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French Token?by SpiritB…
Silver Denier of Louis VIby beyemvey
Henry II - Silver Denier of Aquitaineby beyemvey
Old coinby Steptoe1
Old coinby Steptoe1
Old French coinby Steptoe1
Old coinsby Steptoe1
Denier of Louis VIII (The Lion)by beyemvey
Denier of Fulk IV and/or V - King of Jerusalem & Count of Anjouby beyemvey
Louis I (le Pieux) Temple Denierby beyemvey
Richard I (the Fearless) Silver Denier of Normandyby beyemvey
An Incendiary Coinby Militar…
1846 francsby Webster09
unusual french coinby craigallen
multi tool made with french coinsby rebeccariedy
Old coin of franceby svasu
need help with this coinby bvdbogart
Louis Philippe 1 Roi Des Francais m. dcc.xLIIby dempsey…
One of my dear coinsby ameliepoe
My Papas manicure coinby spiriti…
Unknown Antique Coin Need Help to Identifyby MelissaBu
1835 French 5 Francs Coin, Pill Box, Snuff Box, Opium Box by purpledog
1854 Napoleon III Empereur 20 Francs Gold Coinby Taylor
charles X french coins 1824by milest1958
1860 20 Francs French Napoleon III Gold Coinby electob…
1903 French 20 Francs Rooster Gold Coinby electob…
LOUIS XVIII Gold Coinby renoir911
French Francs Pretty Paper Moneyby TamaraB
A Gold French 10 Franc coin (Napoleon era)by renoir911
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1675 french coin unknown metalby larisa
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