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Steinschonau Ring Stand - Friedrich Pietsch? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cameo Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Amber threading = apricot jam/marmalade Ruby threading = strawberry/raspberry Colour-coded jam jars. Very cool.
  2. I have no clue as to the origin of this piece, but interestingly, Welz also made these 'conjoined' bowls and it's puzzling to imagine how such items were made. Quirky in the extreme!
  3. I have not seen the berry-shaped feet before. Thanks for a very informative post.
  4. I particularly like photo 2 where the stronger iridescence on the handle makes it appear a different colour!
  5. Hi Vet, I am really developing a taste for Skrdlovice and trying to learn. Any idea where I can gain access to the pattern books. Everything I read links to pages which are now inactive. I would re...
  6. I find these Welz pieces really interesting and uncommon. I particularly like them when they have multicoloured pulls, but have never seen any 'in the flesh'. Thanks for posting. Now we're all wait...
  7. Interesting discussion here (if you haven't seen it)
  8. Definitely appears to be the 'muscle' or 'webbed' decor which I personally find difficult to attribute definitely - Kralik and Steinwald being strong contenders and quite possibly made by more than on...
  9. So striking!
  10. (Saw it and read about it for the first time here Sklo)
  11. Photo 3 sheds such light on the execution of this decor. Thanks.
  12. These are beautiful. I find the 4th photo very, very interesting - where the threading on the RH vase does not really sit proud of the surface. I'm not sure I would have identified that as 'chine' we...
  13. Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Well worth making an exception for these. Very different.
  15. That info was new for me too Inky. Thank you.
  16. Extraordinary piece. Love execution of fruit in photo 2. Congratulations.
  17. Very unusual colour for zigzag. Even 1900 seems too early for me - 1920s? I often see these, or similar, in unusual decors and love them, but find them hard to pin down. Not sure if the following li...
  18. Values are not discussed here. Now that you have an ID you will be able to ascertain current prices. Steinwald is the possible new contender for this production, but as Artfoot suggested, this remains...
  19. Such good advice - I appreciate it. (Yes, the catalogues I had located on 20thCenturyGlass.) Thank you for taking the time.
  20. I don't :( but I have found a number of catalogues online which are a small help...
  21. I am OK with blue and pink. Haven't received it yet to know! Knowing this has been a longtime collecting interest of yours, can you (or anyone else) point me to any good research on these? - for exa...
  22. Wonderful information and examples. Thank you.
  23. Love it. Does this decor have a name?
  24. No, I live in Australia. More sun to shine through these glorious colours, lol. AND... I have just purchased my first propeller in purple/red!!
  25. Stunning.
  26. I am just developing a passion for these. In light of (your) comment 10 above, is that not the propeller shape three from Left??
  27. Great collection of examples assembled by Welzebub above!!
  28. I believe Welz, but not everyone agrees on these. Certainly don't rule out Bohemian. See
  29. Dreamy colour
  30. I'm glad you're remaining faithful to your first glass group! I love seeing your collection.
  31. Often designated "Kralik teardrop decor", but I am no 'glass expert'.
  32. Rim is special.
  33. I'm not usually a fan of baskets, but this one is a gem.
  34. Cool piece. Never seen a lidded pot in this decor. Good catch.
  35. Enamel work on this is just beautiful.
  36. I am very interested in Loetz cameo but find it really difficult acquiring information. This one is lovely with the 3 layers.
  37. Looking forward to more posts. I have always enjoyed your glass so much.
  38. Perhaps intending to emulate 'La Verre Francais". Signature looks a bit dodgy?? Very pretty piece though.
  39. Simple and refined, but busy and cheerful - all at once! A marvellous juxtaposition.
  40. This reminds me also, a little, of some Welz spatters which, again, were sometimes cased in clear amber glass. Welz perhaps imitating Loetz???
  41. Beautiful assortment. Thanks for sharing here.
  42. Harfield Village in Sth Africa? Saw some mentions in quick search of glass shop being located there????? No further idea.
  43. Soooo beautiful.
  44. Yes! I assumed, from the photos, it was a bronze base...until you pointed out it is glass. Fantastic.
  45. I love these, but have never seen such a clean example. Gorgeous!
  46. Glorious examples.
  47. Love the vase AND the story. Determination, tenacity, resourcefulness - attributes of the extreme glass hunter.
  48. Or... am I the only one who thinks this???
  49. This is a very interesting post. I don't for one minute doubt your expertise and your contention that your two vases are also Loetz examples. I am surprised, however, that the second of your vases, ...
  50. Amazing! I think you've got this decor covered, lol.
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