For as long as I can remember I have been interested in in old things and things that carry a history. I still remember when I, as a young child, saved some old bookFor as long as I can remember I have been interested in in old things and things that carry a history. I still remember when I, as a young child, saved some old books from being thrown away after my grandparents had died and the house was being sold. I kept the books hidden and safe, as my secret treasure, for meny years. Today I´m glad I was so determined, the oldest book is from 1748. At the age of 7 I already had a strong feeling that old things needs to be treated with respect. I guess it all started there, the interest in finding and caring for old or special things. The collector soul in me was born. Recently I found a growing interest in silver jewelry. I tought I was drawn to simple elegant designs but I´m learning more about my taste everyday. I´m humble about this whole thing as I find it hard to call myself a collector, I just recently realized I have this condition. I don´t know a lot, but I do know what I like and I also like research. I´m looking forward to share and to read about other peoples pieces and collections. (Read more)


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  1. Hello Sun...Hello...are you there?
  2. Love your post and humor! Yes Sun, report in straight away!!
  3. Thankyou EZa!!
  4. Thanks Katherinescollection, I'm greatful :)
  5. Thanks Sean68, Trey, jscott0363 and EZa!
  6. Thanks Katherinescollection! Yes de beads look delicious:). Wonder where it's from.
  7. http://tribalmuse.com/turkomangold-wash3-clawtribalbracelet-1.aspx
  8. I found this so you can never be sure of origin if you don't know where your actuall piece is from I guess. See what they write about the triangular dotted pattern...Kazakstan. But I have reseached so...
  9. If you're interested you can search for photos on line for 'hunza valley' and you will see the most breathtaking photos! If you Google for jewelry from that area you will want more :)... Love your ne...
  10. Look and compare details with my Hunza valley (Pakistan) cuffbracelet. Look at the pattern and the setting of the stone, I think your necklace originates from the same very beautiful area. With my pho...
  11. Yes I saw yours, agree about similarity. Yes, this is not bakelite unfortunately but still nice I think. Very heavy though. Let's keep an eye open and get back with eachother if we find some clues in ...
  12. Very nice!
  13. Vetraio50, aghcollect, PatSea, Mikelv85, PhilipDavidAlexandermorris, Racer4four - thank you very much!
  14. Thankyou Sean for your always so nice coments, thanks for 'love'!
  15. Thank sarahoff!
  16. Thanks petey! Thankyou Katherinescollection for lovely coment and loving. I'm glad you can see the beauty in this even if the photos don't do it justice.
  17. I really love this! Looks arts and craft?
  18. Wonderful!
  19. Love it Jewels!
  20. CindB they are beautiful! I see them filled with springflowers.
  21. Wow Wow Wow! Love it!!!
  22. I love drivning snowmobiles! Cool old photo there!
  23. Wow fast answer Val! Thanks. Ok, that's interesting. Let's see what Nadia thinks, she might say the same. Thankyou :)
  24. Don´t know anything about dolls, but I just love her!
  25. I want this!
  26. Lovely, number 2 and 4 are my favourites!
  27. Lovely earings!!
  28. Thanks Trey!
  29. Antiquerose and Trey lots of thanks!
  30. Wow! Beautiful and colors.
  31. Thankyou Trey!
  32. Freiheit, well said! That's how I look at jewelry.It's what you do it with :) thankyou!
  33. Thankyou PatSea, Sean and Kyratango :) :) :)!!! I'm glad you like it.
  34. Wow, cool!
  35. Does it say 'made in yugoslavia'?
  36. In scandinavia tin (pewter) was very 'in' amongst artists in the 60's and 70's, so we have quite a lot of nice pewter. But this piece is more of an oldfashioned style and not modernist. Interesting.
  37. I've looked online. Found a photo of the same design and they called it 'wildflower', don't know if that's the name of the design or not. It looks quite a lot like a design by him called 'anemone'.
  38. Did they live here?! The plate is very beautiful!
  39. Wonderful they are!
  40. Wonderful! Probably good you can't drink out of it as pewter isn't that healthy to eat and drink from, unless there is another material on the inside. I would use it as a really cool keepsake for my k...
  41. Celebratin, I've enjoyed CW and fellow collectors post for one year and posted a 100. This is my very first post. Thanks!
  42. Thanks PhilipDavidAlexandermorris and walksoftly!
  43. Thanks Mikelv85 and pops52!
  44. Thankyou very much PhilipDavidAlexandermorris :)!!!!
  45. Love it! Super cool!
  46. Thankyou Vetraio50, jscott0363, Racer4four, glasslove, DrFluffy, Mikelv85 and pops52 for loving this ring!
  47. I love your necklace! The chain is also very cool! I love the modernist design!
  48. Thankyou very very much DrFluffy! It's a blessing to hear other jewelry collectors find interest in what I post. We share a mutual interest :). That's wonderful!
  49. Thanks DrFluffy! I have not seen your swedish necklace but your danish necklace is very nice!
  50. Thankyou very much Racer4four!
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