Copenhagen, Denmark

Mainly interested in early 20th-century ceramics, but also other stuff from the same period such as glass, pewter etc. I love finding stuff on flea markets and in thMainly interested in early 20th-century ceramics, but also other stuff from the same period such as glass, pewter etc. I love finding stuff on flea markets and in thrift stores and I can spend hours sifting through heaps of old stuff to excavate that one little thing! (Read more)


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Lustre Glaze Vase, Kongstrand Pottery (Denmark), 1911-1919 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Michael Andersen Persia Glaze Vase (Denmark), 1930’s - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vase by Martin Mortensen (Denmark), 1919 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Cast Pewter Vase, Mogens Ballin’s Metal Workshop (Denmark), 1900-1902 - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Three Art Deco Vases (Aluminia), 1927-1932 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
'Komet' and 'Skjold' Glass (Danish Glassworks), 1930's - Glasswarein Glassware
Vases from Holbaek Pottery (Denmark), 1930’s-1940’s - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
 Stoneware Vases by Arne Bang (Denmark), 1930’s - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Axel Salto Vase and Plate (Denmark), Mid-20th Century - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Two Vases and a Jug from Dagnaes Pottery (Denmark), 1930’s-1940’s - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. The crown stamp and 'PIE' intertwined was used from 1918 and onwards, so the vase was made after 1918. However, it is possible that that it was designed earlier and produced for some time. I'll look i...
  2. Absolutely enchanting!
  3. Oh, I see - that makes sense. My two Bretbys have flat bases; I should have noticed!
  4. Interesting! Bretby is a very qualified guess, I'd say. They did produce unglazed pottery and, as vetraio points out, are known for decorating pottery with cabochons. It doesn't strike me as being Fre...
  5. It's beautiful! Do you have any tips regarding how to date these vases? I see Gouda vases quite often here in Denmark, but I don't know what to look for...
  6. Fantastic!
  7. 'Pintado a mano' - 'handpainted'!
  8. Thanks for the nice comment, Phil!
  9. Thanks, Phil!
  10. If you're interested I could ask much they want for it...? (If it's still there, of couse...). I have no idea what you find a reasonable price...
  11. Amazing that such a delicate thing is in such great condition!
  12. I am very impressed with all the work you have done!
  13. Could it be some sort of marble?
  14. I saw a gourd-shaped blue Lava vase in my favorite 'used stuff' store - I don't really come across them very often!
  15. Merci beaucoup, Alan!
  16. Thanks, colori and maryh1956!
  17. Thanks for the enthusiasm, Sean! :-)
  18. Thanks , antiquerose! And thanks for the loves, everyone!
  19. No, that's correct - I have a blog (many of the things are also posted here in this forum...):
  20. Well, apparently there are some subtle differences between the two labels. On the earlier one (ca. 1965-67) the 'inner circle' is 13 mm and the label doesn't have a number. On the later (ca. 1966-1975...
  21. Hi austro - I apologise that this site is in Danish, but if you scroll down on the page you can see the Holmegaard labels with the years they were used. Perhaps that will help. Let me know if you need...
  22. Hi - can you see a dot or line above or below one of the letters in 'Royal Copenhagen, Denmark'? That will give you the exact year the vase was made.
  23. Sorry - "Naked"
  24. "Totally Nude"
  25. I find that there is quite a lot of info on the internet - just search for Pirkenhammer porcelain or Porzellan (if you read German...). Wonderful fruits!
  26. Hi Sean - which museum do you mean?
  27. Thanks for the comments, Elisabethan and Sean, and thanks for the loves!
  28. Tak, Koppel - glad you like it!
  29. Thanks, melanie, for the comments and thanks for the loves, all of you!
  30. Thanks, vetraio! Yes, there are so many artists and so much history out there!
  31. What an amusing thing! What are the vases (I probably should know from another post of yours...)?
  32. It's glorious - can you feel the envy emanating from Denmark? :-)
  33. Amazing - these were made at Kastrup Glassworks 1957-1970 and the name 'Natblaa' means 'Night Blue'!
  34. It looks quite Danish to me - shame the stamp is illegible!
  35. Thanks Elisabethan, Radegunder, aghcollect, VioletOrange, blunderbuss, and Ivonne!
  36. Thanks for the comments, racer and Alan. I also like the slightly mysterious design - it's been described as flames, but I suppose it could also be sprouts of some sort (if indeed it is anything speci...
  37. To me it looks like a Mughal (Indo-Persian) drawing, but I might be wrong...
  38. Thanks, GlueChip - I love it too! I must post my third Revernay soon...
  39. Isn't it just part of the natural colour, you think? If not, what kind of thing is this? The purpose might explain the spots.
  40. Yes, it really is an interesting combination! Thanks for the comment.
  41. Oh, thank you so much, artislove!
  42. Thanks, vetriao, aghcollect, Ivonne, and antiquerose!
  43. Thanks, Sean!
  44. Oh, I wanted to know and it's fun doing this kind of research! A similar vase has been sold here recently (I know an antiques dealer and I saw on his page that he had one and that it had been sold). U...
  45. Yes, austro - I was just trying to say that even without a mark this is certainly a vase which will be noticed! :-)
  46. There's nothing anonymous about this vase! :-)
  47. Hi racer4four - I finally managed to get the Ipsen book from the library and looked up your vase. Apparently it is the work of sculptor Charles Boegh who worked at Ipsen around 1900, and their new gla...
  48. Any marks on the bottom?
  49. Thanks, ho2cultcha!
  50. Thanks for the comments, Sean and racer4four - and thanks for the loves, everyone!
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