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N. Billerica, MA

Hi, Just starting out as a collector, and I and my significant other definitely have the bug! We are having a blast, and love to share our finds!


  1. I have one that looks almost identical. Thanks to Canyon Road for all the info.
  2. Yes, she will, but have to figure out some bedding before then. Thank You.
  3. Thank you Sean
  4. Thank you nutsabotast6, I appreciate your comment on my washboard. Sometimes you never know what you will find at a yard sale, and I was a latecomer, so I don't know how it ever got passed by. Othe...
  5. Thanks for looking oldandsilly. I fell in love with it, he only charged me $3. what a steal even if it is nothing. it is adorable.
  6. Thanks Scott, ya it does look brand new. But the frame looks to be bout the 50's or 60's. I am definitely gonna investigate.
  7. Thank You Kyratango, I am aftraid to take the back off. It 's really on their good. It was carefully framed by Frames Plus, in N.Y. It looks like a water color definitely not on canvas. No artist...
  8. Thank you racer 4 and vetralo50, I can't believe I got them both for a dollar. what a score.
  9. Awesome Pattern!
  10. Hi wizardette6968, I cleaned my lamp with soap and water and dried it really well. Nothing else.
  11. Thank You jwendell222, Yes I thought it was old, but found out different, Still very beautiful.
  12. I want to Thank You, upstatenycollector, I do have to admit, that I thought about not participating in this website anymore, but then they would win and I am stronger than that. Unfortunately their ...
  13. Thanks a lot nutsabotas6. I'm a sucker for roses .
  14. Thank you, I wish it didn't have the chip but it was free so I really can't complain.
  15. Thanks for sticking up for me Vintagefran, I appreciate your comment. It's pretty funny because I ended up doing a modern dresser for the couple that needed it, and a elderly veteran bought the othe...
  16. Thank you fortapache and toolate2, I know it came out of the Sears Catalogue, but there was no price with the paperwork, so I have no idea what they sold for back then or who was brave enough to use ...
  17. I finally posted pics. But I need to take better ones. This is what I had in the computer. Just getting back from vacation, so I will post a few more , hopefully soon. It's been a year.
  18. I am aware. I thought it appropriate to keep them there. :)
  19. Thank You Scott, you said exactly what I was thinking. I belong to a number of sites and I've never had any one resort to name calling. And you are right to each his own. I welcome comments but not...
  20. Awww I thought so, Thank you so much. It was bothering me ever since I brought them up from the cellar.
  21. I have been called a lot of things, but lazy has never been one them. I'm the hardest worker I know doing construction side by side with real men. But at any rate that is your opinion and I still ...
  22. I appreciate your feedback. I posted it on another site and they also said possibly Murano.. I hope so. It was found under a leaky hot water heater. Unbelievable.
  23. Thank you Scott, I have refinished many pieces. I have done many different things with the furniture I either purchase or find. I don't find it as enjoyable, but to each his own.
  24. I had someone suggest "Mignot" of France. They do look like his work. But still not definitive .
  25. Yes, they are engraved "Vereco" and then "France" on the opposite side. But I am remembering that my mom went to home parties, you know like Tupperware parties and bought these, along with a gre...
  26. Thank you kyratango, It would have been garbage truck food, and I grabbed it specifically for a young couple just starting out, new baby and no funds for furniture, so this is a gift to them.
  27. Well it didn't just need paint it had to be filled in with wood putty ect. I couldn't have brought it back to it's original finish. But maybe you can find one yourself and restore it the way you lik...
  28. Thank you so much, I love doing it, If I could that's what I would do all day and night.
  29. Hi katherinescollections, I appreciate your comment and help with my pattern. I have another set I am going to post this week sometime (soooo busy) Maybe? you can help me with that pattern as well...
  30. Yes, I sent in to Replacements.com and they agree that they are English King Pattern.
  31. Love it
  32. I wrote the pattern down , but realized afterwards that the PAT # was on another set that I have. So don't pay any attention to the English King pattern because I am not sure.
  33. Any idea's if this is a writing desk or a ink well desk?
  34. Thank You ron1939 , They are awesome feet.
  35. Thanks for the love, I am just starting out at my refinishing. I was thinking maybe I should have gone for more Shabby and less Chic myself. (Next time)
  36. Hi Herbgrower, Funny you say that I hung one of these in my living room. The cord isn't even replaced yet, So it isn't functioning yet, But I love it, so I keep it there.
  37. Thanks, I think so too.
  38. Oh Thank you for the information on the Cookie Jar, I didn't realize it was collectible, I just bought it at estate sale last summer for peanuts. I looked up your information. Very Interesting!
  39. Yes, I got that at a yard sale last year for $8 not a bad buy. I just have sooooo much.!
  40. Hi Lisa, I don't know the maker, but I have seen them going anywhere from $75.00 to $250. on different sites. Sorry just saw your comment?
  41. I have what I believe to be a very old hand carved with 2 heads (believe it was to hold incense (alter of some sort) I would love to find out more about this item . 26 inches long and approx 10 inc...
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Flirtation Dance Native American Basket? Chalkware Porn - Rita Hayworth - 1940? hand painted lamp Interesting Squid-like Dark Green Vase~Very nice quality, mid century Vintage~? Before and After Chalk Paint A Pair of Kralik Bambus ball vases Vintage Mexican Jacket Murano faceted vase A Matching Pair? And From Where? Grant Crest Tempo Sugar & Creamer Vintage Sterling Filigree and Foil/Glass Mexican Bracelet A few more pics from out San Angelo trip


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