For as long as I can remember I have been interested in in old things and things that carry a history. I still remember when I, as a young child, saved some old bookFor as long as I can remember I have been interested in in old things and things that carry a history. I still remember when I, as a young child, saved some old books from being thrown away after my grandparents had died and the house was being sold. I kept the books hidden and safe, as my secret treasure, for meny years. Today I´m glad I was so determined, the oldest book is from 1748. At the age of 7 I already had a strong feeling that old things needs to be treated with respect. I guess it all started there, the interest in finding and caring for old or special things. The collector soul in me was born. Recently I found a growing interest in silver jewelry. I tought I was drawn to simple elegant designs but I´m learning more about my taste everyday. I´m humble about this whole thing as I find it hard to call myself a collector, I just recently realized I have this condition. I don´t know a lot, but I do know what I like and I also like research. I´m looking forward to share and to read about other peoples pieces and collections. (Read more)


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  1. Yes, quite often it's hard to find a full answer. I guess if you are really keen you could search the Web and see if you can find and official websight for jemez pueblo or the museum in New Mexico for...
  2. You can see a Leonard Tsosie in the link I sent. I've searched on line and found information saying that the potter Leonard Tsosie was tought the art by his mother Andrea Tsosie. I've seen photos of p...
  3. If it's of any use to you there is some info on this page, if not now maybe in the future. http://www.pueblodirect.com/artist.html#diane and jr aragon
  4. Hi, me again. Sorry for not letting this go. Maybe you've found your answers, if interested look at this page and see if it can be of value to you. It has information about artist. http://www.pueblo...
  5. Thanks peasejean55 and Zowie! Thanks also kyratango and Sean68!
  6. Ok, yes I love the style. I went to a museum of native american art in New Mexico ones when I visited the states. That was where I first saw this type of pottery. I love the designs and patterns! When...
  7. Search on line for jemez pueblo pottery (New Mexico). Different artists would have the Jemez on their pottery. I have a 'storyteller' marked R Jemez that's from New Mexico USA.
  8. Search on line for jemez pueblo pottery.
  9. Lovely, but are you sure about the spanish part? They look very much like native american pottery in the area of New Mexico.
  10. If you search the net you will find articels about the artist. You refer to Mexican pottery but it should say New Mexico? Beautiful indeed!
  11. Very nice! There is something about this bracelet that makes me think of fine mexican silver. I think it's the inlay with lapiz lazulis. Just an idea. What ever it is it's a very nice piece.
  12. Love the purse! Lucky you!!!
  13. Val, they are super nice and wonderful! Wow! <3!
  14. Very lovely!
  15. Nice, being from the north and neigbouring country I must say that I'm pretty sure this is something joyfull and most likely has to do with retirement. People retire around 65 and in 1911 I'm sure it ...
  16. I understand, but do take care and I hope you will have some rest soon. I'm not very active myself, but that's ok life is like that. Soon it'll be autumn and there will be more CW moments.
  17. My friend, I agree it's not that important what metall it is, it's a nice bangle. I have emaild you a link that shows a kalevala necklace. It's not the same but I wanted to show you the style. If it w...
  18. I think it's dragonheads.
  19. Hello Valentino! What a nice bangle! It looks Old Norse to me without a doubt. It looks a bit like Kalevala jewelry but could be something else with the same inspiration as them. Could it be silver?
  20. I love the ring, not because it said Lalique but for the designe. It truly special and beautiful!
  21. Absolutely wonderful!
  22. Hi Zowie, I agree. I think it's from around 1880-1900, but most likely around 1880 somewhere. The small size of the brooch, the lenght of the nedle as well as the tube hinge is signs of age. Idcloison...
  23. Thanks blingiton 1948
  24. Thanks Virginia vintage!
  25. Manikin thanks!
  26. Thank you ever so much Virginia vintage!
  27. Thanks peasejean55!
  28. Thanks virginia vintage!
  29. Thanks peasejean55!
  30. Thanks Doccountryboy and peasejean55!
  31. Thanks Amphorapottery!
  32. EZa, thanks!
  33. Thanks, katzl!
  34. Thanks catteann!
  35. Hej Katzl! Tack för dina idéer. Jag har testa lite med häxans men inget syns på topsen. Nu har jag köpt en annan metallputs som jag ska testa, återkommer med resultat. Jag har testat putsen på ett hal...
  36. Thanks Agram, because I haven't found it here I thought it might contain some substance that isn't allowed in the EU. But maybe that was wrong. I have bought a product here that has exactly the same u...
  37. Thanks every one for love and for coments. I have written a full answer in the other post. Have a nice weekend!
  38. Thanks everyone! Sorry I'm late again in responding, guess I wanted to research more and then get back to you with an answer. I really shouldn't have because I haven't found out any more on my own. Af...
  39. Your welcome, I like your taste in jewelry and learn a lot from your collection. I first started out prefering plane scandinavian silver jewelry and after having seen your jewelry and others realized ...
  40. Beautiful!
  41. Wonderful!
  42. Your welcome Valentino97! Like to see the other pewter jewelry you have.
  43. That's a new word for me, 'partidarian'. Think I can guess what it means. Thank you for showing an interest!
  44. Very beautiful!
  45. I'm fine thank you. I'm on holiday and have to find time here and there for CW in between fishing and swimming in lakes and the sea. It's unusually warm here, over 30 degrees, so I'm not very good at ...
  46. So very nice! I love the yellow!!
  47. Lovely!!
  48. Ofcourse I love this as well!
  49. And by the way, your grandmothers excellent taste in jewelry makes me think Japan means something more than 'made in China'......
  50. Very beautiful! I love the collection your grandmother left you. Take care of them and keep them, and find oportunities to wear them!
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