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Smokers silver inlaid pipe marked B.B. papa
Rare antique pipeby CareyPayne
  STONE PIPE TRYING TO DATE IT ?????by mikeigo…
MYSTERY PIPE!!!!by chancecurry
handcrafted clay pipeby nancannon
Help needed to identify this 1901 the buffs pipeby Jacko03
Pipe Tamper Bone Age?by usavintages…
Early German Smoker's Pipeby dogpatch
antique pipe, glassed frame has the inscription 1813by barrbjean
Korean War Era pipe never smoked out ofby Dswaze
Skull & Snake German Pipe !by Ultraga…
The Descent Of Man... or Want A Smoke?by billret…
Pipe?  Not sure what material it isby kelday
African ivory pipe by SJSAWYER
smoking pipe, german, austrian??by artsentries
Canadian tobacco pipesby Esso
Old pipe by Jtw1313
Hand carved Cambodian pipe - at least 15 years oldby tfoster68
pipe from Germany by Irishdiver17
found this digging for sharks teeth in a creek by bigDave35
Identify this w00den pipe?by DianaC
Catlinite pipeby btdt52
Any Info About This Pipe?by Victor1990
Folk art tobacco pipeby edkal65
Antique Smoking pipeby Mirrorimage
Briar Tobacco DocMitch
WWII Souvenir Pipe from Czechby cindyjune
Hidden pipe buckleby Momnugget
I love this family handed down three generations Atlmom
Vintage Asian Brass Opium Pipe by CES
Papo's pipe rackby marered…
Wooden Smoking Dog Pipe by pcmadis…
Much loved old pipesby kazjuly
Alfred Dunhill Pipeby John3252
Has anyone seen a pipe like this?by djkos
Mystery pipeby hotairfan
Cheroot   silver/bone smoking device?by TurdFer…
Miniature Claw Foot Pipe by Roguero…
asian pipe?by wiserconnie
Carved wooden Indian headby allenhol12
My uncle's antique table pipeby oldybut4U
My old pipeby pecoJgizmo
Wooden pipeby Mommymaniac
Found this Figural Bow lGerman Porcelain Pipeby Redwaagon
Hand Carved Buddha? Smoking Pipeby CindyR
Pipe - please help us with any information about this item by Jakki222
Hand Carved German Pipe late 1800sby misana
Norwegian Pipes from 1800's ??by Viking64
More pictures of the pipeby Flemingal
Unknown pipe Meershaum?by Flemingal
Inherited pipeby glassanvil
Comoy's 804 Extraordinaire Pipeby angtheone
Not sure what this is!by sbkichula
Vintage Tobacco Pipeby izzysat…
What is this? It is very small, just under 3" high & 5 1/2 "diameter. Ceramic and bronze. Japanese dragon & characters. Thanks!by Efesgirl
Anyone know anything about thisby Moosedad
FALCON PIPE - LADIES - Made in London, Englandby antique…
Vintage Opium Water Pipeby SteamPunkfan1
K.L. Tirol Pipe??by DerBayz
Meerschaum antique pipeby dsquare1
peacock squirell pipeby cesar2449
3 items for IDby auto12
Art Deco Bakelite cigarette holder with "Hollywood stars"?by Vladimir
Baseball player wood pipeby VikingF…
Hand Made Barn Pipeby Cking
diminuitive pipes purchased in Franceby CdnCajun
Collectable Pipeby Ali83
Hand carved train tobacco pipeby carolcooke631
Clay Tobacco Pipe - TD Styleby Mercer50
Train Pipeby carolcooke631
Old Pipe !!!by cal6842
vintage Meerschaum Charoot Holder with Bone Fitting and missing jewel mouth pieceby Lace
Vintage 1970's Ceramic Water Pipeby aghcoll…
Carved Wooden Figure Tobacco Pipeby Vrgdc
Why does my Pipe Holder look like my Doorstop?by abitwise
Large German Ulmer Pipeby mburk
Old pipes found in Halifax harbour Nova Scotia Canadaby nittygr…
J. B. Hirsch Art Deco  Lady Pirate Pipe Restby rlwindle
Smoking pipe I found in moroccoby sambenf
1970 - Amphora Tobacco Briar Pipe Couponby aghcoll…
Pipe help!by curtistheword
Pipe that I foundby kelday
papascottby papascott
Ember tongsby hotairfan
Native American Catlinite pipeby scottvez
Incredible Long Stemmed Antique Pipe Ivory Wood and Horn with MOP Inlayby NativeJ…
Antique brass opium pipe?by Xhayes55
Miniature Claw Foot Pipeby Roguero…
Vintage Standing? Smoking Pipeby Silverunder…
Just found this on a sand bar in a river.  What can I find out about it?by RustyMiller
Hand carved smoking pipeby Jonah812
Very Unusual Large Pottery Pipe VASE with SATYR Image- any ideas?by LOUMANAL
Antique Smoking Pipe Cabinet, Early 1900s?by Oldies1…
Ivory pipeby Houseofpipes
Exstacyby Houseofpipes
Perseusby Houseofpipes
Bull Baitingby Houseofpipes
The Bronte sistersby Houseofpipes
I think this is a dragon pipe tbrosius
elk antler hand carved pipeby jrfm410
Delft Pipe with Bakelite mouthpieceby Spiperato
Col. Max Weber civil war pipeby Gvanbrunt
1978 #6 Freehand Pipe made by Tiner Coloradoby rodneyr
Pipe ?German?by rwhite973
Clay pipesby blunder…
Pipes from diff. placesby blunder…
Bruyere Garanti Vintage Czechoslovakia pipeby Angelin…
Vintage unused Hawk pipe reamer found in dollar box lot this weekendby MattyG
A very nice hand carved pipe with three deer MattyG
A very nice unused Peterson's 307 Pipe made in Dublin, Ireland by MattyG
Old pipeby rbarber
Japanese  silver kiseru pipeby metaldetect…
Kaywoodie Campusby cnoel79
Ivory Pipeby Deanteaks
what is it? anyone knowby nomula
Unique Pipe and Opium Boxby LaBarre
Vintage Pocket Pipe with Secret Jadnils
Antique long stem tobacco Lakefive
smoking pipeby postcardmama
Smoking Pipeby gusjrey
What is it?by buddwhyzer
Pipe bowl decorated with silver French about 1851by Oystermouth
My fathers pipeby allary
Grandpa's Pipeby cwork
OLD PIPE---by codydogg
Pipe pickrkn…
Civil War carved pipeby slimd888
Little Big Benby Esther110
Very interesting pipes believed to be from Germany by rhwoodman
PIPE HOLDERby pamara
Vintage Tobacco Pipesby sstoiber
Pipe maybe Dear or Elk by TeresaD
tobacco pipesby nightwolf
Antique Pipeby fjz111
Pipe Restby mandi319
indian pipeby vanskyo…
Antique really ornate Indian/Buffalo Meershaum pipe (and American Eagle one too)by generallee
Pipe from Vontrike
What is this - an old pipe?by BuckeyeBob
Chinese Opium Pipeby Xenius
My Favorite Civil War Pipeby Jackie
nice pipeby codydogg
Opium pipe ?by arelicz…
Clay Pipeby Vestasw…
Reptile smoking pipeby jberg
Beautiful Briarwood Regal Danishby onebada…
brass pipeby imander
pipe from cameron potteryby mutt5
German Pipeby rhodes1541
Carved Wood Nude Pipe - Need Help with ID or any Info Pleaseby twwtexas