Twin Peaks, California

Yes Twin Peaks is a real place. Not quite a city or town but a place with a post office and as Alpine was taken they came up with Twin Peaks. The odd thing being tYes Twin Peaks is a real place. Not quite a city or town but a place with a post office and as Alpine was taken they came up with Twin Peaks. The odd thing being that there is only one peak. Anyway my speciality is toys of the 1960s although I collect much more. I have a particular weakness for taxidermy which includes everything from insects to bear skin rugs although I don't have a bear skin rug yet. (Read more)


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  1. Tools>Folding Knives
  2. Very cool. I never knew about this one and here it is an Aurora model. Looks like it is painted well too.
  3. Thank you rocker-sd.
  4. Thank you shareurpassion rocker-sd
  5. Thank you Efesgirl Caperkid mikelv85 bijoucailouvintage aura jscott0363 ho2cultcha beyemvey brunswick thegatherer officialfuel Nicefice PhilDMorris blunderbuss2 iggy EJW-54 Lamplover7...
  6. And thank you very much Glassgaga.
  7. Thank you very much beyemvey.
  8. Thank you Caperkid Efesgirl mikelv85 jscott0363 aura brunswick Nicefice PhilDMorris blunderbuss2 Rattletrap vetraio50 fleafinder sklo42
  9. Thank you very much billretirecoll. It still looks pretty much the same.
  10. Thank you very much Scott. Glad you liked my write up.
  11. Thank you very much Efesgirl. It is an interesting stretch of road.
  12. Thank you very much billretirecoll. It is a great show. The best buys and most unusual items along with the most items. Long Beach is good too although I think it is mostly the same sellers.
  13. An adorable little dog. Plus quite fancy Dachshund.
  14. A good year for Dinky. Hopefully they weren't ruined by Hotwheels like Matchbox was.
  15. Thank you very much rocker-sd. I first went there in the 1970s when I was in high school. Still in the top 10 in the world.
  16. Thank you vetraio50 Lamplover78 Caperkid vintagelamp inky Catmanyoutube brunswick Bruce99
  17. Thank you very much Glassgaga. Very kind of you to say so.
  18. Thank you Nicefice OneGoodFind Caperkid vintagelamp shareurpassion bijoucailouvintage brunswick
  19. Thank you lamplover78 OneGoodFind valentino97
  20. PS free bonus photo of The Narrows which highway 18 above the hotel.
  21. Late 1950s according to a post here on CW.
  22. That is a great find. I need to get a portable UV light.
  23. That's a great piece.
  24. Thank you PhilDMorris racer4four TassieDevil antiquerose jscott0363 mikelv85 Zilla beyemvey Glassgaga Manikan fleafinder
  25. And thank you very much Scott. First for me too.
  26. Thank you very much TassieDevil.
  27. Thank you very much racer4four. It does seem to fit.
  28. Thank you vetraio50 PhilDMorris racer4four TassieDevil jscott0363 aura mikelv85 beyemvey Efesgirl fleafinder
  29. Thank you very much Scott. Santa Claus, IN sounds like a fun place.
  30. Thank you SEAN68 fleafinder
  31. Thank you SEAN68.
  32. Thank you SEAN68.
  33. Looks great without paint. Crazy people threw those out. I see I am not the only one who accidently hits the Unsolved Mystery button.
  34. Thank you vetraio50 JImam TassieDevil Celiene
  35. Thank you vetraio50 TassieDevil
  36. Thank you fleafinder Rattletrap
  37. Thank you thegatherer.
  38. Thank you catmanyoutube.
  39. I like the leaping rabbit. Nice menagerie.
  40. Thank you mikelv85 racer4four jscott0363 Nicefice aura brunswick Glassgaga vintagelamp Caperkid
  41. Thank you very much Glassgaga. I think it is but I don't have a UV light. Green glass usually can go in the Depression glass category but a uranium glass category would be nice.
  42. Thank you Martika fleafinder mikelv85 Efesgirl bijoucailouvintage racer4four jscott0363 Nicefice brunswick vintagelamp Caperkid Manikan roddyq
  43. Thank you very much roddyq. Sorry you lost Huckleberry Hound.
  44. Thank you very much valentino97. Jungle Book is a bit on the rare side I think. Hope you get them soon.
  45. Thank you very much Scott. That is just 2/3 of that display.
  46. Thank you very much Efesgirl. Pretty cool commercial. Now I want all of those.
  47. Thank you valentino97 vintagelamp
  48. Thank you vintagelamp.
  49. Thank you vintagelamp.
  50. It is always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Hesperia is just down the hill from me.
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