Shortwave radio broadcasts between 3 and 30 MHz (3,000 kHz to 30,000 kHz), and signals can be heard across long distances. They were frequently used during World War II, usually transmitting coded messages.

First introduced in the 1920s, shortwave broadcasts revolutionized the world of radio, making international broadcasting and international communication possible. Shortwave broadcasts work in conjuncture with the ionosphere... the frequencies fall into the ionosphere and bounce back, broadcasting across the globe.

Although radios that pick up shortwave broadcasts can still be bought today, vintage shortwave radios are a fun (and useful!) collectible.

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Richie Benaud's storeroom Test matches, April 20th

The Benaud family's big Kreisler radio was always tuned in. When Bradman took the Australian team to England in 1938, shortwave broadcasts beamed the commentary live from England for the first time. It was the beginning of a ritual that inspired the...Read more

'Radio DARC' Program Debuts on Ham-Operated German Shortwave Outlet:, April 16th

The inaugural transmission of the "Radio DARC" Amateur Radio program aired over the March 21-22 weekend via Channel 292 at 6070 kHz. The German-language program was produced in cooperation with Germany's national ...Read more

Goshen teen used his radio to help send word to families throughout the country
Goshen News, April 11th

With his own money, earned from a Goshen News paper route, he bought short-wave radio equipment. He earned a license from the Federal Communication Commission to broadcast on that radio in 1961, the same year he became a U.S. citizen. The wall of ...Read more

What Are Radio Waves?
Live Science, April 6th

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation, as are microwaves, infrared radiation, X-rays and gamma-rays. The best-known use of radio waves is for communication; television, cellphones and radios all receive radio waves and convert them to ...Read more

Zenith Trans-Oceanic, The "Royalty of Radios"
WSHU, March 27th

With the development of tubes in the late 1930s to support portability, McDonald came up with the concept of a portable shortwave radio that he could use while at sea on his yacht. Although the series of radios was inspired by his yachting experience, Mr...Read more

'Radio DARC' debuts on ham-operated shortwave outlet
Southgate Amateur Radio Club, March 27th

The German-language program was produced in cooperation with Germany's national Amateur Radio society — the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC). A group of amateurs in Germany obtained a license to broadcast on the 49 meter shortwave ...Read more

Radio wars: information battle heats up as Russia and China muscle in
The National, March 26th

For about 70 years it was the base of the BBC World Service. Bush House, with its grand marble entrance in central London, stood as a powerful symbol of the BBC, home to the short-wave radio services that delivered news to dozens of countries in more...Read more

Vanuatu's radio station signals, including shortwave, restored
Radio Australia, March 24th

Francis Herman, the ABC's program manager for the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme, says transmission engineer Steve White and local technicians have fixed Radio Vanuatu's short and medium wave service to a level better than before the cyclone...Read more