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  1. Yes, I recently saw a piece (powder decor again) which had clearly been blown into a cage, but there was no cage present. Got me thinking - is it possible to remove the metal cage from such a piece w...
  2. Thanks for this series of illuminating posts. I have never handled one of these pieces but I find them very appealing. Although you said it was the most common, to my mind the powder decor works bes...
  3. This is extraordinary! Not only huge (I gasped), but I have never seen that decor with peleton. Magnificent. Can't wait to see others you acquired...
  4. Intriguing. What size are they please?
  5. Small and intergalactic. Love it!
  6. Extremely interesting discovery. Congratulations.
  7. Gorgeous.
  8. Another Welz vote here.
  9. AWESOME! Please share some individual pieces too. You have a wonderful array.
  10. So now the new Holy Grail is to find that cut crystal vase in image 4! Good luck. Congratulations on this new information and thanks for sharing it.
  12. I returned to have another look at this luscious vase and have just seen the update with catalogue photo added. Given that the accompanying text describes it as 'new production', does that mean it is...
  13. A real beauty.
  14. Thanks kairomalte. I have read the article many times now and it is STILL interesting. The better Loetz cameo ouput really attracts me. I appreciate your input.
  15. Hey Sklo, your latest satin spatter rose bowl purchase has really sent you into a spin - with a flurry of posts and hypotheses. It's wonderful that you have this passion and curiosity (and time!). A...
  16. I have also observed this shape with a wide, flared rim. Search 'antique czech bohemian iridescent glass vase bowl'. Same? or Similar?
  17. I can't see the blue/green in the jagsrock basket example. Am I missing something? I have been following your very tentative and cautious Welz attribution with interest, but in my mind, it's not quit...
  18. Fascinating insights from Jericho. It's more complex than I thought! So - possibly Bambus, possibly not (until this color is verified). Possibly marquetry through technique... Making my head spin.
  19. My interpretation also is Bambus, not Marquetry. It's awesome. Lucky you.
  20. I love these Kralik millefiori decors. I have an orange/red example with red/white/blue canes, which appears to be the same shape and size, but it's often hard to tell from the angle of photos. What...
  21. Interesting. A wonderful piece. I can't stop looking at that luminous blue.
  22. Definitely looks like horse chestnut to me, as opposed to edible chestnuts. These are prevalent in Europe and the 'conkers' (seeds) are loved by children for schoolyard games. I adore this color a...
  23. Thanks. A commanding piece!
  24. Elegant simplicity. How tall exactly?
  25. Example two - to die for...
  26. Excellent comparison. Very helpful - thanks!
  27. Not art glass. Mark reads Byzanta Ware, Grimwades, Stoke on Trent, England Hope this helps.
  28. Thank you for clarification. Gorgeous piece - sublime simplicity.
  29. This beautiful Olympia version looks wider at the neck's base to me, and different at the foot? Would that variation be usual? (Still learning) Or is it a trick of the camera?
  30. In your recently declared search for Welz clear or coloured translucent glass, I wonder if you have seen this shape (seemingly) in clear green glass with pink accents. Search "Antique Victorian green...
  31. I love this post. They were so enterprising!! I remember seeing a similar comparison between CW members of a stepped vase some years ago (can't find it now). It awakened my curiosity but I've never...
  32. Very educational. Thank you. I would never have picked this as Loetz! Is this example marked?
  33. Maybe this is helpful too: An intricate and expertly cut vase. Thanks for sharing.
  34. Such cheerful colours. Reminds me very much of a similar Welz decor! See
  35. This is superb.
  36. Another Heckert vote here. Stunning.
  37. That blue is mesmerising, but these must be a nightmare to clean.
  38. Very educational to see the interiors and their 'stretch' marks. Thanks.
  39. Thanks for response. Double jackpot! It's awesome. So - early 1920s??
  40. Does it have a signature of any kind?
  41. Thanks for responding to my question. Appreciated.
  42. Ok. thanks for clarification. I've never handled one of these.
  43. Interesting Ruckl pieces and a fabulous assembly in last photo. I have a Kralik Iris millefiori piece in the same decor as top shelf, middle, but different shape. I don't see this decor often. Is i...
  44. A truly stunning array. Thank you for posting.
  45. Divine! How many marquetry flowers are there around the body of these pieces - 3 or 4??
  46. Fantastic! Never seen one. Hope to see more of your tango collection.
  47. At first, looking at the photos, I thought this was a two-handled piece. Now I realise it is three. It just got so much better...
  48. So sleek ... and cheeky too. A captivating piece.
  49. Never EVER seen this crazy decor.
  50. I will be reading the next installment with great interest. Thanks for shining a light on this fraught area.
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