Twin Peaks, California

Yes Twin Peaks is a real place. Not quite a city or town but a place with a post office and as Alpine was taken they came up with Twin Peaks. The odd thing being tYes Twin Peaks is a real place. Not quite a city or town but a place with a post office and as Alpine was taken they came up with Twin Peaks. The odd thing being that there is only one peak. Anyway my speciality is toys of the 1960s although I collect much more. I have a particular weakness for taxidermy which includes everything from insects to bear skin rugs although I don't have a bear skin rug yet. (Read more)


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Hubley P-39 Pursuit Plane No Prop  - Toysin Toys
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  1. Thank you PoliticalPinbacks mikelv85 racer4four nutsabotas6 JImam brunswick PhilDMorris Manikan Wandlessfairy
  2. And thank you very much Wandlessfairy.
  3. Thank you very much nutsabotas6. Yes the tow hook was standard.
  4. Thank you very much PP. They used to pull trailers with cars. 6mpg not so bad as it probably got 12 normally.
  5. Thank you freon brunswick vetraio50 Rick55 inky roddyq officialfuel Wandlessfairy
  6. Thank you brunswick Rick55 PoliticalPinbacks Manikan Wandlessfairy
  7. Thank you very much Wandlessfairy. I got some points.
  8. Thank you very much PoliticalPinbacks. The original.
  9. These look like EAPG. I am thinking these are all (or most) over 100 years old, holy grail stuff for me.
  10. PS it is being pulled by a MB22 Pontiac Grand Prix circa 1967.
  11. Thank you Sean.
  12. Thank you very much Thomas. Maybe 50 grand for the paint. Maybe more.
  13. That is a lot of ghosts.
  14. Those are from the 1970s I believe, somewhere around that time. I recognized that pattern right away. At $10 you can easily make a profit (or mentally make a profit if you keep them). That reminds m...
  15. This poor guy needs more love.
  16. I have one very similar.....
  17. An M3 Lee tank one of my favorites.
  18. Thank you VikingGirl.
  19. Thank you betweenthelens.
  20. Thank you betweenthelens.
  21. Thank you blunderbuss2.
  22. Thank you Efesgirl mikelv85 racer4four vetraio50 JImam mickeysmagic nutsabotas6 PhilDMorris
  23. Thank you Efesgirl mikelv85 iggy racer4four JImam nutsabotas6
  24. Thank you very much nutsabotas6 and yes it is.
  25. That is a fun looking room.
  26. Thank you Peasejean55 EZa
  27. Thank you nutsabotas6.
  28. Thank you Lamplover78.
  29. Thank you nutsabotas6.
  30. Thank you nutsabotas6.
  31. Thank you PhilDMorris.
  32. Thank you very much nutsabotas6. PS it is called speckleware.
  33. Thank you mikelv85.
  34. Thank you mikelv85.
  35. I agree with Phonoboy and SpiritBear. It is a beautiful radio.
  36. Oh wow this is nice. I don't see many graniteware funnels in anything other than gray. In fact I think I have only seen one in person and I bought it. I call those dings beauty marks. Should be safe ...
  37. Thank you very much surfdub66. VW are cool. I have 2 bugs and 3 vw vans in Matchbox and a few more in Hotwheels.
  38. Thank you very much roddyq. There is that much again mint with boxes.
  39. Thank you buckethead.
  40. Thank you buckethead.
  41. Thank you iggy SEAN68
  42. Thank you SEAN68 Wandlessfairy
  43. Thank you SEAN68.
  44. Thank you SEAN68.
  45. Thank you SEAN68.
  46. Thank you SEAN68.
  47. Thank you SEAN68.
  48. Thank you SEAN68.
  49. I am all over those. Saw Jesus and Mary Chain open for Iggy Popp in the 80s. Jesus and Mary much better. Iggy was much too commercial at that point.
  50. Thank you PoliticalPinbacks mikelv85 nutsabotas6 GeodeJem JImam Mrstyndall Wandlessfairy Caperkid roddyq vetraio50 brunswick
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