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1703 carved into Meershaum Pipeby surfpaul50
Old deer pipe by Jodyp
Meerschaum pipe but what is stem made of ? by Jacko03
 Unknow hopefully someone to tell Levi26
Need history and Prayer1969
Antique Meerschaum Pipe Thrift Shop Find 2 Euro ($2.16)by Efesgirl
Family heirloom pipeby Morriso…
Any Info About This Pipe?by Victor1990
Old family pipeby TooMany…
Any ideas what this is?by mbarlow
Meerschaum or Ivory Pipes???by Victor1990
My great, great uncles meerschaum fjackson1227
Hungarian Grandfather's pipeby DCShelton
Meerschaum Lady's Hand Pipeby vintage…
Antique C A Schwally Bremen Pipe with mikeigo…
Meershaum Pipeby Vrgdc
meerschaum pipeby rainydayz2001
1720 german made pipeby rinagirl
Smoking Pipeby rvelite5
mountain manby frogr2
Meerschaum and Amber Devil's Head Pipeby scubamilo1
Grand Hunting Pipe by scubamilo1
Lizzy Table Pipeby scubamilo1
The Moon & Sixpenceby Houseofpipes
And so to bedby Houseofpipes
Monogramby Houseofpipes
Peter Paul Rubensby Houseofpipes
The Duelby Houseofpipes
Cleopatraby Houseofpipes
Neffertitiby Houseofpipes
Classical Nudeby Houseofpipes
Artist & Modelby Houseofpipes
Spending a pennyby Houseofpipes
Angel of Deathby Houseofpipes
The Mermaidby Houseofpipes
St George & the Dragonby Houseofpipes
Kids at Playby Houseofpipes
Guards Officerby Houseofpipes
Lippizzano Stallionsby Houseofpipes
The Hunterby Houseofpipes
The Emperor Napoleonby Houseofpipes
Carved figural of a Snipeby Houseofpipes
Nymphsby Houseofpipes
Rampant Lionby Houseofpipes
The goat of Mendesby Houseofpipes
Sir Dagonetby Houseofpipes
Me and my friendsby Houseofpipes
Sir Crispin and Sir Cyrilby Houseofpipes
Gauchoby Houseofpipes
The Fox Huntby Houseofpipes
The four musketeersby Houseofpipes
Kemal Ataturkby Houseofpipes
Dandy with featherby Houseofpipes
Can Can dancerby Houseofpipes
Louisaby Houseofpipes
The Senatorby Houseofpipes
Bathing Bellby Houseofpipes
Don Quixoteby Houseofpipes
Woman with amber hat and bootsby Houseofpipes
Vercingetorixby Houseofpipes
Alone againby Houseofpipes
Meerschaum Pipe - does anyone know anything about this one  ??by psicopath1
The Huntsmanby Houseofpipes
Zouaveby Houseofpipes
The Bikersby Houseofpipes
Dom Perignonby Houseofpipes
Cernavtesby Houseofpipes
Girl with flute probably French circa 1890 7" longby Houseofpipes
Part of my collection of 19th century Meerschaum Pipesby Houseofpipes
A Meerschaum Hand Carved Pipe with Cover still MattyG
My new Meerschaum Hand Carved pipe that is MattyG
Kaiser Wilhelm pipeby blunder…
My great-grandfather's meerschaum pipeby postkat…
Hand Made Turkish Porcelain Block Meerschaum Bowl by Wally Frankby GabnSher
Meerschaum pipe head of Af Americanby CarolKay
Nana's Meerschaum Pipeby TheTomato
An old favorite - Calabash-Meerschaum Pipeby Wymani
Meerschaum Pipe from Germany, a favorite souvenierby Wymani
Meerschaum pipe setby nero1
Vintage Meerschaum Pipesby bullsprig
Meerschaum pipe ??????by stewie1158
My Old (at least 150 yrs old) Meerschaum Pipeby robsterk
Meerschaum claw pipe with silverby cwdee
Know anything about our Pipe?by madbigfoot
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Smoking Pipesby bayarea…