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  1. I have owns 3 of these pieces and I believe this is Wilhelm Kraliks' drape pattern circa 1920s It should have wire cage inside to hold a small bottle. Crushed ice is put in owl to keep the liquer col...
  2. yes that is one of my 2 compotes on loetz.com
  3. According to Das Bohmisches Glas 1700-1950 Band VI page 26 photo VI.16. it is 1923
  4. Thanks folks I appreciate your comments
  5. Midmodernist thank you so much for the info
  6. Many thanks racer4four . I appreciate you taking the time to help.
  7. Thank you very much. Does the signature form indicate any time line
  8. You can have PCGS authenticate this coin PCGS.COM
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Lovely flapper wrist purse w/ powder,rouge & mirror UNIDENTIFIED FOSTORIA LINE Harrach in front of development of early Art Nouveau 1876 Circa 1902-04 L'Art Nouveau Marcel Bing Overlay Art Glass Vase Karl Thomas? Intaglio cutting Student Favorite Calif. Whiskey Advertisement Tango Glass  5 marks Carl Goldberg, Haida - signed acid cut back vase, ca. 1920


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