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My posts should say it all. Toys, militaria, electric fans, depression glass, graniteware and whatever looks good in my house. And gnomes for outside the house.


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Two Vintage Santa Dolls - Christmasin Christmas
Matchbox 62b Commer TV Service Van - Model Carsin Model Cars
Vintage Extra Large Musical Knee Hugger Elf - Christmasin Christmas
GI Joe Navy Attack Set 1964-1967 - Toysin Toys
Elves and Mortimer Snerd - Christmasin Christmas
More Christmas Decorations - Christmasin Christmas
Fontanini Nativity Set - Christmasin Christmas
Christmas Tree For 2014 - Christmasin Christmas
Imperial Glass Vaseline Beaded Block Plate - Glasswarein Glassware
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  1. I have noticed several post WWII German items are the same/similar to WWII. But it is economic to use the same gear even if there were some bad vibes.
  2. Thank you ttomtucker
  3. Oops a bit late but 7 I think. Even I lost track.
  4. You have a lot more done then I do. Mine are all in boxes.
  5. It's a drive by poster Kerry.
  6. Thank you very much katherinescollections. Big and little they are all good.
  7. Merry Christmas Sean!
  8. Thank you AntiqueToys
  9. Thank you sanhardin and AntiqueToys
  10. That tractor would look great in my yard. I like the tinsel and the reindeer and the truck.
  11. Thank you SEAN68 ho2cultcha Weirdpuckett Jewels toolate2 aghcollect Manikan gargoylecollector Comoran1925 officialfuel racer4four Trey
  12. Thank you bratjdd
  13. Looks like it was made to carry a passenger.
  14. He is one righteous guy.
  15. And thank you Jewels. I had a feeling you would like it.
  16. Thank you for the comment antiquerose.
  17. Thank you AzTom Jewels Weirdpuckett gargoylecollector aghcollect Manikan SEAN68 nutsabotas6 officialfuel pops52 vetraio50 racer4four Trey
  18. Thank you sugargirl
  19. The mouthpiece was usually bakelite/plastic. I am wondering if there are threads for a mouthpiece on it.
  20. Thank you Kydur
  21. Thank you Kydur
  22. Thank you antiquerose PatSea racer4four Jewels gargoylecollector Manikan Trey bratjdd CindB aghcollect vetraio50 officialfuel
  23. Wowsers. It is chrome! We will need ttomtucker on this one.
  24. The black and gold is a classic.
  25. Thank you SEAN68 ron1939 Jewels Weirdpuckett Trey aghcollect offficialfuel Manikan Highwat-St-Christopher vetraio50 shareurpassion Dan121156 Kerry10456 shughs
  26. Thank you antiquerose
  27. I love the Sinclair dinosaur, that along with the Pegasus and Flying A are my favorite logos (or whatever they are called).
  28. Could it have something to do with Wagars Pest Control? Looks like something one may put a deceased pest in.
  29. I love the Ford Falcon behind it.
  30. Always great to see your items and read the detailed descriptions. We can always use a be more militaria around here.
  31. Thank you Kydur.
  32. Thank you very much Kerry. Merry Christmas and electronic mail sent your way.
  33. Thank you very much Sean. I kind of like my toys.
  34. I think your most valuable one is the green VW van. The Lesney cars are Matchbox.
  35. Thank you Phil valentino97 toolate2 Weirdpuckett aghcollect Trey Manikan ho2cultcha vetraio50 Virginia.vintage racer4four Sean68
  36. Thank you antiquerose Phil PatSea Jewels toolate2 CindB aghcollect Trey vetraio50 officialfuel SEAN68
  37. Yes a Merry Christmas to them.
  38. Oh yes, I remember those.
  39. Thank you vetraio50
  40. Thank you very much Manikan. Merry Christmas!
  41. Thank you very much Virginia.vintage
  42. Thank you very much Manikan. Have gotten rid of a few things I should have kept.
  43. Thank you very much toolate2. Merry Christmas!
  44. Thank you muchly Jewels
  45. Thank you very much valentino97
  46. Thank you shareurpassion Weirdpuckett vetraio50 Virginia.vintage
  47. Thank you very much Virginia.vintage
  48. I love these even the reproductions. Cool that it has all the accessories.
  49. Cool an elf on a shelf elf. Looks vintage to me but hard to say for sure.
  50. Thank you PatSea officialfuel aghcollect CindB Jewels Manikan Trey
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