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what a long trip its been


Old Time Joe.. and Miss Lang - Fine Artin Fine Art
Candle Stick Holders... - Lampsin Lamps


  1. ok chow
  2. See ya all next year ... maybe
  4. here go play ,,,
  6. lol '-))
  7. about time for a newer tree
  8. Elbert Hubbard didn't start Roycrofts ...These two guys did ....Harry Taber was a working printer. He edited the East Aurora Citizen and ran the local Pendennis Press, a subsidiary of Buffalo’s White ...
  9. just go here .. 716.655.1565 37 South Grove Street, East Aurora, NY Tuesday to Saturday | 10am to 5pm Sunday | 11am to 4pm Contact Us LOCATION 37 South Grove Street East Aurora, NY 1...
  10. lol........
  11. lol ya just need diet pills ....lolol I know I want to sneak off this spring to the Island of man for the bike races.. cause I never been. smiling ..Nice horse for sure ..
  12. very cool.... budget to hell nice score
  13. best kind of dogs to have , don' have to walk them, feed ,wash .. vets nice find jenni...
  14. Always love the workmanship of days past...Nice one ..must be hard to find one with the leather still in good shape as well as any of the parts not missing.. nice write up...later
  15. Nice Score ...
  16. Hij? ni subarash? ....
  17. Nice find Jenni..
  18. Nice..
  19. lol should be "shooting "...
  20. Nice gun .. my x brother in law worked for Ruger Test shoot them ...hard job huh I'm a S & W fan but I keep a Ruger Lcp 380 in my pocket @ all times ,and had a Ruger colt 45 long barrel , A...
  21. I was looking @ your profile picture saying whats he up too cute ..Love your collection, you can will it to me if you like,.. smiling ... have a good winter .
  22. can't help myself
  23. wonder if those studly tough cave men walked these cats with a leash in hunts
  24. pretty color ...
  25. Gargoy... lol ..If I was alfred I tell ya your blowing smoke up your hat ...... my uncle had one ....
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