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Limoges "Elite" France, most unique plateby heylids
Chas Field Haviland Limoges 13" round platterby kimkir
My Great Grandmothers Haviland France Limogesby pattiscotch
Limoges pitcherby Inquiri…
Antique or Vintage Limoges?by megmeg67
Does anyone recognize this limoges mark?by Sidde1234
Limoge Basket real or fake?by TracyFenton…
Miniature Porcelain Vase Made in SusieB
La Reine, Limoges Porcelain made in France small square cartouche? with romantic scene in foliageby GeodeJem
limoges vases?by robin56
Porcelain Limoges Snuffby boysfarm
Limoges Chinaby LadiMo
Vase Deep blue with Swan handlesby newcomb…
 Limoges Hand Painted Pitcherby LisyA
Limoges Violet Wall Medallionby Alicean…
Limoges France Lilacs Dresser Setby Alicean…
Limoges and Chen frog trinket boxes by Mrstynd…
Vintage French Ashtrays, Robj Limogesby Jtavas
Limoges Choclate Pot set marked B & Hby Debbieg…
Help!  I can't find information anywhere. by lisawaldron
Limoges Platedby Risawaite
Limoges Pocelain Service..How old is it? More information?by dastomate
Martial Redon Limoges Bowl and Cabinet Plateby dammitchris
Possibly rare Haviland Limoges from 1903by TriPull23
 Limogesby goodeye…
Limoges B & H France  Sailboat plateby Kimbers…
Todays find at the salvation army    .49 cents. Theodore Haviland Limoges France Teacupby Kimbers…
Limoges France Flambeau Harbor scene plate.  by Kimbers…
Haviland Limoges Schleiger #891 Green/Gold Leaf China setby Sharyndish
A rare Limoges Bomboniere about 1915by kivatin…
Limoges ashtray, what about match safes?by Karenoke
Shallow bowl with two burgundy pencil lines and flowers in the middleby mcleary1
Red candy dishby cdvintage
Limoges * france.   Old abbey 12 piece china set. What do i have here?by Shep
Limoges unknown patternby SandMtnLady
Name of china, how old?by Yomamma5
Haviland Pitcherby babyoak
Wonderful Limoges Vase Rare Narrow Long Neck Designby rhonan2…
Help!  Does anyone have any ideas about this platter?by mcfaithie
Elite Coffee setby AllisonMain
Limoges plates with gold handlesby AllisonMain
Personalized Elite dinner plateby AllisonMain
Unique CH Field Haviland Limoges Platesby pinkglasses
150 pieces set. GDA Limoges CH Field Haviland France. No idea about the year of manufacture, origin but I love EllenMount
Is this Limoges?by Valerie…
Help wanted: Queen Heart shape 3 perfume bottle boxby lee120275
This tea set is so fine if you hold the cups to the light you can kind of see through it , it is exquisitely painted . by cjackson
Limoges cover dish GDA with what looks like three puppy paws on sideby Irish18
10' M. Redon Limoges Dinner Plateby mrpbm1
Limoges gold encrusted and cobalt demitasse setby stsparkman
Porcelain Limoge Box - Wrong German Inscriptionby aissia
Limo China mini dish?by Ryang1974
Limoges D&C France Jardiniere Vase & Base w/ Lion Head Handles and Clawsby a_city_…
Limoge Plate  Mater Dolorosaby HerbHill
Tri handled Limogesby Bundy
Limoges Gravy boat with panther head?by KayRay
I'm looking for the name of this beautiful Limoges Porcelain pattern?by MissAmy
D&C Limoges Teacupby Vintagefeat…
Limoges France Porcelain GL lidded container with lid which is part cork, what is its use?by GeodeJem
Unsureby Grayfamily11
Help identify my GDA dishesby KeithMc
Antique French Porcelain cache pot~Hand painted Floral design, signed, Maker?by Budek
Haviland Pattern - a mysteryby Buffalo…
Limoges France "T&V"1917 Hand-Painted Potteryby vintage…
Rat Limoges candle plateby Carmenratpl…
French Limoges Style Unmarked Antique / Vintage Bichon Frise Trinket Boxby pamelac…
what the heck is this? limogesby robin56
Two vieux Paris porcelain boxesby kivatin…
An old Paris teapotby kivatin…
