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My Mother's dollsby Rutgersgirl
Kammer & Reinhardt / Simon & Helbig ALL Bisque 23 inch dollby debbi
Help with Identifying a Armand Marseille 22" dollby Joelshack85
Old Doll by RosaLinda
old porcelain doll with porcelain sleepy eyes and soft bodyby rob3rt
bisque, oil cloth dollby Davistoni
Another of My Great-Great-Great Aunt's Dollsby Goblink…
One of My Great-Great-Great Aunt's Dollsby Goblink…
Ceramic dollby joy0208
Need help identify Armand Marseille Doll by thebam1332
variety  of dolls- any infoby VintageD_10
Girl in red dressby shannonrae
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My Early Kewpie Baby by RosaLinda
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I need you to help me identify this other bilatris
antique cuno & otto dollby horsere…
Antique German Bisque Composition Doll  by whitman75
Antique Unis France Bisque Composition Bleuette Dollby whitman75
Mystery doll 14" tall. B and 8/0 on back of headby Doll-Lee
unusually sized little "Queen Louise" by Armand Marseilleby endeeri…
Bisque head doll no. 15 on neck. Pierced ears 25" tallby Doll-Lee
Antique Bisque Porcelaine Jointed Sleepy Eyed Female Dollby whitman75
jumeau in the wild (pt. 2)by endeeri…
my jumeau in the wild (of antique stores that is) (and first post here!)by endeeri…
Rubert Dollby Cbill
Blonde Parian Dollby between…
German Handwerck Doll, but not sure of name her name or Billyblox
Collectors ' Choice Porcelain Doll "Carol"by Clancy1234
Hilda JDK dollby laurasweeney
Shackman Japan Jointed Wood Bisque Head Girl Dollby StacyEW
Simon Halbig mold # 1348by StacyEW
Floradora Armand Marseille Germany, Bisque Doll Headby StacyEW
Old Indian dollby Dmaffia
Porcelain  Antique 4-inch doll painted face Silver Painted Hair and shoes Unknown mikeigo…
Old doll- need help identifying himby rkaiser
tiny teacup dollsby marered…
Just a few more shots from the mystery Fivegram
Pics of my mystery baby's Fivegram
Just more pics for my mystery baby. Can you help?by Fivegram
Does anyone know this sweet baby?by Fivegram
What Were They For?by SpiritB…
Unknown backgroundby Nick1
High Brow Dollby DerBayz
Where did I come from? by AusWigwom
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J. Withers Wind Up Baby Doll "TIMOTHY" by mikeigo…
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bisc dolls from 1920sby Quicksell76
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Lost and foundby DominikaJas…
What kind and year??by ussteph
Bisque Doll, Victorian Fashionby Efesgirl
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19th Century Dollby funvintage
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Bisque doll.  by Ruler1965
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#2 of my estate girlsby Caigan
Full bisque doll from estate sale - no markingsby Caigan
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Bisque Made in Germany dollby mikeigo…
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Basement Findby Coastal2
Armand Marseille Doll (reproduction?)by emmah21
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Doll 12"by Lupinelady
We call him Willy.. do you know where he came from ??by VIJewels
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the other woman's dollby aysihah
can anyone tell me info about this doll pleaseby aysihah
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bisce headby surfdub66
dolls made in occupied Japanby RethaMae
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Sad little "doll"by jlennon…
Kabuki Theme Japanese Hakata Doll :- Takasagoby Japanes…
Kabuki Theme Japanese Hakata Doll :- Kokajiby Japanes…
Half doll pin cushionby smiata
Kewpie Dollby smiata
Antique Doll by Armand Marseilleby NicoleJ…
Who made this doll and when?by Cynote
1920's Ernst Heubach  by McSwain…
Another version of Momotaro ( Japanese Hakata Doll) by Japanes…
O/M DEP on walker body for french marketby jtbunny
who is this little doll and is this the right body?by jtbunny
Grandma's dollby Connie0721
Rare 1950's German Bisque W/mark of Soviet Occupation forces McSwain…
1966 Maggie Head Doll Named Sadriby cozofloorsd…
Baby doll Need info on herby cozofloorsd…
Just found when cleaning out my Grandmothers Home need infoby cozofloorsd…
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vintage dollsby memskenzie
Vintage Statueby mooosh
any help on this style of doll?by artbykris
Poor Little Soul!!by Justano…
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My daughter's pretty babyby Trisilver
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Japan vintage…
3 1/2 inch bisque doll with dogby Syriia
German Dollsby Cybergro
Old doll headsby Yuko
2 dolls 4 photosby mike101
ANTIQUE DOLLby antique…
Found in a box, Information would be greatby Lynbob
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German Antique Doll? by azurehorizon
German Bisque Dollby nmmckay
A cracked beauty from Marseillesby Aliobaba
Antique Doll, Made In Germany, 10 inchesby angeld3718
would like to find out more on this little fellaby sharrie
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Antique Dollby mg132772
Dutch Walking Dalls circa 1940'sby MariCurs
Old miniature doll by pegleg5478
Antique bisque dollby szilonka
1920's Art Deco "Butler" - Crumb Dusterby guyfrmatl
Antique Porcelain Dollsby jchadrick
MORE PHOTOS OF DIONNEby sodcyningst…
dionne bisque dollby sodcyningst…
Armand Marseille and unknown composition baby TriciaR…
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Kewpie O'Neil Thinking Signed Twice?by jessicaldic…
nude dennis
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one of my girls by candice…
6" China Dollby Terihe
pretty dollby concordkatz
Very Old Bisque dollby yoes.el
3 1/2 in baby bisque pin arms legs w diaperby teabower
Bisque Dollby Bonnie
simon and halbig talking dollby twiggy
REALLY old dollby MaryM
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small bisque doll Germanyby candice…
Doll head, but who is it?by markg