Twin Peaks, California

My posts should say it all. Toys, militaria, electric fans, depression glass, graniteware and whatever looks good in my house. And gnomes for outside the house.


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Vintage Preway Cooler with Ice Holder Insert - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Thermos Quart Size Model 2484 - Kitchenin Kitchen
Sturmtiger 1/35th Scale Assult Tank Model - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Marx Thundercolt from the Johnny West Series - Toysin Toys
Jamie West Buckboard and Thunderbolt Set Mail Order Set - Toysin Toys
Marx Johnny West Flame Horse - Toysin Toys
Marx Johnny West Buckskin Horse aka Nodder - Toysin Toys
Vintage Domino Sugar Tin by J. L. Clark - Advertisingin Advertising
Repro McDonalds Speedee Sign Plus The Oldest McDonalds - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Hand Axe Possibly 19th Century - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


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  3. Thank you very much aghcollect. Time once more to amend the description.
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  10. Thank you REED TrunkerMarvin SEAN68
  11. Thank you very much antiquerose. Bese of the West had something for everyone.
  12. The upward shining floor standing lamps are called torchieres, as they are a bit like a torch. Looks a bit art deco to me could be 1930s. Of what is it made?
  13. You were given a home run, make that a grand slam. Also a Holy Grail or close to it. It has a brass cage and brass blades and the big pan style motor. Don't even think about restoring it.
  14. 1955-56. Was designed for home use according to an old advert I saw. Most of the old fans could be used for home or work as they were rather solid.
  15. Revision complete, thank you once more.
  16. Ah that would explain it. I will go with that and, I am thinking mine is the fancy dial. Thank you again for doing this. Brian
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  21. The case looks the same. The only difference is the artwork on the dial is slightly different. I know from time to time there are slight differences in catalog photos and the product. Thank you very m...
  22. Thank you very much. It is very close but not exactbut may be as close as we can get.
  23. Great piece. I love how it is filled with medical bottles.
  24. I believe this is a phone chair. You have your phone on the top table and phone book underneath.
  25. That's a pretty nice one. I like the fancy scroll work on the cabinet. Will guess 1900-1910.
  26. Thank you Kydur surfdub66 SJR pw-collector
  27. Thank you very much pw-collector. I am thinking I should put the date as 1934? I will change it for now unless you say otherwise.
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  33. Thank you fhrjr2. I am not very sure about it being sharpened just on one side. It is wedge shaped and not flat on one side.
  34. Thank you Roycroftbooksfromme1.
  35. Looks like pw-collector nailed it. RDW knife.
  36. Cool tank even though the gun and mantlet are missing. You could probably find it on ebay.
  37. Thank you OKCJim.
  38. Thank you kerry10456 pw-collector Mike802 bobby725
  39. Thank you very much Kerry. Hanging on the wall it is but I am going to use a square nail.
  40. Thank you very much Kerry. I have two more horses to post. Some accessories sets, the cactus/mod box series, the BOTW series and JWA series. Actually there is a lot to go but I am almost done with th...
  41. fhrjr2 I am eager to hear what the difference is.
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  43. Thank you Trey and SEAN68.
  44. Looks like just one edge to me. Photo 3 shows the unsharpened side.
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  46. Thank you SEAN68.
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  48. Thank you mikelv85.
  49. Some great rail equipment there. Looks like another RS3 in photo 2.
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A Saw set for setting the angle on wood saws, I know this because it reads saw set! A vintage Blade Guage another saw maintenance tool in wood and steel age unknown 1950 wire 45 / Vinyl record holder. Moto-Master specialized lubricants tin. A hand tool with unknown function, perhaps a farrier's horse nail puller? Wood and steel with adjustable puller and sharp blunt Telefunken diplomat console. My favorate ho train Cyma Swiss Made clock. Like new tubes in the box. A close shave! Ever-Ready wet shave razor with two British made blades made from British steel and the original box, unused.