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TRENCH ART Ashtray - Vietnam Era by JoeyC
WW I Mess Kit  Trench Art  89th Divisionby Padit
Vietnam War era trench artby artfoot
Trench art Taube airplane from WW1by scottvez
Tramp Artby nittygr…
Magnificently Hand Carved 1914 Letter Opener in the Form of a Rifle or Shotgunby Hyp-storian
My New Trench Art that can be seen at the Chickamauga (Dalton) Civil War Showby scottvez
Trench Art New Guinea 1944by ndfarmboy
WW1 Trench Art Christmas Greeting from Franceby TassieD…
RPPC of large Trench Art lamp made on USS Huntingtonby scottvez
Ashtray with lady holding plane by jackf33
MY DAD`S  TRENCH ART WWII P-38 by bobby725
Brass Antique Boxby Stella64
GC Brass No 5 lighter with its original softcase believed of WWI Vintage but not GeodeJem
Trench art risque letter openerby scottvez
lighter or not lighter by john.d
WWII Oerlikon casing trench art shot glassesby gargoyl…
Australian Souvenir Braceletby upstate…
Trench Art paper knifeby lovesvintag…
ww1 shell crucifixby nolahutchins
WW1 Damascus Trench Art Humidorby scottvez
WWII .50 Cal. Cigarette Lighter Trench Artby pw-coll…
Life In The Navy Aboard Ship - 3by Melicious
Life In The Navy Aboard Ship - 2by Melicious
Life In The Navy Aboard Ship - 1by Melicious
Trench art lampby groveland
Pair of Trench Art Picture Frames from WW1 shell brassby scottvez
trench artby nittygr…
Antique Copper Knife with Engravings 1914 WELK-KIRG Or KRIG ?????by mikeigo…
WW1 Shells 1915-1918, Trench Artby EvlynJane
WW2 British Mess Tin, American Paintingby EvlynJane
WW1 Damascus Trench Art with Koran quotationsby scottvez
ww1 Plane dated 20/10/18by Merlin
Trench Art candle standsby scottvez
World War One Trench Art Brass shell piece by battleg…
Any info would be chrisggard
Trench art bulletby Jerryp182
Letter openerby Jerryp182
Korean War Trench Art Ashtrayby DerBayz
My grandmother's "Arras letter opener"by Busha
Ww1 german waterbottle from Templemore prison campby stephfather
kaiser helmet with pinby largeandlov…
WWII or Vietnam Era???  Prop & Wing Ringby shareur…
Lighter and charmso…
Bullet shaped toy bomb/maybe trench art or a rocketby relivingmyy…
don't know anything about my grandfather's trench art please help me outby goldenboy
Navey anti aircraft shellby leavensg1973
Trio of WW2 Trench art planesby scottvez
Trench art/ Sweetheart jewelry pin from WW2by scottvez
World war one shell charmso…
Mess kit trench art - 2nd postby Jayblade
Mess kit art by Jayblade
Zepellin L33 1916. Crashed close to my home after bombing elainek…
WW1 Trench Art Cannon OPERATIONAL!by wickdways
WWI His & Her Walking Sticks Carved By Austrian POWby Quinnst…
Trench Art, RAF Boulton Paul Defiant WWIIby petey
Trench Art Ashtray - Possibly 76/40 Casing Used?by mckenney27
WWII Trench Art Jap Zero bracelet by Laurenw602
signed trench art ashtray from namby vanskyo…
 Trench Art Lighter - IIby TheRoper
Trench Art Lighterby TheRoper
Trench art doll house tableby scottvez
Trench art souvenir of Egyptby scottvez
Trench art goblet or vaseby scottvez
RPPC with trench art souvenir beltby scottvez
Trench Art from WW2by apple____
WW2 Trench Art ashtray, 4th AR Divisionby scottvez
WW2 New Guinea Trench Art lampby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art ashtrayby scottvez
WW2 CBI theater trench art ashtray or paperweightby scottvez
WW2 trench art Camp Lee paperweightby scottvez
WW2 Army Air Corps trench art paperweightby scottvez
WW2 trench art candlesticksby scottvez
P.O.W Trench Art. 1896 "1 African Shilling". man looks to be smoking Blake_Tennant
WW2 trench art lighterby scottvez
WW2 trench art ashtrayby scottvez
WW2 trench art ashtray with Japanese shell baseby scottvez
WW2 simple style trench art ashtrayby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art B-17 Flying Fortressby scottvez
B-24 Liberator trench art ash trayby scottvez
Viet Nam War trench art mugby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art Lighthouseby scottvez
AAC Trench Art Bracelet with Officers collar insigniaby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Artillery Gunby scottvez
Copper, Torpedo Shellby babyoak
Trench Art through the years:  Lightersby scottvez
Trench Art through the years:  Artillery Shellsby scottvez
WW2 3rd Infantry Division Trench art ringby scottvez
USMC Trench Art photo frameby scottvez
Wooden propeller tip trench artby scottvez
Trench Art Canteens through the yearsby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Lightersby scottvez