Vintage Limoges Ashtray-Franceby aballa123
T&V Limoges Ashtray Franceby aballa123
Limoges Plateby superso…
Limoges T.V. La Cloche French Bone Chinaby rainydays
Michiganby Psloan01
Limoges Game Bird 13 Piece Plate Set by katmandu
Haviland France Haviland & Co Limoges chinaby chelmarsie
French Limoges decorative plateby lndrozd…
clear shot back Limoges minature plateby lizzy10314
Limoges miniature plate by lizzy10314
d & c france d.b. bedell & co. new york cup saucersby robin56
ls and limoges by robin56
ls and sons limoges (new pics)by robin56
Antique PL Limoges Hand Painted Rose Plateby tucson-…
Limoges platterby BarbaraFSmith
ls and s co limoges?by robin56
M Redon, Limoges Cup and Saucer-is it collectible?by Worldmoocher
 Vieux Paris pedestal cup and saucerby kivatin…
porcelain plate by robin56
Haviland France Limoges Gravy Bowl by dsc07
A Limoges Plate, made by Elite Works in Franceby gaebrel
Our identified oldest porcelain: a Vincennes Tasse Litronby kivatin…
"Raynaud & Co. Limoges"  Exclusively for "Arts et Maison"by JohnnyVegas
My best Limoges Porcelain splishs…
Limoges 22 carat Gold  Trimmed Chocolate pot Rosalie Pattern 1930'sby mhuska
Limoges Made for I. Magnin and mxmarin…
Chocolate Pot Limoges for A Los Mandarinesby kivatin…
Rare Limogesby helen-0307
Limoges France Elite Vase 1900-1914by l.a.lady
Limoge Charles Ahrenfeldt Bowlby vintage…
Vintage Miniature French Limoges Plate Fragonard French Lovers Garden Sceneby Scottcalder…
Limoges demitasse teacup & saucer clearer picture of bottom markingby Dish67
Limoges Demitasse teacup and saucerby Dish67
grandmother's chinaby Celestina
Limoge Martial Redon Vase With Lady, Cupids and Beesby vintage…
Haviland France Limoges ~ Nearly full set for 18by Blueyed…
Limoges VF Frances with interesting incised marks... by mic1mar
1921 Limoges  CHINTZ Cup Artist Initials   and dated on Bottomby mikeigo…
Antique Limoges trinket boxby Jewels
T&V Limoges "La Cloche" pattern luncheon setby apstory
Limoges compote signed Donnatotby kivatin…
Limogues boxby Hopey1945
Limoges ashtrayby dammitchris
A Limoges gravy boat from my grandmother's collectionby djah2
limoges porcelain boxby rdpulley804
More birds of our old plates collectionby kivatin…
Limoges teardrop platter with girl's faceby Englishred
Union Ceramique (U.C.) Limoges Art Nouveau Dinner Plateby kivatin…
An Vieux Paris Veulliese a Victoria french teapotby kivatin…
Limoges pattern?by Welzmo
S XVII Moustiers faience plateby kivatin…
Limoges Porcelain Candy Dish with a Phoenix Designby ho2cult…
Huge charger or plaque antique children with a rabbit by Proudhon Pierre Paulby kivatin…
What is this Limoges used as?by WIC
A favorite Demitasseby Marilyn313
nice french enameled porcelain vase by GEORGES DUMAS, limoges circa paris1925
Antique T&V Limoges Hand Painted Signed Portrait Plaqueby lostspirits
Maw Maws Tea Setby jmerritt15
Limoges Cupby dclee
Limoges China made for macys. by Csmith4035
Trying to Identify Limoge patternby rbrown226
T&V Limoges Handpainted Plate with Rats!by Pam2va
Limoges Cup and Saucerby eithnefan
Limoges France Porcelain Demitasse Cup & Saucerby aghcoll…
LIMOGES China Franceby canvaslady42
Limoges Hand Painted Powder Boxby jacquelineg
Limoges Hand Painted Trinket Boxby jacquelineg
Limoges? fine china with yellow flowers and green and black leaves, gold trim on cdnshopper
HELP NEEDED!!! plate history/valuation by karlreddy
Recently found Limoges Porcelain Plate with Fragonard France printed on itby Ana-Main
Nut Bowls Bavaria / Limoges Porcelainby Deanteaks
Limoges Porcelain Basket /Hand painted Art Noveau "Water Lily"or "Lotus" Design with Luster Interior/ Circa 1891-1900by mikelv85
 Limoges Gold Snowflake 5 pcsby catteann
