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Metal Typeface Setby OldeOlder
Caslon London type set charmso…
Brass Irishco…
Dr. Jekyll and his Weird showby Patches59
Vintage lead stampsby kristywho
Printing block by Marvpaula
Printing block by Marvpaula
Geo mann and co by Gyanpress
Letter set blocks made of charmso…
Stamping Die For Dallas Hupmobile Companyby packrat…
A Walt Disney copper over wood printing block by lesliel…
Vintage copper/wood printing plates...found while dumpster  diving.  by lesliel…
18th Century  .  .  .  Original Printers Ink Ballby Memorie…
Antique 1884-1885 Automatic Bank Punchby Vintage…
Dark barn with no light and i know NOTHING about it. by Boostedbox
1826 Industrial Revolution Machine Lead Stamp Print blocks by b.c.girl
Disney Stamps? Need help!by Jarrinleisr…
T.J Letterpressby jettkk
Viandox consommé letter press?by Eugenieb
Can anyone tell me any info about this printing press complete works and has several drawers of lead lettering!!by Trembla…
Rand McNally printing press plateby Daviscvn65
garage pickingby wingnut6999
old address stampby Peterdr…
Found in a pile of thrown out junk in Broken Arrow, Oklahomaby rdadams72
Ballatine Ale copper etching platesby gangimel21
Old typeby GlynD
Would like to know this Printers story Please!?!?!?!?!?by revolutionmay
Madge Evans ~Hats for Little Ladies~by pminga4
Printing Pressby Willi
Coca Cola metal tagsby tmk1518
Printers trayby Artjames
Antique Iron & Copper Tool- Pattern Press? Giant Cookie Cutter?by chrissycoll…
Old printing press platesby jbernat10
A.C. Gibson Co. Hand Stamperby Cking
copper printing plateby nutty1003
Hamilton 20 drawer printers cabinetby Urbanpatina
Need help identifying antique printing press equipmentby Komical
Printing device part - Printing Font Cartridge - What do we have?by Grayfur1
Mysterious logo on printing blockby coppercrow
Hamms Litho Stoneby VintageJim
Table Rock Argus Print Shopby tablerock
Help with Mystery Item - What Do I have here? THANKS!!by Grayfur1
Artistic Set In Rubber Typeby walksof…
Piel's Beer Bert & Harry Print Blockby Breweri…
Cardboard Cartoonsby CAD1949
Printer by thurston
Need help identifying this please freemanprintingllc@hotmail.comby Freeman
Two Bailey's Double Distilled Witch Hazel Stamps?by stwilli…
Chinese printing blocksby andyman
Abbotts - Abbott's Dairy Ice Cream Philadelphia - Bethlehem Pa. printing blocksby budkoh
Suncrest Farms , Butztown - Bethlehem Pa. printing blockby budkoh
I think its a press for printing..... Yes?by richard…
1900's press proof by i88zzy
Vintage Stanley's gummed metal monogramsby Jono
1800's Copper Engraved Wood Printing Blocksby NativeJ…
Sutton Seeds Printing Plates?by AnnStrawber…
Hamilton Print Cabinet Drawerby BrooklinMike
copper print stampby canterb…
Original Hobbs Catalog Printing Blockby antique…
Collection of Copper printers Blockby Pascp
1934 Los Angeles Evening Herald and Express Offset sheetby Paulsonlj
Favorite Garden Table Conversion with Typesetters California Job Casesby LA_Woma…
Nokona Ball Glove Printers plateby Foundar…
I can SHOW you but I can't TELL you, what it joe72roberto
Greif vervielfältigungen Junior- Help?by Georgia247
Art Deco printing plateby bassebus
Yankee Clipper Ship Antique Letterpress Printers Block – Metal Die Johnson Typeby jthomp4492
Antique Chinese Wood block For Moonsto…
Jadeite stamp, ivory clasp, old with American name Lisa!? Silk Box? Chinese?by toracat
1937 Printing Plate?by MPBujia…
Printing Pressby nylisa20
What are these?by helpme
