I started collecting jewellery from the Belle Epoque in 2007. Since then my collection has been growing bit by bit and now also includes some art and home items. I pI started collecting jewellery from the Belle Epoque in 2007. Since then my collection has been growing bit by bit and now also includes some art and home items. I particularly like the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, and Secessionist styles, but also have a couple of early Art Deco pieces. I'm always on the look for designs from Liberty's, the Wiener Werkstätte, and iconic period items. (Read more)


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Liberty & Co. Turquoise Silver Necklace, probably by Jessie M. King c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
British Arts & Crafts Revivalist Mother of Pearl and Moonstone Necklace, by Amy Sandheim? c. 1920 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Jugendstil plique-a-jour enamel slide necklace, Germany c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Scandinavian or German 800 Silver & Chrysoprase Brooch c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Etruscan revival penannular silver brooch by Coppini c. 1890 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Lalique white 'Toupie' and silver ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Mexican Arts & Crafts Silver Brooch by Villa 1940s? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Archaeological revival silver bracelet by Georg A Scheid, Vienna 1880s - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Georg Adam Scheid Baroque Silver Bracelet, Vienna c. 1890 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Etruscan revival silver bracelet by Georg A Scheid, Vienna. c. 1890 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Agram, could your brooch be by the London makers Phillips Brothers?
  2. I love these old long chains!!
  3. In any case, it's wonderful, good luck with the research.
  4. What's the outcome on this beauty?
  5. Beautiful! Is it Australian?
  6. great chair and great story, as always! :)
  7. Thanks austrohungaro!! You are right, wearing and displaying are not the same. But these necklaces are works of art on their own, I think. But be assured that I do put them on, and they look lovely an...
  8. Thanks for your kind reactions and loves!
  9. Very pretty!
  10. Dreamy pieces!
  11. Hi Peasejean! I just posted the necklace I mentioned before. Regards.
  12. Btw, Liberty comes to mind :)
  13. Super! Good research.
  14. Quality is superb! As you say maybe from the Castellani school.
  15. Instone, absolutely! And so pretty!
  16. Wonderful necklace... and many thanks for putting together the Sandheim's bio!
  17. Wow, it's much prettier than it looked. I think you made a super deal! And must be from a goog maker, the quality is lovely.
  18. Incredible! grandma had good taste!
  19. Thanx kyratango, never too late to love :)
  20. Thanks so much for the lecture! look forward to the other examples!
  21. Wonderful!
  22. It's breathtaking!
  23. fantastic!
  24. Thanks for your kind comment, Anne. I'm sure with patience you will be able to find some beautiful pieces for you and your daughter to enjoy, and I hope you'll share them in CW.
  25. By the way, are any of your pieces signed? Do you know how her work can be identified and distinguished from others such as Nossiter and Dunlop? ;)
  26. Wow, thanks Jewels1900!! I see what you mean, the design and scrollwork are certainly very similar to the one I posted. The biggest difference I can see is that your pendants and necklaces all have be...
  27. Thanks kiwipaul for the comment. The size is big: 5cm long by 5.5c, across, and 8cm from the connector piece. Jewels1900, I thought that Sandheim's pieces were a bit more colorful and ornate, perhaps ...
  28. And thanks to everyone else for the love!
  29. Thanks for the suggestion, Jewels1900!! I hadn't thought of Amy Saindheim as a possibility... that would mean though that it's more like 1920s, right? I'd love to see your amber pendant, by the way.
  30. Wow, what a treasure! Love all Hoffmann!
  31. Like peacock's tail! Lovely!
  32. Medieval revival... I love it.
  33. spectacular, what a wonderful collection.
  34. Congratulations on your new acquisition. I would say it is a Liberty design, I have a very similar necklace marked L and Co, that I hope to post soon, and a ring that has almost the exact same leafs w...
  35. this green version is also beautiful, many thanks for the tip.
  36. WHH stands for William Hair Haseler, who manufactured a lot of designs for Liberty. I'ts a wonderful pendant.
  37. Thanks, kyratango!! I'd never seen one with a mother of pearl at the centre. Very pretty!!
  38. Thanks Agram! I hope to visit the museum soon, and now I know I cannot miss the jewellery section. Wonderful pieces.
  39. Hi Elisabethan, thanks so much for your interest and comments. I have to say that the brooch does remind me of some early GJensen pieces, that's why I initially thought it could be Scandinavian. Howev...
  40. Big Knox fan! Beautiful work.
  41. you have a treasure there! thanks for sharing :)
  42. I'm sure the eagle mark stands for silver, very pretty!
  43. Thanks for the loves! Jewels, also thanks so much for the info and tip. Kyra... Jewels means a nearly identical piece that you can find on Tadema's archive file of Jugendstil necklaces... could may we...
  44. Thanks, jensen & Jewels for the input. I'm also inclined to think it's German, but the marks throw me off a bit. I suppose it could also be Austrian. In any case, it's really pretty. Thanks also to al...
  45. I like the original mother of pearl, but the opal does enhance the piece, well thought!
  46. simply wow!
  47. wonderful piece, perhaps Austro-Hungarian?
  48. spectacular!! thanks for showing.
  49. schaverien, thanks for the info. Even if the makers remain a mystery, it is still a beautiful period enamel piece, and the hallmark does read S&E.
  50. Thank you, Elisabethan for the link, there is indeed a resemblance. Thanks nutsabotas6 and shereurpassion for your comments. And everyone for the loves. Agram.m, I'm always interested in Scheid pendan...
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Original Photo of Gaskin Jewellery Jugendstil  Secessionist German Silver Brooch c. 1900


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