Antique and Vintage Stereoview Photographs

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Kinder Maxi Surprise 3D Stereoscopeby Vintage…
An Original Vistascreen foldable twin view square viewers in plastic ivoryby GeodeJem
Most Interesting Stereoview Cardby SpiritB…
Antique Stereoscopic Photo Cardsby jscott0…
Vintage Stereoscopic Photo Viewer (Patented 1904)by jscott0…
Stereoscope Cardsby MamaT
Antique Stereoscope Viewer by Rarecla…
H.H. Bennettby EricB
Wrong pictureby EricB
Artist Painting the Fallsby EricB
No markings on front or back of this EricB
1910 Postcardby EricB
Stereoview of a Photographer with Stereo Camera on a Donkey. 1890sby rnieder…
Stereoview of FJ Haynes with his Cameraby scottvez
Photographers & Their Cameras - “A Sudden, Terrific Volcanic Explosion at the Crater of Asama-Yasma”; Japan. 1903by rnieder…
Berwick Churchby PedlarUK
Willingdon Churchby PedlarUK
Chalfield Church - Wiltshireby PedlarUK
Kenilworth Castle - Banqueting Hallby PedlarUK
Hastings Castleby PedlarUK
Undercliff Near Nitonby PedlarUK
Malvern - View at St Anns Wellby PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private39by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private38by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private37by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private36by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private35by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private34by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private33by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private32by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private31by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private30by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private29by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private28by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private27by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private26by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private25by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private24by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private23by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private22by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private21by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private20by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private19by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private18by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private17by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private16by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private15by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private14by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private13by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private12by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private11by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private10by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private9by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private8by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private7by PedlarUK
 Stereoview - Private6by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private5by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private4by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private3by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private2by PedlarUK
Stereoview - Private1 - part of a collection from a photographer in Poole, UKby PedlarUK
St. Paul Ice Carnival Stereoview #2 (Illumination of Third Street), 1888by rnieder…
St. Paul Ice Carnival Stereoview, 1888by rnieder…
"Robbing the Male" Stereoscopic Photo (c.1897)by Kydur
Stereoscopic Photo Viewerby Kydur
Patented 1897 stereoscopeby andyman
Stereoview Woman on Bicycle Rides on Tight Rope Circus Act??by whitman75
Rare French Stereoviews "Les Metamorphoses Du Jour" Photosby whitman75
Antique French Tissue Stereoview Diableries Photosby whitman75
Early Stereoview of Pease Steam Engine Modelby rnieder…
Unusual General Robert E. Lee mourning stereoviewby scottvez
1901 Stereoscopeby NicoleJ…
Stereoscopeby Jono
3 photos on boards Young Children school pictures Salem filmnet
Is this from an old box camera?by CuriousEmil…
1896 stereoscope the "perfectoscope"by Jonah812
10th CAV "Buffalo Soldiers" playing crapsby scottvez
SAW Stereoview of 2nd Infantry Color Guardby scottvez
Valley Railway Stereoviews (circa 1880-1890)by moonspe…
Antique Steroscope Images from 1875 & 1900by Spunkys…
More Antique Stereoscope imagesby Spunkys…
Photographers & Their Cameras - Captions Wanted #3!by rnieder…
stereo camera part?by weirdstuff44
Antique 3D Imageby modeler007
Patriotic Eagle & Flag Hand Tinted Stereoview - early 1870sby rnieder…
Two versions of "Photographing New York City"by scottvez
Self Portrait stereo photographer with Cameraby scottvez
United States Warships...Submarines...Battleships and Torpedo Boats...San Diego Bay, Calif., U. S. officia…
A True Antique...Keystone Viewing Company...Manufacturers & Publishers Copyright 1903 by B.L. Singleyby officia…
Photographers & Their Cameras - Iconic 1905 Stereoviewby rnieder…
Arlington Cemetery Stereoviewby jlennon…
Gas Mask Stereoviewby jlennon…
Stereoscopic photo's Sunrise and sunset on the equator many others 26 printsby airportjudy
French Autoby jlennon…
French Field Hospitalby jlennon…
Milking the goatsby jlennon…
"Our Boys" Embarking on the "St. Louis."by jlennon…
General Pershing Decorating Officersby jlennon…
U.S. Transport Leviathanby jlennon…
19oo"s Keystone viewer and WW1 card setby lyndajackson
Lamons Log Cabinby crmlove…
Preparation's for Lincoln's Funeral crmlove…
WWI Sterioviews - Tanks and Trench lifeby Chrisnp
Queen’s & King’s South Africa Medals plus sterioviewby Chrisnp
Rare Postmortem Stereogram (19??)by dr.sideshow
Stereograms (early 1900)by dr.sideshow
Holmes Stereoscope (mid-1800)by dr.sideshow
Stereoview of 20th Kansas soldiersby scottvez
Stereoview of mess on the docks of Fortress Monroeby scottvez
Stereoview of Rough Riders filling cartridge belts by scottvez
Stereoview of Cavalrymen fighting from trenchesby scottvez
SAW Stereoview of a typical camp scene c. 1898by scottvez
Public Garden, Bostonby jlennon…
Our Petby jlennon…
A Monster Sequoiaby jlennon…
In a great spinning roomby jlennon…
Perils of the Wilderness - A Fight for Lifeby jlennon…
Underwood & Underwood Stereoscopic viewerby jlennon…
Bakelite Viewmaster with Popeye stereo pictures and order form.  by musikchoo
Stereo View Printsby Rockey
Underwood & Underwood Stereo Scope Early 1900'sby Rockey
Handtinted stereoview of girl with toys and birdby scottvez
it's from 1980 does anyone know what it is and how much it's worth?by alorenhakin
Black Americana Stereo View Possum Feedby JSmed
Ex Confederate Fitzhugh Lee as US Major Gen c. 1898by scottvez
Variety of subject matterby Gerke
Stereoscopic Japanese troop pictureby jlennon…
Elephant stereoscopic pictureby jlennon…
Thomas Edison Stereoview in his Laboratory c. 1901by scottvez
Spanish American War/ Phillipine Insurrection stereoviews c. 1898by scottvez
Rough Riders Stereoviews c. 1898by scottvez
Patriotic Stereoview from Spanish American Warby scottvez
Stereoview of COL Roosevelt on his horse c. 1898by scottvez
Stereoscopic pictureby jlennon…
1876 Deadwood South Dakota stereoviewby sodadad
1956 3D Slides and Viewerby BDangerus
Viewers and viewsby jackart
Cat Stereoview Stereograph Collection Jim Lindermanby JimLind…
1904 Stereoscopeby ttomtuc…
Early Stereoscopeby bayarea…