Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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.99 cent Hippo - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Art Glass Bird - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ken Edwards El Palomar Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Orrefors Art Glass Crystal - Art Glassin Art Glass
Beautiful hand painted face mask - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Pair of Art Glass Ashtrays or Flower Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Painting of Crane 
Lidded Ceramic Piece....Is this a Fruit Tureen? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
 Marzi & Remy  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Fox Run Painting - Visual Artin Visual Art


  1. Be train and Virginia thank you very much hope you both have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  2. racer4four her is the FB link
  3. weirdpuckett.........I'm on a FaceBook glass collector's site. Oh the back and forth on this bird is crazy.
  4. Weirdpuckett.....not Murano
  5. just found this on ebay (while researching another item) this one is also unsigned wish mine had the sticker
  6. just found this on ebay (while researching another item) this one is also unsigned wish mine had the sticker
  7. Wirdpuckett I love my Nikon's ...yes I have two :) Nikon D80 and a Nikon D5200 I love to take photo's......sometimes I take road trips just to see what sceneries I can capture. I give a lot of my sc...
  8. Wierdpuckett think you are correct found this on ebay
  9. Weirdpuckett thank you ;) I will have to research Murano Art Glass birds now. It's so beautiful in person....I will have to take better pic's w/the Nikon at a later time and replace these pic's.
  10. it's beautiful!!! Hanging table lamp .....that's what I would call it :) is the table marble?
  11. racer4four I agree w/you on the painting very beautiful :) thank you for the comment and looking
  12. Pepsi welcome to CW :) This piece is hanging over my roll top desk and we love it. I also love to tell this story on how I found this piece by you to every one that visits and ask "where did you get...
  13. Toolate2 thank you.
  14. catteann I look forward to the LOVE. Thanks for looking :)
  15. Added a couple of pic's that look a little better
  16. Eye4beauty please share with us
  17. Really awesome pieces... First one with flower's is amazing....just beautiful. Vetraio you have a great eye! love looking at your collections and reading all the detailed info you know about them.
  18. Very beautiful Love the blue also :)
  19. Crazy......I have been researching ( a little) and I see they call these "Flower Bowls" really..........looks like an ashtray to me!
  20. Murano? Archimede Seguso? found this online.......same shape but different colors.
  21. eye4beauty when I get home after work I will see if they are stackable.
  22. Weirdpuckett......Wilmington is beautiful. Love Wrightsville beach :) would love to retire there.
  23. Love the purple! Beautiful!
  24. nutsabotas6 thank you :) I love the color also :)
  25. shareurpassion thank you :)
  26. welzebub you are awesome thanks :)
  27. Patrick Tutt-Contemporary Pottery-Clay-Raku/Stoneware Contemporary Pottery, Ltd Canyon Lake, CA
  28. I'm sure she made pottery while not employed there. But is that OP behind Tutt?
  29. look up Sarah Tutt Marblehead Pottery
  30. Inky thank you
  31. I love this piece and would make a special spot to display it if I were you. Luckylady I have a soft spot for free form/organic pottery like this....where most other's would just walk on by it. Even m...
  32. thank you Sean
  33. antiquerose and noob New picture of mark added #3 Noob it does look like a handle to .........well ........whatever that is :)
  34. noob I will post pic without powder.........I believe it is part of the mark.
  35. Antique rose it does look like a half moon .....
  36. Sent picture's of this amulet to a friend who has a friend that is well versed in Chinese antiquities....maybe I will get an answer soon. :)
  37. Virginia thank you for the lovely comment :)
  38. looks like "Charles Lietz" to me.
  39. try Charles Lietz .....his brother (Albert Lietz 1874-1925) was a potter at Onondaga Pottery Company in Syracuse, N.Y.
  40. forgot to tell you.....I LOVE IT ;)
  41. Try using some Baby Powder and post a picture. Sometimes that works for me.....but sometimes it doesn't ......worth a try :)
  42. eye4beauty thank you very are awesome! :) :) you do have an "eye" because I never saw the "AJ".
  43. Thank you Weirdpuckett
  44. Beautiful!!
  45. Love your owl collection :)
  46. I so love it! Awesome ...
  47. CardinalLady and Hedgewalker Thank you for looking and the comments : ) I adore this piece.
  48. Sean how do you get your pictures of Glass Items to come out so beautiful? Amazing photo's!
  49. Thanks for the "Love" Sean racer4four vetraio50 and nutsabotas6
  50. added some new pic's....look so much better with white background
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Italian Pitcher by Fratelli Fanciullacci


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