Twin Peaks, California

My posts should say it all. Toys, militaria, electric fans, depression glass, graniteware and whatever looks good in my house. And gnomes for outside the house.


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Graniteware Pencil Pen Holder - Kitchenin Kitchen
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Marx Johny West Gernimo in Lithograph Box - Toysin Toys
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  1. Great stove. I love that clock with the chrome trim.
  2. Thank you rattletrap pickrknows
  3. Thank you SEAN68.
  4. Thank you Trey Efesgirl SEAN68
  5. Thank you antiquerose mikelv85 racer4four AsherasAttic Manikan ho2cultcha
  6. Thank you very much AshearasAttic. He is from an antique mall in Redlands. The dealer had some huge markdowns and it was only $15. Orphan Annie's dog had no pupils just big white circles.
  7. Thank you very much racer4four. He already has a happy home though.
  8. Thank you very much antiquerose.
  9. Thank you very much Signaholic. They did sell a lot.
  10. Thank you pw-collector officialfuel Vegasil
  11. Thank you Caperkid Signaholic
  12. Oh that is nice.
  13. Thank you pw-collector.
  14. Thank you vetraio50 Mikelv85 Trey kyratango Manikan
  15. Thank you very much Trey. He came with enough for a tribe of Geronimos.
  16. Thank you very much Trey. There are plenty for everyone.
  17. Thank you very much Roy. They are on their way.
  18. Thank you Caperkid nutsabotas6 Trey
  19. Thank you Caperkid.
  20. Thank you Caperkid.
  21. Thank you Caperkid.
  22. Yes I did a post on it. Here it is.....
  23. Very neat and unusual.
  24. More photos would help, views of the fixtures etc. You can post 4 photos per post. Tiffany style lamp I believe.
  25. Thank you racer4four kaputs11 vetraio50 Manikan SEAN68 sugargirl
  26. Thank you very much kaputs11. Yes the 63 is a show stopper.
  27. Thank you vetraio50 sklo42 kyratango mikelv85 racer4four Manikan SEAN68 Virginia.vintage
  28. And thank you very much Virginia.vintage.
  29. Thank you very much racer4four. I fear I do.
  30. Thank you very much Mikelv85.
  31. Looks pretty early I am thinking circa 1900 plus or minus a decade.
  32. Neat piece.
  33. Thank you OfficerTorres.
  34. TallCakes is correct. Vaseline glass is yellow. Anchor Hocking has an anchor it its logo I believe so it is Hazel-Atlas.
  35. Thank you ttomtucker.
  36. Thank you very much again Virginia.vintage.
  37. Thank you ho2cultcha Virginia.vintage shareurpassion pw-collector
  38. Thank you very much shareurpassion. It is a hot plate on top the cabinet.
  39. Thank you very much Virginia.vintage.
  40. I fear you have a genuine fake.
  41. Another A+ item.
  42. Thank you very much ho2cultcha. I have my share.
  43. Thank you charmsomeone Efesgirl Trey SEAN68 Roycroftbooksfromme1
  44. Thank you mikelv85 charsomeone Manikan valentiono97 vetraio50 Trey racer4four pw-collector blunderbuss2 nutsabotas6 kaputs11 EJW-54 kyratango Roycroftbooksfromme1 SEAN68
  45. Thank you very much StillLearning.
  46. Thank you very much Roy.
  47. Thank you SEAN68 nutsabotas6
  48. Your gas company may fix it for you. My brother bought one and they fixed it at no charge.
  49. Looks like you have a Duesenberg in the first photo. Always a show stopper. Many great cars there.
  50. Thank you very much valentino97. Indeed it was. I feasted on bacon wrapped hot dogs and had an antique break at one of my favorite antique malls which was nearby. The best cars are yet to come.
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Zenit TTL SLR 35mm Film Camera with Helios case and additional lenses. A Saw set for setting the angle on wood saws, I know this because it reads saw set! A vintage Blade Guage another saw maintenance tool in wood and steel age unknown 1950 wire 45 / Vinyl record holder. Moto-Master specialized lubricants tin. A hand tool with unknown function, perhaps a farrier's horse nail puller? Wood and steel with adjustable puller and sharp blunt Telefunken diplomat console. My favorate ho train Cyma Swiss Made clock. Like new tubes in the box. A close shave! Ever-Ready wet shave razor with two British made blades made from British steel and the original box, unused.