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Antique Roseville? Weller?by mssue64
Enormous Roseville Dogwood Jardinere?by ho2cult…
Roseville - Bushberry Burnt Orange Vaseby ho2cult…
Beautiful Roseville Pottery Teapot by RosaLinda
Roseville art pottery double handled jardiniere vase double handled 3"by Morganm…
Very rare set of Roseville Mongol pottery piecesby greely1
Three of a Kindby beyemvey
Roseville "Bittersweet" Jardinere #802-8/ Roseville Ohio USA /Circa 1951by mikelv85
Gargantuan Deco Ewer by Rosevilleby beyemvey
Roseville Pottery Vase and Bowl, and a Metlox Art Pottery Water Carrier Bud Vase  by billret…
Rosevile Donatello Basket-handled Vaseby beyemvey
Roseville Pinecone Vaseby beyemvey
Deco Autumn Roseville Oak & Acorn Basketby beyemvey
Roseville arts and crafts blended jardiniereby sarahoff
Roseville Earlam Candlesticksby greely1
large yellowware bowl by Mar61
Recent Additionsby Mac63
If this isn't Russel Wright, what is it?by Pencil-…
I think it is a Roseville by graykat
Roseville Apple Blossom Hanging Plant Basket, Circa 1940-50  by Alan2310
Roseville Blackberry Candlesticksby greely1
Salvation Army "Roseville" Haul / "Peony" Basket #379-12 & Console Bowl #429-8 With Flower Arranger #47/Circa 1942by mikelv85
  Roseville Cameo II Cupid Jardiniere 9X12by vintage…
Roseville "Foxglove" 12" Console Bowl #423-12/ Circa 1942by mikelv85
Holds a lot of rosesby Fdoherty
Green Ohio Vaseby marvro
Art Nouveau, Roseville Imperial 1,Circa 1921by Alan2310
Roseville Mirrored Brown Glaze, pensee "Rozane" Art Pottery, Circa 1900by Alan2310
Roseville Pottery "White Rose" Brown And Green 16.75" Pedestal #653-8 For 8" Jardiniere/Circa 1940by mikelv85
Roseville KimberleyKay
Roseville Early Velmossby Mac63
Roseville Pottery Freesiaby nutsabo…
need help on genegordon
Great Roseville Bowlby cncc2
Great piece of Rosevilleby cncc2
Seeking a Roseville Catalog Numberby Roseville-Fan
Roseville "Fuchsia" Hanging Pottery Planterby vintage…
Huge 15" Roseville Pink Iris Pillow Vase - 1930'sby Stillwa…
Roseville Matte Green Planterby upstate…
Rosevilleby Flowerg…
Matte Green Roseville Bowlby upstate…
Roseville Stoneware Lipped Baby’s Plateby Chrisnp
 Roseville Futura Balloon Vase Art Deco 1928by vintage…
Robinson Ransbottom Matt-black Pottery Kettle - RRP CO - Roseville - USAby ho2cult…
Frank Ferrell pinecone pre Roseville pottery pine coneby Behrinm…
Roseville Pottery Collectionby DebJRic…
Roseville " Vista " jardiniereby sarahoff
Roseville Matte Green Hanging Basketby upstate…
Roseville Clematis Vase 111-10by PrimePickins
Roseville Blue "Teasel" Vase /# 887-10 / Circa 1938by mikelv85
Art Pottery Vase with Cherriesby Pattywh…
Roseville Carnelian II 457-24 Vaseby NWBuckeye
Roseville Clemantis Jardinaire and Standby BigTex
Roseville Tangerine Console Bowl /Magnolia 451-12" / Circa 1943by mikelv85
Roseville Black Bud Vase w/Old Black Roseville Sticker~Old?, Model #?by Budek
Roseville Carnelian-  flower frog/ candle holderby sarahoff
Roseville Tuscany - Early 20'sby nldionne
Roseville Magnolia Vase 91-8by Spiperato
RRP Co. Roseville OH USA / Six Sided Slate Blue Floral Dishby mikelv85
Robinson Ransbottom Cookie Jarby nldionne
