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Waltham 1915 WW1 silver wrist watch, Harold G. bobbee
Lawrence & Mayo military watchby bobbee
stop watchby ukcats214
C. 1917 .935 Silver Trench Watchby SpiritB…
Benrus reissue of Viet Nam era military watchby shawnicus
Services pocket fob watch made in Great Britain during World War II for the Military Services in working GeodeJem
1914 silver trench watchby bobbee
Watch protector?by pipistr…
WWI Trench Watch by pw-coll…
Alpina WW1 Tranch Watchby Luckski
Antique  RLM Nav B UHR Watchby mssue64
Unknown Trench Watchby stwilli…
Russian Military Watchby stelios
Archimede BRONZE 42H Pilotby famatta…
Nicolet Watch Sub 200 Chronograph - 1956. Swiss Madeby thehoro…
Leonadis Military Wrist watchby uk.robb
Vintage Longines Military Watchby wrightarchi…
WWI British Royal Flying Corps Mark V 30 hour Non  Luminous Pocket Watchby Jaq
Pronto Watchby CombatWWll
50's or 60's Helbros Military 24 hour watchby bfunk_101
WW2 Manintenance Manual for Watches and Clocksby scottvez
Military Doxa and t1001
Jaeger LeCoultre Type A7 - Any Info Helpful?by thehoro…
Nicolet Sub 200 in its original form, as it thehoro…
1943 type A11 Bulova Military watchby bobbee
1960's  Globa Compass watch, and 1976 Timex military style watchby bobbee
CWC 1990 military issueby bobbee
WWII Japanese Pilots Seikosha Chronograph by Appleclod
ingersoll watchby shargreaves09
Trench Watchby Chrisnp
Anyone recognize this 1940's watch?by Teltekman
vintage Elgin A-11by dallie1975
CIA Air America Laos Pilots Watchby kimdarden