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Collector and caretaker of Trifari, Sarah Coventry & Juliana jewelry.


  1. SpunkysMom, thank you so much for the very kind compliment! SpunkysMom Vynil33rpm thanks for the love.
  2. Another beauty added to your FABULOUS art glass animal collection!
  3. Adorable and gorgeous color she has! Hazel is definitely in a class of her own. She's lovely!
  4. Such a pretty B. David brooch! The purple and lavender rhinestones are stunning and beautiful together. It looks like it has never been worn. Great find!
  5. What a magnificent Zebra brooch! Rared up like that reminds me of a trained circus animal. Gorgeous Crown Trifari brooch!
  6. Thanks to vcal vetraio50 jscott0363 dav2no1 BHIFOS fortapache mikelv85 leesa3242 Newfld for the love.
  7. leesa3242, thank you so much for the praise! I agree with you. Like a touch of spring!
  8. PhilDMorris, thank you for the nice compliment!
  9. jscott0363, such kind words! Thank you very much!
  10. Newfld, thank you for the kind praise of this brooch! When i bought it i thought it might be Juliana by the way it was designed!
  11. Thanks to fortapache SpunkysMom vetraio50 Gary BHIFOS Faith.k mikelv85 jscott0363 dav2no1 PhilDMorris SEAN68 Newfld for the love.
  12. SEAN68, oh thank you dear, for the sweet and kind words! I really appreeciate you!
  13. PhilDMorris, they used many colors in their jewelry. That's the attraction i have. Thank you for the kind praise!
  14. Newfld, thank you so much for the compliments of this set! I was glad to have found the brooch with its original earrings!
  15. Thanks to Newfld fortapache vcal jscott0363 dav2no1 Gary vetraio50 mikelv85 Vynil33rpm kwqd Watchsearcher PhilDMorris SEAN68 for the love.
  16. PhilDMorris, so nice of you to say! Thank you!
  17. jscott0363, my gratitude for your compliment!
  18. Newfld, I'm glad you like the Memo collection and thank you for the kind compliment!
  19. Thanks to Newfld fortapache jscott0363 dav2no1 WIB vetraio50 BHIFOS mikelv85 Drake47 Vynil33rpm kwqd Watchsearcher PhilDMorris SEAN68 for the love.
  20. PhilDMorris, i like those dog tooth prongs as well! And, the selling price of $21 made this purchase an easy sell! Thanks as always for the great compliment!
  21. Newfld, i too like this dark shade of purple! Thank you for the fine compliment!
  22. It's beautiful!
  23. Ever thought of putting together a layout ? Maybe outside in the yard ? I'm a huge fan of your train engines!
  24. Awesome frog with stunning colors!
  25. Gorgeous glass fish! The colors are out of this world beautiful. Looks to be jumping out of the water. Great design!!
  26. Super beautiful cat brooch! The large blue focal stone is fabulous!
  27. This brooch is so pretty! I love the colors of the rhinestones and the design. I think it's a flower, because of the stems. A lovely springtime brooch!
  28. Super cool! Love your monkey collection!
  29. PhilDMorrris, thank you for the enthusiastic compliment! Yes, this one has a lot of prongs! Thanks to jscott0363 Vynil33rpm fortapache dav2no1 SpunkysMom PhilDMorris BHIFOS Newfld vetraio5...
  30. PhilDMorris, thanks for the compliment! SEAN68, thank you for the nice compliment! Thanks to jscott0363 dav2no1 fortapache PhilDMorris vetraio50 vcal BHIFOS mikelv85 Vynil33rpm Newfld ...
  31. Vynil33rpm, i agree! Thanks for the compliment!
  32. The lid handle would make a beautiful brooch!
  33. jscott0363, such a kind thing to say! Thank you!
  34. jscott0363, my thanks to you for the very nice compliment!
  35. That's a very beautiful floor lamp!
  36. Awesome monkey lamp!
  37. Newfld, thanks very much for the compliment!
  38. They are so cuddly and look sleepy! Adorable is an understatement!
  39. Gorgeous green and teal enamel on this stunning seahorse! It will fit in nicely with your fabulous seahorse brooch collection!
  40. This brooch is so pretty! Love those big amethyst stones and pink go perfect with them. The best part is that it is a Sherman brooch!
  41. Two wonderful spotted Dalmatian pups - dogs you have! They are spectacular!
  42. It's beautiful!
  43. That is absolutely beautiful!
  44. Amazing condition for being nearly 100 yrs. old!
  45. One great band. Two names!
  46. This brooch is so beautiful! I especially love those long horns and the collar stones are a nice touch. Great post!
  47. What an awesome piece! I mean who doesn't love monkeys ? I think this one of your best doorstops ever!
  48. Such a stunning brooch and earring set! Caught my eye immediately. The opaque blue stones are gorgeous!
  49. Absolutely gorgeous!
  50. He's a real beauty and looks fabulous for being over 100 years old!
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