Twin Peaks, California

My posts should say it all. Toys, militaria, electric fans, depression glass, graniteware and whatever looks good in my house. And gnomes for outside the house.


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GI Joe Club Exclusive Uranium Man - Toysin Toys
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Store Display Jay West - Toysin Toys
Marx Jay West Son Of Johnny West - Toysin Toys
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  1. And thank you very much Sean.
  2. Thank you very much austrohungaro. Yes he is!
  3. Those are great pieces. Do you have the Black Beauty and the Monkeemobile? Feel free to post your collection I would love to see it.
  4. Thank you texasantiques junkmanjoe Vintagefran katherinescollections
  5. Thank you very much katherinescollections.
  6. Thank you Sergey kyratango vetraio50 Trey Manikan Virginia.vintage austrohungaro aghcollect
  7. Than k you very much Viginia.vintage.
  8. Thank you very much Sergey.
  9. Thank you Trey Manikan austrohungaro aghcollect
  10. Thank you kyratango vetraio50 Trey Manikan austrohungaro aghcollect GeodeJem
  11. Thank you very much GeodeJem. Perhaps the less skilled cowboys.
  12. Thank you kyratango vetraio50 Trey Manikan austrohungaro aghcollect
  13. Thank you racer4four Sergey inky
  14. Thank you very much Sergey.
  15. Thank you very much Vintagefran and a boat would be perfect.
  16. Thank you Vintagefran.
  17. PS I need to dust.
  18. That has everything going on. Great Piece.
  19. That is pretty cool. You should take a few more photos. You can post up to four.
  20. Thank you austrohungaro sklo42 Trey Manikan aghcollect
  21. Thank you REED.
  22. That is one nice car.
  23. Thank you kerry10456 officialfuel
  24. That is a great piece. It would be nice to see some different views and close ups. You seem to have uploaded the same photo 4 times.
  25. That's a great trunk. A camelback with the inserts. The trunk people all like to restore their trunks but I prefer to keep things original as much as possible.
  26. It's a great display. Aside from buying more stuff there isn't anything more fun than making displays.
  27. Probably from a Sperm Whale. Pretty cool item.
  28. Thank you vetraio50 aghcollect Sergey racer4four EJW-54 GeodeJem kivatinitz austrohungaro Trey SEAN68
  29. And thank you very much Sean.
  30. Thank you Sergey vetraio50 ho2cultcha melaniej austrohungaro aghcollect Manikan sklo42 racer4four Roycroftbooksfromme1 kivatinitz Trey SEAN68
  31. Thank you Sergey vetraio50 SEAN68 austrohungaro aghcollect Manikan sklo42 racer4four katherinescollections kivatinitz Trey Ivonne
  32. Thank you very much kivatiniz.
  33. Thanks again. The clock is vintage I think it is new old stock.
  34. Thank you Roycroft and upstateny.
  35. Thank you sergey SEAN68 sklo42
  36. Thank you very much texasantiques. You can see it with the clock here......
  37. I love model ships.
  38. It's only worth about $20. Doesn't seem worth it to lose a family heirloom.
  39. Thank you very much sklo42. The horseshoe crab and the puffer fish have been with me a long time.
  40. Thank you very much Manikan. It does fit right in.
  41. Thank you very much austrohungaro. Luckily I seem to have solved that problem for now.
  42. Thank you very much Sergey. Sounds like a great place to live.
  43. Thank you very much austrohungaro. I am not sure but it is highly likely.
  44. Thank you Rustfarm Chrisnp Sergey Sean
  45. Thank you vetraio50 Manikan aghcollect Trey
  46. Yes Trey I was thinking the same thing. Some kind of alien anyway.
  47. Thank you petey.
  48. Thank you petey.
  49. Thank you katherinescollections and Hoipolloi.
  50. Thank you very much Katherinescollections.
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