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  1. Thanks everyone and thank you rhineisfine for identifying the maker. Apparently Leif Gruer was Norwegian and this piece would have been made 1890 - 1920. He was a contemporary of Henrik Moller and the...
  2. I admit to veering between Urn and Out Of Control Squid when originally trying to identify the mark on my Parisian Diamond Co pieces. I have a few of them now and they are all very well made and super...
  3. Ooh, Valentino97, glad to know someone else has a similar item. They’re really beautiful. Kivatinitz and Andreamw, yes, they’re a bit unusual, but very cool. Hopefully, in time, I’ll figure out who ma...
  4. Thanks rancherswife. I haven’t worked out who the maker is yet, but the jewellery is well made and a lot of work has gone into setting those stones, so I’m hoping I’ll work it out. The tag on the neck...
  5. Ooh, thank you, kivatinitz. That might be a good source.
  6. Oh, to answer your question ... she lived in Australia.
  7. Thanks dav2no1. Mine is a pin dish, hollow in the centre. Definitely old and definitely glass, not a modern gemstone. Your fish guess might be right though. It does have a very elongated mouth. I’ve a...
  8. Thanks everyone. Appreciate all your comments.
  9. Thanks Ms.CrystalShip. Yes, they seem to be very well made, statement pieces, and the setting is elaborate enough to be MH. I don’t know enough about her jewellery to know for sure though.
  10. Thanks Jewels1900, There are no hallmarks on this piece unfortunately. There are a few tiny piercings on the back but they’re not makers marks.
  11. Thanks Gillian, It’s 59mm x 19mm. Quite heavy too.
  12. Thanks so much everyone. I’ve always thought the detail was too good to be a junk item. Thrilled to know the maker.
  13. Bonafide, no, there are no marks and unlike the metal versions, mine doesn’t have ‘Oscar’ on his side.
  14. Thanks jscott0363. I’m pleased he has a name, but very curious to know how he got to country Australia. We had no US connections, so I’m guessing he made it to a gift shop here and was bought locally....
  15. Charmsoneone, I haven’t forced it open yet to see what type of batteries it takes. I’ll let you know if I can get it working.
  16. Thanks so much, keramikos. Yes, I doubt it’s 200 years old. Pretty sure the invention of celluloid doesn’t extend back that far. But that floral example does have the same metal texture on it, so the ...
  17. Thanks so much for your advice. I’ll let you know the result when I try to get the tape out.
  18. AnythingObscure, Thanks, the tape isn’t cloth. Could be either celluloid or a thin metal. When I’m feeling brave I might peel the blue strip back and see if I can extract some of the tape. I don’t kn...
  19. Excellent! Thank you dav2no1, that’s him! Is there a history behind Oscar? I see there are a lot of metal doorstops in this shape. Can’t find any pottery ones yet and can’t find anything telling me ab...
  20. Thank you. Is there normally a makers name on the tape? I’d hate to break the casing trying to get the tape out, but I’d love to know more about it. Celluloid does get very fragile over time.
  21. I have a few Henrik Moller pieces and a lot of the components, including the largest one, definitely look like his handiwork. The stamp is very puzzling though, as that’s not a mark I’ve ever seen on ...
  22. Oh thank you so much Jewels1900 for identifying the maker. I really appreciate everyone’s help.
  23. Ahhh, no wonder I didn’t recognise the plant - it’s not Aussie. Thank you Gillian! One part of the mystery solved. Yes, the C clasp does look old.
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