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Old Atomizer - Bottlesin Bottles
Antique Eagle Frame - Fine Artin Fine Art
Glory Bear Beanie - Baseballin Baseball
Remake of Old Phone - Telephonesin Telephones
Large Ceramic Bird Cage - Potteryin Pottery
Reverse Painted Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Small Covered Dish - Glasswarein Glassware
Ornate Metal Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Lamp and Candlesticks - Lampsin Lamps
Double Parrot Lamp - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Thank you Radegunder
  2. Thanks Newfld for the love
  3. I also picked up a Paul Klee ( the park ) at a second hand store but was lucky the tape discoloring is outside the color, its also signed by Paul Klee who's work is fantastic. You still have a Great p...
  4. Beautiful design
  5. This is a truly beautiful piece.
  6. These are outstanding as is your collection and thank you for sharing them and your knowledge.
  7. This is such a cute photo, Thanks for posting.
  8. It's a great piece and thanks for the history.
  9. Great post card and history info.
  10. A Fantastic Work of Art.
  11. A very nice piece.
  12. nice photo.
  13. Love the look and history of these old castles.
  14. Beautiful
  15. A real beauty.
  16. I love it and do have one.
  17. Once again beautiful.
  18. Great design and beautiful color.
  19. Nice, very unique.
  20. This is great, so funny.
  21. Looks in great shape and overall beautiful.
  22. Nice, Nice, Nice.
  23. Beautiful design.
  24. These are beautiful.
  25. About a year ago I picked up 3 of these at a thrift store, My granddaughter loved them so I let her have them. Thank You as I can now give her info on them.
  26. Very nice set.
  27. Awesome I love it.
  28. Really a great piece.
  29. Watched this everyday after school.
  30. Super piece.
  31. Love this.
  32. Relaxing card.
  33. Very eye catching piece.
  34. Great find, so cute.
  35. Very nice.
  36. Back in the 60s me and my brother were hunting and came across an old abandoned small gas station in the back woods. The old pumps and globes were still there. We were not collectors then and left them.
  37. Used one all the time when I was younger.
  38. I love it . I have a friend who was on night guard on one of these. He said it was pitch black out when he heard something at the front of the boat, so he opened up and ripped the front up with the 50...
  39. There great.
  40. Just to cute.
  41. Just Plain Beautiful.
  42. Great find, I love it.
  43. Offensive yes but we should never forget even the horrible history. My uncle was in D-Day but he brought home souveners along with bad nightmares.
  44. It's unique and something about it draws you to it, good find.
  45. I really like the shape and the color is beautiful.
  46. As soon as I saw the picture I loved it.
  47. A great find.
  48. Beautiful coloring.
  49. A unique and beautiful piece.
  50. Thank You AnythingObscure, And I agree on cell phones as I don't have one and it drives my family crazy.
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