WWI Hate Belt / Trophy Beltby Poop
WW1 AEF Siberia Trench Art Ringby scottvez
Trench Art:  An Illustrated History by Jane Kimballby scottvez
Korean War Trench Art - 1951 USS Princeton War Eagle Pinby Stillwa…
WW2 Trench Art cuff bracelet from Aircraft aluminumby scottvez
Iraqi 107mm rocket base from attack on US Forcesby scottvez
New Guinea WW2 souvenir jewelry pieceby scottvez
"Prop Blast" Ceremony mugby scottvez
Trench art coat rackby scottvez
WW1 Trench Artby petey
51st Fighter Wing metal Trench Art signby scottvez
Monumental Trench Art Lampby scottvez
WW2 trench art ashtray IDd by makerby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art mess kit with patriotic themeby scottvez
WW1 trench art planeby scottvez
trench art ww2by kcdouglass
trench artby kcdouglass
i need help to work out what my trench art isby kcdouglass
WW1 trench art matchbox holderby scottvez
WWI English tank trench art money box. Awesome swiveling guns! by Dr_Rambow
Trench art engraved cigarette caseby scottvez
Trench Art Spoonsby flyrr100
WW2 trench art sweetheart necklaceby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art shell from Damascusby scottvez
WW1 Artillery Shrapnel letter opener trench artby scottvez
Trench Art Knifeby jimbora…
WWII 'Trench Art"by gvgordon
WW11 "Trench Art" 37mm Tankardsby gvgordon
Trench art war souvenir?by mrmajes…
Trench Art Matchbox Holder~'WELT KREIG'~WW1 Handworked Aluminumby Budek
World War I Trench Art Shrapnel letter openerby bkbk
WW11 Trench Art ?by petey
WW1 Trench Artby petey
Trench art P-38 with deco styleby scottvez
WW2 trench art USMC braceletby scottvez
P-38 Trench Art ashtrayby scottvez
Trench art knifeby mrmajes…
USS Arizona,art planesby Jonbladefoot
Trench Art Tankby Juka
WW1 Trench Artby petey
'Trench Art' Desk name plate by Pop_abi…
Trench Art shell fired on VJ Dayby scottvez
ww2 aluminum tank automatic lighterby larrytolkin
WW1 Trench Art spill vasesby scottvez
Trench Art desk stand for B-24 Crewmanby scottvez
WW1 shell art vases with flowers and ivyby scottvez
WW1 Battle named trench art shell vasesby scottvez
WW1 American trench art ?by petey
P-38 Trench art ashtray from WW2by scottvez
Highly detailed trench art P-38 ashtrayby scottvez
Trench Art Vase shell vase from 1903 shellby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art smoking setby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art propeller frameby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art ashtray from 2nd AR Divisionby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art vase with soldier and wifeby scottvez
WW1 USN Trench Art Vasesby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art vase pairby scottvez
Jeep Lighterby buddy
Trench art framed sketch with Japanese Aircraft partby scottvez
Trio of P-38 Trench Art Ashtraysby scottvez
Trench Art Ash Trayby picking…
Vintage Lockheed Model 10 Electra lampby scottvez
Trench Art ashtray with 20mm roundby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Submarineby scottvez
Airplane bulletsby Benking
bullet Cigarette lighter 1946 Berlinby Mrttrader
WW1 Trench art M-17 Helmetby scottvez
Trench Art USMC braceletby scottvez
Trench Art Ashtray and Lighter with original boxby scottvez
Amphibious Jeep Trench Art ashtrayby scottvez
WW2 Pacific theater, aluminum trench art bracelet by scottvez
WWI Ambulance Corps grouping #1by tlmbaran
Trench Art and Bulletsby AmberRose
Military Buttonsby flyrr100
WW1 Russian Canteen, with Welsh Coat of Arms!by flyrr100
WW1 Trench Art airplane modelby scottvez
WW2 trench art desk paper weightby scottvez
Bracelet from Tinian Island - 1945by Markd57
WW2 Trench Art aluminum P- 38 ash trayby scottvez
WW1 trench art German spiked helmetby scottvez
Trench art airplane model of C-47 or C-53by scottvez
Trench Art Bullet Lighter R.K. Vienna Made - with maker stampby Horicon57
Uncles Trench Art Lighter from North Africaby gvgordon
Wheelus Air Force Base Silver Plate 1956 - 58 7272nd Supply SQDNby iammoe
Trench art lamp date 1941by papa
P-51 Mustang Trench Art on shell baseby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art knife, fork and spoonby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art military capby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art inkwell with General Service Buttonby scottvez
WWI Cross of Lorraine by alvarez1030
Help Needed to decipher this Trench Art engravingby scottvez
Trench art letter opener for the Battle of Arras (France, 1917)by scottvez
WW1 Soldiers wearing "Hate Belts" c. 1918by scottvez
