Copenhagen, Denmark

Mainly interested in early 20th-century ceramics, but also other stuff from the same period such as glass, pewter etc. I love finding stuff on flea markets and in thMainly interested in early 20th-century ceramics, but also other stuff from the same period such as glass, pewter etc. I love finding stuff on flea markets and in thrift stores and I can spend hours sifting through heaps of old stuff to excavate that one little thing! (Read more)


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Jugendstil / Art Nouveau Box, Probably Biscuit Tin, Early 20th Cent. - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Large Revernay Vase (France), ca. 1900 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Three Vases, Soren Kongstrand Pottery (Denmark), 1911-1919 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Drip Glaze Vase (Germany?), 1910-1920 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
‘Ages of Love’ Relief, After Thorvaldsen (Bing & Grondahl, Denmark), 2nd Half of the 19th Century - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vase with Flower Decoration (Denmark) ca. 1910 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vases and Bowl, Ipsen (Denmark), 1903 and ca. 1920 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Small Vase with Uranium Glaze, Svend Hammershoi for Kähler (Denmark), ca. 1930 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Two Small Vases, (France), 1920-1930 - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Decanter by Jacob Bang, Holmegaard (Denmark), 1928 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks, GlueChip - yes, they show up on French ebay from time to time (usually exorbitantly priced!) - I bought this one and the blue-and-white one I have also posted here on an auction, and I was ama...
  2. Lovely - could you add a picture of the bottom as well?
  3. Oh, you have a whole collection now!
  4. I surrender - I do think it must be a tin of some sort, although I am still intrigued by the lock (but I guess if you have some particularly delicious marrons glacés you would want to lock them up!). ...
  5. Could be Danish, but I think the '800' indicates German (I think it would be 830 in Denmark).
  6. Yes, I've looked very closely, but so far I haven't found any marks, unfortunately.
  7. Thanks, paris1925 - you may very well be right!
  8. Thanks, Sean! And paris1925 - yes, I guess that's a possibility, but then I wonder why the box has a lock...?
  9. Hi Budek - the label reads 'Danish Antiques Dealers' Association'. However, to me it doesn't look very Danish, I have to say... But it's pretty anyway!
  10. I have one in white, too (oddly enough found in Denmark!): I think the white glass is quite charming, especially when the...
  11. Thanks everyone for the enthusiasm and comments - it's great to be able to share one's interests with others (my friends & family don't always share my interest in 'old pots'!)
  12. Thanks, paris1925 - yes, it is quite interesting how the vases have ended up here... There are a few others around (owned by a well-known art collector) and they all come from Copenhagen, so it is gen...
  13. As a 'drip glaze buff' (if such a things exists), I just love the glaze on this vase!
  14. Thanks for the kind comment, inky!
  15. The bowl belongs to a whole line of bowls, dishes, vases etc. called 'Tenera', developed in the 1960's by Nils Thorsson at Royal Copenhagen along with some young artists. The signature on this bowl (K...
  16. Thanks, vetraio (and the rest of you as well!) - and yes, the 'Rimfrost' glaze is quite unusual!
  17. That elephant looks so cheery!
  18. Yes, I too thought of Carl Fischer/BKW, so perhaps... And thanks, VioletOrange!
  19. Thanks wksgibson and vetraio!
  20. I've seen one with bees, meant for honey!
  21. Hi Getthatmonkeyoutofme - I have now added a picture of the bottom (better late than never...)
  22. Just curious - where in Sweden are the flea markets with things like this? I think I might have to go there! :-)
  23. It really is, Sean, and thanks. These copies are not unusual to come across here, but most of them are made of gypsum and this (in biscuit ware) is much nicer!
  24. It means "Heinich, be clear (= clever), stay a bachelor" !
  25. Gorgeous!
  26. :-), thanks, racer - yes, my grandfather was a little irreverent...!
  27. Yes, the dimensions are there - but you're right; it must be a goblet!
  28. I think it is a bowl, possibly a so-called 'sugar dish', meant for sugar lumps. Gundorph Albertus (1887-1970) won the gold medal at the World's Fair in 1925. His most famous design is 'Cactus', but th...
  29. Oh, lovely drip glaze! I've been looking at some of his pieces on ebay from time to time - maybe one day...
  30. Hi Sean - it's not a letter opener, but an orange peeler, it seems!
  31. Or maybe French...? How frustrating with that chip!
  32. I'll try to add a picture of the bottom soon! Thanks for the loves, everyone.
  33. Thanks for your kind comment, kyratango!
  34. Thanks, Sean!
  35. You're right, vetraio, it is Dahl-Jensen, not Royal Copenhagen.
  36. Beautiful. When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was ceramic with a red glaze, but no!
  37. Thanks, everyone, and yes, surfdub, they have lovely autumnal colours!
  38. Thanks, W., that's interesting!
  39. You're right - it is really heard to find anything about this pottery! Apparently Røgilds Lervarefabrik ('Roegild Pottery') was established in 1837 in a hamlet near Aalborg in Northern Denmark and clo...
  40. Thanks, yes - it really is quite a cheerful little vase!
  41. What size is it? Larger than a 'normal' egg cup?
  42. GASP - this makes me consider buying all the Arabia vases I see here on flea markets and emigrate to the US, living off them for years! :-)
  43. Thanks, surfdub! Also thanks to 'the lovers' !
  44. Haha - thanks, austro, I know the feeling of thinking 'this must be so-and-so's new post!'. And thanks, Sean - German is a possibility, I guess.
  45. PS. Yes, they used the same mark/backstamp 1928-1981...
  46. I think Dahl-Jensen used the same mark for a long period, making it hard to date things like this - if I come across the Dahl-Jensen book in the library some time soon, I'll see if there is informatio...
  47. Thanks for even more loves and comments!
  48. Thank you all so much for your comments and loves!
  49. I thought that I would add that, sadly, Michael Bang died in 2013...
  50. Thanks, cogito - in some strange way it reminds me of the Lion vase you posted recently although the shapes and colours are very different. But they are both very simple, almost restrained, using just...
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