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Northeast Georgia

I have a profile on here already but due a serious lack of technical Knowledge, I have locked myself out of it forever. The other me is BakerCindy. I've posted a I have a profile on here already but due a serious lack of technical Knowledge, I have locked myself out of it forever. The other me is BakerCindy. I've posted a lot of postcards but like all sorts of vtg and antique things. (Read more)


  1. Oh wow, thanks for all the comments and for sharing your vast knowledge. It's nice to hear when people have done their homework, so to speak, on topics that can be confusing & complicated as the Humm...
  2. Oh, I love it! Too funny! Thank so much
  3. There is still no explanation for why the top portion of the artwork is missing from my peace. It's most likely a reproduction. But I don't care I still like it.
  4. Thank you so much this very interesting. My research led me to No offense but I liked what the site had to say much better.
  5. What I love mist about CW are the fond memories that many items such as yours bring to mind..."Chitty-Chitty-Bang Bang" was a tradition on Holiday and matchbox was a fav for me and my childhood bestie...
  6. Hi Keramikos, thanks so much for taking the time to comment and also for the link. Im looking forward to visiting the site!
  7. It's very sweet, I like her artwork infact, I have a postcard by her and I think yours is a framed postcard too because of the white border. Unfortunately you'll have to remove it from the frame to kn...
  8. Hi, lovely pieces. They are sterling silver which is what 925 means!!
  9. Again, it looks like glass to my untrained eyes. Let's hope I'm wrong!!!
  10. It appears to be glass.
  11. Oh, I just love those!
  12. I know the trinket is a cat but I had a Samoyed, Muffin, as a child and it looks a lot like her. Thanks for the memory!!!
  13. Thanks for sharing your memories with CW. I for one love this kinda stuff
  14. Thanks! Proud Americans remembered!!
  15. Awesome!!! War does tend to unite a country let's hope we can figure out how to afford another one!!!!
  16. I love it! He looks like my Whippet, cousin to the Greyhound. Definitely on a fire brigade. I'm guessing probably in the UK because of the shield and crown. Itd be priceless to me as I have the same d...
  17. My comment is about 2 years past due but I do believe that might be a Japanese piece, maybe rather valuable!
  18. I have found some info for you. Unfortunately, 1968 is a form number not the date of its manufacture which was in 1994. The II is roman numeral for it's size..2 liters.
  19. Great stein, I'm curious about the 1994 date on the base or maybe those numbers mean something else??
  20. I don't have an answer to your question but I think that piece is absolutely gorgeous. Great find!
  21. Very awesome!
  22. Wow! Great find! Really, really nice!
  23. I don't have any insight but I sure think what you have beautiful and awesome!
  24. Interesting! Kinda scary looking creature though.
  25. Very, very lovely! The bird is amazing, I love the feathers!
  26. I love that brooch! Ive taken quite an interest in vtg jewelry lately and this piece is just lovely!
  27. What a neat nesting box you have there. I've never seen one like it. I can't make out the words on bottom but they may be the artist's name. It looks like it was made from clay/pottery. Very cool!
  28. Thanks to everyone for the comments! I really enjoy them & the people in this site have been very friendly! It's gives this lonely lady something to look forward to:)
  29. Y'all are funny!!!
  30. That's too funny! I eventually got it but the fad had passed on by then :)
  31. Beautiful postcards! I also love the handwriting, it's so lovely.
  32. Is this postcards a Winsch back? It kinda looks like it to me.
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