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  1. I found some Jaymar Disney puzzles on ebay but not this one. They seem to have been made from the late 50's into the 70's. The box condition makes it hard to tell possible era. Hope it's a little help...
  2. You have a beautiful collection, I haven't been able to post any of mine as we are raising granddaughters and don't want to risk them. I have collected many things in my 50 years and learned from my m...
  3. Thank You glassiegirl, I did find a bio on him from a relative of his who lives in the Grand Rapids Michigan area and it did mention he had worked for different companies before living in Michigan. It...
  4. Thank You for your comments and I will get it out of my storage this weekend ( I'm sorry it won't be sooner but I'm sure I'm not the only one with way more than I can keep in my home) and I'll take mo...
  5. Fabulous it is a real piece of art.
  6. I am the type of collector who enjoys a little ware on an item like this. The person or child enjoyed it as much as us.
  7. Thank You all for the love, I wish you could see how crisp the color is as well as the detail in the painting. This photo does not do it justice. I also got an old sleepy eye indian water pitcher he ...
  8. DanAntiqueFan Thank You for the information, its great to have any idea and i'll check that out. Thanks again.
  9. This is awesome, I really love it.
  10. I'm not sure without a close look but my guess would be a letter or document carrier or holder.
  11. I really enjoy looking at your collection it's great.
  12. Thank You for posting this as it brings back a memory of my mother when I was little. I guess for years my dad would get her this perfume for every birthday and holiday and she told us kids that thoug...
  13. Lisa-lighting I Thank You for checking and you may be right that he is Greek. So many beautiful things were made in the past and hard to track some of them.
  14. Lisa-lighting Thank You again.
  15. You have a fantastic collection.
  16. These are beautiful. I have somewhere in my storage a pair of clear ones with the beads. If I find them soon I will post them for you to see. Yours are great.
  17. Lisa-lighting Thank You I didn't think of checking on uniform to sword style. I have a brother who works with metal who could help make or transform a letter opener. Thanks for checking your catalogue...
  18. Beautiful
  19. You have a great collection and thanks for sharing it.
  20. Caperkid, PhilDMorris, and fortapache I hope it made you smile Thank You.
  21. PhilDMorris and fortapache Thank You.
  22. Newfld, SpiritBear, PhilDMorris,fortapache, and ho2cultcha Thank You for loving this work.
  23. SpiritBear, fortapache, and Mac DaddyRico Thank You for enjoying this piece.
  24. I wouldn't have past it up.
  25. Beautiful, my mother always told me when I get get a great find , It's a meant to be blessing.
  26. I don't have an answer but really think it's neat.
  27. vetraio50 Thank You I think its a great piece.
  28. Beautiful, Thanks for sharing.
  29. Thank You for the love Newfid, fortapache, Caperkid and Tassiedevil.
  30. Thank You for the nice comment Manikin and the love Caperkid and fortapache.
  31. Thank You pw-collector for the information and aura, Newfid, fortapache, and Caperkid for the love
  32. Not positive but I think its a cigarette box that they were sold in.
  33. I posted a set of three, and mine are stamped Universal Statue Corp. Mine were made in the 70's and I believe the company was in Chicago but not positive. They made many other pieces also as I gave my...
  34. I have done the waiting game for a price reduction and its great when it pays off, happy you got it.
  35. Great find, thanks for showing.
  36. Beautiful craftmanship, a great find.
  37. Great item, I also have one this size and a pair slightly smaller, they have great detail.
  38. This is a wonderful piece. I love the look and would not restore it either.
  39. Nice history on this lamp. I agree with Loumanal as the coloring is an asset.
  40. Thank You for your help mp.kunst it gives me a lot more insight into this piece.
  41. Thank You LOUMANAL for the information, it's always good to ask for help and you have answered thanks again.
  42. I love this sign, my grandkids didn't know there were pay phones and I have some old wall and rotory phones and they look at me like how could you even use something like that. Thanks for good memiori...
  43. Thanks to all for sharing a love for these humorous statues.
  44. Thank you all for your love of this lamp, the glass stones in the shade maybe scrap glass pieces that where put in, not sure.
  45. Thank you Scottvez for the date info, I just wasn't sure.
  46. Its wonderful, I have one just like it that was my mothers, a real treasure.
  47. Two great icons together.
  48. It's beautiful, a great piece to any collection. Thanks for showing it.
  49. Its an oriental design, most likely Japanese by that type of archway as I have Japanese pieces with this arch on them. Not a lot of help but hope others know more.
  50. A beautiful piece of history, thanks for sharing.
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