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Steinschonau Ring Stand - Friedrich Pietsch? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cameo Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Fabulous!!
  2. I'm loving this new trend of yours for extreme close-ups of decors!
  3. Very sassy rigaree on the new one. Looking forward to seeing the whole gathering!
  4. Stunning!
  5. This is sensational. So, a star is cut into the upper side of the lid??
  6. Love the colour. Love the whacky shape. Thanks for sharing.
  7. That piece - pic 4, on right - is a decor attributed to Kralik?? Gosh - I still have so much to learn!!
  8. Many of us are not on FB and would be interested to see your Welz items here!
  9. Love the close-ups. What size is it please?
  10. Had no idea Loetz tango included such a decor! Love it. Have you seen other examples?
  11. This is an interesting turn-up. Seems to me to be a Welz basket shape and handle with the provenance stamp often found on Welz production (although not used for sole attribution). Never seen any pin...
  12. Yes, demure but quietly confident - not brash like its cousins.
  13. Fascinating insight into the research behind new attributions. Thank you!
  14. Ravishing!
  15. Marvellous to see an assortment.
  16. Thank you for such a scholarly and informative post.
  17. Love the red flames on this!
  18. Yes, with our modern sensibility the 'clash' is pleasing, but I'm not certain it is of the time????
  19. Would this orange enamel originally have been gold? I have observed the gold enamel (cold painted?) on a lot of old glass has this orange colour peeping through from underneath. The decoration seems...
  20. Rods onto hot glass cylinders seems the most plausible to me. Rods placed into molds - not possible.
  21. I agree about the possible size disparity in photo 4. It also looks to be a different shape (vase on right has rounder base?) - is that just a trick of the photo? I am trying to understand more, Is ...
  22. Wonderful!! Such precision.
  23. This post is really wonderful. I always love original drawings mapped to real pieces. I am a little surprised that for such an important piece, it does not have a more exciting ground. Don't get me...
  24. Thanks for clarification. It's gorgeous.
  25. Definitely Australian Boulder Opal - google it.
  26. Silver-yellow rosettes!? How interesting. They have such a strong blue iridescence. Beautiful piece.
  27. I missed it too!
  28. Interesting post. (Yes, I commented on that other post suggesting Welz production, but my comments have since disappeared.) Sklo recently posted some interesting examples too. https://www.collector...
  29. So - did all the snails in your garden come racing out to mingle with their pretty new companion?
  30. I once owned one of these but never realised it was a Welz decor. Thanks for clarifying the link.
  31. Yes, I've never been able to work these out either. Waiting for someone to set us on the right path.....
  32. Awesome.
  33. The similarly executed Welz pieces to which I was referring can be seen in the two top images of photo 3 in this post
  34. Sure. It's all good. A vigorous exchange of ideas is always good, when there is reason involved. ;)
  35. I completely agree these 'giraffe' style pieces are normally attributed to Kralik, and seen in many colours. That appears the most likely glass house. However, personally, I haven't yet excluded Wel...
  36. Gosh! This decor is really interesting.
  37. I also questioned whether they might be Welz. (Wasn't brave enough to say it though because Welzebub didn't...... ) Just adding to your confusion :)
  38. The original link I provided has been deactivated. Try this one for different figure to larksel's: I lean toward...
  39. Different shape, same idea
  40. I would have seen it here on CW, but I can't find it. Sorry.
  41. I've seen these before - there's definitely something missing which, when present, makes the shape make more sense - something perched on the little ledge - a bird? an animal? I can't recall exactly w...
  42. So, it's Harrach!! How interesting.
  43. This is still a Kralik shape for me. I own a 9 inch example in definite Kralik millefiori decor with semicircle provenance mark. My example has no foot.
  44. This is nicer than lovely! I've never seen one like this. And I'd call it Tango! ;) (But I don't recall seeing any etched tango.) The cut/etched design appears to be emulating (in a cruder executi...
  45. As Sklo commented - there's no precise definition, so we can all be right.
  46. I'm enjoying the discussion. In my mind, Tango always included all opaque, brightly coloured glass, usually with a contrasting trim (in black, blue or less commonly, white). I also sometimes 'loosely...
  47. Hate to be a purist! Don't take my word for it. Mostly I regard tango as a solid, bright colour with contrasting trim. There were, however, some spatter pieces in the Tango Sklo exhibition, so I th...
  48. I wouldn't have described this spatter piece as tango (too many colours?), but I love it!
  49. I love this one. Given the pronounced surface application of red, where it occurs on the base, does it wobble?
  50. Thanks.
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