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1960s african carved chess table and chairsby shifty12
Frei sterling chess setby collector90
The Rose Chess Set Made in England Early 1940sby fortapa…
Unusual well crafted folding checker boardby Sewing53
Vintage Italian Marble Chess Board with MOD DEPOSE pewter and brass piecesby Jlmartin520
Akan Gold Weight Figure Chess Setby courten…
Mum's unidentified chess set. by DaveCropper
Antique Chess Setby Eyeforit
Solid Hard Plastic Chess Piecesby Checkerdpast
Rare Peter Ganine  1947-1957 Gothic Chess Set No 1472by mssue64
#47 ~ OOAK Vintage 1960s Hippie Carved Peace Chessboard + #48by HippieA…
1800's Aluminum  Chess Board by Ultraga…
Wooden chess set bought at estate saleby Ilamay16
Vintage Chess Setby AdeleC
The black piecesby Dotjoiner
chess set - unknown metal piecesby augmentor
Chess Recordm…
1960's op shopby Dotjoiner
Chess set identification?by helloitsme
italy brass stanton chees set made by? in 19??by lukecurtis1…
Lion's Leg Chessboard table w/2 chairsby Amy76
Tiffany & Co. Ivory Chess Matesby Cbill
Anri Versailles Chess setby Kdavis
Antique chess set (part 2)by bobbee
Antique chess set (part 1)by bobbee
horn/bone chess setby TurdFer…
vintage Chess set ?by TurdFer…
Chess Set, Ivory??by DerBayz
Chinese Dynasty Chess Setby DerBayz
Bizarre theme vintage chess set - What are these characters?by dashbaugh98
I'm wondering where this is fromby blklegacygt
Not that I play melaniej
Incomplete Antique Store Findby oddspeed
Mother of Pearl on top of the tableby fishsassy
Collectible or Novelty Item?by CuriousinOr…
Trying to find out country of origin and any other info on this Griffingang
Hand Carved Dragon Chess Boardby kwik2get
Chess set by Tyler.bogus
I need help identifying this Chess set by RALLEY38
Antique Wooden Hand Carved Chess Setby CindyNewYork
Korean chess setby williegalaxy
3D Printed Chess Setby rwmerrell
Chess/Backgammon Board by Ethridge3
Lord of The Rings Game tableby pnixon1
Civil War Chess Setby pw-coll…
Info wantedby LisaNZ
antique chess set (cont'd)by jws31778
antique chess setby jws31778
Collectible Wood Chess Game with Chinese engraving motivesby Elbaaliciag…
Giant Vintage Brass Chess Set - Mystery!by dashbaugh98
Mystery Cycladic Chess Set / Isle of Euboea ?by dashbaugh98
Found unique Spanish chess setby sherrytune
Asian chest setby steviebeee
porcelain chess setby siouxicidal
Vintage Chess Setby kimbern…
Ivory Chess Queenby imagema…
Any help? by Praski
1990-kasparov advanced trainer computer chess michael…
1962 Seattle World's Fair Chess Setby BobDChess
German clay chess by Marcoford
Help with Identification Chess Setby Joanna1818
German vs. Russian chess setby Raymi.86
1790 Ivory chess burmese Made in Franceby deny_ro
Cals Chess Setby junquea…
Vintage chess piecesby migirl
Chess Set of Unknown Origin - Need Help Identifyingby antiquelover7
Chess Set from West Germanyby caliscooter16
Ivory chess setby Gael
Giant Folk Art Chessboard from 1800's!  Wood Inlaid!by toracat
Chess Board / Booksby zeteibao
Drueke chess piecesby Jewels
Help me learn more about this chess set please=(by josedehoyos…
I love chess and I love this board, I just want to know if it's common or is it something special . Can anyone help me???by Solowhat
Antique 1800's Slate Multi-Colored Chess Board.  by mikeigo…
Chess and Backgammon Setby longtallsal…
Antique hand carved chess setby Mustangsall…
Garry Kasparov Signature Chess Setby ibsen
porcelain chess setby heidik2
Chess anyone? by Bigsarge
Chess Set with a Twistby okerrebyn
Chess charmso…
peter ganine circa 1947 chess peicesby fbdistr…
My Favorite Chess Setby JimBoyle
Tic Toc!  Checkmate!! Chess Clock from Goodwill $9.00 Works perfect! windup by toracat
Mayan, Aztec or neither chess pieces by Chay1
Giant Oversized Salt Glaze Horse Head Chess Pieceby vintage…
Mystical Viking/ Mongolian chess figurinesby Flodin
Old Asian Chess Setby Flodin
Chess Set by DaniB
Incredible Antique Chess Setby janperk…
bought this set at an auction and was told it was bought i  italy in the 1970's.  anybody know anything about it?by wacobred
 # 13829262 - Inlaid Wood Table	$29.99	1	$29.99  Chess table from Indiaby toracat
Chinese Chess set.Bought in Hong Kong 70'sby ATTWOOD
Huge Asian Chess set in wood SSP Co. box  all for $7.00!  Maybe good!  or maybe not good!by toracat
Vintage 1971 Chess set by Tigger2013
Help with chess boardby Confusion
Unique Find of unknown origin by kyle62
Carved Chess & Checkers Set by BHock45
Vintage Greek Brass and Nickel Chess Pieces (early 1960's)by ADM01
Brass Chess Set by bi77y
Vintage Chess set?by Maryanno
Matryoshka Russians! chess set, wood hand painted!by toracat
1977-chad valley board games-chess/draughts-wooden michael…
Chess & Backgammon Setby BHock45
Chess set update:  New Information, and now Table, and Italian pieces Brass and Pewterby toracat
Chess set from?  I do not have a clue but would guess China or Asiaby toracat
Chess set Chinese, Wood Hand Carved in Carved Boxby toracat
Staunton-Style Chess Piecesby BHock45
roman chess setby Jamesmcelroy
Chess set from? pewter and brass ?, weighs 7 1/2 poundsby toracat
Dragon Return Super Heroes special edition ,. Bruce Lee Chess set by blackbeltJa…
Asian? Antique Chess & Backgammon Tableby EMV
Help! Please help me find out what I TLWells
Antique Ivory Chess Set - Origins? Age?by Stillwa…
Antique Chess Set - STERLING SILVER & Wood - Origins?by Stillwa…
Chinese Ivory? Chess Setby rr11ccee
chess tableby joeyrome
1960's avon chessboard setby daggerman
1940's Original Antique Hand Carved Painted Complete Korea Stone Chess Setby electob…
what era is this chess set  from?by khaliwestbred
Japanese/Chinese (?) Chess setby pairinabox
antique chess boardby jwlacarney
chess set strange figuresby robstar
Brass/Verdigris Chess Setby blanchette
2009-chess acadamy voice computer chess michael…
Ivory Chess Setby Sakura
Older style  soap stone  chess setby keepits…
Vietnam Chess Setby Esther110
Chinese Chess Setby Songwri…
Ceramic American Indian Chess Setby RickBa29
Vintage Ivory chess set  seeking infoby LuckyB
Korean Ivory Chess Setby Stewiesanti…
old chess setby c781sanabia
My Brass & Silver Roman Chess Piecesby MyThrif…
1930's "Chinker-Chek" Wooden Chinese Checkers Boardby mantique_co…
More toys for the man caveby James
Vintage Korean Chess Setby Bdiz333