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8 sided european Glass inkwell by Paykoman86
My dad's dusty & forgotten ink bottles. by vic171171
MM Depose pink igloo style bottleby seamore…
Waterman's ink bottle by Amyflvn
Sanford's Stamping Ink Bottle by momkanof6
My Favourie Little Unknown Ink Bottle from DRALA BERLINby Amiar
Sanfords Inks 4o Inkwell (3" aqua bottle)by Rosinka
Silver Crane UK Parker Pen Ceramics  1986Thrift Shop Find $7.00by Efesgirl
my favorite cabolt blue inkwell by pratherp
Pelikan ink bottle black color original by andrasv…
Got Lost and Found Muchby SpiritB…
Ink wells possibly?by Gruff
1865 igloo J&IEM inkwell by cashmon…
Green Master Inkby Sizzler
Master Inkby Sizzler
Ink jarby Caperkid
U.S. Treasury and Mint Master Bottlesby Kurtisimo
Indigo Carmine ink charmso…
Hand Blown? Ink Bottle?by JoyB
Ink Well by highlan…
Aniline Blue glass charmso…
Sheaffer's Skrip Writing Fluidby aghcoll…
~~~~DAVIDS INK BOTTLE~~~~by Sizzle
-----JAQUES BLUING-----by Sizzle
=== Carter's Ink ===by Sizzle
Some old bottles and an inkwell by Jono
Help Identifying by K7CBP_VE
My favorite inkby dollarbill
Ink bottleby RonM
Double Inkwell Pressed and Polished Glass Inkstandby Sean67
Shoe-shaped Bottleby sigmrelics
is this an ink bottle?by tufty
Inks and Shakersby AQUA69
Old Ink Bottleby musikchoo
Could it be an ink?by Coachjade
blue inkwellby Yuko
winsor and newton london england ink bottle by essexbutter…
My little treasuresby Yuko
Unable to evaluateby SoftHutch
Cobalt blue umbrella ink bottleby marabelle
Very Nice pontiled Late 1850's- Early 1860's Umbrella Ink Bottleby packrat…
Antique  1800's Japanese Ink Bottle by rocketman
Unkown Inkwellby KJR246
Bottlesby Ninamosha
Ink Bottlesby Esther110
Diamond Cut Crystal Dugby inlovew…
Carter's Ink Bottleby flyrr100
Mother's ink bottle and old Skrip ink bottle full of ink by laddie123
1930 ink wellby yesterdaysm…
My first ink Dutchman
old ink bottle and medicineby bottlef…
"Quink"by arelicz…