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  1. Well I started collecting stained glass and beveleld crystal glass in 1972 after my husband and I got married. We lived close to DC . Met a young guy who was in college at Georgetown U who goes skiing...
  2. It might very well be from. a church widow. There were 2 available, exactly the same but the center painting on the other Rosetta was a cross instead of a crown. The seller told us his best friend pur...
  3. It is in my bedroom, only piece that was nto changed to red oak
  4. hello. I admired your mom , moonstone lover 21 when I first saw her jade stampeding horses sculpture. I have searched everywhere for one, found large jade sculpture of several horses but alas, the sen...
  5. Been searching for a blue (looks black) copper/gold aventurine vase y Kamei Osaka but disappointed. This is lovely. Am trolling over it. found one on ETSY today but the background seems to be clear gl...
  6. one of my favorite vase is s luge 11" vase from Osaka Kamei in black with swirls of different colors running diagonally.. It is absolutly stunning. I have been searching sadly in vain for their aventu...
  7. Thank you Ivan or paper label versus marks on porcelain. However, my question was what happened to moonstone lover21? I hope she is fine since I have not seen. her post for the past 5 years. Tried to ...
  8. what happened to moonstone lover 21? She has not posted for many years. I hope she is fine. Thanks for info.
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 Harrach & Steuben Devilbiss Lunberg Iridescent Vases. Vintage carved Chinese Jade necklace Murano Amber Glass Vase With Embedded Gold And Copper Aventurine And Swirl Pattern C1885 Early Loetz Glass Vase Large Harrach Satin Rainbow Vase with Blossom Enameling C1890? Harrach Enameled Vase in Black Amethyst glass, ca. 1880 CHRIBSKA "Twist" - cobalt and rose Banded Opal Glass Vase, Glasfabrik Elisabeth (Pallme-Koenig) (attrib), ca. 1910 Loetz Rosa PG 2/484 (Medici), PN unknown, ca. 1902


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