Roseville "Freesia" Vase 119-7 in Tropical Green / Circa 1945by mikelv85
Roseville Blue Foxgloveby nldionne
Roseville Brown Freesiaby nldionne
Roseville Milk Pitcher - The Bridgeby nldionne
Arts & crafts pottery ?? unknownby bluehous223
Roseville Peony Consoleby nldionne
Roseville Snowberryby nldionne
Roseville Florentine Consoleby nldionne
Ladies Spittoonby nldionne
Roseville "Freesia" Cookie Jarby NicoleJ…
Roseville Pottery #261-6 Green Pinecone Fern Dishby Collect…
Roseville Bittersweetby nldionne
Roseville Wincraftby nldionne
Roseville White Roseby nldionne
Roseville White Rosé Flower Frog - 1930'sby nldionne
Roseville Cosmosby nldionne
Roseville Water Lily Ewerby nldionne
Roseville Rozane -1917by nldionne
Roseville Zephyr Lilyby nldionne
Roseville Waterlilyby nldionne
Roseville Snowberryby nldionne
Roseville Laurel 1934 by nldionne
Roseville Goldenrod Pitcher 1900-1915by nldionne
Roseville bowlsby nldionne
Roseville Magnoliaby nldionne
Roseville Zephyr Lilyby nldionne
Roseville magnolia jardiniereby nldionne
Robinson Ransbottom pottery -Roseville Ohioby nldionne
Roseville Freesia vasesby nldionne
Roseville Pinecone Jardiniereby Collect…
Roseville cookie jar - freesiaby nldionne
Roseville cookie jarby nldionne
Roseville Pottery #279-9 Green Pinecone Bowl by Collect…
Vintage Art Deco Era Roseville Pottery 651-3 Blue BLEEDING HEART Jardiniere Vase Planter by Collect…
Pink and Gray Roseville Jardinereby ho2cult…
Please help me identify this ewer vase!by vintagelulu
Rosville Mostique Jardiniere by kab0516
STRANGE BOWLby littlefeat2
Roseville Art Deco Zephyr Lily Vaseby guyfrmatl
Roseville Creamer & Sugar ?by Truthis…
Early Roseville Matte Cameo Jardiniereby greely1
Roseville Florentine II Jardiniereby upstate…
Roseville Pauleo Lamp Baseby greely1
Roseville Vista Umbrella Standby rocker-sd
Roseville Ming Tree Wallpocketby greely1
Roseville Baneda Console Setby greely1
Roseville Cherry Blossom Console Setby greely1
Roseville vaseby junkman…
Roseville Silhouette Candlesticksby upstate…
Small Ferella Vaseby upstate…
I would love to know if this flower frog is a Roseville, if not who made it? Help!!by BETO1
Roseville Donatello Vaseby upstate…
Roseville Corinthian 6" bowlby upstate…
Rare Roseville Carnelian II Urn 446-12by greely1
Early Roseville Matte Green/ Chloron Trumpet Vase Buttress Feetby greely1
Roseville Pottery- beautiful by wingletts
Roseville Tuscany Vaseby upstate…
My first piece of Roseville Pottery by MikeHeb…
i say it is 1886 rookwood pottery, what do you think?by mjoy44444
revised pictures of my glassroomby malta760
Roseville U.S.A. 86-4 Art Potteryby macpicker
Mother-in-laws great findby Frankjr
Roseville cosmosby dah2112
Roseville Cosmos vaseby upstate…
Roseville White Rose jardinierby upstate…
Baneda Pair!by mrsaaj
Roseville Vase #784-8by tgrabiner
One of my weekend upstate…
Art Pottery by dah2112
A couple of pieces of Rosevilleby upstate…
Roseville  Potteryby complxkity
Roseville Blackberryby dah2112
My roseville Magnolia Jardiniere and pedestalby dah2112
Close ups from This Weeks Scoreby macpicker
Antique Potteryby jriney
Roseville Ivory Peeing Dog?by Celiene
Oil color bull by TeresaD
Roseville Pineconeby ecbennett