Twin Peaks, California

Yes Twin Peaks is a real place. Not quite a city or town but a place with a post office and as Alpine was taken they came up with Twin Peaks. The odd thing being tYes Twin Peaks is a real place. Not quite a city or town but a place with a post office and as Alpine was taken they came up with Twin Peaks. The odd thing being that there is only one peak. Anyway my speciality is toys of the 1960s although I collect much more. I have a particular weakness for taxidermy which includes everything from insects to bear skin rugs although I don't have a bear skin rug yet. (Read more)


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Three Little Pigs Paper Stand Up Figures Disney - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Small Galvanized Trash Can 18" Tall - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
The Rose Chess Set Made in England Early 1940s - Gamesin Games
Opalized Petrified Wood 6 Click on the Little Pictures - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Goodyear Tire Ashtray San Bernardino - Advertisingin Advertising
Case Skined Skunk Pelt and Skull - Animalsin Animals
Boy Scout First Aid Kit Bauer and Black Circa 1930s - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Miniature Matchbox Mack Truck Monday MB 28 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Small Sauce Pan or Large Ladle Graniteware Pan - Kitchenin Kitchen
Ultimate Soldier AH-6 Little Bird Helicopter Part Two - Toysin Toys


  1. It sounds like Rock and Roll to me too. Glad 2P added the link so I could see them in action.
  2. Looks like a Frank Frazetta cover. Great art even if it isn't his.
  3. Yours looks like a shorter version of mine..... It's a 1900s monitor top or waterfall. Just check out wh...
  4. Thank you pops52.
  5. Thank you brunswick Caperkid nutsabotas6 mikelv85 vetraio50
  6. Thank you brunswick Caperkid nutsabotas6 rockbat mikelv85 vetraio50 roddyq pw-collector
  7. Thank you very much Thomas. If don't mind a rather poor game of chess I would be happy to oblige. I do know how to move the pieces.
  8. Thank you TassieDevil JImam Manikan PhilDMorris
  9. Thank you Efesgirl TassieDevil JImam Manikan PhilDMorris
  10. Thank you kyratango.
  11. Thank you Signaholic.
  12. Thank you valentino97 roddyq Caperkid PoliticalPinbacks mikelv85 TassieDevil JImam AnythingObscure Efesgirl fhrjr2 brunswick nutsabotas6
  13. Thank you very much nutsabotas6. Glad to bring back the memories.
  14. Thank you valentino97 Manikan aura nutsabotas6
  15. Looks to be a Victorian parlor table. Back in the long ago furniture had rollers so they could be moved for cleaning. When carpet became popular the little wheels disappear. You won't find another exa...
  16. Great photo. I can use that picture to ID some of my bottles.
  17. I like the cave, or well or whatever that thing is too.
  18. Great color. Bottles like this are why there a purple insulators. Some of them at least.
  19. The Lotus Europa is a classic. Perfect for pulling trailers.
  20. Thank you pw-collector.
  21. Thank you filmsonly4me.
  22. Thank you very much shareurpassion. I'll bet a pet skunk would be good to keep burglars away.
  23. Thank you very much fhrjr2. That sounds logical. Will look up some of the other brands.
  24. Thank you very much 2p. The ashtray does have good treads.
  25. Thank you very much valentino97. Back in the day a gift with purchase was fairly common.
  26. Thank you Caperkid PoliticalPinbacks mikelv85 JImam brunswick
  27. Thank you very much 2P. Perhaps I should try some different angles.
  28. Make that nut and screw.
  29. I have a feeling this may be from Europe. It's not unusual to see repairs on enamelware as the finish is like glass and breaks when dropped or hit. Usually they used mendits which is basically a bolt ...
  30. Looks like a genuine bowie knife to me. Hard to say how old it is as backyard blacksmiths have been making them since the first one was made. Looks good.
  31. Looks like it is which is to say yes. Circa 1950s - 1960s and not depression glass.
  32. Flying A had some of the best signs ever.
  33. Great item. Looks like I need to brush up as there are a couple I can't ID. My excuse is that I don't often see them from that angle.
  34. Thank you Manikan brunswick blunderbuss2 nutsabotas6 bobby725
  35. Thank you brunswick Caperkid blunderbuss2 nutsabotas6
  36. Thank you very much Thomas. I saw one once in the mountains east of San Diego. They are quite colorful. The fox that is.
  37. Thank you vetraio50 PoliticalPinbacks mikelv85 JImam
  38. Thank you very much PP. That is to say oui.
  39. Thank you Caperkid PoliticalPinbacks vetraio50 mikelv85 JImam
  40. Thank you vetraio50.
  41. Thank you vetraio50.
  42. I plan my vacations around antique malls. I make a list of them to stop along the way.
  43. I've always liked them too.
  44. The famed prerecorded cassettes. I recall they had the tabs punched out so you couldn't record over them. That and the rewinding pencil.
  45. Thank you Rick55 mikelv85 PhilDMorris
  46. Thank you Rick55 mikelv85 PhilDMorris
  47. Thank you Rick55.
  48. Thank you Rick55.
  49. Thank you Rick55.
  50. Thank you EJW-54 Rick55
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