Shortwave radio broadcasts between 3 and 30 MHz (3,000 kHz to 30,000 kHz), and signals can be heard across long distances. They were frequently used during World War II, usually transmitting coded messages.

First introduced in the 1920s, shortwave broadcasts revolutionized the world of radio, making international broadcasting and international communication possible. Shortwave broadcasts work in conjuncture with the ionosphere... the frequencies fall into the ionosphere and bounce back, broadcasting across the globe.

Although radios that pick up shortwave broadcasts can still be bought today, vintage shortwave radios are a fun (and useful!) collectible.

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Want to listen to spy broadcasts? Here's how.
The Week Magazine, January 10th

Hidden among the squelch and whine of the little used shortwave radio band, mysterious stations broadcast unbreakable code. Yosemite Sam threatens to blow the listener to smithereens before switching to a different frequency. An upbeat woman delivers ...Read more

The Buzz on Shortwave
Radio World, January 5th

A release explains, “This new e-publication edition is an expanded version of the English shortwave broadcast guide formerly printed in the pages of Monitoring Times magazine for over 20 years. This one of a kind e-book is now being published twice a...Read more

Shortwave radio another way to have the world at your fingertips
Palm Beach Post, January 4th

My hobby of shortwave listening and ham radio talking doesn't attract a bunch of attention for itself but my efforts to string up more wire antennas never fails to make me the subject of whispering speculation from neighbors — much of it hostile, much...Read more

Twin Cities developer creates 'shortwave radio' app for world news Press, December 12th

Smartphone users have no shortage of radio-style apps that will stream news-and-information programming to them over the Internet. But app developers are always in search of niches within well-populated app categories, and Twin Cities resident Steven ...Read more

Numbers Stations, Shortwave Radio, and Their Role in the Intelligence Community
Highbrow Magazine, September 5th

Many nights, Spooks turn on their shortwave radios and drift through the frequencies. On any given night, one can hear amateur radio stations broadcasting church sermons, utility traffic for aircrafts – with the right equipment, you can hear/contact...Read more