Twin Peaks, California

My posts should say it all. Toys, militaria, electric fans, depression glass, graniteware and whatever looks good in my house. And gnomes for outside the house.


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Marx Captain Maddox from the Fort Apache Fighters - Toysin Toys
Graniteware/Enamelware Utensil Rack - Kitchenin Kitchen
Matchbox Yesteryears 1930 Packard and 1931 Stutz Bearcat - Model Carsin Model Cars
Pair of Vintage Concrete Climbing Squirrels - Animalsin Animals
1/6 Scale Diorama Fortification Set - Toysin Toys
Colt 1851 Navy Model Revolver Reproduction - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Matchbox Comer Milk Delivery Truck 1962 D Style Box - Model Carsin Model Cars
Kenner Steve Scout with Jeep 1973-1974 - Toysin Toys
Landers, Frey and Clark Pinch Toaster Model E944 Circa 1920s - Kitchenin Kitchen
Graniteware/Spatterware Bucket Colander/Strainer - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Thank you ozmarty antiquerose inky walksoftly SEAN68 aghcollect officialfuel bobby725 Alfredo ho2cultcha
  2. Thank you very much inky.
  3. Thank you very much antiquerose. First one I have seen too.
  4. Thank you very much ozmarty. I know a lot of these were made in France but I don't know about this one.
  5. Thank you SEAN68 aghcollect officialfuel GeodeJem Manikan
  6. It's a great piece.
  7. Thank you surfdub66.
  8. Thank you very much indianapolisrebel. I would say $10-$20 depending on condition and completeness of the uniform.
  9. Very cool One of my favorite eras of military aircraft. Thank for taking the time to type out all the info on this. I was trying to figure out what a couple were.
  10. It already looks good and it has the insert. You can't go wrong with this one.
  11. You would be stylin' on Lake Arrowhead with that.
  12. Thank you vetraio50 racer4four aghcollect Trey AzTom
  13. Thank you antiquerose vetraio50 racer4four aghcollect Trey
  14. Thank you very much antiquerose. How about some tea?
  15. Thank you Sean.
  16. Thank you SEAN68 ttomtucker EJW-54
  17. Thanks blunderbuss. Yes the trigger not working. Neat site. The good thing is that the cylinder is worth more than I paid for the pistol so I am already ahead.
  18. Thank you junkmanjoe and FanciGirl.
  19. That is a great collection. Is there any particular pattern you collect? Feel free to post the individual pieces. I do it.
  20. If you would like to post the photos right side up you need to post them from a home computer. And yes nice pieces.
  21. Added a new photo with what may be the balls for this cap and ball revolver. Also one for a civil war musket.
  22. Thank you officialfuel racer4four/Vincent Manikan aghcollect Trey
  23. Thank you very much cwacct.
  24. Thank you officialfuel racer4four Manikan aghcollect blunderbuss2 Trey
  25. Thank you very much blunderbuss2. I fear it would be chrisnp's trash but I like it.
  26. Thank you very much Vincent.
  27. Thank you vintagelamp and racer4four.
  28. Thank you kyratango and vintagelamp.
  29. Thank you very much Vincent. Hope you find some.
  30. Thank you very much FanciGirl. I agree.
  31. Thank you sklo42.
  32. Thank you fifties50s Sean68 Trey aghcollect
  33. Thank you vetraio50 SEAN68 Trey Manikan aghcollect
  34. Thank you very much Sean.
  35. Thank you GeodeJem vintagelamp racer4four kyratango valentino97 SEAN68 blunderbuss2
  36. Thank you very much kyratango. Butter and jam it is.
  37. Thank you vintagelamp and racer4four.
  38. Thank you very much Virginia.vintage.
  39. Thank you vintagelamp.
  40. Thank you vintagelamp.
  41. kpaseuzzo, I think you can mark it as Mystery Solved now.
  42. I had no idea Felix was around that long. Looks like long before the professor and the magic bag.
  43. Avengers 100 looks good. Even the Black Knight and Hercules is there.
  44. Love those WWII ones. Especially that Mk IV tank.
  45. Could you take more photos? You can post 4 in each post.
  46. I believe this is a chest and not a trunk. It does not seem to be made for travel. It is a great piece.
  47. Thank you vetraio50 ozmarty walksoftly aghcollect officialfuel Trey nutsabotas6
  48. Thank you antiquerose walksoftly aghcollect Trey
  49. Thank you walksoftly aghcollect nutsabotas6 vetraio50 SEAN68 antiquerose surfdub66 racer4four Trey freiheit
  50. Thank you very much antiquerose.
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