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Grandfathers HDR Illinois Open Faced Pocket Watchby JWBerg
Illinois watch Lincolnby mcgyver25
Nice Illinoisby tywahn
Illinois Grant 17 Jewels 14 K  wind up by odinn949
 Case for pocket watchby MargiePn
My Abraham Lincoln Collectionby pw-coll…
Vintage pocket watchby Rdesko21
ILLINOIS MARITIME Pocket Watchby totallbo
RE-POP on an old poste of blunder…
1926 Illinois Pocketwatch Company "Precise" Pocketwatchby normabell
Illinois watch. by Blacksh…
Illinois watch  by Sean.c
Illinoise watch by Sean.c
Illinois Pocket Watchby KPersson
Illinois Watch  Hunter's case Has hidden person, is engraver telling a story?by Bcs62
Illinois open face meritime by puertor…
Illinois hc Pocket watch by puertor…
Illinois Columbia Coin Silver Hunter Caseby pops52
Illinoise A. Lincoln in a Salesman Display Caseby pops52
Illinois Watch Co pocket watch./A. Lincoln model/Fahys- Montauk caseby Ruffhan…
Help with my Illinois Pocketwatchby jca239
pocket watch from illinios watch co.  1878-1884 says SENATOR-CINCINNATE on inside of movementby awmayes
Great-Grandfather's pocket watchby MRenick
Retirement Gift From The Railroadby o0o0lllll0o0o
Watch passed down through my mlecher
1916 Wadsworth Referre 21 ruby jewels double roller Illinois Watch Company 1522913by kfrye1975
Illinois Bunn With Hidden Key Coin Silver Pair Case by pops52
Bunn Special 21 Jewels Illinois Watch company springfieldby khudson256
1921 Illinois 17J pocket watchby nw_pati…
Illinois watchby ngates61
Neat find at estate sale! And a new collection begins.... :Pby Watchnooby540
Burlington Specialby gearpunk
railroad pocket watch?by dwhitledge
Illinois Pocket Watch with Dueber case movement s/n 4608783by sb9026
The inside of the watch and the serial number from the insideby ryanmoore7147
Illinois Watch CO. pocket watchby ryanmoore7147
want informationby richier7
1889  how brothers la porte ind dial illinois com movement by kmike
Antique Illinois Pocket Watchby havenrain
vintage pocket watchby reletative
Vintage pocket watchby reletative
Would love information NewYorker
Is this watch worth anything?by rsteele1560
Illinois 17J by tgradio
Illinois Open Face Model Millerby Wolfen47
Find more christx0277
Illinois Pocket Watchby MikeKona
Supreme Illinois Pocket watchby webcoinc
This watch was from my father and he died 10 years drako562
Vintage Illinois Pocket Watchby JenK32
JTS & CO. POCKET WATCH by Illinois Watch preacher8888
This is my most favored inheritance from my Dman
Illinois pocket watch,Sangamo Specialby beau5278
Illinois Pocket Watchby swg1619
My pocket stivcat
Illinois Pocket watchby srickman45
illinois pocket watchby cbs240
Great Grandfathers Illinois Pocket Watchby JaysonDavid
Pocket watch info neededby kale76
Illinois Watch Springfield 21 Jewelsby Robt
ILLINOIS  17 Jewelby TeresaD
Illinois Watch Coby jeddpellerin
My Illinois Supreme Watch Case Company 8 Day Watch #3032939by BigLuckey