I started collecting jewellery from the Belle Epoque in 2007. Since then my collection has been growing bit by bit and now also includes some art and home items. I pI started collecting jewellery from the Belle Epoque in 2007. Since then my collection has been growing bit by bit and now also includes some art and home items. I particularly like the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, and Secessionist styles, but also have a couple of early Art Deco pieces. I'm always on the look for designs from Liberty's, the Wiener Werkstätte, and iconic period items. (Read more)


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Jugendstil aquarelle sketch by Otto Prutscher, Vienna c. 1900 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Lalique vintage Nerita ring in green, 1990s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Beautiful Modernist Silver & Malachite Brocch, from Germany - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
British Arts & Crafts silver ring with fruit motif and green stone c. 1900 - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Jugendstil silver & malachite guard or muff chain by Gustav Hauber, Germany c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Another Jugendstil brooch from Pforzheim, Germany, made c. 1900. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Jugendstil floral silver brooch from Pforzheim, Germany c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Beautiful British Arts & Crafts Gold & Opal Ring, c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Fitted drawer with my bracelet collection - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Austrian black enamel silver bracelet, c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Incredible!
  2. Superb! Fit for a queen!
  3. Could it read GAS? For Georg Adam Scheid, from Vienna? Love it!
  4. Speechless! ;)
  5. beautiful!!
  6. Inky & Rick55, thank you for your reactions. And thanks to all for loving.
  7. Fantastic!!
  8. Hi cogito, thanks for your input. I indeed bought it as is. It might have come from Prutscher's 'Nachlass' or, as you say, from the WW archives. Perhaps it would be worth checking with an expert to le...
  9. Thanx Sean, kyra and Vetraio! And all who have loved it!
  10. Nice find! Love the garnet. I would say it's art nouveau period.
  11. Thank you all for the loves and nice reactions!
  12. Another treasure! Love the history!
  13. I love a growing collection! All great rings but the blue one is my fave! :)
  14. I get an Egyptian revival vibe, 1920s? Really pretty!!
  15. kyra, thanks for your comment. Actually the ring is very sturdy. I think it would take more than a clap to break it, fortunately. It is very heavy, too, but looks lovely.
  16. So chic!
  17. Spectacular!!
  18. Love the enamel work!
  19. I'd indeed be worth to take to an expert for valuation and repair. Good luck!
  20. A museum piece!!
  21. That's a good idea! I sometimes see lovely hatpins but never buy them because i think they would be hard to wear. Maybe now I'll dare ;-)
  22. Looks a bit deco, do you know the age?
  23. Such beauties!!
  24. Soooo pretty!!
  25. How do you wear them?
  26. Masterful work!! More pictures, please! :)
  27. OMG!! Simply wow! Those rocks are unbelievable! I agree w/ Kiwipaul.. American, perhaps Tiffany? It is certainly of that niveau. Thanks for showing!
  28. Love that green!!
  29. Wow, one in every colour! Love it! :)
  30. Interesting, Jewels1900!
  31. wonderful!! I hope you get a Liberty chain for it... and I can't wait to see your new acquisitions! :)
  32. I have seen this model of ring attributed to Instone before, including one example in the Tadema Gallery site. Beautiful set!
  33. JPC or AG ... Perhaps Edward Spencer? Wonderful!!
  34. I love it!! It would look even prettier with an ornate chain, like the Cuzner one :)
  35. magnificent!!
  36. Wonderful!!!
  37. Such a wonderful piece, and story!!
  38. Thanks to kyratango & Bluboi I have identified the stone as Amazonite! The size of the stone, it is 1.7 cm, so quite large. sarahoff, vetraio & Vladimir, thanks for loving!
  39. Kyra, I think you are right, it looks like it is Amazonite, you have a good eye!! Thanks, Fluffy, aghcollect & Peasejean for your comments and love.
  40. I have admired this piece for years, thanx for sharing it on cw!!
  41. Would love to see more of your collection!
  42. Love WMF!! So Deco this one!
  43. GJ always a delight!
  44. Fantastic!!
  45. Each page is wonderful!
  46. Wow, I had never seen one with ivory. Congratulations on your new addition to a lovely collection!!
  47. 1880 makes sense with the style. Great, Agram!! Now you can mark this as Mystery Solved!! :)
  48. I can read September 1902 on the inscription... maybe it would be worth to bring your piece to an expert or get in touch with the Rodin Museum. Good luck and congrats on a great find. Even if it's a r...
  49. You cannot repair the opals but you can prevent them from cacking further by submerging them in water for one night. Opals are mostly water and they crack when they dry out. They will also recover the...
  50. I do believe you have a beautiful antique piece, from around 1900. The quality of the work and the opals are great. Nice gift!
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Original Photo of Gaskin Jewellery Jugendstil  Secessionist German Silver Brooch c. 1900


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