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My first time collecting 2019 =^_^= I love collecting vintage/Antique things because of nostalgia, which I really love. I especially love collecting CompositioMy first time collecting 2019 =^_^= I love collecting vintage/Antique things because of nostalgia, which I really love. I especially love collecting Composition Shirley Temple Dolls, very beautiful dolls, I like to clean, restring and dress them up! My favorite things are : •Composition shirley temple dolls •Composition dolls in general •Art pieces •jewelry Scroll down to see my posts! :) (Read more)


  1. Beautiful! green and gold is very pretty combination, it reminds me of my beach sun hat with green gem stone and gold metal turtles with a black background, very pretty piece that you have. :)
  2. Such beautiful glass shell piece, I absolutely love iridescent or pearlescent glass pieces :) my favorite.
  3. @Newfld thank you for the kind comment! Yes, the bunny is very adorable :) I love it too :D blessings x
  4. @Manikin thank you! Vinyl, got it. Yes, her outfit is very cute :) it's a plastic silk feeling material, her dress might be, but im leaning towards vintage/homemade, also has no tags. thank you! Bles...
  5. @Newfld hello and thank you! she really is a pretty doll, I hope to find other things to post on here :) blessings x
  6. @Newfld thank you! It was fun making her a new dress :) I’m glad to hear I brightened your CW Christmas :) have fun and stay warm while watching her films! Merry Christmas x blessings
  7. @Dav2n01 how sweet! :) I wanna try that drink for my self someday! Blessings and merry Christmas x
  8. @Newfld thank you, and merry Christmas to you as well! Blessings x
  9. @Newfld thank you! So much fun dressing them up! I appreciate it blessings
  10. @Newfld thank you so much for the kind comment :) ,blessings on this new day
  11. @Newfld thank you! I love her dress as well ^_^ blessings.
  12. Even time Disintegrates the hair naturally. who knows….
  13. @arctophilegirl some of the early ones are the oldest ones so they probably went through and seen a lot during all these years. Some get their hair cut off or a child brushed the hair too much leading...
  14. @arctophilegirl thank you! She’s very happy with her spa day treatment and transformation ^_^ I appreciate the kind comment! Blessings to you.
  15. What a splendid job you did on Shirley’s hair! I’m sure she appreciates it! Be proud ^_^ many blessings.
  16. @arctophilegirl thank you! Stay tuned I will post a new post after I finish doing her hair :)
  17. Gorgeous Shirley doll!
  18. @arctophilegirl yes! It reminds me of a sparkle or aurora/halo in her eyes! Very pretty other wise, thank you for the comment.
  19. @Manikin I honestly haven’t tried it, I’ve seen other Shirley dolls with the pupils, but with all due respect I personally like their eyes like this. There’s something pretty about them. my younger b...
  20. @Newfld thank you! Many Blessings :)
  21. Blessed day @Newfld @Manikin
  22. @Manikin thank you for the info I appreciate it! :) still learning along the way, thank you again!
  23. @Newfld thank you! Love the red trim and polka dots as well :)
  24. @Newfld such a cute little bear ^.^ thank you!
  25. @Newfld thank you! I really appreciate it! I had fun making it :)
  26. @Newfld thank you! that’s her little slip that came with her ^_^ I will post the new dress photos in a bit.
  27. Ok I posted new photos
  28. @jscotto363 i agree! Thank you :)
  29. @Newfld thank you! Absolutely I can’t wait to dress her up :)
  30. Such a deep blue color very pretty!
  31. My favorite color ^-^
  32. I love the soft colors ^-^
  33. Love the color blue
  34. Beautiful brooch
  35. Ok i have updated it :)
  36. @vynil33rpm aw, hopefully you find another one with the Buffalo :) i will edit this and post the other side of each coin
  37. @AnythingObscure indeed yes I've started to collect these because I see it has two years on it which caught my eye. I dont really mind the value but still fun to collect and im glad you have some as w...
  38. @keramikos thank you so much for the useful information I greatly appreciate it. Take care
  39. I would happily do a tutorial using a phone to upload photos. if anyone hasn't done it then I would love to.
  40. Amazing glass parrot
  41. Very pretty
  42. Hmm to me it looks like an ash tray or pen holder but I could be completely wrong. Very cool piece.
  43. So pretty!
  44. Yes its composition :) if it has no markings then we probably won't know the story behind this doll sadly :( Unless someone does know about these drink and wet dolls. Atleast you have a very adorable ...
  45. Yay bunny's ^0^
  46. Thank you manikin for the useful information. Tommy tucker it is ^.^ he also came with a long-sleeved shirt, overalls, socks and shoes
  47. My favorite little animals ^_^
  48. Thx watchsearcher!
  49. I agree ^.^ thank you newfld!
  50. Thank you toolate2 ^-^
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