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My favorite Butterfly pin marked T.Yazzie Sterling  - Native Americanin Native American
my favorite silver pendant with turquoise  - Native Americanin Native American
My Favorite OTAGIRI JAPAN Mug - Asianin Asian
My Favorite Nippon Collectible plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
My Favorite Lusterware,made in Japan - Asianin Asian


  1. Pretty bracelet!
  2. Beautiful carnival glass cake plate!
  3. Absolutely pretty bracelet!
  4. Amazing!
  5. Nice find!
  6. Very pretty collection of vases! Nice photos,too!
  7. Lobed the Working Lock mechanism! Thanks for sharing on CW!
  8. Thank you LaurenRedmond for your Love! Very much appreciated:)
  9. Such a lovely photo of your mom and your daughter! Michele holding your momma ' s silver chain in her hands..that's very cute
  10. Thank you fortapache, aura, Trey, and betweenthelens for loving my lusterware saucers!
  11. Thank you racer4four, fortapache l, and Trey for loving my Otagiri Carousel mug!
  12. Valentino, Trey, betweenthelens...thanks for loving my Silver and turquoise pendant!
  13. Thank you..betweenthelens and PhilDMorris, for your kind comments. I appreciate it!
  14. PhilDMorris..I wish you will get some Silver Navajo pieces pretty soon!
  15. Wow! Cool vases ..Thanks for sharing
  16. Looks Murano, Italy, to me, too! Nice find
  17. Very pretty cut glass decanter!
  18. Thanks for sharing 'never seen before' chocolate molds! They are Sweet like Chocolate:)
  19. To store collectibles, I recently started utilizing the space under my king size bed! Just an idea:)
  20. Wow! I love the enamel colors on these sterling leaves! Very pretty
  21. Very nice pure silver and pottery bowl:) Thanks for sharing.
  22. Congrats on winning this really beautiful vase!
  23. SpiritBear, nice find!
  24. Looks like, it's 'Nitto', as I was able to Google search 'Nitto China' and found some on websites.
  25. Wow! It's sure is a lovely Waterford Crystal Vase:)
  26. Happy 4th, Windwalker and All CW!
  27. Beautiful collection! Nicely presented!
  28. Happy Canada Day! All pieces..Gorgeous
  29. Very pretty bangles!
  30. Very very pretty!
  31. Love love it! Kyratango, as I'm from Indian State of Gujarat, I can tell how beautifully you described Balakrishna...Excellent post! Excellent restoration work u did, when Lord needed it because of br...
  32. I can't understand the markings,but the pottery is Very Pretty..
  33. Wow! Thanks for sharing this antique documents!!
  34. Beautiful Vase!! Very nicely introduced to all of us!
  35. Gorgeous collection of vases!!
  36. Wow! You got an amazing collection..
  37. Wow! Love the Elephant handles..nice find
  38. Super gorgeous..Sherman Brooch..Love it!
  39. Really very pretty Sherman Brooch!
  40. Nice find!
  41. Very beautiful pot, bowlfan!
  42. Nice find!
  43. Live Long Beautiful Swan!
  44. Gorgeous Swan..in tip top condition! And Happy Birthday,Bill!
  45. TassieDevil..thank you for loving my Butterfly Pin!
  46. Thank you..racer4four, fortapache, Tigra and aura..for your loves.. Thank you, racer4four for your comment:)
  47. Wow! Last week I saw a fake Satsuma vase at one garage sale. It was marked SATSUMA'. Now I love to see this Original Satsuma Vase,and the markings at the bottom of this vase..
  48. Very pretty!
  49. Pretty! Both,pendant and chain..
  50. Gorgeous vase!
  51. See more