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reverse overprint on a 1977 U.S. $10 noteby KennyT
How odd is this?by bettetharp2…
More pics of the spliced dollar showing green walvadam
Dollar printed on paper splice?by walvadam
Ink Error on dollar billby KNOAH1
$1 US bill - Treasury Seal bleed thru - series 2009by JustinW
1974 ten dollar billby bluckmud
Just something I foundby rpoindexter
error notesby novaman
old brooch by DianneEads
First bill I have collect by crusott1
Misaligned $100 and misprinted old £ endaby
$5 errorby nickip
misaligned miscut dollar billby pammi691
20 dollar  errorby arty45xx
From my collectionby ScottGeib
My Odd Five Dollar Billby Ironchef
$100 bill printed with the paper backwards in the pressby mailman921
US $20 error note (smear)by Dulcet
Error Noteby chucklet