Twin Peaks, California

My posts should say it all. Toys, militaria, electric fans, depression glass, graniteware and whatever looks good in my house. And gnomes for outside the house.


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Vintage Wicker Hamper with Arms - Furniturein Furniture
Vintyage Jointed Teddy Bear Growler - Animalsin Animals
Lake Arrowhead Woodie and Antique Boat Show - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Club Electric Waffle Mould Model R.I. 1920s - Kitchenin Kitchen
Sam Cobra with Black Thuderbolt Horse - Toysin Toys
Josie and Janice West Johnny West Daughters - Toysin Toys
GI Joe Footlocker With Accessories - Toysin Toys
Marx Johnny West Thunderbolt Horse - Toysin Toys
Electrolux Cannister Vacuum Model E 1954 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Gilbert American Flyer The New Silver Comet Passenger Set 5535TBH - Model Trainsin Model Trains


  1. Very cool indeed.
  2. Pretty sure that dial doesn't go with the phone. And it looks like they added a 2nd ringer. Look up Kellogg wood phone or wall phone. The additions will probably knock the value a bit.
  3. Looks like you are having a cold summer. Sadly I have no clue what that is.
  4. Does it or its siblings have inserts? $40 is a great price for this even without the inserts.
  5. Thank you very much aghcollect. Good chance you are right on that. Wet stuff in the hamper is bad news.
  6. Thank you very much nutsabotas6. Yeah you got to go for the unique.
  7. Thank you aghcollect vetraio50
  8. Thank you smiata.
  9. Thank you chevelleman69.
  10. Thank you GeodeGem.
  11. Quite zen autograph. I prefer the old name myself. Call it what it is.
  12. Delightfully unPC.
  13. Beautiful rusty sign.
  14. Thank you very much surfdub66. Haven't quite picked a name yet. Perhaps Beary Bear.
  15. Thank you surfdub66 inky mtg75
  16. Thank you very much inky.
  17. Thank you surfdub66.
  18. Thank you very much inky and yes the new stuff is hidden.
  19. And thank you very much Sean.
  20. Thank you very much katherinescollections. The Bear says grrr.
  21. Thank you kyratango aghcollect racer4four katherinescollections Trey Manikan sklo42 SEAN68
  22. Thank you Peasejean55 kyratango vetraio50 racer4four Manikan gargoylecollector aghcollect Herbert_Booker toolate2 Trey ho2cultcha ttomtucker kerry10456 officialfuel sklo42 shareurpassi...
  23. Thank you aghcollect Efesgirl Trey racer4four sklo42 shareurpassion SEAN68
  24. Thank you katherinescollections paulmartin clockerman kerry10456
  25. Thank you RonM.
  26. Definitely what TubeAmp said. Looks a lot like a ringer box but there aren't enough holes in the box plus the schematic. Interesting item.
  27. I like how it takes 4 stamps to make the complete picture.
  28. Thank you very much kyratango. They are still getting used to each other.
  29. Thank you very much ho2cultcha. I'll bet some of same cars were there.
  30. Thank you very much Herbert_Booker. I have a feeling those cars may be worn out.
  31. Thank you very much Manikan. They certainly do not.
  32. Thank you very much racer4four.
  33. Thank you very much racer4four. That is how they did then.
  34. Thank you Manikan.
  35. Super cool and I am thinking 50s or 60s.
  36. trunkman Johnson is right, do not refinish it. Does it have the inserts? It is a fine trunk.
  37. I think I could live with the crack too. My first real sword was the Italian Cavalry sabre which had been broken in half and repaired. Aside from some rocks I don't have anything from the 1600s.
  38. The caster is a good sign as it from the days before carpeting was common. Furniture was moved around a wood floor for cleaning.
  39. Great wagon.
  40. That is a nice one. It's a smoking stand and yes very rare to find with all the parts and a working lighter.
  41. Thank you kerry10456 aghcollect SEAN68 Manikan trunkman shareurpassion Trey Efesgirl
  42. Thank you shareurpassion but I have zero Zorro.
  43. Thank you very much shareurpassion. It's a great color, toys of the 60s tend be richer and less glossy than those of today.
  44. Hong Kong was knock off land. They made a lot of stuff for GI Joe. They looked like GI Joe items but not quite.
  45. Thank you aghcollect Manikan Hunter vetraio50 kerry10456 Trey SEAN68 PostCardCollector trunkman
  46. Thank you very much PostCardCollector.
  47. Thank you kyratango nutsabotas6 paulmartin
  48. Thank you very much nutsabotas6. It is handy.
  49. Whatever you do don't get it refinished, it never comes out quite right. Looks like it had a second tuning slide. The one on it is longer so perhaps to hit perhaps to hit a low E.
  50. Thank you very much fhrjr2. Yes they sold a lot of them.
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