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I'm an avid thrift store shopper and I love finding anything of artistic merit and value.The thrill of finding something for next to nothing is really what it's all I'm an avid thrift store shopper and I love finding anything of artistic merit and value.The thrill of finding something for next to nothing is really what it's all about. It always amazes me what some people will throw or give away. I'm always on the hunt for glass, pottery, original signed paintings, furniture or whatever catches my eye ! (Read more)


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Unusual Shape Calligraphy Bottle Vase / Paper Label "Made in Taiwan"/ Circa 20th Century - Asianin Asian
Large 13" Opaline Glass Vase / Silver Floral Design with Gilt Accents / Unknown Maker and Age - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cute Little 3" Glass Cat Figurine/Heavy Dark Honey Colored Glass/ No Mark / Unknown Age - Art Glassin Art Glass
McKee Glass Company 7" Carnival Glass "Limousine or Car Vase"/Used in 20's Model T Ford-30's Nash / Circa 1920's-1930's - Glasswarein Glassware
Tonala Pottery Dove and Duck Figures / Marked Mexico /Unknown Age - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Exquisite "Stuart Abelman" Iridescent Swirl Mushroom Paperweight/ Signed "Abelman" RM 285  Circa 1997 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cristales De Chihuahua, Juarez Mexico / Hand Crafted Glass Mushroom Cluster /Unknown Age  - Art Glassin Art Glass
"Redwing" Pottery "565" Coffee Server /Teak or Walnut Handle Cobalt Blue "Gypsy Trail" Design/ Circa 1950's - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Wheaton Glass Company "Milk Glass" Fish Bottle/Embossed "Dr. Fisch's Bitters" Millville NJ /Unknown Age  - Bottlesin Bottles
Large Square Italian Art Glass Bottle-Vase/Amber Glass with "Scavo" Finish/ Partial Label "Cenedese" ?/Mid Century - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I've had portobellos with a steak once at a restaurant.Very tasty and they did go well with the beef. Really not a big beef person, more a chicken and fish person. but every once and a while I like a ...
  2. Same here Aim :) all of the above yummy !!
  3. Thank you Karen :)...It is quite nice. Probably had a foil or paper label at one time.
  4. Thanks nutsabotas6 :) .... at first I thought it was a piece Norleans which is Japanese glass. I'm pretty sure this isn't though.
  5. Very nice watch geo :) So that's the guy in the Elton John song ! "Can you tell me how old Dan might have done it If he'd been here now? Holy cow My stars might have been read on the planet Mar...
  6. It's beautiful antiquerose :) I feel the same way about pianos. Wonderful old instruments being discarded and ruined by neglect or refinishing. I once saw a player piano at GW for fifty bucks with a ...
  7. O.o ......Wow !
  8. I'm in awe ....these are so incredible inky !
  9. Thanks everyone... she's the wonderful cashier at our Salvation Army I've been shopping at over the past year. We just started talking one day about how to ID things and one day I walked in and she ha...
  10. Why thank you Roy ... :)
  11. It's incredible piece czechman ! Yes, I've gotten the axe too regarding my 18th century bowl's auction and the details. I wrote them as to why and while Ben was nice, he said rules are rules. You can...
  12. I know, I thought ..... "Wait till Karen sees these when I post them" after I saw them on the shelf....lol. What a coincidence ! They were marked five and I got them for two dollars each. Can't wait t...
  13. I really love this :) Great mid-century design !
  14. Thanks for the loves everyone :).... As for our thrifts ,when there's nothing great at least there's something unusual.
  15. Just love all your Royal Doulton. Not something easily found in the states and very expensive if you do.
  16. Something I've never heard of. They sure are pretty though Anne !
  17. How did I miss this ? It's beautiful Anne and so is the little kitty...lol. -Mike-
  18. Those are wonderful Tony. Something I definitely would have bought. I love Chinese porcelain. I agree with Anne also !
