really cool!
  29. I am particularly interested in the millefiori pieces in the Ruckl catalogue page (image 4). Has anyone ever located a match for these ("Murano", gotta love it) items? I often see matches for Butler...
  30. Are you able to provide the date and location of photo in image 2 please?
  31. Can't imagine these could be anything other than interwar production (for all the reasons in Welzebub's comment), but always good to keep the questions coming! Thanks for posting.
  32. Cobalt threading is gorgeous
  33. Fantastic!
  34. These are great. An education for me! Thanks.
  35. Some very interesting contributions to this discussion. Kralik 1928's link shows a piece which certainly appears to be more closely aligned to the hexagonal piece on legs, but the more elongated spatt...
  36. The spatter decor of this item is not remotely like the spatter decor of the link provided in comment 22. I previously owned this piece in a different spatter decor. I remain unconvinced of an attri...
  37. These fascinate me but I haven't yet seen one in the flesh. Lucky you!
  38. Wonderful!
  39. Am I the only one who sees a shark in that lava decoration (pic 1)? Great pieces!
  40. Thanks for taking the time to add the close-ups and continuing the discussion. It's very helpful. I welcome the mature, democratic discourse, and - I think you understood - my earlier comments were ...
  41. Thanks for the link. So - not a new label, just new to me!!!!
  42. #spatter ratio, sorry....
  43. Stimulating post. I could never conclude, without seeing the piece, that the decor from the exhibit is the same. Never. At the same time, I could not yet rule it out. The exhibition piece appears ...
  44. Love original labels! Is this a new label for Welz production? (I am aware of the FWK and Royal Art Glass labels). Perhaps you (or Welzebub) could elaborate for me???
  45. Sumptuous colour. How tall is this please? (Does the scale in original line drawing indicate a particular size?)
  46. Gloriously garish. Love it!
  47. Love this. Is the ground greenish? Or clear? (looks green, maybe just pics) Waiting for the group shot of the complete set.
  48. Wonderful 'primary source' material. Indisputable. Thanks for posting.
  49. :) Thanks
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