Copenhagen, Denmark

Mainly interested in early 20th-century ceramics, but also other stuff from the same period such as glass, pewter etc. I love finding stuff on flea markets and in thMainly interested in early 20th-century ceramics, but also other stuff from the same period such as glass, pewter etc. I love finding stuff on flea markets and in thrift stores and I can spend hours sifting through heaps of old stuff to excavate that one little thing! (Read more)


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Fairy Lamp (England? Hong Kong?), 20th century - Lampsin Lamps
Krenit Bowls and Finn Juhl Tray (Denmark), 1950’s - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Sugar Dish, Holmegaard Glassworks (Denmark), ca. 1850 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Three Vases, Thisted Keramikfabrik (Denmark), 1920’s - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Silver Bookmark with Owl (Denmark), 1920’s - Booksin Books
Drip-Glaze Vase, Early 20th Century (?) - Help Needed - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Pendant/Brooch - Help Needed! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vase by Wilhelm & Elly Kuch (Germany), ca. 1960 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Two More Lidded Bowls from Kähler (Denmark), ca. 1920 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Two Small Lidded Bowls (Kähler Pottery), ca. 1930 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. Thanks, Sean!
  2. Thanks, sklo and Radegunder!
  3. I suspected that it might be of later date - thanks for the info, IMASapp!
  4. Hi IMASapp - perhaps you can help me out with my little fairy lamp? Here it is:
  5. Thanks, racer4four and VioletOrange!
  6. Thanks, Efesgirl!
  7. Yes, I suppose so. I thought of it, but I have not been able to test it. Thanks, Elisabethan - I love it, too!
  8. Thanks, vetraio! I am not sure where the tray comes from - I believe it belonged to my grandparents and somehow ended up in my household.
  9. Beautiful!
  10. Thanks, everyone! Sean, no marks except for the pontil mark.
  11. Thanks, Sean! And thanks for the loves, everyone!
  12. Thanks,Cormoran1925! And also thanks to robin56, melaniej, vetraio, Ivonne, kyratango, aghcollect, VioletOrange, and racer4four!
  13. It certainly is a beauty!
  14. Thanks, peasejean - I will certainly keep you informed! Unfortunately I haven't been able to take it to a specialist or the like, as I have had to spend time on this annoying thing called 'work'! Hope...
  15. Thank you for the comments, kyra, kerry, and surfdub!
  16. PS. Royal Copenhagen was in financial trouble in the 1960's when Nils Thorsson (then Artistic Director) developed the Tenera and Baca lines (both with a modern and colourful look) which became very po...
  17. The bowl is from a line called Tenera which was produced from the 1960's. You're right - it is so nice and colourful (and that's why these things are still very popular).!
  18. Thanks, racer4four (and Woman34)!
  19. Merci beaucoup, Alan!
  20. Thanks, Sean!
  21. Thanks, vetraio - I am very pleased to have it!
  22. It is from Conimbriga in Portugal. It's pretty!
  23. sorry - 'referred'!
  24. You're right - it's called sometimes reffered to as 'the fried egg'. It was designed in 1960 in three different sizes.
  25. The book was published in 1913 by Julius von Pflugk-Harttung (1848-1919) who was a German historian and antiquarian.
  26. Kyra - thanks; you're right - there are marks on the needle, too! I've spent so much time now trying to see what they are, but my magnifying glass isn't good enough, so my next project is to find one ...
  27. Thanks, art.pottery. Belgian, maybe? And thanks for the loves everyone!
  28. Thanks, everyone. I did come across the American Capri line, but I think my vase looks very different in style, so that's why I am not sure that it's McCoy. Did they make pottery with this type of gla...
  29. Thanks for the comments and help - I am glad that my instinct was not completely off; next step must be to have some expert look at it.
  30. Well, I never - you're quite right, Peasejean - there are some minuscule marks on the right side hedge! Very difficult to make out, though. One might be a head of some sort...
  31. Thanks, Roycroft!
  32. That's right - I forgot to take out the safety pin before the picture was taken. Thanks for your comments, Peasejean55!
  33. Thanks, Sean- here's another one posted by getthatmonkeyoutofme som time ago:
  34. Thanks, Sean. Getthatmonkeyoutofme has posted a Julius Paul & Sohn vase a while ago:
  35. Follow-up - I am now fairly sure that this was produced at Julius Paul & Sohn in Bunzlau!
  36. Thanks, ho2cultcha
  37. I know exactly what you mean! I too come across quite a lot of Asian stuff, but I know so little about it and it seems so complex, so most of the rime I just leave it... On the other hand, one could a...
  38. Hi Alan - it is not quite correct to call it a Royal Copenhagen item as Bing & Grondahl was only taken over by RC in 1987, and the mark on this fish indicates that it was made much earlier than that.....
  39. Thanks, kyratango!
  40. Thanks, katherinescollection, Radegunder, and Melanie!
  41. :-) Thanks, racer4four!
  42. Thanks for the comments, Sean, and thanks for the loves, vetraio, melanie, aghcollect, and VioletOrange!
  43. There seems to be whole lot of info here:
  44. Thank you so much, Alan. I bought it only because I liked the shape and colour - it was only later I found out who made it!
  45. I have a couple of things with identical glaze, decoration etc. I got them from family members who probably bought them in Greece (or possibly Spain)
  46. How wonderful and stylish! In Helsinki last year I was very lucky to find a pair of salad servers on a flea market! I see spoons etc. from time to time, but I'd never seen the salad servers!
  47. I agree - it is Ruska!
  48. Thanks! 'Trinket box' works for me; it kind of covers it all!
  49. Thanks for the comment, Sean!
  50. Thanks, everyone!
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