Twin Peaks, California

Yes Twin Peaks is a real place. Not quite a city or town but a place with a post office and as Alpine was taken they came up with Twin Peaks. The odd thing being tYes Twin Peaks is a real place. Not quite a city or town but a place with a post office and as Alpine was taken they came up with Twin Peaks. The odd thing being that there is only one peak. Anyway my speciality is toys of the 1960s although I collect much more. I have a particular weakness for taxidermy which includes everything from insects to bear skin rugs although I don't have a bear skin rug yet. (Read more)


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  1. Kurt email me. My addy is in my profile
  2. That's a neat phone. Does it have the magneto and other innards in the ringer box?
  3. White's are very pretty. I can look up the serial number and get a rough estimate.
  4. Come back olebodie.
  5. Thank you Efesgirl Nicefice mikelv85 jscott0363 valentino97 brunswick
  6. Thank you Efesgirl TassieDevil Nicefice mikelv85 jscott0363 brunswick
  7. And thank you very much Thomas.
  8. Thank you very much Scott.
  9. Thank you racer4four buckethead kyratango
  10. Thank you very much melaniej. That is what I use that tub for and it works.
  11. Thank you antiquerose Rick55 melaniej
  12. Thank you very much Rick. It is all real wood no veneer or paneling.
  13. Thank you mikelv85 freon jscott0363 iggy ravage60 Caperkid brunswick vetraio50 racer4four blunderbuss2 Rick55
  14. Thank you Rick55.
  15. Thank you roddyq Caperkid GeodeJem Rick55 blunderbuss2
  16. Thank you roddyq Caperkid mikelv85 Rick55 blunderbuss2
  17. Thank you very much bb2. The walls are already a foot thick. I would love a new room. Unpermitted of course as that is the mountain way.
  18. Thank you very much Rick. I hunt for them at antique stores. Much cheaper that way.
  19. Thank you very much roddy. Perhaps I'll post the long one if the photos come out OK. There are more family photos on the right.
  20. Thank you kyratango.
  21. Thank you kyratango.
  22. Thank you kyratango.
  23. Thank you Nicefice jscott0363 mikelv85 aura brunswick melaniej officialfuel Manikan olebodie iggy
  24. Thank you very much olebodie. It is a bit busy perhaps I could cover part of the deck.
  25. Thank you very much Scott.
  26. Thank you very much Nicefice.
  27. Thank you bijoucailouvintage jscott0363 mikelv85 brunswick iggy ravage60
  28. Thank you very much PastimePro. Always good when you can use these things.
  29. Thank you very much Thomas.
  30. Thank you mikelv85 freon jscott0363 Caperkid brunswick vetraio50 racer4four aura Nicefice PasttimePro Roycroftbooksfromme1
  31. Thank you very much Nicefice.
  32. Thank you very much Scott. 1500 is a lot of hogs.
  33. Thank you Lamplover78.
  34. Thank you very much Rose. I do have a thunder mug chair but I should get an out house just to keep up the appearance.
  35. Fun stuff. I have a space for it if they don't want it. The hospital up here still uses leeches.
  36. That is a great car. Corvettes are one of my favorites.
  37. Thank you mikelv85 freon jscott0363 Caperkid brunswick
  38. Thank you billretirecoll. That makes good sense. It is a bit heavy for an egg beater as it weighs more than a box full of them.
  39. Alas I fear we still have no gnome category.
  40. That is a great piece. It is definitely worth more than $3.
  41. I like the color on it. There is a category under electronics for phonographs.
  42. Thank you kerry10456 Manikan vintagelamp
  43. Thank you Manikan vintagelamp
  44. Thank you Manikan.
  45. Thank you SEAN68 Manikan
  46. Thank you SEAN68.
  47. Thank you vetraio50 SEAN68
  48. Thank you SEAN68.
  49. Thank you SEAN68.
  50. Thank you SEAN68.
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