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I love collecting porcelain and other glassware as well as anything else pre1960 antiques.


  1. Hi, I have a friend with a set like this. She would like to know what the reg # stand for
  2. It has the same mark on the base that is pictured on the tag.
  3. I think that you have a piece of Italian majolica. It's beautiful!
  4. I believe so too Adele, but cannot find this color.
  5. Thanks for the loves!
  6. It's a humidor for cigars.
  7. I'll have to do separately.
  8. Yes. I'll post it.
  9. The best way to tell if you have a repro or original is to look at the cord of the lamp. Early cords are a lot thinner and aren't marked ac/dc
  10. Most of these items were made circa 1960-1980. Live the pattern.
  11. Still searching. Most info I see is of the restaurant itself
  12. Thanks Valentino! I researched them but couldn't find anything on the two that I have
  13. I have the small ones too. Just couldn't get a good pic of them.
  14. You're welcome. I didn't look close at the design the first time.
  15. You should look up "Lavender Hill"
  16. I believe you may have the "Barbados" Snow white platter by johnson bros
  17. What you have is a powder box from a victorian vanity set. Most date between 1880-1920. There would have been a flower motif as well as gold guilding .
  18. The year should be in the bottom. Most of the Jim beam decanters vary in price due to the fact that they were mass produced by the company. The picture is a bit but it appears to be a stoneware type j...
  19. The face at the bottom is that of a cherub
  20. Lovely lamps!
  21. Beautiful! Some references to the shape of the roses as "cabbage rose". Hope it helps!
  22. Thanks for the loves!
  23. Anyone know anything about this piece?
  24. Could this be blenko?
  25. Thanks Phil!
  26. Beautiful!
  27. Beautiful ruby flashed candy dish! Have you tried early American crystal or ajka crystal?
  28. Some pieces are stamped waterford. However some aren't . Replacements offers a pattern I'd that could help you.
  29. Appears to be waterford. Try
  30. Beautiful set!
  31. Beautiful! Capodimonte is one of the best in the world.
  32. It's called a "Gone with the Wind" hurricane lamp. I believe it mat be older than 1960s.
  33. I believe you may have indian bridal jewerly here. Most pieces are handed down from one to another. Many pieces are made for the bride and given as gifts. The construction and design are similar to ot...
  34. I'm guessing a vanity from 1950s?
  35. Usually it's the purple and cream or orange and cream. I live in a rural area. I really like blue and green but can't find any.
  36. Beautiful moriage piece! Finger bowl perhaps.
  37. Awesome! Love slag glass but it's sooooooo hard to find where I live!!
  38. I love paintings on plates. Most refer to these as chargers. Very beautiful.
  39. Oooooooooo! Beautiful! Love it! Tallcakes may know something of this but my guess is 1910-1930.
  40. Alot of the oriental pieces from the 60s-70s were made to look older. I have 3 pieces made in japan with the crackled glaze. But it doesn't matter if it's really old-the beauty of the piece says every...
  41. Beautiful!
  42. I believe this is called block optic. Love it!
  43. Could it possibly be murano? I believe they worked with this style too
  44. It made be a centerpiece bowl perhaps by anchor hocking or indiana or another glass company. I'm not sure but may be Tallcakes can help.
  45. It appears to be chinese satsuma. But appearances are often deceptive. I think 1960s-1970s japanese.
  46. Try You may find the signature there
  47. Could this be an occupied japan set,
  48. Thanks for the loves!
  49. It's a large vase.
  51. See more