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Lutz, Florida

I have been collecting depression glass since I was in my 20's my mother loved everything old, but had a passion for glass, especially depression glass. I started cI have been collecting depression glass since I was in my 20's my mother loved everything old, but had a passion for glass, especially depression glass. I started collecting Yellow Jubilee in my late 20's and never stopped. My glass addiction doesn't stop there, I LOVE art glass from all countries with a special fondness for vases and wild colors, I love the uniqueness in most all vases. All glass Depression, stained, or blown etc, is ALL Beautiful to me! (Read more)


  1. I think it's beautiful. No pontil, so maybe not so old, but gorgeous!
  2. Thanks for the love Sean68 ~ racerfour ~ aghcollect and Vetraio50
  3. Thanks for the love too inky!
  4. Thanks Sean and eye4beauty - I wish there were more Sean, I would share!
  5. Joe, were they always just made for show or did people actually drink out of them when they were produced? Scary!
  6. Yes! You are correct! I have the same just a different color -thanks again!
  7. Wow - what a beautiful beautiful sight!
  8. So very pretty! Love the colors
  9. That he does Jensen! =)
  10. Thanks TallCakes, I appreciate you looking for me, I was hoping you would know. Oddly enough I distinctly remember seeing this, I thought either here on CW or maybe even Fentonfan.com site since I ha...
  11. Very pretty and what a bonus (picture of your Grandpa)
  12. Nice color! And Vertraio50 great info thanks!
  13. Its very nice! I just picked up a few pieces myself, so I am new to the pottery world, hope you get your mystery solved!
  14. Thanks surfdub66 yes indeed! =)
  15. Beautiful!
  16. Agreed TallCakes that's the link I gave him, but you could spend hours and days on that site - btw, can you (TallCakes), PLEEEEAAAASE look at the funky white vase I have under unsolved? I need help i...
  17. Very cool!
  18. Thank you racer4four and vetraio50 and for the love too aghcollect!
  19. Very nice - when I saw the first pic on the main page, I thought it was the beginning of opening a picture of a glass toe lol! Fantastic find!
  20. Pretty - I like this particular red!
  21. Very pretty!
  22. Thanks for sharing!
  23. Great piece!
  24. Wild love it!
  25. Sorry for typos, only working with one hand
  26. Good job!! Yes, it does, czhechman called it. With regard to black light, u just learned that a LOT of glass (especially these kind of "frosted" glass colors for lack of a better term) were also ma...
  27. Thank you Sean68, any ideas on this??
  28. Hmm, so pretty, I searched and searched last night looking for Moser and Harrach as czechman suggested, and I just couldn't find your exact glass, OR that the "pillars", if I could find the right te...
  29. You're welcome, I do the same thing, then having too much glass becomes the problem lol - I just love love love it!
  30. You're welcome, my pleasure such beautiful pieces~!
  31. Just something about this color that I love. I'd normally spend hours trying to find the answer for you, but here's the Blenko site, it has tremendous information on their glass - since you have such ...
  32. Bigsarge, here is an excerpt from an article written by David Patterson, Founding Member of Vaseline Glass Collectors, on the website: http://www.go-star.com/antiquing/vaseline_glass.htm *The Vaselin...
  33. Here, you can skip a step (the searching) and just click the link for catalogs: http://www.fentonfan.com/catalog.html And color codes: http://www.fentonfan.com/colors.html
  34. GORGEOUS!! Love and WHAT a bargain I'd say! From what I can tell these are the hobnail pattern - you can go to fentonfan.com and pull up everything you need to know about these. It will tell you wha...
  35. Good info mac63, going to save for my reference!
  36. Very pretty, love the color.
  37. This is so very beautiful - does it have 4 outside pillars combined to make 1 opening? (if that makes sense?) I don't know of any other way to word that question lol
  38. So very pretty!
  39. lol love the one line Bigsarge - I think they are very pretty! Yes, sorry for my lengthy response. It was some research I was doing, was afraid to chop it up, thought I might miss a point ;-)
  40. There is a cruet similar to yours at the bottom of this page (just a different applied pattern) http://highlycollectibleantiques.com/stevens-williams-glass/
  41. Rick55, a thought, have you by any chance put a black light to the smaller white (or even the pink for that matter)? I just happened to see something pretty similar to the smaller one thought to be ...
  42. Basically it was used because it colored the glass! Uranium glass is glass which has had uranium, usually in oxide diuranate form, added to a glass mix before melting for coloration. While once used f...
  43. Thank you artistinside!
  44. Fantastic piece!
  45. I want this! So pretty!
  46. Very nice and wonderfully informative!
  47. I love this!
  48. Gorgeous, I love crisp, clean cased vases! This one is perfect! Sorry, I have no idea who made it though..... =)
  49. You're welcome they are beautiful, I hope you find out the who what where! =)
  50. Thank you aghcollect, vetraio50 and racer4four
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