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Antique Bisque Wall Art - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Pair Of Oval Bisque Wall Hangings - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Antique German Lighter - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Store Lighthouse Display - Advertisingin Advertising
Oriental Shadow Puppet - Toysin Toys
Vintage Oriental Figurines  - Figurinesin Figurines
Small Antique Counter Display Case - Furniturein Furniture
Old Bell Telephone Truck Photo - Photographsin Photographs
Antique Art Nouveau Candle Scounce. - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Few More 78s - Recordsin Records


  1. I have a mirror in kind with Washington, Lincoln, Capitol, and Eagle. These are so great.
  2. This is really cute, something about it just draws you to the cuteness.
  3. Finding these would be a dream come true.
  4. This is truly a great find, I really love it.
  5. Nice find, it always pays to look close in these shops. My mother told me to always make at least two trips up and down the aisles so I wouldn't miss something.
  6. A truly great find.
  7. Really nice craftmanship.
  8. What a beautiful print.
  9. Thank You PhilDMorris for the information, and TassieDevil, Mrstyndall, Windwalker, racer4four, Caperkid, Brunswick, blunderbuss2, kyratango, vetraio50, Newfld, and aura.
  10. Thank You TassieDevil racer4four Caperkid Brunswick PhilDMorris vetraio50 Newfld aura
  11. Great shirt and history.
  12. Fantastic and Beautiful.
  13. Love this, I'm sure you feel like I do the greatest gift is having them grow into a great person as your son has.
  14. Thank You Johnsmith, Collectables59, vetraio50, and Newfld.
  15. Great piece and information.
  16. Really Beautiful.
  17. This I will always remember, we have hummingbirds and when I see them I will think of this.
  18. It's a beautiful piece.
  19. Really love the cute look of this, great find.
  20. So cute.
  21. Love this, the Franklin Mint put out great collections.
  22. I have one similar, different person, and I was told its a mourning pin. I looked them up a few years ago and believe that's right. Hope it helps.
  23. Beautiful brooch and thanks for the history on Gerry's.
  24. Always love the oriental dragons.
  25. Really like Auburn toys, have a couple of their trains.
  26. Wonderful find and I get those same voices to go check a certain shop too.
  27. One of the Greatest voices ever.
  28. I am in awe, love the look and style.
  29. Even my grandkids like watching the little rascals.
  30. You had a great night of picking.
  31. Love it, most people don't think how back when these postcards were made, before TV and the internet, this is how the world was shared.
  32. Really nice shape and design, love it.
  33. Great find, made me remember the house I grew up in had the old coal shoot on the one side.
  34. Outright Beautiful.
  35. They match really well and look great together.
  36. So very cute.
  37. Illustrations are Beautiful, Great Find.
  38. Thanks Again Windwalker.
  39. Thank You Windwalker.
  40. Thank You Windwalker, blunderbuss2, vetraio50, and Lisa-lighting.
  41. Thanks to all for the love.
  42. Outstanding.
  43. Thank You all so much. I became friends with this dealer over the years and I think that's the reason she let me have it.
  44. Thanks so much to all.
  45. Really love it.
  46. Outstanding piece.
  47. Great find and your not ill or have any problem, I'm the same way. People tell me to get rid of some of my things, ( to them of course ) but I tell them their all paid for and I like changing my displ...
  48. This postcard makes me think of my grandfather, he worked for Wells Fargo in the late 1890's to around 1910 riding on the railroad. My brother has his stamped US 1872 45 revolver, he bought it for 2 b...
  49. I don't think you can beat vinyl and great with the Beatles too.
  50. Thanks To All for the Love. They are resin and they were all thrown in a clear plastic bed set bag.
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