Why am I not getting my emails?

If by the end of the weekend you haven’t received one or more of the weekly emails you signed up and confirmed your address for, it could be mistakenly stuck in your spam (junk mail) folder.

It’s easy to find this email and mark it as “not spam,” and once you do this it should be delivered straight to your inbox in future weeks. To prevent our emails from accidentally being routed to your spam folder in the future, try adding us and our email address (info@collectorsweekly.com) to your contact list.

Please follow the instructions below for your email service. If after doing so you’re still not getting your emails, please contact us and we’ll try to help.

Here’s what to do…

If you use Outlook for email:

Look in your junk email folder in Outlook. If you see a Collectors Weekly in there, mark it as “Not Junk.” If you don’t see it in there, it may be getting stuck at your ISP (Yahoo, Comcast, etc.). Try logging into your ISP’s web-based email service, looking at the Spam folder, and marking the Collectors Weekly email as “Not Spam.”

If you use AOL for email:

If AOL is a program on your computer, open that program and find the spam folder and mark the Collectors Weekly mail as not spam. If you use the web-based version of AOL mail, do so there.

If you use Yahoo for email:

Check your Spam folder, and if you see the Collectors Weekly email there, mark it as Not Spam using the “Not Spam” button.

If you use another email service:

Find the folder in your email marked “Spam” or “Junk Mail.” Look inside and if you see the Collectors Weekly weekly email, mark it as “Not Junk” or “Not Spam.” (You may also be able to designate Collectors Weekly as a “Safe Sender”)

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