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Just want to like me very much found it in no house I cleaned out don't know much about it would like toby Woodywood66
Shakespeare Wonder-Troll No.: 20 Model: EH Lever Drag/ Rod: Shakespeare Sturdy Stik No.:BWB125 7'0"by Richard45
Zebco model 77by Steve_Rb26
Fishing reel ?by e123go
I havevn't a greenadaleaf
Never used, original box, line, flysby Jhebert2011
Silky Oak Spool Early Alvey Sidecast Fishing Reelby jearve
Abu Record 1700 Aby Vintage…
Antique Fishing pole?by vintage…
daisy rod and a no450 reel by ronk
Rovic 720 Spinning Reel. Any info?by mitchman
Zebco origonal reel with boxby fenceguy
Shimano ML2 fishing reelby katheri…
My Pflueger Pakron 3180by vern2459
Zebco (Zero Hour Reel) Black Spinnerby jd1822ent
Abu-matic 20by Vintage…
Victory 55by Vintage…
Gloria 120by Vintage…
Ryobi 3000by Vintage…
My Dad's Old Fishing Reelby sheepman
 "Balanced" Trolling Reel 12139 Woodbine Detroit 23 buster58
Vintage Wood & Brass strap  fly fishing reel by surfdub66
When was it? Zebco Patent Pending Tulsa, OK reelby erinvance0
Vintage Mitchell 300?by bparrott94
Daiwa GS-20X spincasting reelby Vintage…
My collection of ABU Reels by Foundar…
Very Early Split Bamboo Fly Reel Brass # 25 Hallmarked 1890's? help :o)by cmharding
South Bend Bait Co. reelby hickmanlor517
Zebco #202 Fishing Reelby aghcoll…
1946 -- SHAKESPEARE Silver-Nickel Reelby antique…
Newly discovered , but far from Poppalarry
pflueger nobby fishing reelby vanskyo…
1930s fly fishing reelby vanskyo…
Need help with identifying who made this rod and when it was madeby lucas15
Garcia Mitchell 624by badbobb…
Columbian no. 61 rod with reel by megalanzer
Antique Pflueger oceanic reel and antique lures found at garage sale.Thank you if anyone can help tell me when these were Elliott556
Surprise find for someone who was fishing an Penn 80 at 12 Jaimes
Proud owner of the first constructd Atwood Patent reel. by Regie
50th anniversary 24ct zebco 33 reelby Robertbristol
Daiwa US 80XAby Harland
Shakespeare 1827by larchickamy
Small brass reelby SnAg
Can Anyone Identify? by hopkid3
Vintage Zebco Reelby lefty_strat…
Antique Fly Fishing Reel Stamped Made in the U.S.Aby whitman75
Cant't believe I didn't find ANYTHING. Need some helpby Hmrsvg
just want information on these reelsby georgemills
1930 Shakespeare Rod and Reelby Lindalikest…
Penn Black Spinfisherby beersareus
"Balanced " Trolling Reelby hbfarmer
First Findby epritch…
Help Identifying Vintage Edward Vom Hofe Reelby findsalot
1944 Shakespeare fishing reel in original boxby musikchoo
bait caster reelby struckdale
winchester fly reel 1236by aa2h
south bend anti back lash casting reel no 550a was silverby patmack
Olympic #51by ArronTredo
maybe i DO have to much time on my mikieli…
heddon reelby madmac
madmac- old tackle box,worm box , minnow bucket & fishing reelby madmac
madmac's lucky findby madmac
Found an old Farlowby islandkatt
Vintage shakespeare reelby golfgainor60
Pflueger-Redifor Quadruple Jeweled Anti-Back-Lash Casting Reel #1433Jby Otis1
Unknown Antique Fly Fishing Reelby whitman75
Fenwick Rod'sby LostDutchman
ABu Garcia Record 5000 from the early 50'sby Deltaar…
Unmarked fishing reelby JohnLRudolph
ocean city montague spinalong rod,reel,line and lure set. by slandro
Johnson Century 100-A reelby Harland
Fishing Reelby wilsonmrtns…
1800's fishing reelby wilsonmrtns…
trying to get info on this??by chickenlady…
Spin-Champ, Rod & Reel Comboby finchave
Vintage Coit Fishing Reelby whitman75
 fishing reelby cito2490
dont know much about this reel need help knowing who made itby cito2490
Vintage Branson Viking 906 reel by joanie123
Horrocks-Ibbotson Record 700by S-Word
pflueger Supreme No. 1573by Twekd1
Magic Fishing Reelby finchave
Fre-Line fishing reelby finchave
Shakespeare 1924S Model FK Property of U S M Cby rexp
antique bailless spinning reel prototype i think.  manufacturer  ?by fishcarnes
fly reelby ballplyrben25
Perrine Free Stripping Automatic fishing reelby Delly
Fishing Reelby grouston
Johnson Century Reel by youngpicker96
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500C Reel by youngpicker96
Vintage Zebco Streamlite Reel by youngpicker96
Marabou Princeby finchave
Zebco 9BZby finchave
FISHING REEL by frenchy…
Penguin 888 Spin Casting Reelby finchave
Vintage Sabre Nypoxy Glass Ocean Rodby whitman75
Van Staal VS400 - Serial Number 001by IgotSnagged
Antique hand fishing reelby Tylerb13
Pflueger-Redifor Quadruple Jeweled Anti-Back-Lash Casting Reel #1433J (German Silver) by Otis1
Edward P. Follett Side Mount BASS Reelby reberts
Vintage Shakespeare Fishing Poleby Cassata
WALTCO ny-o-lite. Du Pont Nylon Spinning Reelby finchave
more of my rods and reelsby jvanvleet
old rods and reelsby jvanvleet
1930 Shakespheare Creiterion Reelby jriney
Old Fishing Reelby jdmtn
brass skeleton fly reelby beau5278
fishing rod by mattoma…
Zebco, Zero Hour Bomb Companyby finchave
Two Julius vom Hofe Fly Reelsby hopz
Penn Peerless No 9 Green Plateby TxDragn
Antique Brass Fishing Reelby kingkon…
Zebco model 11by finchave
Chief fishing reel?by sjcoffey
Very old fly reelby NWTGuide
Penn Mod F...earlist Otto Henze reel at Penn ...1932by tomkirk9
Vintage High Pillar Reelby finchave
PK Fly Reelby finchave
Shakespeare 1956 True Blue Level-Wind Casting Reelby Saxobari
Henshall reelby relfstro
Small Bait Casting Reelby finchave
Old Spinning Reelby finchave
Pflueger Supreme Reel No. 1576 "Presentation Model"by Ted_Sarah