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  1. Gorgeous vase! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thank you for sharing the useful information about Siam Silver Jewelry..I also came across a couple of such jewelry pieces
  3. Stunning collection!
  4. Wow! Gorgeous Murano birds decanters! I loved that precious trade mark:^)
  5. Thank you very much antiquerose and Newfld for your reply comment on Murano:) I will follow the steps you suggested to ID my Murano Duck..and sure I'll post it here..thanks a lot!
  6. Cool cat sculpture!
  7. So precious!
  8. Oh! Wow! So pretty!
  9. Really cool piece!
  10. Very "pretty in pink" murano shell bowl! May I pl.ask..how did you find out it's Fratelli Toso? I have a Murano bird, a pink Duck, will post soon, with a sticker just saying' Made in Italy Murano'. I ...
  11. Pretty Kundan necklace and earrings set! Thinking about the movies..I would highly recommend movie 'Padmaavat', if u enjoy Indian Jewelry! All jewelry made by 'Tanishq', highly reputable Gold Jewelry ...
  12. Wow! Super cute..
  13. Lovely glass basket! Congrats on your new home..
  14. Wow! Beautiful...colorful pottery collection...
  15. This is one cute brooch..So adorable
  16. Thanks for stopping by..The love greatly appreciated aura, Tigra, fortapache, racer4four, TassieDevil, valentino97, PhilDMorris, Windwalker and Newfid!
  17. Great Information..NekaMire..
  18. Nice find!
  19. Nice find! Fantastic description!
  20. Interesting find for sure!!
  21. I think the flowers are Lily of the Valley..
  22. Superb collection!
  23. IronLace..the pictures of the vase look great!
  24. Very pretty vase!
  25. Thanks for sharing these!
  26. Gorgeous Sherman pieces!
  27. Love the pics! Welcome to CW!
  28. Wow! That's the one precious pendant!
  29. Very pretty necklace:)
  30. Wow! Great Collection you have there!
  31. Gorgeous family of Earrings, pendant and Brooch!
  32. Just Superb collection!
  33. Pretty bracelet!
  34. Beautiful carnival glass cake plate!
  35. Absolutely pretty bracelet!
  36. Amazing!
  37. Nice find!
  38. Very pretty collection of vases! Nice photos,too!
  39. Lobed the Working Lock mechanism! Thanks for sharing on CW!
  40. Thank you LaurenRedmond for your Love! Very much appreciated:)
  41. Thank you fortapache, aura, Trey, and betweenthelens for loving my lusterware saucers!
  42. Thank you racer4four, fortapache l, and Trey for loving my Otagiri Carousel mug!
  43. Valentino, Trey, betweenthelens...thanks for loving my Silver and turquoise pendant!
  44. Thank you..betweenthelens and PhilDMorris, for your kind comments. I appreciate it!
  45. PhilDMorris..I wish you will get some Silver Navajo pieces pretty soon!
  46. Wow! Cool vases ..Thanks for sharing
  47. Looks Murano, Italy, to me, too! Nice find
  48. Very pretty cut glass decanter!
  49. Thanks for sharing 'never seen before' chocolate molds! They are Sweet like Chocolate:)
  50. To store collectibles, I recently started utilizing the space under my king size bed! Just an idea:)
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