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Steinschonau Ring Stand - Friedrich Pietsch? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cameo Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Never seen these. So tactile.
  2. Beautifully curated and photographed.
  3. Elegant in its simplicity. I look forward to seeing your other acquisitions.
  4. Perhaps you don't know the website?? You will find many wonderful examples of Neptune there.
  5. Looks like Neptune decor.
  6. My hunch is that this will one day be found to be a Welz decor. Those mica inclusions, familiar colour palette and that neck sheared off on an angle. I wouldn't dare say it's Welz without proof, but...
  7. It's great when people dig through old posts. I then see things I missed. Awesome!
  8. Very nice. Mimosa is a decor I have difficulty with because there seem to be lots of lookalikes. That said, it certainly looks to me like Candia Mimosa. And it looks to be the same shape as the blue...
  9. Great research. So all the webbed decors, invariably attributed to Kralik, are now in question.
  10. Thanks for the link to the other vase in your collection with the same shape. Side by side, it is now easy to see that these two are a different shape to the other two I cited above. I agree with Iv...
  11. It's hard to tell from the angle, but I think the lower portion of the vase is smaller in your new example????
  12. Or this? These shapes have always intrigued me...
  13. Is this a candidate, or is the shape different?
  14. Yes, it definitely looks like "Steinwald" written on the label - to my eyes. And it is double-marked with the arched mark until recently attributed exclusively to Kralik! It's an uncommon shape. Have...
  15. Stunning.
  16. This is a gem.
  17. Pieces in Image 1 are marvellous. I have never seen this type before. The stripes really pop on the dark base, and then, those rainbow windings.....
  18. :) Smiling
  19. Love, love, love
  20. Is the cobalt Pampas less common (than creta)? I love it!
  21. And you relinquished this beauty??
  22. Thanks for your response. I examined the image of stacked bowls and could observe the differences you mentioned. However, I also found the similarities (of angle and proportion) to be significant - ...
  23. Were stencils used, do you think?
  24. This piece is fantastic!
  25. This post is awesome. Great detective work. It is so hard to find a convincing attribution for some of these iridescent green pieces. This looks like persuasive evidence for these three shapes. Th...
  26. And perhaps later than Victorian?
  27. I would agree it looks like a Welz decor, but the shape is unusual. Nice find.
  28. This is the decor I was referring to:
  29. Vetraio, I have had exactly the same thoughts about that image and Loetz Ausf 220!
  30. I find this development fascinating. I have a number of examples of the same two millefiori and green powder but on a black/dark amethyst background with bright red interior. The decor is shown in t...
  31. I would also like to see the new piece (Image 1) with its lid off. I can't be convinced it has the same shape (as Tango Sklo in Image 3) unless the very top of the piece is concealing a further 'ring'.
  32. Great piece and your last photo is particularly striking.
  33. Beautiful trio.
  34. See final image in this post for comparison of Welz and Kralik interpretations:
  35. I do not agree that information is correct. The 'Kralik' version of that shape has a round base and a round rim (and is also a little taller). The base in your example is clearly hexagonal - This is...
  36. Sklo's post - 3rd reference in my comment @ 1 - clearly shows the difference in shape in the final image. All references were included so that you could digest the arguments and decide for yourself. ...
  37. These posts may be of interest:
  38. It's not often that I find this colour appealing, but juxtaposed with your Pepita it looks very handsome indeed.
  39. And the decor of the other one often seen in a fan vase shape: eg.
  40. Same decor as your shade, perhaps?? Opening up a whole can of worms for pieces on struts?
  41. Or is it 2131???????
  42. So, these are Steinwald now, right?
  43. What date is the catalogue?
  44. I love these but have never been convinced of the Kralik attribution. And now that Kralik attributions are in total re-evaluation, with the Ernst Steinwald developments, ... Sweet vase, nicely res...
  45. I am referring to - in order of appearance in your images above - Dec 2190, 2398, 2131, 2323, 2133, 2275 The majority of the decors are recognisable. Dec 2032 (Image 1, pg 2) has got me stumped, bu...
  46. OMG. This is indeed a revelation. So - the wonderful millefiore decors I have always admired (and collected) are not Kralik, they are Steinwald. Pass the smelling salts...
  47. Loving the close-up photos and your exploration of marquetry techniques. Thanks.
  48. Are you suggesting the decors in photos 1 and 3 are the same, or have I misunderstood? They look very different to me......???
  49. Do you own, or have you seen a shape that matches the piece (apparently marquetry) in the Steinwald ad?
  50. Anyone seen the article referenced @68? If Steinwald was proposed as contender for making 'marquetry' pieces as far back as 1998, why has the Kralik attribution persisted without question, until now?
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