Limoges 6” midcent…
Limoges/Haviland Tea setby Cindymcd
My favorite Limoges cup and saucerby Dandi
Zeh, Scherzer & Co. Cider Pitcher with Five T&V Limoges France Cups and Tray Marked Bavaria /Hand Painted / Circa 1880-1920by mikelv85
Limoges triple dishby Thoscah…
Gold Limoges eggby Thoscah…
Art nouveau B&Co Limoges Platterby pickrkn…
Limoges Octagonal Platter by Andre Francois?by pickrkn…
Limogesby smiata
Beautiful poppiesby smiata
Bawo and Dotter Elite Works Limoges Porcelain Consommé Cup With Rosesby antiqua…
Bawo and Dotter Elite Works Limoges Gilt Porcelain Basket 1920-32by antiqua…
Limoges France Saucerby bltodd
Theodore Haveland Limoge China Set by chinamystery
Martial Redon Limoges Tea for two by MUNNER
Limoges eggby papa
One of my favorite pieces in my small decorative china collectionby PresentBeau…
Plates by elite works, limogeby pwieder
Small Limoges dish -- Franceby musikchoo
My favorite Limoge Piecesby jannykyle
My Favorite Limoges Chocolate far!by antiqua…
Limoges Fish Plate Setby mrsale
Artist signed Limoges France vintage…
Limoges GDA Bowl ?collectionby senchi
China item?????by sfay1144
Cup or Sugar bowl?by whalefeather2
Limoges A. Broussillon Game Chargerby whalefeather2
L S&S Limoges France Pancake Warmerby nmmckay
Three Ironstone Nesting Platters...breathtaking green flowers. Is this Limoges? Unmarked by gingera…
Art Nouveau Limoges Charger?  Value?by suburbantre…
Family Hand Me Downby freebird0700
theo haviland limogesby jrfm410
limoges france giraud sauviat 1836 dessert cupsby jrfm410
LIMOGES BOXby antique…
Bawo Dotter Plate Marked Elite Works/Elite Limogeby chinablue
Limoge  and Sango chinaby Energizerbu…
B & Co Jeremiah Vokral Handpainted "Deserted Garden" Limoge/Pickardby chinablue
Lovely handpainted porcelain dresser setby ellymohr
Limoges Royal Commemorative Plate; Princess Grace and Prince Rainer by Luisa
Faberge Limoges France Candle Ballby Flash1f…
Limoges from W Guerinby filmnet
Our Celery plate, by filmnet
Guy Cambier La Fete Des Mers, A Limoges collector plateby mikemak
                      Limoge Restaurant China by rocker-sd
This is a nice set I bought at an estate sale, But is it real Limoges?by l.a.lady
Limoges Fish Serviceby Euphrosyne
Limoges Vase by Theraud - Bisque - Hole in Bottom?by jaboes
T&V Chinaby Jack_Johnson
Limoge Saucerby Ninamosha
this belongs to my mother and she has no info on them. would love any info anyone has.. thank youby sweetpea2
Haviland France, Haviland & Co. Limoges China by mswhite
Limoges Miniature Table and Chairsby vcvarnon01
Limoges Egg Cupby Silk65
Unusual Pattern Pitcher from Jean Pouyat, Limoges by JulBel
My Favourite China - and The Mystery China!by diamondlover
Limoges Apothecary Jars w/ Three Different Narcoticsby Janelle
Limoges Small 8" Plateby bahamaboy
Gout De Ville, Limoges Parisby kingpatsir
J. Pouyat Limoges China - Pattern? Date?by DelGirlT
Limoge Haviland Bowl  H& C Gorgeous Gold Giltby zsoka
Limoge?Nippon? Porcelain Bowl Huge Pink Roses Scalloped Rimby zsoka
Theodore Haviland-Limoges Yellow demi tass setby cnfletcher
Great, great, great grandmothers!by Upnorthgirl
C Arenfeldt Limogesby mypalpal
Limoges Sea Shell Dishby TerryE
Haviland Serving Trayby TeaLady
T & V Limoges "charger"by Electraglide
Limoges China bowlby roder225
My Haviland Limoges Montmerry Serving EdinVt
Esther's Limoge pieceby DRW
Antique Lobster Limogeby DRW
Phyllis's Limogeby DRW
Limoges for Greenleaf & Crosby Co. Teacups and Saucersby Dianne
Great Grandma's Gorgeous Old Haviland Limoges by lynnmariejo…
Carole's "White Wild Roses" 1912by chowell
Elite Limoges (Bawo & Dotter 1896) Need pattern name or #. Thanksby lulusfca521
CoaCoa Potby Karmaly
Papa David's ashtrayby Belltown