For as long as I can remember I have been interested in in old things and things that carry a history. I still remember when I, as a young child, saved some old bookFor as long as I can remember I have been interested in in old things and things that carry a history. I still remember when I, as a young child, saved some old books from being thrown away after my grandparents had died and the house was being sold. I kept the books hidden and safe, as my secret treasure, for meny years. Today I´m glad I was so determined, the oldest book is from 1748. At the age of 7 I already had a strong feeling that old things needs to be treated with respect. I guess it all started there, the interest in finding and caring for old or special things. The collector soul in me was born. Recently I found a growing interest in silver jewelry. I tought I was drawn to simple elegant designs but I´m learning more about my taste everyday. I´m humble about this whole thing as I find it hard to call myself a collector, I just recently realized I have this condition. I don´t know a lot, but I do know what I like and I also like research. I´m looking forward to share and to read about other peoples pieces and collections. (Read more)


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Happy Easter! 
The necklace before it broke...... - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art deco bakelite bead necklace in need of repair - Art Decoin Art Deco
Old glass microbeaded purse/bag  - Bagsin Bags
Burgundy barrel bead necklace  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Natures own material  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Help I have the beadnecklace disease! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage twistedchain brooch in machine age art deco style - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Imitation ivory necklace - 1920's? Post 2 of 2 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Imitation ivory necklace 1920's? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Very nice!
  2. Wonderful!!
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Wow! Nice Val!
  5. Wonderful necklace Val! I will answer your email soon, sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I really enjoyed hearing from you, as always :)
  6. Thankyou for loving this AnneLanders!
  7. Thankyou Rick55!
  8. Happy Easter everyone! Thanks for loving this post and for nice coments. Yes nutsabotas6 my sister is talented. Elisabeth
  9. I think you should AnneLanders :) I often go for practical in everyday life that why I love collecting jewelry - it's pretty and not something you actually have to have. Go for it!
  10. Thanks for loving this antiquerose.
  11. I see, very interesting sklo42! Thankyou very much for your coment. I wonder if the bag was called that because it was handcrafted or because a lady would keep her sewingthings in it? Thanks for lovi...
  12. Thankyou AnneLanders and kyratango for loving this post.
  13. Thankyou AnneLanders for your nice coment. 'Wash up'? Do you mean how to clean them or how the turn up (like how things wash up from the sea)? I might miss the point here because english is not my lan...
  14. Thankyou Sean and PatSea!!
  15. Thankyou kyratango!
  16. Happy easter Mike!
  17. This is very nice. The color is great and the design too.
  18. It very unknown this also to me, but I like the shape. It looks like the lamps that were popular here in the 1950's - 1970, made of textile with a metall thing (don't know the word in english, sorry) ...
  19. Nice Mikelv85!
  20. Very nice!
  21. Happy easter!
  22. Stunning!
  23. I recognize these guys! I love your photos, makes you feel you're looking of photos of old friends :) I had a house to go with that I loved. I still have it actually but stored away.
  24. Sorry just saw you don't live in the US so you will have to read what I wrote as 'you' mening more in general. How is the costume jewelry vintage market in Australia?
  25. I love mexican silver and this little frog too!!
  26. Oh my, it is so beautiful! Wish it was mine...
  27. My phone is playing tricks on me. It's supposed to say 'holding back'.
  28. Beautiful! Mike it feels like you've been holdingbolag back - please post more of your jewelry! I would love to see them! I'm hooked on jewelry bad and I enjoy my addiction :)
  29. These are just wonderful Mikelv85!
  30. These are lovely! I collect vintage jewelry both fine jewelry and costume. It's all in the piece, iform there is something special about it in my eyes. Vintage costume jewelry isn't that big were I l...
  31. This a very beautiful brooch! Lets see what you find out.
  32. Thankyou very much kyratango!
  33. This is very beautiful!
  34. I understand but it is also a good thing that it's an open forum, just incase someone with knowledge see a piece or a mark we hope to identify. But there should be quick reactions from CW when they're...
  35. You're welcome, they are really wonderful.
  36. It's in the shape of a celtic knot.
  37. I'm sad to hear this DrFluffy, I didn't see those nasty postings people are talking about and I'm glad I didn't. Why does people like that bother to be here on CW? They should crawl back under the sto...
  38. Very nice AmberRose!
  39. Love the illustration!!! So beautiful!
  40. Absolutely wonderful!! I love it!
  41. Your welcome Racer4four :), thanks for information. They are so very nice.
  42. Wonderful photos freiheit!
  43. What is going on here?! No, I wish this wasn't happening! Why? DrFluffy I will miss you!
  44. The pendant is so very beautiful! What's the size of it?
  45. Thankyou very much kyratango and Trey!!
  46. Wonderful, I am happy for your find. I know that feeling of a lucky Hunt :).
  47. Thankyou Trey for your attention!
  48. Thanks kyratango! I wonder if this might be french?
  49. This is so spring/summer! Great!
  50. Wonderful!
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