For as long as I can remember I have been interested in in old things and things that carry a history. I still remember when I, as a young child, saved some old bookFor as long as I can remember I have been interested in in old things and things that carry a history. I still remember when I, as a young child, saved some old books from being thrown away after my grandparents had died and the house was being sold. I kept the books hidden and safe, as my secret treasure, for meny years. Today I´m glad I was so determined, the oldest book is from 1748. At the age of 7 I already had a strong feeling that old things needs to be treated with respect. I guess it all started there, the interest in finding and caring for old or special things. The collector soul in me was born. Recently I found a growing interest in silver jewelry. I tought I was drawn to simple elegant designs but I´m learning more about my taste everyday. I´m humble about this whole thing as I find it hard to call myself a collector, I just recently realized I have this condition. I don´t know a lot, but I do know what I like and I also like research. I´m looking forward to share and to read about other peoples pieces and collections. (Read more)


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Vintage glass bead flapperstyle necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Industrial shoemaking history  - Shoesin Shoes
Gunnel Nyman creamer designed about  1947-1948 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bananafudge/Missisippimud bakelite bead necklace  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Victorian Gutta Percha Mourning brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Family love token brooch probably made at the turn of the century 1800/1900 - World Coinsin World Coins
Happy Easter! 
The necklace before it broke...... - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art deco bakelite bead necklace in need of repair - Art Decoin Art Deco
Old glass microbeaded purse/bag  - Bagsin Bags


  1. But fits perfectly in a pocket :), I'm sure there is a good explanation to the shape. Anyone?
  2. A storytell bracelet.
  3. Could it be an inkwell? Search 'cobolt blue glass inkwell' and you will see many different ones coming up. They look to be small and the coboltblue seams to have been popular in this field. I searche...
  4. What's the size of this?
  5. Underbar ficklampa! Wonderful!
  6. Looks a bit like prystal bakelite. Charming.
  7. Wonderful brooch! It must be special to you.
  8. I really like this whatever it has been :)
  9. So wonderful!!
  10. It's really tricky this one. I've searched on line for hours but haven't found a safe answer. If it's a cow on the medallion/coin that can ofcourse indicate hindu. But the rest of the look of the broo...
  11. This is really nice and interesting. I buy Scandinavian peasant silver jewelry when I can. I have a referensebook on the subject and from that I understand it´s quite tricky to find the answer to some...
  12. So very Beautiful!
  13. The wowfactor is there. Very nice!
  14. The eyes could be chrysophrase. Really wonderful piece!
  15. Thanks peasejean!
  16. I see, mine are 4.8 cm (1.88 inches).
  17. Thanks tigerchips! I think the date is right from the look of the other set, but I doubt there has been a caraf to my glasses. They are small and most likely used for strong alkohol like snaps.
  18. Roycroftbooksfromme1 thankyou!
  19. Nice, I had the same childhood experience with looking at paperweights for ages.
  20. I need help to find the answer to when these were made, please. Can someone tell from the style? 1950's/60's or earlier? These are really small glasses.
  21. What a beautiful spoon! Art.
  22. Wonderful brooch! I love the fact that it has moving parts. Great find.
  23. Wonderful design on the earclips!!
  24. This is very beautiful!
  25. This set is wonderful!!
  26. It's so great that these are popular again. They are so beautiful, raw in style and great to drink from. The small glasses we use for 'snaps' over here.
  27. Wonderful design and piece!
  28. Thankyou Lisa, sarahoff and Manikin!
  29. Thankyou EZa!
  30. Thanks inky!
  31. There are several ways and videos. Just search 'how to knot against a bead' or 'how to thread beads with knots' or something like that. Look and find a way that you prefer. :)
  32. I would have guessed native american indian made but I see it has been ruled out as an option. I think this is so beautiful. Perfection! Keep us posted if you find out more information.
  33. He so sweet. It's like seing an old friend.
  34. Great beads! I agree this would look better restrung on cotton thread or maybe even better on a quite thick silkthread. I've bought some nice Griffin silkthread on Amazon.com, they have all kinds of c...
  35. Stunning!! It's so beautiful!!
  36. Wonderful!
  37. I see, they are so wonderful!
  38. Wonderful wonderful bangle! Elegant with just a few stones, I love it! Less is more. Great find!
  39. This is the most beautiful and special necklace I have seen, ever!
  40. Have you tested if any of these are amber or bakelite? I just love them!!! They are so nice.
  41. Thankyou everyone for loving this!
  42. Yes Valentino I think you might be right that it's imitating jade. Thanks :). BetteLew thankyou, your necklace is very nice. Is it also glass?
  43. Thankyou everyone for loving and likeing this creamer. Thanks Lorenzo for solving this!!
  44. Really? That's so nice to know. I loved it as soon as I saw it. Payed 45 swedish crowns for it which is about 5.2 USD I think. I don't have a big budget but love to find things I like at a price I can...
  45. Lorenzo I will try at the library for your books!
  46. Oh my Lorentzo! Thanks so very very much! I had a feeling it was from here somewhere but couldn't pin point it. Thanks again for your wonderful help!
  47. Wonderful! I don't know for sure but to me the enamel looks russian.
  48. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your loss peasejean! Take care.
  49. The dentalstatus of this thing makes me think of sheepshead fish that is caught along the gulf coast. Looks like wodoo.....
  50. You are welcome. I'm sure you have also searched WWW.925-1000.com. I couldn't find anything either. Hope you will get some help here.
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