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Vintage Show Girls Photo - Photographsin Photographs
1944 Associated Press Wirephotos - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Bakshish WW2 India News Publications - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1942 The Jungle Book photo - Moviesin Movies
2/2 1965 photos The Greatest Story Ever Told - Moviesin Movies
1/2 Photos Greatest Story Ever Told - Moviesin Movies
Antique Bisque Wall Art - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Pair Of Oval Bisque Wall Hangings - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Antique German Lighter - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Store Lighthouse Display - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Beautiful
  2. Beautiful artwork and glad you are a true art collector as I am. I do not post much of the works I have collected but I may in time. Thank You for sharing, I really enjoyed seeing it.
  3. A great piece, I picked up an old french map of the great lakes region several years ago and michigan was laidout as square. In years past it was a lot of guess work. I really love history this shows ...
  4. If you google his work, there are galleries with his prints for sale. It has been a while since I checked them out. Good Luck
  5. This is by the Japanese artist Sadao Watanabe , I have two of his signed prints. I cannot remember his year of passing by that is his signature. You have a great piece.
  6. Love this lamp, thanks for sharing.
  7. Brings back so many fun memories, thanks for sharing.
  8. I will try to remember to get a picture of it, she is at college at the University of Michigan and only see her a couple times a year now. Any turtle related items I send her, she even has a pet turtl...
  9. Great job, I picked up one just like it for my granddaughter but it did not have a brush, I think someone made it into a pin cushion holder. They are really cute.
  10. Nice collection, Thanks for sharing.
  11. Outstanding design, really love it.
  12. This is a beautiful find and I would not have past it up. Thank You for sharing.
  13. Amazing design, love it, really great find.
  14. Great piece.
  15. Great minds enjoy the same things as I have one of these also. I'm sorry to say mine is in storage for now but enjoying seeing yours.
  16. I actually have two original sets in the box that were sent as prizes. I have not put then together but enjoy them still. They have the original address they were sent to on the boxes, I got them at a...
  17. Thank You nutsabotas6, blunderbuss2, Watchsearcher, Newfld, fortapache, Brunswick, and vetraio50.
  18. These are just beautiful.
  19. Thank You again nutsabotas6.
  20. Thank you nutsabotas6 for looking and loving these.
  21. Thank You Brunswick. I'm sure other countries had service newsletters or magazines during WW2 but cannot find anything on these.
  22. Thanks for the love and looking all. Thanks fhrjr2 for the info and link. I have had offers but it is beautiful for us to display and enjoy for now.
  23. Thank You very much yougottahavestuff, Sylvester22, blunderbuss2, fortapache, vetraio50, Newfld, kwqd, Caperkid, and Brunswick. Scottvez I have picked up the cheap boxes of old photos as you said but...
  24. Really great find.
  25. Great eye catching piece.
  26. Beautiful piece.
  27. Thank You Newfld, blunderbuss2, fortapache, vetraio50, TassieDevil, Vynil33rpm, Caperkid, and PhilDMorris.
  28. Thank You MALKEY, Newfld, fortapache, vetraio50, Watchsearcher, TassieDevil, and PhilDMorris.
  29. Thank You Newfld, fortapache, vetraio50, TassieDevil, Caperkid, PhilDMorris, and Toyrebel.
  30. Thank You blunderbuss2, vetraio50, TassieDevil, Caperkid, PhilDMorris, and Manikin. I forgot to show the back as this is a 1942 studio release. The person who had this collection had bins full of smal...
  31. Love the flow of the design in the bowl, plate is great also, thanks for sharing.
  32. All I can say is BEAUTIFUL
  33. Beautiful.
  34. I have this exact set but never check for age date. Mine is in it's original package which the pieces are set in a round box with a clear lid. I would say the same as Newfld that it's one of their old...
  35. Thank You PhilDMorris.
  36. Really nice collection thanks for sharing.
  37. Thank You Newfld and all.
  38. Thank You Newfld and all loving this.
  39. Thank You Collectables59 and Tigra.
  40. Thank You Collectables59 and all who showed love.
  41. Thank You Collectables59 and all who have share the love. I have searched and cannot find any lamps like these, I will keep looking.
  42. Thank You Collectables59 and all who shared the love.
  43. Love this as my mother had a small collection of this type of glass, thanks for the memory.
  44. Thank You freiheit, Newfld, TassieDevil, vetraio50, and aura.
  45. Thank You freiheit and rockbat.
  46. Thank You All for loving this.
  47. Thank You Brunswick. freiheit, blunderbuss2, and Caperkid.
  48. Thank You Newfld.
  49. Thank You Newfld, purvis, SEAN68, and fortapache.
  50. Sorry I can't help but love the design.
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