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Steinschonau Ring Stand - Friedrich Pietsch? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Cameo Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I would like to chime in and reiterate that the poster has never been under any obligation to share these documents in a public forum. I, for one, am exceedingly grateful for that generosity with the...
  2. This one's awesome.
  3. Congratulations on 700! I really enjoy your glass collection and your considered posts. Keep them coming!!!
  4. I don't like shoes, but I love seeing your large line-up here, and smile at the thought of them toe-tapping in unison while you are sleeping...
  5. This is a great basket. I have not seen one like it. Quite possibly it could stimulate an interesting discussion, were it not for the inflammatory wording of your post.
  6. Gorgeous. And even the transparent joining piece is enamelled!
  7. Never ever seen this one before! (Those canes are familiar, of course, but not the combination.)
  8. Very pleasing. A quiet achiever....
  9. Couldn't agree more with your comments on overlay pieces. This one is sinuous and sensual - Looooooove it!!!!!
  10. I would love to see more photos too please.
  11. I've often wondered about this seemingly 'blanket' attribution. Have any MOP pieces been observed with the accepted Kralik arched (or straight) provenance marks?
  12. So, that particular floral collar/frog appears in Butler Bros line art of pieces attributed to Welz, and also on numerous observed Kralik examples (probably too numerous for them to have all undergone...
  13. Bottom centre, Image 1 - Yes
  14. Aha!! As I thought! Obviously I will never make the leap from collar to manufacturer, but it is of great interest.... to me, at least. Thanks.
  15. Ignoring the faction fighting.... To the glass: Has the particularly attractive collar in image 4 ever been seen on irrefutable Kralik items? I understand a collar could never be used for attributio...
  16. Awesome!! Didn't doubt it before, but that clinches it.
  17. Terrific post. More pieces in the great Welz jigsaw!
  18. Chunky, but refined. Definitely sculptural. It's gorgeous...
  19. A charming historical item rescued. Could it perhaps be 'E W', not 'G W'?
  20. Wonderful - thank you!
  21. No.2 is great! No. 4 would have totally stumped me - The rim looks so different, I would not have been able to make any connection with Kralik.
  22. On the same wavelength - exactly!! The pair with the label? I didn't get them, but these allowed me to mentally categorise this small, hexagonal shape as Welz (I hadn't previously) and also prompted ...
  23. Thank you.
  24. Very interesting post and thank you for your reference to the cut rim. Have the golden trails of the applied tadpoles also been sheared away at an angle to the rim?
  25. Agree with LoetzDance. Marvellous glass, interesting description, but dominating script.
  26. Yes - I have pondered whether these two colours are the hardest to acquire because they were produced in smaller quantities........(as seems likely)...... or because everyone likes them the most and h...
  27. I cannot comment on whether or not the piece is correctly attributed to Ruckl, however I do think it is a very nice piece and ingenious the way the bowl fits snugly into the plinth. I have not seen t...
  28. Michelleb007 took the words out of my mouth. I've never been a JIP fan, but your display looks stunning.
  29. Fabulous!!
  30. I'm loving this new trend of yours for extreme close-ups of decors!
  31. Very sassy rigaree on the new one. Looking forward to seeing the whole gathering!
  32. Stunning!
  33. This is sensational. So, a star is cut into the upper side of the lid??
  34. Love the colour. Love the whacky shape. Thanks for sharing.
  35. That piece - pic 4, on right - is a decor attributed to Kralik?? Gosh - I still have so much to learn!!
  36. Many of us are not on FB and would be interested to see your Welz items here!
  37. Love the close-ups. What size is it please?
  38. Had no idea Loetz tango included such a decor! Love it. Have you seen other examples?
  39. This is an interesting turn-up. Seems to me to be a Welz basket shape and handle with the provenance stamp often found on Welz production (although not used for sole attribution). Never seen any pin...
  40. Yes, demure but quietly confident - not brash like its cousins.
  41. Fascinating insight into the research behind new attributions. Thank you!
  42. Ravishing!
  43. Marvellous to see an assortment.
  44. Thank you for such a scholarly and informative post.
  45. Love the red flames on this!
  46. Yes, with our modern sensibility the 'clash' is pleasing, but I'm not certain it is of the time????
  47. Would this orange enamel originally have been gold? I have observed the gold enamel (cold painted?) on a lot of old glass has this orange colour peeping through from underneath. The decoration seems...
  48. Rods onto hot glass cylinders seems the most plausible to me. Rods placed into molds - not possible.
  49. I agree about the possible size disparity in photo 4. It also looks to be a different shape (vase on right has rounder base?) - is that just a trick of the photo? I am trying to understand more, Is ...
  50. Wonderful!! Such precision.
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