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Atomic Mid Century Clockby Glasseyed
Mid century modern Snider charmso…
Pennwood Numechron Tymeter Model 851 Clock, 1971by tshusker
Vintage 1970's West Germany ( Blessings ) Space Age Desk Clockby antique…
1949 Mid Century Chiming Tele-Vision (Pennwood) Numechron, Westminister Chimeby rlwindle
Jefferson Golden Hour Electric Clock by billret…
Vintage INGRAHAM WALL CLOCK -- Metal Wire Burst by antique…
Vintage WESTCLOX Electric Clock - Wire Loopsby antique…
Mounted Knight In Shining Armour Cliock,  Unknown Maker, 1965-75by rlwindle
Unkown Pennwood Modelby rlwindle
My kit cat clock collection by Tangoes
Abbotsware Horse Clock 1955-65by rlwindle
Kit cat clock  40's model c2 pinkby Tangoes
Big Ben Westclox  Space Age Tulip Base Alarm Clocksby courten…
1971 Alvocado Green "Mod" Tymeter (Pennwood Nunechron), Model #800by rlwindle
1960's Wall Clockby my3kitk…
1980's jeweled Kit Cat Clock by Tangoes
Girotti Sculptured Art - Canadian - GIROTTI WOOD CLOCKby antique…
Westclox Piper Electric Clockby tizka8
Clocksby Mother_…
60s WACO Mid-Century MEDIEVAL KNIGHT Clock by rlwindle
Seth Thomas Sun Burst Wall Clockby Schirtzee
Sterling & Noble Alarm clock by Aimathena
1970s General Electric clock Model 8139-3by rlwindle
cool find clock LeCoultre Atmos clockby shawnicus
Solar Sunburst charmso…
1970s General Electric clock Model 8142-4by rlwindle
General Electric Cyclometer Model #8127K 1970-75by rlwindle
Nathan George Horwitt museum clockby troydoug
Teak mid century modern sunburst clockby Reamie
Unknown Model Tele-vision/Pennwood Numechron by rlwindle
Westinghouse Roaster with Clock Timer Installedby fortapa…
Tymeter (Pennwood), Model 765, July 1967 by rlwindle
Forestville Wall Clockby grc102
Tymeter/Pennwood "Explorer" Model 920, 1966by rlwindle
1965 Grandfather Clock by George Nelson for Howard Millerby dj-reverb
Green Budda Clock Marble Surround  1960s? Movement By Lanshire Chicago, ILLby vintage…
Clock with a rotating beach / lighthouse themeby ho2cult…
Vintage Kist Clock Works Lights Up With Chain Pullby vintage…
George Nelson Starburst Clockby MannHan…
June 1950 Pennwood/Presidental Co. Conestoga Televison Clock and Lampby rlwindle
Numechron/Tymeter, Model 851, April 1968by rlwindle
Tymeter/Pennwood Art Deco/Mid-Century Clock. Model 900, 1968by rlwindle
1960's metamec starburst wall clockby Dandysc…
Cheeky Tele-Vision/Pennwood Model #700 Pin Up Clock, April 1957by rlwindle
1972-80 Upright Piano, Spartus Numechronby rlwindle
Tele-Vision (Pennwood) Organ Grinder Ceramic Numechron June and August 1949by rlwindle
Minimalist Clock - Mid-century? by ho2cult…
Another One,  1953 NCR Cash Register Award rlwindle
Nautical Tele-Vision Clock and Weather Center Model 956, January 1955by rlwindle
Model 900 Tymeter Numechron, Feb 1961by rlwindle
1950's Tele-Vision (Pennwood) Western Themed Clock with Horseby rlwindle
Burwood brutalist long wall clockby dj-reverb
Lawson Model 309 Cyclometer, 1948 - 75by rlwindle
Ox Drawn Tele-Vision Conestoga Wagon TV Clock/Lamp Combination, 9/1950by rlwindle
Tele-Vision (Pennwood) Organ Grinder Ceramic Numechron August 1949by rlwindle
November 1957 Pennwood/Tymeter Numechron, Model 700/by rlwindle
White Pennwood "Chieftain" (AKA Jefferson) with Horse and Jockey, 1950'sby rlwindle
Pennwood Numechron/Tymeter "Starlet/Petite" Model 200, June, 1963by rlwindle
Pennwood Tymeter/Numechron Model 800, Dec. 1956by rlwindle
Mid Century Modern Art Deco look Mantle Clock by roxyragtop
Hour Glass Clock, David Dear designer, 2003by rlwindle
find of the month, LeCoultre travel alarm clock!!by shawnicus
well traveled Phinney Walker travel clockby shawnicus
General Time Corporation Model 100, Art Deco Digital clock 1955-60by rlwindle
cool little linden japanese clock with a rotary club emblem on itby shawnicus
realy neat old Phinney -Walker travel clockby shawnicus
Tele-Vision (Pennwood) Highboy digital clock, November, 1961 Model #715by rlwindle
Atomic Age Clockby peteeone
old? maybe Shanghai alarm clock with a little sputnik looking second handby shawnicus
Pennwood Tymeter "Statllite" Commemorating John Glenn's First Orbit February 20 1962, July 1962, Model F70by rlwindle
Howard Miller Meridian clockby fernando
A Schatz Table Clock Made in Germanyby rrrohde
Moritz M Gottlieb Wall Telometer, 1955-70?by rlwindle
Elgin Walnut or Teak Brass "Sunburst" / "Starburst Clock" /  Circa 1960's 1970'sby mikelv85
CIFRA 3 flap clock, Gino Valle (Solari, 1966)by austroh…
Pennwood Chieftain with Horse, 50's, Model #100by rlwindle
Virgil Thrasher clock by Hoursakes (1976)by sodapop…
Moritz M. Gottlieb "Teleometer", 1942-55?by rlwindle
Hollywood Regency Period Cordless Electric Elginby antiqua…
ANOTHER "MYSTERY" SOLVED! - Lawson clock - "Zephyr"by prattmi…
ORFAC Mid Century Modern Clockby rlwindle
Mid Century Modern 8 Day Clock Haddonby Plainto…
Japanese Desk Clock - awesome garage sale findby kindy
Mid Century Modern Seth Thomas Teak Sunburst Wall Clockby dj-reverb
Tick Tockby AmberRose
Atomic Age Clockby andyman
Antique German 1960's musical carriage ticktoc…
A Nice Clock... And a Note Of Caution!by upstate…
MCM Starburst Wall Clock with wood raysby MYTHOS
Very small alarm clockby andyman
Some more of my vintage advertising clocksby cellin2u
Mid Century Eames Era Neon Diner Clockby cellin2u
Three By Herman Miller Models 887, 4781, 4793, 1930-31by rlwindle
My favorite thing :) by Jill5455
Mid Century Sunburst Clockby olegacl…
O.B. McClintock Alarm Clockby Chadakoin
Another set up in the hallway (Rudi Stahl, George Nelson,..)by Glasswa…
Mid Century Modern Teak Forestville Sunburst Wall Clockby dj-reverb
Westclox Moonbeam Alarm clockby upstate…
Welby Clockby jerrydoe
Late 1950s IMHOF Tiffany Clock 244B603by Dirwin40
MasterCrafters "Starlight" Clockby toolate2
1950's  Mid- Century Modern Atomic Red and Chrome Clock Japanby Radio-T…
PURRRfect pick lol!by vintage…
Junghans Mid Century Wall Clock (pendulum)by nancykn
1800's traveling swiss clock with 13 jewels LauraJ27
1911 Waterbury Clock #504by Kosmik
George Nelson Ball Clockby valleyboy