I started collecting jewellery from the Belle Epoque in 2007. Since then my collection has been growing bit by bit and now also includes some art and home items. I pI started collecting jewellery from the Belle Epoque in 2007. Since then my collection has been growing bit by bit and now also includes some art and home items. I particularly like the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, and Secessionist styles, but also have a couple of early Art Deco pieces. I'm always on the look for designs from Liberty's, the Wiener Werkstätte, and iconic period items. (Read more)


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British Arts & Crafts silver ring with fruit motif and green stone c. 1900 - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Jugendstil silver & malachite guard or muff chain by Gustav Hauber, Germany c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Another Jugendstil brooch from Pforzheim, Germany, made c. 1900. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Jugendstil floral silver brooch from Pforzheim, Germany c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Beautiful British Arts & Crafts Gold & Opal Ring, c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Fitted drawer with my bracelet collection - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Austrian black enamel silver bracelet, c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
4th fitted drawer of my jewellery collection - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Liberty & Co. silver enameled Arts & Crafts necklace, England c. 1900 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Austro-Hungarian silver amethyst and pearl necklace c. 1860 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Wonderful!!!
  2. Such a wonderful piece, and story!!
  3. Thanks to kyratango & Bluboi I have identified the stone as Amazonite! The size of the stone, it is 1.7 cm, so quite large. sarahoff, vetraio & Vladimir, thanks for loving!
  4. very pretty indeed! :) I would say amber, too. Looks European, maybe German?
  5. Kyra, I think you are right, it looks like it is Amazonite, you have a good eye!! Thanks, Fluffy, aghcollect & Peasejean for your comments and love.
  6. I have admired this piece for years, thanx for sharing it on cw!!
  7. Would love to see more of your collection!
  8. Love WMF!! So Deco this one!
  9. GJ always a delight!
  10. Fantastic!!
  11. Each page is wonderful!
  12. Wow, I had never seen one with ivory. Congratulations on your new addition to a lovely collection!!
  13. 1880 makes sense with the style. Great, Agram!! Now you can mark this as Mystery Solved!! :)
  14. I can read September 1902 on the inscription... maybe it would be worth to bring your piece to an expert or get in touch with the Rodin Museum. Good luck and congrats on a great find. Even if it's a r...
  15. You cannot repair the opals but you can prevent them from cacking further by submerging them in water for one night. Opals are mostly water and they crack when they dry out. They will also recover the...
  16. I do believe you have a beautiful antique piece, from around 1900. The quality of the work and the opals are great. Nice gift!
  17. katherinescollections, yes indeed that's how these chanis worked. Muffs were a must-have accessory for 1900s ladies, so the chains had to be chic!! Thank you, and also Agram & Fluffy for the comments,...
  18. Agram, beautiful brooch!! The city mark is for Chester. The 9 is for 9 Carat which is similar to .375 gold. I hope this helps.
  19. I think it is the dog's head for Austria Hungary, shame the other mark is not legible. But I am sure is by a good maker.
  20. the enamel quality is wonderful!! are there any marks?
  21. They call them 'babisuri' in Baja California, Mexico. Lovely and rare animals. Keep feeding him!! :)
  22. My guess would be 1900-1920. Nice piece!!
  23. Thanks Jewels1900 for the info, as always!! I have seen those on the book before, they certainly feature a similar leaf motif... but if I'm not mistaken, it also said that it's still a mystery who act...
  24. Thanks for loving... Fluffy & austrohungaro, thanks for commenting :)
  25. Thanks, everyone for your loves! Fluffy, Kyra, and surfdub, I appreciate your comments :) Zowie, it does have a mate finish like pewter, but it's 800 silver.
  26. Love the case!! And of course the necklace :)
  27. Really pretty!
  28. haha, Tanks Agram, I guess I'm lucky that way!!
  29. Many thanks for your loving and nice comments!! I am indeed lucky to have a crafty someone by my side!! :)
  30. what a treasure!
  31. classic MB!! lovely.
  32. Thanks for your loves and wonderful reactions!! boyfriend is happy that his work is also admired ;-)
  33. Thank you all for loving! This was actually one of my earliest purchases. Jewels 1900, I hope to see yours soon, I haven't seen one of these 'out there' for a while!! Zowie, it indeed reminds me of a ...
  34. both wonderful!
  35. Thanks, everyone for loving. melaniej, amethyst is my birthstone, too!! Fluffy, Peasejean, Elisabethan & kyratango, I'm grateful for your input.
  36. I meant handbag ;-)
  37. I agree with Elisabethan, it has an art nouveau feeling. Maybe a buckle or handbad ornament?? Lovely!
  38. Precious ring!
  39. Wonderful!
  40. Indeed, 830 is a typical silver content of scandinavian pieces.
  41. Wow, what a story!
  42. I love the red enamel in between the stones!
  43. Thank you, shareurpassion and katherinescollections! I also love the stone, but I actually think it's glass or synthetic citrine or topaz. Still pretty.
  44. Thanks all for your comments and love!
  45. Your family is so chic!
  46. Indeed similar, Kyra. You will get it next time! :)
  47. Thanx, vetraio! I still love your candle holder too!
  48. love the enamel!!
  49. Thanks, kyra & shareurpassion... love is timeless :)
  50. Thanks, Peasejean & PatSea, keep on collecting!! ;-)
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Original Photo of Gaskin Jewellery Jugendstil  Secessionist German Silver Brooch c. 1900


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