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~~~ Pontil Wine Bottle with a Seal ~~~ - BottlesNew Item by Sizzler
The war is over! - Visual ArtNew Item by brunswick
Antique Painting Framed In London  - Visual ArtNew Item by zoso
~~~~ TYPE 11 Japanese Machine Gun ~~~~ - Military and WartimeNew Item by Sizzler
Wasp as necklace + restoration tools used for it.New Item by kyratango
Swirly !!!! - Art GlassNew Item by eye4bea…
"Evening In Morocco" Poster Mystery > Why Is John Wayne There Instead of Elvis?  - Posters and PrintsNew Item by Efesgirl
Steamer Trunk with Dome Top - FurnitureNew Item by azvintage
Ron Lee Lara Sculpture on a Carousel Horse - FigurinesNew Item by herbgrower
Large Asian (Chinese) Teapot - AsianNew Item by DecoVoo
Victorian 18k belt and buckle ring with Chester hallmark   - GoldNew Item by silversteve
Red Star Line - Anterwerpen-NewYork 1906? - AdvertisingNew Item by Kimfrankel
Possibly for leather working - Tools and HardwareNew Item by bancroftr35
The Jesters in American Pie! - RecordsNew Item by brunswick
Vintage Viobot (Violin Bottle) - BottlesNew Item by jscott0…
Abstract design woven in basketI - Native AmericanNew Item by basketcolle…
Four Wheeled Antique Child's Bike - Wood and Metal - ToysNew Item by Faloula
Mid century swivel chair and ottoman (leather) - Mid-Century ModernNew Item by Biker
George Kovacs table lamp - Mid-Century ModernNew Item by Biker
An Unidentified Czech Shape and Décor for Ian - Art GlassNew Item by welzebub
chinese calligrapher's water pot - AsianNew Item by getthat…
vintage soviener spoon  - Sterling SilverNew Item by lundy
My Twas the Night Before Christmas Book - CardsNew Item by debracurtis
Handmade Topsy Turvy Doll > Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma & the Big Bad Wolf~!! - DollsNew Item by Efesgirl
My best ever wasp insect brooch! - Fine JewelryNew Item by kyratango
Only found at Sears! - RecordsNew Item by brunswick
Clackers/Click Clacks, Thrift Shop Find, $3.00 - ToysNew Item by Efesgirl
Rusty Mine Cart - RailroadianaNew Item by Rattlet…
Just a Lable for only six years! - RecordsNew Item by brunswick
The Grandfather of Jazz guitar! - RecordsNew Item by brunswick
Interior of Unique Antique Doll Trunk - FurnitureNew Item by jscott0…
I found Mary and the baby! - GlasswareNew Item by brunswick
Unique Antique Doll Trunk - FurnitureNew Item by jscott0…
Another gargantuan Japanese glass vase - Art GlassNew Item by racer4f…
Marti Glass made them even bigger! - Art GlassNew Item by racer4f…
Marti Glass makes them big - Art GlassNew Item by racer4f…
Be time clock - ClocksNew Item by Fionn
Look at my shelf,  no theme yet!  - Art GlassNew Item by Ontheve…
Early Loetz,Commissioned by Max Emanuel, Olympia Enamel Ewer Vase Series 1 PN 6649,C 1890-98 - Art GlassNew Item by Alan2310
My unknown tool - SewingNew Item by ampmdalton
Awaji Bowl - Art PotteryNew Item by ho2cult…
Found another old sign! - SignsNew Item by ho2cult…
Candle reading lamp - LampsNew Item by Readinglamp
Small Mantel Clock Unknown Maker - ClocksNew Item by rgiangrasso1
Black Friday Sign - PetrolianaNew Item by Rattlet…
Thanksgiving Day - Military and WartimeNew Item by Rattlet…
Ansonia open escapement mantel clock - ClocksNew Item by Dschmid
48-95 of 133,298