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Vintage jewelry collector. On the hunt for quality jewelry at a rock bottom price. Once, the jewelry is in my possession, it is never worn again. Love God, family, pVintage jewelry collector. On the hunt for quality jewelry at a rock bottom price. Once, the jewelry is in my possession, it is never worn again. Love God, family, people, animals. Stay safe and make wise decisions. (Read more)


  1. That is one fine looking Corvette! Love the color!!!
  2. Gorgeous! The maple leaf, so beautiful! Love the color here!!
  3. He is stunning in his Alice blue! I think of aqua too, which is one of my all time favorite colors. This is a great piece of art as is all of your glass and brooches!!!!
  4. They are beautiful! Reminds me of the 50's poodle brooches. Love those sparkling stones!!
  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! The perfect colors of fall. Pretty Weiss brooch! :)
  6. WOW! What a magnificent rhino! Great color and stance. Beautiful piece!!
  7. Absolutely gorgeous!! What a great design this designer put into this brooch. It is spectacular!!!
  8. I love leaf brooches and this one with its two tone blue is fabulous!
  9. Dawnlady1, I appreciate you and your very nice comment!!!
  10. Thanks to these fine collectors dav2no1 Vynil33rpm plein-air-painter kwqd fortapache sherrilou vcal Steptoe Manikin Cisum Falcon61 Leelani Blammoammo kivatinitz Newfld for the love! ...
  11. They say good things come to those that wait! A kind person like you deserves it. Congratulations :)
  12. I've never seen a camper like this before. Love the color of the truck, fits right in to the time. You have the eye for quality and the best toy collection, hands down!
  13. So pretty!!
  14. This is gorgeous!!! Reminds me of your Empress Brooch!
  15. Absolutely stunning leaf brooch set!! Love the color! :)
  16. One your very best brooches. Superb!
  17. Gorgeous and vibrant leaf brooch!
  18. So very pretty! Too nice for cigarettes.
  19. Would like to see what's on the reel! Great find!!
  20. The color in this swan is gorgeous!! The last pic is nice to see. They are a beautiful couple! :)
  21. Aw, isn't he the sweetest panda bear! He almost looks sad. Such a cutie!!!
  22. Wow! He is the most beautiful frog figurine i have ever seen. I can vision him in my mind floating on his majestic lily pad. King of the pond! Absolutely gorgeous!!
  23. Stunning! The design reminds of a snowflake or starburst. The back is beautiful too!
  24. So pretty!! All it needs now is some loved ones photos! :)
  25. It is gorgeous!!! You did a good job with the cleaning!
  26. You're right, it's Celtic.
  27. Napier was/is a famous costume jewelry company.
  28. Just a guess, 1940's to 1950's
  29. I think Celtic too!
  30. Comedy - Drama mask brooch. Nice piece!!
  31. Gorgeous prong set pink stones! So pretty!!
  32. It's very pretty!!! Nice score! :)
  33. That's a very interesting piece! I like Stuff's description and would like to hear others opinions. :)
  34. My all time favorite train engine! Love that high hood!!
  35. Absolutely beautiful elephant art glass!!!! Super gorgeous color and it still has its sticker. Looks brand new!!!
  36. OH! This brooch is gorgeous!!!! Love that abalone shell. You always delight with your beautiful finds!!
  37. The painter of this cute pink satin kitty should get an award! Masterfully done. She's lovely!:)
  38. This brooch is so pretty!! Such lovely colors, that you rarely see together. And, the back is just perfect!
  39. That's so cool!!! Your toy collection is totally awesome!!
  40. Newfld and leesa3242, thank you both for the kind words!
  41. I know all about manure spreaders! What a great sign and the truck is showcase beautiful!!
  42. Awesome fleet of Santa Fe engines!!!!
  43. I almost forgot, i wish we could edit our comments! I apply and remove the polish with Q Tips. Good luck
  44. Probably the best way is to wipe your jewelry with a soft damp cloth, followed by a dry one. Then try the polish in a small place on the back to see if you like the results. :)
  45. Awesome grouping!!
  46. I know this might sound crazy, but i wash all my jewelry with dish liquid and water, followed by a chrome polish. It's important to thoroughly dry the jewelry. I've never had a problem.
  47. Absolutely stunning Sherman brooch set! The colors are gorgeous!!
  48. All very pretty! I especially like the large pearl near the bottom and the butterfly pin! :)
  49. He's so cute!!! Love his perked up ears and rhinestones. Looks showcase new!!!
  50. This piece is oh, so gorgeous with the lovely orange coral color!!!!
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