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Tapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Alvar Aalto, Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Oiva Toikka, Nanny Still...etc.. old chinese ceramics, jewelry, old fishing gears, coins, stamTapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Alvar Aalto, Gunnel Nyman, Kaj Franck, Oiva Toikka, Nanny Still...etc.. old chinese ceramics, jewelry, old fishing gears, coins, stamps, vinyl lp's, 1800-century glass, clocks, Arabia ceramics, name it. (Read more)


  1. Hi Thanks
  2. Thanks keramikos
  3. Oops weekly photo app turn all wrong.
  4. Thanks for answers, i'd like to think this is colonial piece but we never know. Best
  5. Yeah Apostata tell me something new.
  6. Yes, what 4 dots mean? Oh, let me guess... it says another sucker to fool. Best Regards Jingzu :)
  7. I thing it is fake jiaging like others... :)
  8. Oh yes like millions of repro's they do... ????
  9. Yes its faked already in China when these are made. Reproduction.
  10. Thx Newfld
  11. Thanks Vetraio50
  12. Thanks iggy & fortapache
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  14. Very nice keep doing.
  15. Thanks Sean :)
  16. Discobolus is most copied bronze statue but this it is not real bronze it is type metal with bronze layer in top. Original discobolus was from Myron(460-450 BC) was full size Creek statue but nobody...
  17. Hi I like these old clocks chime's. They can give "old times" feeling in the house. I'll keep one clock chime on, one by one, in the daytime.
  18. Hi Very nice find. Oh yes, there there is lot great finds lying out there in the flea markets, garage sales, goodwill etc. Imari ceramics is also made long period of time, can't date this one but v...
  19. HI Why you think it is fake? You have +80 years provenance. Very nice clock with skeleton movement and ceramics decoration. I'll bet that there is serials somewhere in movement. I like it.
  20. Hi Don't start this thing.....they can use radio mirroring to find you :) Or maybe you can hear Ronald's speech in atmosphere from decades ago. I like this widget.
  21. Warning! Don't drink that you might get hangover????
  22. Great amp. I bet when you play this one, you believe story's that Elvis is alive.
  23. Awesome! Maybe Nikko silver cigarette box.
  24. Hi It is possible that broken winding knob is changed by clocksmith.
  25. By the way, these dots are 5 bearings. Symbols from 1948 invented automatic movement. There is also new Eterna Super Kontiki serie but only 1973 made.
  26. Secondly there is lot dial variations.
  27. Only look in the movement and backcover can tell for sure.
  28. Same dots what you have in dial of this watch.
  29. Hi But 60's Eterna watches have "Eterna Dots" in winding knob.
  30. There is no eterna marks in knob, maybe fake.
  31. Hi You have very nice decanters but your dating is not quite accurate. These and other your models is made several decades period of time. It is not unusual that these are made near 80-90 years peri...
  32. Hi Great clock, I like these columns.
  33. Hi Didn't find your post, yet. Why they(Germans) use these clocks in headquarters? I believe that in headquarters wall is wall clock no submarine clock. If serial is not backplate then it is frontpl...
  34. When look hook attachment you can see soldering joint so looks hollow brass to me. Very nice lure.
  35. Hi I have done some clock repair even don't be clocksmith. Sometimes getting clock work is very easy task. I noticed that pendulum bob is screwed very end(up) it might tell that movement has some wea...
  36. Hi I like your clock but are you sure that there is no serials in movement backplate? Never heard Germany clocks without serials except very old ones. Can you take photo from movement, it is GB or J...
  37. HI Very nice Kodak, I love these old cameras, desing and technic's. Have also some old Kodak's.
  38. Hi When trying to find msg date from clocks is important to give stamped markings from backplate of movement. There is some but can't read it clearly. But all clocks are mirroring desing/style of th...
  39. Hi I'am pretty sure that this is Bohemian(Czech Republic)glass "Victoria" serie. It is not very old maybe from 70-80's because signature it is made with electric pen. Notice that all old models are...
  40. There is writing Marilyn so it have be from Marilyn Monroe era. Very cool item anyway.
  41. Very nice drum clock. Made 20.6.1897 Thanks for sharing.
  42. Is there any stamped numbers in backplate?
  43. Nice old lure, PFLUEGER maybe.
  44. Sorry about typo, it is Italian Empoli.
  45. ...and "Stella Polaris"(Nanny Still) bottle.
  46. Hi It is Italian Stromboli re-make/fake from Helena Tynell's "Emma" vase. They did same thing to "Aurinkopullo" as well.
  47. Love this. I wonder what kind of man or woman wear these? Was it priest or witch?
  48. Just great, amazing details.
  49. Backplate from movement.
  50. It is so ok. If you take or ask pictures from movement we can date this clock for you.
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