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R S Prussia -  Is this a shaving mug and is it authentic?by bettyw
RS Prussia concerned about smudged Maker's Markby Cbenn
Yesterday finds at thrift storesby Cbenn
mark helpby sheriso…
R.S. Prussia by Cbenn
RS Tillowitz Silesia pitcher/coffee potby Deepsea…
RS Prussia 6" dishby Zimexlady
Tea cup with a mustache protector?  Unusual tea cup!by tamluvsnd
Unusual OS "St. Killian" Oscar Schlegelmilch Langewiesen,Thuringia Germany Porcelain 9" Plate / Geisha Decoration / Circa 1904by mikelv85
Art Nouveau porcelain demitasseby kivatin…
Swans & Swallows - R.S. Prussia Cake Plateby lcallan
Clean out MIL cabinetsby Bethc
RS Prussia?by Fdoherty
RS Prussia Authentic or fake?by rkaiser
My grandmother's pitcherby cwillma
RS Prussia Mini Pitcher & German Pitcherby shareur…
RS Germany:  Two Small Dishesby freiheit
RSPrussia pink rose bowlby DWatson
Pink roses SR Prussia bowlby DWatson
Pretty Little Vaseby Silk65
Gorgeous Huge RS Prussia Bowl Signed Gesetzlich Geschütztby JoyB
RS Tillowitz Small Porcelain Dishby freiheit
Beautiful bowl my favoriteby cncc2
RS Prussia Berry Bowlby adaml54
Royal Rudolstadt Prussia B cupby sbkichula
Is this real or a reproduction?by dadsang…
Erdmann Schlegelmilch  Prov Sxe  antique handpainted Strawberries plateby vintage…
Recently inherited this bowlby jsd2y
RS Germany Demitasse Cupsby rmbuehler
RS Prussia piece?by ksmartin656
prussia bowlby mlteec1
R S Germany Chocolate Setby ALeatherwood
Antique RS Prussia six paneled porcelain bowlby kivatin…
Antelope porcelain creamer by kivatin…
RS Prussia Coffee Setby chocsets
ES portrait ewers (RS Prussia-related) ca. 1905.  Victorian women with flowers in their hair.  Beehive amarcus
RS Prussia tankard and bisquet jarby chocsets
RS German table chocsets
Chocolate Pot 5 cups 6 saucers by Gretagirl
Two of my RS Prussia Potsby chocsets
This is a piece by RS Prussia, its a saucer..not sure of the piece siting on itby chall50
Red Label R.S.  Prussia Master Bowl 10inch with markingsby chall50
"Empire China" Portrait Plate/ "Queen Louise of Prussia" after a Potrait by Carl Gustav Ludwig Richter/Circa 1890by mikelv85
Need help identifying, looks like a snowflake/star mold, Porcelain by dinnyg
RS Prussia tea setsby chocsets
RS Steeple mark with cobalt and chocsets
RS Prussia Man in the mountain bowl RSP tea setby chocsets
RS Prussia Tray - Mold 31by freiheit
RS Germany Chinaby chocsets
An asortment of RSPrussiaby chocsets
Several new peacesby chocsets
RS Prussia Rose Pattern Pitcherby blm2013
Inherited from my favorite aunt - RS Prussia ware Chocolate Potby blm2013
RS Prussia Bowlby chocsets
Rosy dishby smiata
RS China Creamerby Layllah
RS Prussia bowl??by cera
Our newest  RS Prussia Demme set. by chocsets
My Mom's favourite teapotby Momspridean…
we rearanged som of our chocsets
RS Germany Dinner setby fdmjst75
RS Prussia vases, marked "Royal Vienna/Germany" ca. 1904by amarcus
R.S. Prussia Trinket Boxby nmmckay
R S Prussiaby whalefeather2
RS Tillowitz Vase Filigran  D.R.P. Angem markedby SowItBe
RS Prussia Choc, Potsby fdmjst75
cake plateby jrfm410
from the wifes curio cabnetby mikieli…
R. S. Prussia portrait/commemorative bowl "Happy Anniversary"by amarcus
RS Prussia  I think Tankard with green leaf with red lettering symbol on bottomby jpenn2868
This is a colection of Cracker and Bisquet jars by fdmjst75
Collage of Chocolate Potsby fdmjst75
Cracker Bowlby akdbm1
Early RS Prussia cobalt plate, mold A8, Shore birdsby KeithAustin
RS Prussia Reflecting water lillies trayby scottvez
RS Prussia Reflecting water lillies berry bowlby scottvez
Several of our chocolate sets and fdmjst75
R.S. Prussia - Tillowitzby Wellheeled
RS Germany by oldiebu…
RS China....what is it?by Allusion
RSPrussia Chocolate Pot by KB1959Apr
RS Germany Flower bowl with Hunter Green leaves and trimby scottvez
RS Prussia Swans celery dishby scottvez
R.S. Prussia 12" bowlby FromChicago
RSPrussia farm scene by fdmjst75
RS Prussiaby Plankfor
R. S. Prussia Cracker Jarsby amarcus
RS Prussia and E. S. Vasesby amarcus
One of my many favorite hand-me-downs...RS Prussiaby oldmade
R S Prussia Cracker Jar ? RS PRUSSIA CHINA ? by nmmckay
RS Prussia teal colored itemsby amarcus
RS Prussia Chocolate Set by chocsets
RS Prussia Chocolate Set?by kbiega
From our RSP Collectionby chocsets
Tea Set Prussia Can someone tell me about itby pamelasargent
Some of my favorite peaces  of RS PRUSSIAby chocsets
RS Prussia Molds - Part 3by amarcus
R. S. Prussia Bowls - Mold Examples (Part 2)by amarcus
RS Prussia Bowls - Mold Examples (Part 1)by amarcus
RS Prussia vases + RSP Royal Vienna tankard by amarcus
E. S. vases (Prov. Saxe  and EZ Clermont marks).by amarcus
RS Prussia Icicle moldby chocsets
RS Prussia Chocolate and coffee Potsby chocsets
RS Prussia Royal Vienna/Germany Lebrun Portrait Vasesby amarcus
E. S. Vase - Woman w/Doves (Peace) + Woman w/Peacock (Plenty)by amarcus
Sevres Thomas Chocolate setby chocsets
RS Germany chocolate set & accessory piecesby chocsets
Biscuit jar icicle moldby chocsets
One of my favoritesby chocsets
"The Four Seasons" by RS Prussia, ca. 1905by amarcus
E. S. (Erdman Schlegelmilch - RS Prussia-related) ewers w/beehive markby amarcus