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General Electric Model 8131-4A, 1970-75by rlwindle
Circa 1940's Telechronby BryanBoo
War Alarm Clock - Garage Findby pnatgoober
1970s General Electric clock Model 8142-4by rlwindle
General Electric Cyclometer Model #8127K 1970-75by rlwindle
Telechron New Minitmaster Model B805 Black  1934 - 36by rlwindle
telechron clock by gillygi…
GE Framington Model 8B10, 1936-40by rlwindle
Telechron Smug Blue Bakelite model 8F01by hendrik
Telechron 2H43by gusmant…
"Quacker" yellow duck electric clock from the 30'sby DrNessa
1940-42 Telechron Serene, Model 7H121by rlwindle
Warren Telechron Co. Electric Mantel Clock / Model 4H99 "The Knickerbocker" Circa 1939-44by mikelv85
Telechron “Casino”, Model 4F71  Electric Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
Telechron Talisman Alarm Clockby LadyLeo
1928 - 31 General Electric Premium Clock, Monitorby rlwindle
Ivory 1937-39 Telechron Model 8B07 Baron Cyclometerby rlwindle
My only electric clock "Telechron"by WDYWFL
1927 Telechron Cathedral, Model #355by rlwindle
1928-30 Warren Telechron Model 370A, "Vernon"by rlwindle
Telechron 2H11S  The Caféby Caleb20
1937 Striking Minstrel Telechron Model 6B07by rlwindle
Telechron Model AB711 "Alarm-Lite"by rlwindle
1945-55 Better Homes Club Plan/Telechron Tambour Clock #605by rlwindle
1928-31 Telechron #332 “Duncan”by rlwindle
1928-30 Warren Telechron #553 1 Belmont Art Deco Tambour Clockby rlwindle
Rare Art Deco (to the max) General Electric Model #4F58, "Lotus",1935-36by rlwindle
1929 30 Telechron model 700, Electrolarm Walnut Brownby rlwindle
Telechron Clockby bkhood2
Telechron Electric Clock, 1920s. by Dr_Rambow
G E  Telechron Clockby olegacl…
Vintage Telechron Electric Clock/Timerby whitman75
Telechron electric wooden mantel clockby ks1
'50s GE Telechron Wall Clockby aycocko…
Telechron Wall Vintage Clockby Ilikeart
Deco Telechronby JoeMore
Telechron Alarm Clockby cherylinMI
1929 30 Telechron model 700, Electrolarm Ivory Whiteby rlwindle
Warren Telechron Model 5F03, “ The Brandon”, 1935-36by rlwindle
Telechron Cyclometer Model 8B03, Minitman, 1933-36by rlwindle
General  Electric 8B04 Cyclometer "New Executive", 1935 by rlwindle
Telechron Model 8B07 Cyclometer, " Baron " 1936-39 by rlwindle
Telechron electric wooden  alarm clockby whitman75
Warren Telechron Model 3F51, “Duke”, 1932-36by rlwindle
The First Electric Digital Clock - Telechron Cyclometer Model 8B01 "Minitmaster", 1933-34 by rlwindle
Warren Telechron, Model 4FO5, The Gracewood (I), 1936 by rlwindle
Warren Telechron Model #4B79, "Olympic" 1937-40by rlwindle
General Electric "Tuscan" Mantle Clock 1939by rlwindle
Telechron Cyclometer "Tribute" #8B09 1936by rlwindle
1933 GE Warren "Executive" Telechron Bakelite Art Deco Clock Model 8B02by rlwindle
Interesting Military 24hr Telechron alarmby lotekinc
Picardy telechron clockby olegacl…
The "Telebell" Telechron Clockby ChePibe
The "Imp"by ChePibe
Telechron 3F67 'The Pageant'by Chadakoin
Telechron 8B03 "Minitman"by Chadakoin
General Electric Model 8B04 "New Executive"by Chadakoin
Telechron Model AB712 "Alarm-Lite"by Chadakoin