zinc stereotypoing blocks by babyiwina
Copper Printers Plateby Militar…
a portable interchangeable letter stamp from france?by suegray
20 drawer cabinet -  possibley printers cabinetby antique…
Nokona Baseball box print platesby Pascp
Printing block with death on it. Looks pretty oldby Phatbud…
Photosensitive paper & instructions for Hunter Electro-Copyistby kdrum12
Hunter Electro-Copyistby kdrum12
President Nixon/Chinaby clarke.bake…
I think this was for printing a half page advertisement for a Kiwanis Minstrel Showby maxofmi…
Hammond Pig Truckby gvgordon
The Bristol counterby gargoyl…
Unknown Pressby bappe
I never really looked into these printing spiriti…
Printing blocksby gargoyl…
Printing platesby Chad770
Coca Cola Stamp Diesby dodgerdave14
Westvaco Mill Brand Papers No. 128 - Inspiration for Printersby ho2cult…
Antique Printing/Sign Marker Kitby collect…
The 7 little rascals (our gang) advertising printing plateby getamobile
Madonna and Child Wood Printing Blockby JoeBurns
Wedding Announcement Mould (Can be read in a mirror)by c-vukic
Printing block Jewish printing house, founded by Uri Phoebus ben Aaron Haleviby Memphisbaru
Any information please - email chaxxman1@live.comby chaxxman1
johnson and johnson block stampby eem1485
A B Dick #77by FaFarmFresh
Revere Copper engraving plateby pribon
Mickey Mouseby Christo
Queen Ann end tableby flyrod16
Copper Plate Printers Block - Portraitby jjackson
1800's paper cutterby gargoyl…
Monarch Pathfinder Model "P"  No. 8.314by Flash1f…
I need help identifying by jrzjoe
Printers plate Oakland Auto Advertisementby Dlandma
Clarotype bottleby Deborah77
Ludlow Line Caster, hard bound Type Speciman Book, circa 1920' Druckman
German Drop Caps and Ludlow Type Speciman Bookby Druckman
Table top Stencil box?????by oldeen12
Cigar Label Printing Plate Manilaby gvgordon
Vintage Woodrow Wilson Printers Blockby racytracy
12-line Hamilton Gothic Wood Type Fontby potrero
Cooley Clarendon Extended Wood Type Fontby potrero
Woodblock for chicken boxesby filmnet
1st Phone Subscriber List 1878 One Page Very Early Printing Plateby phonebook
18th century pressby platenprinter
1950s Printers Blocks from NH Newspaperby cokefan
Hermann Osterland Printers Cabinetby typogra…
Polhemus? HAMILTON MFG. CO. Typeset desk top?by Alexandra
Grand Army of the Republic letterpress stampby mbadgjl
'Saved from being fire wood'by Mystified
	 Southland Beele Shoes "Southern Made For Southern Maids"by Woodlanddet…
Hamilton Mfg Co Cabinets and Various Press Equipmentby whydrive55
Addresserette addressing machineby TRIKER
Looking for information on Hamilton Printer Cabinetby deadi
Machine from Printing Companyby polishprinc…
Printing Press Typeset??by dotnjoe
Blatz Beer Press Plates?by Ronsnake
Antique Printer's Cabinet?by erinkayjones
Old Roneo Copierby phil7909
Antique letter press/stamping set by pashort
Original Police Photo Printer's Blocks 1930'sby Ebay801spor…
looking for identification--some kind of reduction printer?by nocorkbat
Print block used in Scotts Emulsion ads in Newspapers around 1902 by Sharryn5
Printer Blocks and cutsby Printed1
Unusual antique letterpress cutsby jblakeolson
1860's Cleveland Gordon Printing Press, Desk, Accessoriesby mhtcando
UARCO 3 sheet order machineby DAB50
printing pressby rk_hoppy
Copper print plate  Made by William Eastwood. Date unknownby terilaptoph…
Printing Press Lettersby Mikey2809
Brantgen Kluge Printing Press circa 1900by Chere0805
Unusual Hamilton Printers Cabinetby potrero
Hamilton Manufacturing Printers Cabinetby potrero