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Culver, Page & Hoyne, Printing & Lithographing  by pw-coll…
1895 Elgin Pocket Watch in caseby bonniestx
 1904 Elgin 18s 21jby FRED-12…
Elgin pocket watchby Storagegirl
1909 Elgin up $ down wind indicator- 16s-21j- lever set grade 454- Father Timeby FRED-12…
Elgin pocket watchby FRED-12…
Great Find, Elgin G.M. WHEELER 18s-15 - JEWELS POCKET WATCH !!by FRED-12…
Vintage Elgin Pocket Watch w/ Green Dialby Dallibone
 E.A. Muckle Reversible Coin Silver Pocket Watch Caseby pops52
What Year on This Elgin? by SpiritB…
Nice "Little" Hunter Elgin 14k Gold Pocket Watch Circa 1883by kerry10…
1921 Masonic Dial "Father Time" Pocket Watchby kerry10…
pocket watchby were
My 2nd Great Uncles' 1905 Gold Elgin Pocket Watch Restoredby jscott0…
Elgin Pocket Watchby pw-coll…
Family Heirloomby cue606
 National Watch Company B W Raymond Pocket Watch Circa 1871by kerry10…
Official Smokey Bear Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Really Nice 1874 Elgin National Watch Company Chicago Expo Token by stwilli…
Antique Elgin Watch Mysteryby Colefoot
1939 Elgin 15 Jewelsby Timeban…
My 2nd Great Uncles' 1905 Gold Elgin Pocket Watchby jscott0…
An Older B.W. Raymondby musikchoo
H.Z. Culver, National Watch Co. (Elgin Watch Co.)by pw-coll…
Elgin GF watchby Ccret1
Elgin pocket watch by Trey
Halloween Bat Fobby pw-coll…
Elgin Watchby musikchoo
Elgin OLD pocket watch ,.in search of a new 18 size case lolby shawnicus
1912 Masonic Pocket Watch by Elginby geo26e
Old Elgin Ladies Watchby eldave2003
 1924 Elginby kbem
Elgin Father Time Pocket Watch (Railroad?)by guidodapimp
1911 Elgin Pocket Watch by GKnight38
Elgin pocket Blacksh…
Very Nice Elgin pocket Watchby avendosera
Elgin 10 sided Pocket Watch - Art Deco case by kerryjo
My grandpa's 1912 Elgin pocket watchby MtnSpur
Elgin watch from my grandfatherby Ryanhenders…
another art deco style Elgin Pocketwatchby shawnicus
cool art deco style Elgin 12 size pocket watchby shawnicus
ELGIN 16 size basic big ol pocket watch from the 20sby shawnicus
ELGIN 12 size pocket watch from the 20s, shawnicus
Elgin Pocket Watchby Jonah812
Ladies Elgin pocket watch with lonetree
Antique Elgin Pocket Watchby Flygirlkt2004
Elgin 14K pocket watch tri-color??by tanya1980
Found this in my grandmothers old jewelry by Broman_the_…
Elgin pocket watchby alliej123
Fathers by Gentgere
Another Elgin Pocket Watchby PhilomenasG…
Elgin Pocket Watch Antique in Hunter Caseby PhilomenasG…
Elgin Vintage Pocketwatchby sharonjean
Gradnpa's watchby Dreamcastsoul
Elgin Pocket Watch with Fancy  Dialby pops52
Watch Old Elginby Deanteaks
Early Elgin Tivoli Pocket watchby bulletlucas18
My Grandfathers Elgin pocket watchby fossilh…
Elgin B.W. Raymond Railroad Pocket Watchby thisold…
Fancy Face Elgin With 17 Jewel 3 Finger Bridgeby antiqua…
Beautiful Fancy Face Elginby antiqua…
Elgin Ladies Watch With No Name on Face?by hods93
Elgin National Watch Co. ladies (?) pocket watchby Jane12
Sterling Silver Watch Caseby wilbere123
Poor Elginby spiriti…
Pocket Watch, American Waltham 1904 Elgin Caseby vintage…
My Grandpa's Watchby william65paul
i dont know much abt this watch ...any help..tks..s ranger
Rare 10 sided solid 14k elgin circa 1923by Fishwhacker
Grandfather's watchby cinemabon
My Collection of Elgin's by Groland90405
Elgin Pocket watchby dominichath…
Elgin Train by dominichath…
The American Watchmaker April, 1950by musikchoo
elgin key wind watchby rcjrlc
Elgin Pocket Watchby Gunslinger712
Elgin Ladies Pocket Watch  14kby chevy59
Elgin Size 6s. Gold-Filled Hunt Case Pocket Watch c.1897by thisold…
Elgin Pocket Watch With Multi-Color Fancy Dial c.1884by thisold…
Elgin Pocket Watch???by Raymond
Elgin pocket watchby Daveyj8364
Old pocket watch by pinkish…
Elgin pocket watch!by valg925
Antique Elgin Pocket Watchby domk2000
Great Grandfather'sby jonima
My B.W. Raymond with a name faceby Bobillot
1883 Elgin Watch by picking…
1884 Elgin Pocket Watch by picking…
My first pocket watchby EWK
Elgin Pocket Watchby SMonti
grampas pocket watchby Lovemygarden
grammas pocket watchby Lovemygarden
ladies elginby will11
Elgin, gearpunk
Elgin Pocket Watch - movementby realriderdave
 Old Pocket musikchoo
Elgin gold pocket watchby realriderdave
Elgin Pocket Watchby Wkingnorm
Can someone give me information about this watch?by rasjpa
inside pocket watchby swflgwm54
A Friends Time Piece-Elgin Pocket Watchby tressab…
Elgin Pocket Watch (7725229)by swflgwm54
Unknown Elgin Pocket Watchby naha09
My 1876 B.W. Raymond gold pocket watch, Elgin PLL
i need info on this watch my grandfather left meby zackattk
Elgin Pocket Watch with chain (original fob missing)by Barstow
my elgin 14k pocket watchby catmal
Elgin watch presentation boxby cst
I really need help with this Elgin pocket watch I would love to have it repaied by mayatini
Vintage Elgin Pocket Watchby annykin
Elgin Pocket Watchby KeithRMay
Antique Elgin Pocket Watchby whitman75
Elgin watch, unknown yr .by Jolynn
Unknown Elgin watchby awesomeaustin
Elgin jas boss pocket watchby marmar1231
1898(?) Elgin Pocket Watchby argyjr
1875 Elgin "Aarron F. Krasser"? on dial OGD (looking for more info help)by Bourgeois
Eligin pocket watchby Jennaone
Eglin pocket watchby karenanderh…
Vintage 1894 Elgin Hunters Pocket Watchby whitman75
1888 Elgin Nationalby Pop_abi…
Looking for info on this watchby asherman
An Additional Gold Watch from the 1930'sby bahamaboy
Two Early 1900's Gold Watchesby bahamaboy
elgin pocket watchby stephen2326
My pocket stivcat
Additional Pics of Elgin engraved pocket watchby Chaney1
Elgin Pocket Watch - Engravedby Chaney1
FORD  MODEL T  Elgin  lever set  18 size pocket watchby starvnmarvin
Old Rose Gold Elgin Pocket Watchby me2xv
Elgin pocketwatchby sparky
Elgin Ladies pocketwatch ( maybe )?by sparky
1864-1874 National watch Companyby voltron1
?? elgin pocket watch,1-218-326-2836 phone please,does any one know how old?numbers off mechanics r,,2968756  by jjadams