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  1. I agree with others that 1 looks too new, shiny and bright including the clasp. It best resembles Carnegie I have seen online in regard to color and detail. The others have blobs for faces. Not good i...
  2. Thank you for reposting this Cokeman1959! It's a beauty! If you hadn't mentioned it was a reproduction I would have thought you restored it. That's a great set up you have.
  3. What Watchsearcher said, the Lubritorium is fantastic but there's a camper there begging to be seen! How about giving it some love to? Photos please!
  4. Here's a listing for a metal ink well.
  5. I think this easily falls under Constitutional carry.
  6. Ahh, thank you so much! They don't indicate a maker either so I'm going to assume its it's an newer, imported store brand of some sort. After looking at the back of mine, I see the assembly is shiny s...
  7. Beautiful!
  8. I should have said, possibly Maison Charles, which is now considered a collabrative workshop, Nenuphar simply means water lily, my mistake.
  9. Thanks dav2no1, I changed out the last photo but left off the shade. My camera phone is so low quality, it is a pain to get anything but mid-range photos. When I initially purchased this, I did se...
  10. Interesting. What is the material? If glass, perhaps it's a frog for flowers. But the lid doesn't make sense for it to be that. If plastic, it reminds me of those old lucite coin banks I had a...
  11. A reputable jeweler won't charge for an assessment. They'll sort through your items and tell you what you should get appraised and/or insured. I recently took some of my mother's jewelry to be assesse...
  12. Wow! Hattie Carnegie. I'm "green" with envy! It's stunning.
  13. That's hilarious! I love it! I want one of those spinner sign that says "Welcome" on one side and "Go Away" on the other. Ideally, I'd rather it say Get Lost, but I'd be happy with either. :D
  14. It's in an old silver portrait frame and adhered to black matboard, probably with spray adhesive. Ugh! I hope to have a full restoration and get it off that matboard. There was a local who did that ty...
  15. I like that better! I also have one from Hobby Lobby. Theirs are on parchment so I framed it.
  16. Thank you Falcon61. Hope your day is going great!
  17. Yes, the original pre-Lego pain. Though my all time favorite pain-inducing toy will always be those glittery acrylic ker-knockers.
  18. As a beader, I have eye-clean prehnite, chrysoprase and chalcedony which all have that glowing lime green shade. I think they're all in the same family as they can sometimes look very similar. Here's ...
  19. Beautiful!
  20. After looking at the stopper, I've come to the conclusion this must have been clear borosilicate blown into a mold, then black ultra fine micro-grit was applied to the surface, along with some green i...
  21. I purchased those exact same spoons, a set of 4, and the coordindating porcelain kitchen canisters at an estate sale about 7 yrs ago. They may not be siblings, but they're definitely related. The bott...
  22. Very, very cool!
  23. Interesting. This looks a lot like my mom's old atomizer ring which she gave to me. It's sterling with a round hollow ball. There is a hole in the backside where perfume can be dropped into ball. I do...
  24. Fabulous! Please share what you find out!
  25. I'm all about herders. Mine have all been Border Collies, not Smooth Collies, but the love is still there! He's a charmer for sure.
  26. Thank you. He's as gorgeous as I remember! He's approx 18"x 4". He's been boxed all this time because I was afraid my dogs would break him. ????
  27. Cabs can be domed or faceted, but most I see are domed in some way. I think this looks really great, but I'm partial to facets. :)
  28. Good information. I thought that could be an owners notation as well, especially after viewing the horses. Thank you.
  29. Amazing! Congrats!
  30. True vermeil is .925 silver with a specific number of microns of gold applied over it . This is probably what you have. There is fake vermeil as well, but because of the .925 stamp, vermeil is likely....
  31. The back is flat because it's a cabachon. "Cabs" are used virtually anywhere- rings, pendants, bracelets, brooches and pairs can be used in earrings, th3y just need a bezel. Could be lapiz or a dyed s...
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