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Starting nikki2zia
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Any one have a SimplySandy
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Unknown pattern, pair "jade" green saganguy
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 Oil Torch Lampby rustytools
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 Need Help Identifying by kjbascom02
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Italian  table lamps  early 1900s? Possible Hollywood Dalo
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 my daddys giftsby quinn51
my daddys gftsby quinn51
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need infoby slamb
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Fenton Satin Glass with Fern Pattern, Cranburyby Rulandma
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Asian Candle Holderby ParsecSam
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 Yellow 1973 Ikea hanging charmso…
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Small wicked container lamp?by Catrob61
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Old Rembrandt found in 30 yrs old storageby Jabarmcintyre
Thomas Markus Perdacher Austria Glazed Terracotta Candlestick Holderby Efesgirl
3' Table lampby jim.johnna
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From England? Bone China roughly around 100+ years oldby JoyB
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1940 0r 1950 table charmso…
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Glass w/marble base lampsby Bhamill
Vintage lamp identificationby Propi
Vintage Russian hanging light... help identify :)by Baregenetics
Tample lamp green glas combined with leatherlike decorations and with coats of arms  by misfinland
Grandmas Atticby GrandmaPo
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ginger jar into lampby Roger52
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Oil lamp ???by filmnet
Candle Magnifying Glass Wall Sconce age unknownby junques…
Coleman model 129A lantern. by Jhorne2…
1940s? Pewter or pot metal lampby howardhilli…
Light cover on old floor lamp brass / iron by Gracielou
Reading lampby kpgreg73
love my 5 dollar lamp. Any info help? by AR3208
model 112 Aladdin double chandelierby luckyme
Old Lampby sparra
vintage marble and ivory table lampsby heathers
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Fantastic Reverse Painted Art Nouveau Lampby s.stanzione
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Keep it or trash it?by crossword
English Arts & Crafts Pendantby JohannB
Lamp needing info onby treesao
Plume & Atwood double student lampby JohannB
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Old lampsby Victorian53
Railroad or Traffic Lantern???by kthomas1967
Art Glass Lamp Loetz ? Kralik ?by Hedgewa…
funky lampby treesao
Baccarat LG Lamp Globe N w/ Crownsby Hilda5573
Child Size Clay Floor Lampby justtalkn
Picked up at auction today, floor moldieoldie
White Lamp NY 3361by suzyscenes
1950 or 1960 era desk charmso…
Pairpoint pierced metal lampby JohannB
Brass Triple Font Paraffin Oil Lamp W/Etched Ball Shadesby lamps46
Opium lampby twinkle556
Auction find!!by Inquiri…
Fairy lamps - Hobbs Brockunier, 1887by IMASapp
Love my My Great Aunt's Lamp!by Scodi143
Brass Spring Loaded Candlesticksby irwin82
Capodimonte style Lampby Boodle
Antique Oil Lamp with Kosmos Brenner Burnerby dhumphr…
My vintage table lamp with flower Eloisa
New Bird Table Lamp with Capiz Shadeby Vintage…
Stained glass lightingby karencarlwed
stained glass lightingby karencarlwed
Antique goddess floor lampby Dawncatch
Tiffany Style table lamp, leaded glass shade. Poppy lamp shade with metal overlay. Base is heavy and wired for Souther…
Same Garage sale different lightby lsijr65
Bought at a garage sale, No clue as to what is is, heavy!by lsijr65
1970 ceiling charmso…
Woman Bust Lampby jah271
1930s Art Deco Medicinal Floor Lamp Fixture by JSmed
Rooster lampby cadwad
Welz blue and white fairy lamp baseby IanBrig…
any idea what style lamp this isby lee49455
my old lampsby hostacollec…
trophy style candleholderby robin56
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Cobalt Glass Mini-Lantern/House Thingieby ho2cult…
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4/4 Pottery Japanese Boat TV Lamp, Circa 1950-60by Alan2310
3/4 Electric Ship Clock, TV Lamp, Circa 1950-60by Alan2310
2/4 Pottery Horse with Cabin TV Lamp, Circa 1950-60by Alan2310
1 of 4--Pottery Mallard Duck TV Lamp, Circa 1954-58by Alan2310
nice i crash2673
Who is the maker of this? So I can get the correct burner. by FernWillowF…
old Lampby Dwaynep
Great grandmother's Jefferson glass bowl electric light fittingby brightonjohn
bergman cold painted bronze?by andyman
Strange Find:  Turkey Foot and Bullet Cartridge Lamp -  Odd Folk Art?by sunnynature22
Handlan Caboose Lanternby ld52td49
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Tell Me How Old It Ilovefinger…
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Plasma Light ~ Tesla Coilby Deano
does anyone know anything about this lamp?by Chauntel300
Art Nouveau Candlesticksby FirstBuzz
Arts & Crafts 4 Light Pendant with Glass Torpedo Shadesby FowlerLTG
Armspear Railroad Lanternby fweekley
My grandmother's lovely lamp by Nanarminda
Looking for information on this lamp? Any info greatly appreciated. by Victor5555
Wonderful forged iton rushlight with candle holder that looks added. Don't knoe origin or SharieD
Most unique lamp I have ever found. Not sure of maker or era. by SharieD
Royal Coach Lanterns , British, circa....???by FowlerLTG
bronze lamps by krism5204
Big Lampby ruthjan
awesome lamp by cncc2
All orginal?by Cltaylor
Light bulb with design insideby marriedw2
stone and bronze lamps  2 foot tall 25 lbby ssamx007
Double socket floor lampby Kgrace0315
Falkenstein Hollywood Regency Pearl White Iridescent Opulent Table Lampsby jbingha…
Candlestick Lamp with unknown initials by ShelbieSam
Val St Lambertby LaurieGranger
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Lamp and matching ashtray and cigarette holderby Cactustree
p&a risdon oil lampby robin56
My old Victorian (?) lampsby Jeffdg
Green Shade Lampby fanwari
Italian? wooden floor lampby connieh
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