Twin Peaks, California

My posts should say it all. Toys, militaria, electric fans, depression glass, graniteware and whatever looks good in my house. And gnomes for outside the house.


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GI Joe SOTW Russian Infantry Man 1966 - Toysin Toys
Curio Cabinet - Furniturein Furniture
GI Joe Air Police and Dress Uniform - Toysin Toys
GI Joe Fighter Pilot and Basic Action Pilot - Toysin Toys
Red Leaves and Gnomes - Figurinesin Figurines
Matchbox 40 Car Carrying Case 1965 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Rushton 1950s My Toy Plush Santa Claus - Christmasin Christmas
1960s Marx Dinosaurs and Cavemen 1960s. - Toysin Toys
Vintage Santa Claus Doll - Christmasin Christmas
flipper Lunch Box by Thermos 1966 - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Thank you austrohungaro Beachbum58 Manikan
  2. Thank you CindB Jono austrohungaro lisa
  3. Thank you CindB Jono austrohungaro lisa
  4. YAY! It is right side up now.
  5. It is pretty cool.
  6. Rattletrap you have gone sideways again. You can come over to my house and look for free too.
  7. Thank you PatSea Trey Walksoftly Jewels eye4beauty officialfuel aghcollect CindB blunderbuss2 valentino97 sklo42 nutsabotas6 vetraio50 gargoylecollector racer4four
  8. Pretty cool.
  9. Thank you very much valentino97. It is from the Redlands Galleria Mall. Yes cat toys on the chair.
  10. Thank you kindly Jewels.
  11. Thank you very much walksoftly.
  12. Thank you aghcollect Manikan Vetraio50 officialfuel racer4four/Vincent Trey Jewels
  13. Thank you aghcollect Manikan vetraio50 officialfuel racer4four/Vincent Trey Jewels
  14. Thank you very much Vincent. Yes the dress uniforms didn't come with much but they were very popular.
  15. Thank you vetraio50
  16. Thank you Dr Fluffy
  17. Budai in Chinese or Hotei in Japan. Yes rub his belly 3 times every day for luck.
  18. Thank you vetraio50 Jewels Manikan aghcollect kyratango austrohungaro gargoylecollector Trey racer4four
  19. Thank you racer4four. One is solar powered but it has never worked.
  20. Thank you Manikan
  21. Thank you toolate2
  22. Thank you Sean68
  23. Thank you petey
  24. Thank you Reed and petey.
  25. You do have quite the man cave.
  26. I love the first Black Sabbath album. Sadly I got rid of 2/3rds of my albums and yes I can relate.
  27. Double sided that is awesome.
  28. Excellent collection. Feel free to add more photos. You can do 4 per post.
  29. Thank you Trey aghcollect austrohungaro officialfuel Jewels gargoylecollector vetraio50
  30. Thank you Manikan
  31. Thank you Roy Croft booksfrome1
  32. It turned my head and not being high priced is not always a bad thing.
  33. If someone offers you something for it take it. That "no appraisal" instruction when one posts an item must be a bit vague. People are having a hard time understanding that. Plus we all have to tak...
  34. Keep the Santas coming!
  35. I love these too. Need to get me a proper stained glass lamp.
  36. Thank you shareurpassion austrohungaro Virgina.vintage aghcollect gargoylecollector Jewels Trey
  37. Thank you PatSea austrohungaro racer4four Virgina.vintage aghcollect gargoylecollector Jewels Trey valentino97
  38. Thanki you aghcollect Jewels PatSea Manikan vetraio50 shareurpassion racer4four Trey Weirdpucket
  39. I believe that is a raison drying board but I could be mistaken.
  40. They are probably looking out for the fuzz. They are just lucky they never ran into Dr Deadly.
  41. Just looked up Knapp 341 and saw a DC fan from the 1890s which probably had the bi-polar motor. Yours is not that one, it's an AC motor.
  42. Nope not the original cord. Should be the twisted wire type. Kind of like the iron cords but twisted. I am thinking it say S41 instead of 341 but I could be mistaken.
  43. Cool sign. Oh yes it has value but no asking how much.
  44. Thank you muchly Jewels. I probably would have paid $20.
  45. Thank you very much Virgina.vintage
  46. Thank you kindly shareurpassion.
  47. Thank you very much Virgina.vintage
  48. Thank you very much austrohungaro. You can't have enough Marx dinos.
  49. Thank you very much shareurpassion. I collect bugs too. Will probably post the centipede next Halloween.
  50. Thank you austrohungaro Jewels officialfuel gargoylecollector CindB Trey aghcollect Manikan lisa vetraio50 walksoftly valentino97
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