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Niagara Peninsula, Canada

Collector of comics, simpsons and pinback premiums.


  1. Thank you ravage60, glad you enjoy the pinback, will be posting more soon, been lazy lately.
  2. Auto pinback: thankyou, glad you enjoy the pins. Collecting pinbacks about 7 years, off shoot of my comic collecting. Yes I have hakes price guide and the buttons in sets book, great references. Purc...
  3. Thankyou autopinback64, glad you enjoyed them. Collecting pinbacks for about 7 years.
  4. Love switchblades, but our mommy government says they are illegal in Canada.
  5. Thankyou caperkid, much appreciated
  6. Thank you to vetraio 50; fortapache,Nevada blades, always glad you enjoy
  7. Thankyou to nicefice,blunderbuss and vetraio, much appreciated.
  8. Thanks to brunswich, fortapache, nevadablades and sean68, glad you enjoy yhe posts
  9. Racer agreed. Prefer the earlier character models. ParamountFamous Studios fleshed him out and softened the image in the 40-60"s.
  10. Thanks for the info Brunswick, Love the KFC but the wife and daughters have banned it from the house !! Something about healthy eating . Crazy.
  11. Thank you fortapache, yes Marx made this piece, had other in the smaller size format, only a few remain.
  12. Antiquerose, thank you for the input, nice link.
  13. Thankyou to everyone who checked out this piece and commented, much appreciated.
  14. Thanks go out to all collectirs who took time to check out this post, much appreciated.
  15. Thank you to vetraio50, hunter, racer4four, glad you enjoyed.
  16. Thanks to all collectors who shared the loves, glad you enjoyed.
  17. Thanks go out to caperkid, fort apache, nevadablades, racer4four, glad you continue you to enjoy.
  18. Thankyou Lisa and bell town for the love, glad you enjoy,
  19. Catburer apparently likes his own stuff, sorry, miscue.
  20. Was also thinking some kind of appliance. It's going into my pack, fire starter kit holder I think. Thanks for the input.
  21. This was a Red Cross giveaway metal tab pin. Was given away at Blood clinics and for donations. The union trademark on back is from the manufacturer. i beleive this is WWII vintage.
  22. Thankyou Brunswick,Nevada blades and Lisa, glad you enjoyed
  23. mothers camera. she used it frequently.
  24. Thanks Blunderbuss for the love...your are showing your age now.
  25. Thank you fortapache, nicefice, vetraio50 and policticalpinbacks, glad you enjoyed
  26. These post cards were used by many toursit destinations here in Canada, usually with people fishing and catchin gequally monsterous size fish. SOme were done really well, others not so much. Great p...
  27. Morning Nevada, not sure. Believe it was a movie serial series. There were 10 pins in the set produced by Bastion brothers c. 1940, but no issuer noted. One pin title is The Oniptent Omp, love to find...
  28. Glad you enjoyed watchnut, thankyou to all who viewed and loved.
  29. This pin is on eBay as we speak. You may like a dealer on eBay, lots of political. PT109. You have some neat pieces.
  30. Thanks nevada for the love. I use to blast home for the 7 pm Batman episode every tuesday night. Always hoped they had to do a wall climb to see who cameos in the window.
  31. Ten 4 motorhead....enjoy your downtime!
  32. Have to agree with officialfuel....what the he'll does that mean motorhead?
  33. Thanks to all who visited this post....much appreciated
  34. Thanks vetraio50,racer4four, caperkid, Fort Apache...
  35. My dog would have agreed you at the time, he loved them.
  36. I had Geronimo, Chief Cherokee and Johnny West, hours of fun.
  37. Thankyou Ted for the love...always wondered if the Armoury title was for a generic show of an actual location. i am missing the ribbon that went on the bottom of the pin, it possibly had the address....
  38. Thanks to Neveadfabladesa nd Ted straub...That was neat to hear someone actually saw this team, they were amazing for a four man team
  39. Thanks to motorheadmm, hot2cultcha and valentino97 for the love. The graphics on these were truly obscure.
  40. Thankyou blundetbuss and Nevada blades, glad you enjoyed the post
  41. Thankyou Fort apache, aztom, spirit bear,manakin and katherinescollections,glad you enjoyed
  42. This building dated back to the war of 1812, yielded many gems over my 16 years there, thanks for looking.
  43. Thankyou Nevada and nicefice....that was the most tasteful photo!
  44. And my wife says I have a problem!!! Love the variety displayed here.
  45. Had thes when I was a kid, they came in a slate grey colour. Same manufacturer did marvel super heroes I had(iron man, Thor, daredevil, capt.america). Sadly, all well played with and shared with othe...
  46. Thanks johnmc963, agreed, will post some Conan for you in future
  47. Thank you Hunter, love the site.
  48. Thanks go out to Sean68 & Gargoyle collector, much appreciated.
  49. Thanks go out to veteaio50 and officialfuel, glad you enjoy the posts.
  50. I had a similar piece that was in the shape of a fish, the holes held toothpicks that you put cheese and snacks on for a party. Looked equally odd.
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ERZSI & OTTO - January 22 1902. Late Victorian EP 18th Century Marrow spoon scoup.