WW1 German Trench Art driving band bracelet with Iron Crossby scottvez
Snapshot of soldier holding Trench Art P-38by scottvez
Trench art P-38 on heart shaped base c. 1946by scottvez
WW2 AAC Trench Art Sweetheart necklaceby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art "V" for Victory pin from bulletsby scottvez
WW2 Army Air Corps wing trench art braceletby scottvez
WW1 french 75mm and two WWII 40mm trench artby justins…
Trench Identified to WW1 Distinguished Service Cross Recipientby scottvez
trench art need some help pleaseby Patti
WW1 Sopwith Triplane Trench Artby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art German Airplane on Talon standby scottvez
Trench Art US aluminum bracelet from WW2by scottvez
Phillipine Insurrection Trench Art lamp c. 1904by scottvez
WW1 Trench Art coffee potby scottvez
World War II Trench art ash trayby James
Trench art mini easel/ photograph stand made of bulletsby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Hat ashtrayby scottvez
Trench Art WW1 British Hat c. 1916by scottvez
Trench Art WW1 Airplane Nieuport 28by scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Shrapnel letter opener with engraved bladeby scottvez
Carved wood stylized WW1 machine gunner ash trayby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art relief carved wood plaqueby scottvez
More pics of my Grandgather's shell flyrr100
My grandfather's brass artillary shells from flyrr100
Early Army Air Corps Trench Art Desk clock c. 1942by scottvez
WW2 German Silver Trench Art Ring for Army Air Corps soldierby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Masonic Lampby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Inkwell and pen stand c. 1917by scottvez
WW2 Captured Japanese Canteen with Trench Art Engravingby scottvez
WW2 B-17 Flying Fortress Trench Art ash trayby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art Jeweler engraved pitcherby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art Sweetheart Photo frame (POW Made)by scottvez
Trench Art plane on stand Korea/ VN eraby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art P-47 Thunderboltby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Tank c. 1918by scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Biplane on shell base c. 1918by scottvez
Trench Art Lamp and Glassesby Trencha…
Various Trench Art Items and Other Collectiblesby Trencha…
Navy Diver saving USS Squalus Trench Artby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art desk picture frame for the Army Air Corpsby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Shrapnel letter openerby scottvez
WW2 painted Disney Squadron Insignia on Trench Art ash trayby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Propeller hub with clock insetby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art "Diary" Mess Kit and Dog Tagsby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art Propeller bookendsby scottvez
WW2 Occupation Carved MP Soldierby scottvez
Trench Art P-38 and Aircraft Windshield wingsby scottvez
Trench Art Bracelet for Sweetheart at home?by Chance
Atomic Bomb Group (509th) Trench Art Bracelet from WW2by scottvez
WW2 Sweetheart/ Trench Art Wingsby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art German Taube Airplane c. 1916by scottvez
WW1 POW made letter opener with soldier IDby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Driving Band Letter Openersby scottvez
Trench art dollhouse furniture WW1 eraby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Submarine c. 1918by scottvez
Trench Art Spiked Helmet or Pickelhaubeby scottvez
Trench Art Zeppelin from WW1by scottvez
WW1 Trench Art Figural Lighter (Satchel/ Map Case)by scottvez
Trench Art Painted Iraqi Fedayeen Helmet (OIF)by scottvez
Trench Art WWI Battleshipby scottvez
Trench Art Airplane,  German WWI Fokker Eindeckerby scottvez
Trench Art Tankard with Spiked Helmetby scottvez
Old Folk Art Whistleby Toyman
Short Timer Stickby VikingF…
WWI Kaiser "Face"   Does anyone know for what reason this was made?by greedybadboy
TRENCH ART by Toyman
Trench Art Ashtray with Match Box Holderby Trencha…
Trench Art Ink Wellby Trencha…
Trench Art Cigarette Lighterby Trencha…
Trench Art 75mm Shell Casingby Trencha…
trenchartby nonk
WW I Trench Art Biplaneby Trencha…
trenchartby nonk
Trench Art Collectiblesby Trencha…
trench art lighterby imander
Different "Sweethert" badges by gerryess
What is thisby ksharvey
Bosnian Folk Art from War Remnantby arluckett