Twin Peaks, California

Yes Twin Peaks is a real place. Not quite a city or town but a place with a post office and as Alpine was taken they came up with Twin Peaks. The odd thing being tYes Twin Peaks is a real place. Not quite a city or town but a place with a post office and as Alpine was taken they came up with Twin Peaks. The odd thing being that there is only one peak. Anyway my speciality is toys of the 1960s although I collect much more. I have a particular weakness for taxidermy which includes everything from insects to bear skin rugs although I don't have a bear skin rug yet. (Read more)


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Christmas Decorating So Far - Christmasin Christmas
Still Yet More Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Christmasin Christmas
Vaseline Glass Three Footed Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Small Desk Calendar From 1946 - Officein Office
Hallmark Train Ornaments Milwaukee Road - Christmasin Christmas
Vintage  Crhistmas 5 Light Candolier With Box - Christmasin Christmas
A Vintage Fly Swatter - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Hallmark Keepsake Oranament New Christmas Friend 1998 - Christmasin Christmas
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  1. That is really nice.
  2. Looks like you got some great buys.
  3. Everyone looks quite festive decorated for Christmas.
  4. Thank you SEAN68 jscott0363 mikelv85 brunswick fleafinder
  5. Thank you mikelv85.
  6. That is a great set. Would go well with depression glass.
  7. Thank you fleafinder.
  8. Thank you SEAN68.
  9. Congrats again on 1000. It is quite the mile mark.
  10. Looks good in red. Good job on not painting over the ribs.
  11. Congratulations on 1000 posts plus 2. Just 998 to go for 2,000.
  12. Congratulations on 1000 posts. It takes a lot of work as these items don't post themselves.
  13. Cool trunk. We have many fine trunk experts here who can give you a good estimate on age. I am going to guess 1905. They all seem to be from 1880-1920s.
  14. Yep a model 99. Built in 1955.
  15. Yeo that is it. Model 99K built in 1958.
  16. Thank you Caperkid.
  17. Thank you Efesgirl antiquerose jscott0363 TassieDevil mikelv85 aura SEAN68 sklo42 racer4four fleafinder Caperkid
  18. And thank you very much racer4four.
  19. Thank you very much antiquerose. I am sure I can find some down the hill in civilization.
  20. Thank you very much Efesgirl.
  21. Thank you very much beyemvey. It does have that look. I had best watch out for peasants storming castles with my tools. And thank you for the Bday wishes.
  22. Thank you kerry10456 SEAN68
  23. Thank you PostCardCollector vetraio50 Manikan racer4four brunswick aura SEAN68
  24. Thank you SEAN68 sklo42.
  25. Thank you SEAN68.
  26. Thank you SEAN68
  27. Thank you SEAN68 sklo42
  28. Thank you SEAN68 sklo42
  29. Thank you SEAN68 sklo42
  30. Thank you SEAN68 sklo42
  31. Thank you jscott0363 Efesgirl TassieDevil antiquerose mikelv85 kyratango Jlmam SEAN68 sklo42
  32. Cool item. The plush version of Huckleberry Hound was red too but he was blue in the cartoon.
  33. There should be two letters followed by 6 numbers. See photos 2 and 3. On the edge of the base just right of t...
  34. I think that serial number may just be for the motor. I think I can see the serial number plate on the lower right hand corner. This could be a converted treadle machine and even older than you think...
  35. I'll get to it tonight. The serial number is on the underside. You may need to remove it from the base.
  36. Thank you very much Jlmam. Glad to do that.
  37. Thank you very much kyratango. Living the dream here.
  38. Thank you very much antiquerose. Not a fly in sight.
  39. Thank you very kindly TassieDevil.
  40. Thank you very much Efesgirl.
  41. Thank you very much Scott. Looks like I'll need more photos of that area.
  42. Thank you Efesgirl jscott0363 aura TassieDevil Caperkid Jlmam mikelv85 SEAN68
  43. Thank you Caperkid mikelv85 TassieDevil Efesgirl jscott0363 fleafinder Jlmam Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse SEAN68
  44. Thank you very much ho2cultcha.
  45. Very cool heater. Should be safe due to the direction the blade spins.
  46. Check the underside for the serial # on this one too. You can look it up or tell me and I can look it up. Come to think of it the serial number may be on the top side for this one.
  47. The serial number should be on the underside of the machine. These are one of my favorite machines.
  48. Great item. Don't see many portables like this. The windup players are fun to play with.
  49. Thank you very much Scott. Teal sounds quite reasonable so I can go with that.
  50. Thank you very much TassieDevil.
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mystery refrigerator dish


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