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Violin that has printed inside it Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis facebat Anno 1715, has anyone else come across one of theseby TLyons
Kauai Hawaii garage sale by swilson
Violin and Old Virginia Cheroots Cigar Box_Family Heirloomby jntolbert
old violinby shortfe…
Violin passed down from my grandfatherby vintage63
dad's fiddleby marered…
Gaspar Ferrari fecit Romae Anno 1777by Arek
violinby vilmos
Hungarian Old Violin - Any info?by Lik
Nicolaus Amatus 1662 German Violin Cremona Germanyby kbow
Need assistance!by huzey
niccolo amatus 1687by seira09
Stradivarius Violin 1693by allaskin
Old violinby Liveto99
my antique violinby eddiepack79
stradavarius violinby theantiquek…
Very old Violinby tonysch…
Jacques Boquay - Violin Year 172( )by Mercer50
Big Fiddles!by gvgordon
ANtique Violinby Ollie
Hand Carved Wooden Fiddleby musikchoo
Andreas Morelli Violinby gvgordon
Salvadore De Durro Violin, in old wood box with 2 bows from thrift store a long time agoby toracat
Springer Violin  #112by swflgwm54
Springer Violin  #112 in a seriesby swflgwm54
violin 3/4 dominicus montagnana sub signo cremonae venetiaby rrrohde
violinby mairwin
1959 German Solid Maple Flame Violin fine playing conditionby georgiaflee…
Old Violinby lescover
Schweitzer violin 1814by SCYankee1949
Really Old Violinby gatortail
Stradivarius Violinby Gabriel87
Violinby sherrywitht…
Antique Violinby donniebell
Grandpa's Violinby marcoba…