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Steinschonau Ring Stand - Friedrich Pietsch? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cameo Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Anyone seen the article referenced @68? If Steinwald was proposed as contender for making 'marquetry' pieces as far back as 1998, why has the Kralik attribution persisted without question, until now?
  2. I am following this development with much excitement. Thanks so much for sharing the information.
  3. Interesting to note also that a similarly sourced reference notes, in 1998, that maquetry pieces could be attributable to Kralik OR Steinwald. I haven't seen the article: https://cmog.primo.exlibris...
  4. Well put Vetraio. I've been wondering that too!
  5. Of course, the webbed (sometimes called 'muscle') decors, usually attributed to Kralik, come in a vast array of colours - not just with dark colours. They are seen with grounds of yellow, blue, orang...
  6. e.g. 4th example under Kralik 'Spiral'
  7. Yes, perhaps it's the hexagonal bowl shape usually attributed to Kralik. I have one in webbed decor (blue on transparent pinkish) with semi-circular mark. The ribs look a bit more pronounced in the ...
  8. This discussion is fascinating. I, too, immediately saw the image second down on the right as the highly-prized (and highly-priced) "Kralik" marquetry decor. Could it really not be Kralik at all? T...
  9. Seems a strong argument to me. Where does that leave the semicircle provenance mark generally used to attribute Kralik production?
  10. Gosh - I can see many Kralik attributions may come crumbling down based on this new information... Please continue to post the outcome of further investigations for those of us not involved in other ...
  11. I'm so confused. There seem to be other shapes in that ad (first image) which appear to be ones usually attributed to Kralik. What does this all mean?
  12. I like your comparison with marbles, but had no idea what you meant at first - text in post says "marches" (you might like to change and delete this)
  13. No idea who made them, but they are great!!
  14. Last photo is to die for!!!
  15. I've always thought these rather odd until I've seen your example with flowers! Beautiful.
  16. Glad you did post the pattern in. I don't have access to these and love seeing them! Great information, fab piece!
  17. Yes, it's a Welz decor.
  18. Love it all, but the leaves are spectacular.
  19. This one's sweet, but I'm waiting for the knockout Rindskopf!
  20. This is an unusual one and very appealing. Your shape comparison with Cornhusker's example is certainly convincing, but the decors are quite different - as you have noted in additional comments. Ama...
  21. I hadn't seen MacArt's 7-year old post until now. I agree with it entirely. I think the two items in that auction had spurious labels.
  22. Seems more likely that a later label was affixed to an older vase, perhaps? Interesting to look at the other item offered in the same lot (Burchard link above). It appears to be inscribed '96' but b...
  23. I couldn't agree more. Thanks.
  24. I would like to ask where the label was located please? Following the original link suggests to me that the label is pictured on the base of the vase:
  25. Keep 'em coming. I always enjoy analysis of the process, in addition to aesthetic enjoyment of the pieces.
  26. It is a very interesting piece. I'm not sure that this style of piece has been firmly attributed, and certain websites can be over-enthusiastic with their confident claims. I am not ruling out Ruckl...
  27. That is the most 'organic' silver overlay I have ever seen - very sympathetic to the piece. Amazing!
  28. I have thoroughly enjoyed your series of posts on displaying glass. Many of your wonderful pieces have made me drool.
  29. For me, decors 1 and 2 have diminishing interest the more I see. On the other hand, decors 3 and 4 are awesome!! Wonderful displays.
  30. Thanks for following up with measurements. Much appreciated.
  31. I'm very interested to hear more about the Welz attribution. It's been my hunch for some time and I'm glad the shape resurfaced in discussion. (I am not on FB)
  32. I am not on FB. Would it be possible to share in this forum how the final pieces of the jigsaw were put together? I showed a great interest in this shape, proposing a possible link many years ago. ...
  33. I am curious how large the vase is? Very similar shape to this, in another of your posts: And in that post, I pr...
  34. The lid looks so beautifully in keeping with the piece. Well done!
  35. You MADE the lid?????? Awesome.
  36. To my eye, the decor of the Kralik hexagonal bowl shape is nothing like the decor of the others, which do seem similar, despite the urn shape being more 'washed out' in color. That 'shadowing' elemen...
  37. I find this a really interesting example. I commonly see it in solid tango colours, such as orange, yellow, red..... but I have always doubted the usual Kralik attribution. It would be great to see ...
  38. See this link:
  39. I love this post for its story of curiosity and tenacity by the previous owner. I am always very interested in the history of my pieces and this one has a very touching history. Yes, the internet has...
  40. I agree this is a great decor - and not seen too often. I love it. Now.....if we could just get rid of the frilly top and the thorny!
  41. This one's awesome.
  42. Congratulations on 700! I really enjoy your glass collection and your considered posts. Keep them coming!!!
  43. I don't like shoes, but I love seeing your large line-up here, and smile at the thought of them toe-tapping in unison while you are sleeping...
  44. This is a great basket. I have not seen one like it. Quite possibly it could stimulate an interesting discussion, were it not for the inflammatory wording of your post.
  45. Gorgeous. And even the transparent joining piece is enamelled!
  46. Never ever seen this one before! (Those canes are familiar, of course, but not the combination.)
  47. Very pleasing. A quiet achiever....
  48. Couldn't agree more with your comments on overlay pieces. This one is sinuous and sensual - Looooooove it!!!!!
  49. I would love to see more photos too please.
  50. Terrific post. More pieces in the great Welz jigsaw!
  51. See more