  19. It's beautiful and looks old too Tony :).... maybe English or German. It will be interesting to research and find out exactly who made it. -Mike-
  20. Those are beautiful Karen :)...they would go nicely with my bowl .
  21. I don't see anything and I'm holding it under a high intensity lamp. Probably just anomalies in the glaze color. Looks just like a darker band of blue under the numbers. It plays tricks on your eyes i...
  22. Oh well....Looks like we were both wrong Amber.... Sean and icollect tracked this down as proof. Seems like all three companies used the same body style but different handles,colors, and optional lids...
  23. OK so what I gather from all this is the three companies used just about identical ceramic bodies , but for the handle shape, type of marking and the interior color. So mine is a standard "565" mark +...
  24. Seems like I'm finding more online described as Gladding McBean than Bauer. Here's a salmon color one on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/listing/109581487/franciscan-ware-pitcher-wood-handle
  25. Hmmmm....I don't know Amber... except for the handle the ceramic shapes are close to the Franciscan "El Patio" pattern. Somebody is copying someone here. I have a Bauer gravy boat and it's marked "Bau...
  26. Nice.....You shop like I do. Scan the aisle and home in on the good stuff...lol
  27. A wonderful vase ! ..... I agree with Amber. I do see a bit of poultry in this pottery :)
  28. Thanks so much Austro :)...... but do you recognize the designer or am I missing something in vetraio's info. I really couldn't find much else about this piece.
  29. Love this vase Austro... A favor please :) You're the Euro glass expert here on CW can you take a look at this piece I found the other day and tell me what you think ? -Mike- http://www.collectorsw...
  30. Oh well thanks for taking a look. I love studio pieces,but boy are they a pain to ID !
  31. Thanks GTMOOM :) .....this was a while ago.....Now if I can just find where I put that little guy...lol -Mike-
  32. What a nice group of pots GTMOOM :) I have a pair of mystery studio pottery vases I posted a while back. It looks similar to the tallest one in shape except it's pushed in on the side. It has a "W" in...
  33. My friend and I went last year to see the Titanic exhibit at The Henry Ford Museum. The wiener mobile was front and center as you came into the exhibition area. Of course, it's opposite the hotdog res...
  34. Thank you Braider :) I checked out your posts and they are all exceptional. Our Goodwill is starting to get loaded with things for some reason, Roseville, Nippon, some Hull pottery. I can't afford eve...
  35. Another wonderful vase ! Love it:)
  36. This is really amazing ! I love the shape and the decoration.
  37. What a great find Braider :).....Sure does look like Clarice Cliff. I watch the BBC's Antiques Roadshow on "Ovation" they appraise her pieces every once an a while. She's not everyone's taste but I th...
  38. Thanks everyone for the "loves". Still trying to pin down an attribution and a year. Now that I have a where I'd like to know who :) -Mike-
  39. Well as we all know there is only one fruit cake in the world that just keeps getting passed along. Heard that some where. No one likes fruit cake.....lol !
  40. Bet it was signed on the top half of the label, but by who ?? Maybe Cenedese from what I've been reading.
  41. OMG that's incredible !! Thanks so much vetraio50 :)..... you're a gentlemen and a scholar ! I knew it was something special !!
  42. Thank you Trey :)
  43. Thanks nutsabots6 :)
  44. Thanks Anne for all the great info. I have a blue 8" soup bowl that I think is English "Ansley" not sure of the spelling. Had it forever. It's a bit chipped up around the edges. My brother knocked it ...
  45. Basic translation...... Oh my God that's great Nuts ! :)
  46. Bling !!
  47. Mon Dieu...tres bon Madame Nuts ! ....lol
  48. Thanks Aim.... I see what you mean about the pitcher. It's like one of those optical illusion pictures that everyone sees differently. I really like the Cleopatra one. I think the movie with Elizabe...
  49. It sure is Amber.... I showed it to my mom and she said "Didn't I make something like that a while back "..I said "sure mom a while back was like 50 years ago ! "....lol :P
  50. Here you go antiquerose :) I think it's "Majak" they must be using Russian writing that's why it doesn't look like a "j". Here's a link to a similar one on liveauction's site. -Mike- http://www.live...
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