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My name is Nora and I am a fine art and antique expert with thousands of appraisals under my belt. I have worked with Fine Art Connoisseur & Art Review Magazine as My name is Nora and I am a fine art and antique expert with thousands of appraisals under my belt. I have worked with Fine Art Connoisseur & Art Review Magazine as well as auction houses in NYC. I obtained my post-grad from Christies in London. You can visit my website where I provide honest online appraisals for $19.95 an item. (Read more)


Mystery Mark on Vintage Figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
Leaded Glass Lamp Shade, Unusual Doughboy Helmet shape - Lampsin Lamps
Cased Blue Drinking Glass Raspberry Prunts Ruffle & Pontil ID - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jade & Opalescent Art Glass Lidded Jar w/ Pontil ID  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Whatizzit?  Box - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Harrach or Josephinenhutte? Art Nouveau Jugendstil Blue Cobalt Glass Vase Gilded Lily  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Homer Laughlin China HLC Horseshoe Mark PATE SUR PATE Vase - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Appears to be banded agate stone, which generally came out of Scotland. Possibly a Scottish coat of arms, and part of a chatelaine set.
  2. Thank you so much @GeodeJem for your insight on this box. I definitely would have never figured this out on my own and your information is very much appreciated!
  3. Hi Warren The estimate I provided is based on actual past auction sale records. What you are coming across are asking prices, and any person can ask any price they please on any item they own. The k...
  4. These are referred to as Georgian era rat-tail spoons. They are later re-makes though.
  5. This is original and it was made as a cookie or biscuit tin in the 1930's
  6. possibly Anton Chotka design
  7. antique portable pencil for attaching to a chatelaine.
  8. This is mid-20th century tourist ware.
  9. Definitely not mocha ware nor stoneware. Fairly modern 20th century pitcher-shaped tin glazed ceramic with underglaze hand painted blue cobalt decoration
  10. French majolica, or tine glazed earthenware. Absence of country of origin mark and overall style date this to 1890 - 1892.
  11. Any marks on the backside or underside?
  12. The doll is painted composition, could be rubber underneath since it is flaking this way. Def not bisque which is unfired porcelain
  13. This is a folding gout rocker.
  14. If you can capture very clear, in-focus close-up images of the hallmarks, it will narrow down country of origin and dates. My opinion is that the center plaque image is a replacement and is not as ol...
  15. The appear to be molded and not cut glass. A view of them without the lid and the undersides will tell the story
  16. Vintage mid 20th century French Louis Revival style
  17. It is called silver overlay. Cambridge Glass did a swan pattern.
  18. This was made by Tashiro Shoten Ltd, they were established before WWII in Yokohama, Japan.
  19. These are 2nd quarter 20th century Japanese porcelain export wares with a pseudo-Meissen mark.
  20. This would sell for $10 - $25 on today's market. Here is a link for you to a match that sold for $12.99:
  21. The maker is William Rogers Limited from New York & Connecticut. The W.R. keystone mark was used on medium grade hollow ware and half plate flatware. Mark was used approximately 1894 to 1929 when sol...
  22. The Japanese moriage teacup?
  23. The mark “WP La Belle China” is for the Wheeling Pottery Company of West Virginia, which was in business from 1879 to 1923.
  24. This is Japanese Meiji period, late 19th century, circa 1880's made-for-export Moriage (applied raised enamel) ware with handpainted decoration on porcelain.
  25. This is a later 20th century sterling silver (925) Southwest Native American hand crafted jewelry piece. Likely Zuni tribe.
  26. This dates to the 1930's.
  27. The costumes on these dolls are traditional Korean outfits, not Japanese.
  28. These are called boiserie panels, at the oldest late 1700's.
  29. This dates to circa 1930's. American.
  30. Art Nouveau era, Harrach style, Bohemian glass circa 1895 - 1905. The gold is real however there is no longer a precious metal melt down value as the cost to extract would exceed the value of the amo...
  31. If the sticker says Murano, then it is genuine Italian Venetian Murano art glass. The controlled bubbled are called bullicante. Likely dates from the 1960's. Yes, these are collectible
  32. Appears to be a circa 1920's tobacco jar
  33. Molded polyresin. Buddha holds a bag of money and a bowl with fruit. Often found in Chinatown districts such as in NYC and San Fran.
  34. These are American Empire style
  35. This is molded polyresin
  36. Thank you for checking this out. I did not get to see the green Harrach pair in person and I have not handled enough Harrach to have proper benchmarks. I do see that in the photo of the green vases ...
  37. Hi There, Thanks for weighing in here. I came across this auction lot with green glass vase pair with similar lily flowers attributed to Harrach that was deaccessioned from a glass museum. http:/...
  38. Hi there~ I just posted a blue cobalt glass vase too, a few minutes after you. Wondering if mine is Harrach or Joesphinenhutte?
  39. Addendum - Rhead was born in 1880 - so definitely not by him.
  40. See more


Lovely but unidentified nest of table Victorian Welz Pair Red Spatter footed Vases