Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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Glass Garden Globe - Art Glassin Art Glass
Here, There and Everywhere  - Visual Artin Visual Art
Little Bud Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Floral Vase - Potteryin Pottery
From Greg - Asianin Asian
Cookie Jar - Kitchenin Kitchen
Catch Some Rays - Visual Artin Visual Art
Studio Pottery Tea Set - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Incense Burner - Asianin Asian
Hermitage Museum & Gardens - Visual Artin Visual Art


  1. Massier - Vallauris France Pottery Massier, Clément, Jérôme & Delphin Clément, Jérôme & Delphin were three brothers from a family of potters...
  2. Hello Thomas Thank you for chatting and commenting on the globe. Hope all is well and happy hunting.
  3. steptoe1 compare signature to me it looks like a "John Glick" piece and if so it's a treasure. Also you can share to a FaceBook site with help. https://www...
  4. If you have an FB try sharing here for help with Japanese; and here for Chinese; ...
  5. Karen and SpiritBear thank you very much.
  6. Karen I see yellow flower's in this....beautiful on it's on but add those flower's and SHABAM!! You know me and vases never can have to many ;)
  7. If I had a tub like that I would be in it every night! My muscle's would love that tub! Maybe one day I will have one.
  9. Tassie I also see Rabbit's.
  10. Karen that is exactly what I say.....wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't spoil him.
  11. jscott thank you
  12. This isn't by Gerd or Eberhard. Research shall continue.....
  13. mp.kunst I looked through that site while researching and saw that Gerd Bosslet had a painting with "a couple" sitting on a bench that also had no facial features. But his signature is "G. Bosslet" o...
  14. Bonnie I also found him during research. I may just send out an email.
  15. Finally framed my little owl's ;) Now where to hang them is the next project.
  16. twinkc I have one and always assumed it's an incense burner because mine has a lid with holes in it. Will have to take a few pic's and share. Not sure if the mark on the bottom of mine matches this...
  17. jscotto363 if you ever come here let me know and we will meet.
  18. Bonnie I wish she was in my garden. If you go to the site I shared you can view some of the collections at the Hermitage. Amazing!
  19. vetraio50 I love living here in Virginia ;) it is fabulous. Thank you for stopping in and commenting. People wonder why I'm such a "water baby" well when you have been in VA all your lift the water ...
  20. very unique piece. mythical creature? mythic humanoid? Greek? I really find this fascinating!
  21. Brunswick Spiritbear does have a great suggestion. But I definitely won't keep these. I have a plan for these to be given to a little one ;)
  22. shareurpassion exactly what I said when I spotted the frames....I spend so much money on framing art that it's ridiculous! Couldn't turn away from these frames for that price each.
  23. Caperkid I said the same about a nursery ;) Maybe characters from children stories they may be......
  24. wonderful display with all the matching jewelry inside.
  25. That glaze is beautiful.
  26. CrazyFinds hope you get a reply with an answer to whether it's made by her or not.
  27. Could this be a handmade piece by Hilary Greif? You could contact her FB page; email;
  28. SpiritBear thank you for sharing that info. ....looking forward to trying it out :)
  29. Thomas I miss the days of boating/jet skiing. Would have everything ready to go on a Friday and stay out on the water all weekend. It was so serene and calming. Great for the soul to be out on the wa...
  30. you have to share the "program" to brush out the glare with that a lot !
  31. swfinluv1 I noticed the ref to "chiko" also researching online. It was a good day at the Salvo....doesn't happen often there. Like the GW better ;)
  32. Kevin thank you
  33. Sean thanks for verifying it's a bowl. Looks like a bowl to me and not a vase.
  34. Thank you Sean I told my sister Brenda that "Sean would love this piece"....she said "who is this Sean" I just laughed and said one of my CW friends/collector that has an amazing collection of glass....
  35. nutsabotas6 Gillian jscott Thank you all for commenting and everyone for the love.
  36. shareurpassion Persons head in my photo????? My profile pic? Confused here.....
  37. Went back to the same GW and found an Owl Watercolor signed with same name but year 78'. I went in search for a couple of frames and found a second ;)
  38. Celiene that has been done multiple times with some matching on this signature. Still not sure on exact artist (first name) but sent an email out hoping to narrow my search. Thank you
  39. Jscott thank you. I have no clue on that flowered glass vase but works great for illuminating the hallway.
  40. Karen thank you Bonnie my vision is really bad now but at night is the worse. If there is no light to help me through the house at night I'm bound to run into a wall AGAIN.Yes I laugh at myself ov...
  41. Oh this girl needs a room like this for my pottery! Very lovely display of your milk bottles.
  42. I would love to walk through your nursery! I bet it's like walking through an outside museum. Beautiful!
  43. all three are beautiful but this one is my favorite. Amazing!
  44. Sean I have a vase like this but is marked Kosta with "A 3143" below that. No sticker though. Once I get back home I will get some pic's and post.
  45. Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving comments. Let me not forget to also thank everyone for all the love.
  46. Just Amazing Phil! You have that amazing gift I call "THE EYE" for's not the len's that captures the's the photographer who see's it!!
  47. jscott I really love the first one also but they are all great.
  48. I really like this piece ho2cultcha. May be worth getting it tested.
  49. F LORBER
  50. Wish there was a makers mark. But looks to be Butterscotch Baltic Amber
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Unusual teapot and cups - would love to identify Australian Sterling Silver Annunciation Angel Cameo Pendant on original chain Mattel dolls twins?


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