Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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Not a "feelie"  but I will take it..... - Potteryin Pottery
Art Glass Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Few pieces of pottery to share..... - Potteryin Pottery
Small Oil Painting  - Visual Artin Visual Art
Come Sail Away - Visual Artin Visual Art
"The Way Home" - Visual Artin Visual Art
Took a long walk today at the Oceanfront.... - Visual Artin Visual Art
Took a long walk today at the Oceanfront.... - Visual Artin Visual Art
Took a long walk today at the Oceanfront.... - Visual Artin Visual Art
 Native American Pendant-Sterling  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. I will see if this piece is in one of my books and let ya know. If not the library has great ref books for CoroCraft.
  2. So mean to say it's ugly....but we all have our own opinions ;) I love Corocraft and many collectors would love to add this to their collection. Sell it and it will be gone fast. Even if someone wan...
  4. Ho2ciltcha great info. Lovely Piece in this link on page 6 of their book (you have to click on the book link) I see a bear like this.
  5. I would print info from the above link and put in this AWESOME advertisement box!
  6. Love this! Great find!
  7. Celiene Check this out.... definitely Florida.... "Early St. Augustine Art Colony Revealed" Search the internet long enough and sometimes you get lucky on finding great info. love "The favori...
  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments and info. I have emailed Provincetown Art Association and Museum hoping to get more detailed info on this painting since it's not dated maybe they have some mo...
  9. more than one Yazzie family member with HY initials. these are beautiful earrings and the turquoise are a wonderful blue.
  11. Fleafinder I agree with you.... Thank you for stopping by and commenting.
  12. shareurpassion thank you :)
  13. I'm with you on deciphering signatures on pottery and paintings :(
  14. Rick I agree... the faces of these sculptures in person. AMAZING!
  15. Gary & Judy thank you for the comments
  17. That glaze reminds me of Cole pottery Example here
  18. maybe a piece of NC pottery.....can't wait to see if a mark is there. Beautiful
  19. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone ;)
  20. Thomas now we have the Farm Bureau Live nothing like being outside listening to live music :)
  21. Thomas funny you mention Ocean View... I was there on Saturday for a Birthday Cookout for my dear friend.....her mother lives there so the family decided to have the cookout there....Old Ocean View R...
  22. We could start a bowl museum Just purchased a couple more myself and I sure don't need them! But want of my weaknesses that I can't explain.
  23. oh lala! very nice!
  24. Already submitted when I was researching the earrings. No reply as of yet.
  25. Just adorable Bonnie. Looks like my house and wouldn't have it any other way ;) 3 doggies 2 cat's... ( did have 3) had to put old Buster down and that broke my heart. Lovely post thanks for sharin...
  26. She is beautiful.. Would also love to know info on her also. If bronze I'm sure there's a mark somewhere.
  27. Water fountain? If so does it work. Have you checked for marks.
  28. I'm so excited!!!! Found the matching necklace pendant today in the same second hand shop :) Pays to always return....wasn't there a week ago when I found these. Woo hoo!!!! Will share once cleane...
  29. Thanks all for the love and comments.
  30. Davyd286 I just looked at her brooch and you are right they would look great together :)
  31. CanyonRoad your knowledge is remarkable ....Thank you. Guess that would explain why this is so darn heavy. I learn something new everyday from this site and appreciate all the info from ALL :) ho...
  32. is there a ceremonial break 0n the raised decoration are? traditional to all Diné pottery..... see this site for example of ceremonial break on drum on pic's
  33. Or Lee Brown
  34. the circular brooch pic#3 with blue and green stone....marked LB sterling. Could that be by Les Baker??? worth researching.
  36. this bowl also has same mark
  37. Image search= this on google maybe will help with your search scroll down and you will see matching mark
  38. shareurpassion Hello to you! I'm doing fine and hope the same for you. Don't think it's Mexican....but hey I have been proven wrong before ;)
  39. Bonnie and Karen Thank you for the comments. I made it there and back safely Bonnie. Nikon is charging so maybe some clear pic's to come soon ;)
  40. Thanks to all for the love and comments
  41. I love when the young kid's pull up and want to race my Granny Impala....especially when they are in a Honda, Nissan etc that has no power bit a muffler that a bimb.... That's when I love...
  42. I was told to reframe mine because the mattes aren't acid free.....which I still haven't done. Lovely by the way.....
  43. No clasp....cuff bracelet
  44. My sister owns a couple and she proudly displays them in her china hutch. Next time I visit her I will snap a couple of photos and share here on CW. I love to watch the expressions on others faces t...
  45. Scott Thank You
  46. American Hand Made (AHC) Crafts they list a "Emelda Colanto" "EC Enterprises" under New Artist Creations. ....when I try to click on here jewelry it states "404 - not found" Not sure if that's who ma...
  47. Thank you Bonnie. I was thinking about you yesterday as I was going through some jewelry I found an egg yolk Amber pinky ring I will have to share with you later right now I'm off to the second hand ...
  48. Ivonne they have In my photos I was trying to focus on the signature.....I will add a pic of post for you ;)
  49. very beautiful!
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Unusual teapot and cups - would love to identify Australian Sterling Silver Annunciation Angel Cameo Pendant on original chain Mattel dolls twins?


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