Twin Peaks, California

My posts should say it all. Toys, militaria, electric fans, depression glass, graniteware and whatever looks good in my house. And gnomes for outside the house.


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Lincoln Head Penny Collection 1909-1939 - US Coinsin US Coins
Happy Valentine's Day CW! - Toysin Toys
Vintage Coca-Cola Bottle Opener - Kitchenin Kitchen
Barton & Guestier Wine Bottle Opener - Kitchenin Kitchen
WWII M6 Binoculars Universal Camera Corp - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pacific Electric Hollywood Car - Railroadianain Railroadiana
German Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle Model - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
The Little Red Wagon Wheelstander - Photographsin Photographs
Eagle Oil/Kerosine Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Auburn Rubber Telephone Truck 1950s - Toysin Toys


  1. Thank you very much SpiritBear. You are luckier than I.
  2. Thank you very much elanski. The oldest ones I find are from the 1950s.
  3. Thank you very much Thomas. Would that be the 1909 S VDB? Those are going over $600. The plain 1909 is much cheaper. Coming soon will be a glass washboard.
  4. Thank you very much Gruff. It was the same villain I am sure. We got a dog and that ended the problem.
  5. Thank you drelectroslot.
  6. Thank you very much SpiritBear. I have been looking for a site with info on the oil lamp manufacturers but have had no luck.
  7. My guess is the Spanish Armada which was 1588 or thereabouts. . Could be a bit fanciful.
  8. Neat knife. I like the shape of the clip point on it.
  9. Great album. I have a briefcase with the sticker around he someplace along with the postcard.
  10. Thank you very much elanski.
  11. Thank you kyratango SEAN68 racer4four vintagelamp
  12. Thank you very much racer4four.
  13. Thank you SEAN68 vintagelamp
  14. Thank you SEAN68 vintagelamp
  15. Thank you SEAN68.
  16. Thank you very much antiquerose. I only have 2 plus some lanterns.
  17. Thank you Caperkid brunswick Manikan mikelv85 gargoylecollector Trey Nicefice
  18. Thank you very much Thomas. They are going to work with me today.
  19. Thank you Caperkid mikelv85 brunswick NevadaBlades AzTom gargoylecollector Trey Nicefice
  20. Thank you very much NevadaBlades. Glad to bring back the memories.
  21. Thank you Caperkid mikelv85 bobby725 gargoylecollector Trey Nicefice
  22. Thank you mikelv85 kerry10456 nutsabotas6 brunswick Nicefice NevadaBlades gargoylecollector Trey vetraio50 AnnaB Chrisnp vintagelamp
  23. Thank you kyratango brunswick Nicefice EZa mikelv85 Trey pickrknows officialfuel blunderbuss2 SEAN68 Signaholic katherinescollections Manikan gargoylecollector racer4four EJW-54 OneGo...
  24. Thank you vintagelamp AnnaB
  25. Thank you AnnaB.
  26. Thank you AnnaB.
  27. Thank you AnnaB.
  28. Thank you AnnaB.
  29. Thank you AnnaB.
  30. Thank you AnnaB Collectomaniac
  31. Thank you very much Collectomaniac. The penny collection will indeed be in a future post.
  32. Everything in there looks great. One of these days I need to get wood flooring.
  33. That's a really neat machine. Does it seem safe to use when used properly? Some old slicers of a lot of exposed blade.
  34. Thank you very much Chrisnp. Am happy I could help. Could be the M9 which is similar.
  35. And thank you very much NevadaBlades.
  36. Thank you very much Thomas for your view.
  37. Thank you very much again Caperkid. These were made by Universal Camera Corp in New York.
  38. Thank you very much katherinescollections. I lived in El Cajon until 2001. Rode the trolley to TJ once.
  39. Thank you very much Signaholic. They do some thorough restoration work and have a large machine shop to make parts when needed.
  40. Thank you very much Caperkid.
  41. Thank you kindly Thomas.
  42. Post your photos from a PC and they will be right side up. Mobile devices end up with sideways and upside down photos.
  43. Get yourself a scanner they are pretty cheap. I just got a new scanner and it makes posting much easier and better.
  44. Way to commit Dizzydave. You don't just collect it you live it.
  45. Looks like a fun little knife.
  46. Thank you mikelv85 racer4four brunswick Nicefice Trey Caperkid nutsabotas6 katherinescollections Manikan
  47. Thank you very much Caperkid. Yes that would be the easier sell to the wife.
  48. Thank you EJW-54 Trey mikelv85 tradesman
  49. Thank you blunderbuss2 antiquerose Trey
  50. Thank you Trey.
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