Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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Illuminate - Art Glassin Art Glass
When I'm bored....... - Visual Artin Visual Art
 LED Accents Lights - Lampsin Lamps
Charm Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Merry Christmas to all.... - Glasswarein Glassware
Hand Painted Creamer - Kitchenin Kitchen
Silver, 22k and 18k ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Wind Chime - Potteryin Pottery
Coffee Time...... - Potteryin Pottery
Lovely Vase - Asianin Asian


  1. Jscott thank you. I have no clue on that flowered glass vase but works great for illuminating the hallway.
  2. Karen thank you Bonnie my vision is really bad now but at night is the worse. If there is no light to help me through the house at night I'm bound to run into a wall AGAIN.Yes I laugh at myself ov...
  3. Oh this girl needs a room like this for my pottery! Very lovely display of your milk bottles.
  4. I would love to walk through your nursery! I bet it's like walking through an outside museum. Beautiful!
  5. all three are beautiful but this one is my favorite. Amazing!
  6. Sean I have a vase like this but is marked Kosta with "A 3143" below that. No sticker though. Once I get back home I will get some pic's and post.
  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving comments. Let me not forget to also thank everyone for all the love.
  8. Just Amazing Phil! You have that amazing gift I call "THE EYE" for's not the len's that captures the's the photographer who see's it!!
  9. jscott I really love the first one also but they are all great.
  10. I really like this piece ho2cultcha. May be worth getting it tested.
  11. F LORBER
  12. Wish there was a makers mark. But looks to be Butterscotch Baltic Amber
  13. Caper kid thank you for the comment on the sailboat photo. We have snow coming tomorrow so maybe I could go out on the 4wheeler and get some photos. Glad I have these because all has been torn down ...
  14. Beautiful and so well made. Love Amber!
  15. Great site above for info on NA jewelry. Hope you share there and get some info on this piece.
  16. Love the wishing well charm :)
  17. Rick thank you for the lovely comment. Not a Thomas Kinkade but it's a beautiful painting by Michele Powell Beaujardin. below is link to where I posted info about the lovely painting....artist is a...
  18. Phil thank you. In your photos2your house looks like a museum and is amazing.
  19. Are my eye's deceiving me because I see a head. It's beautiful!
  20. Celiene thank you I finally moved the display case from my bedroom to the living room. Bonnie thank you Antiquerose make sure you buy more than one set ;) you are going to love them! CindB th...
  21. Happy New Year to all....
  22. Bonnie in 1st pic 4th charm with black stone...shaped like a fan...isn't marked.
  23. Thank you all for the condolences. I had a wonderful Christmas....spent the day with my chidlren.and grandson in North Carolina. Amazing the joy a 5yr old brings to Christmas. Hope everyone had a ...
  24. Thank you Karen
  25. Thank you ladies for the comments.
  26. Bonnie you crack me up! I'm the one making the sound while drinking from it.... Mmmm good! This girl loves her coffee ;) and her coffee mugs. Now which mug to take to my new job I start tomorrow?!?!?!...
  27. Beautiful!
  28. Great info given from FB This is a mold piece not by Don Wills. DW is the initials of finisher Dorothy Webster 1970s.
  29. John Thank you for the info Guess I didn't go wrong with buying these :) They were very cheap ;)
  30. Malkey thank you I look for you post every day just to see your beautiful photo's! You do a amazing photo's of your collections!
  31. question on Satsuma which seems to always have a crackle glaze....why does the "internet" descriptions call these type of figures with these type of glazes "satsuma" most of these I see online don't ...
  32. your shade looks like this one
  34. Lovely Karen
  35. love the amber necklace!!! with that hidden clasp!! Very nice!!
  37. post it here and you may get more help. beautiful!
  38. Beautiful!
  39. ho2 looks like something I would buy ;) No mark any where?
  40. ho2 thanks for posting I have one that is clear w/polished flat base no markings.
  41. I don't know who Alonso may be....but I love this! Great find!
  42. Malkey I love your photos with the amazing sceneries behind your beautiful pieces.
  43. yours looks like fig #8 on this site
  45. looks like Redware to me. hard to tell from pics but do I see a green in the glaze? applied handles...
  46. wish I could see those marks....the chain looks like chains Ed Wiener used on some of his sterling silver necklaces w/pendants in the 1950's. I love it Bonnie. Nice save!
  47. I will see if this piece is in one of my books and let ya know. If not the library has great ref books for CoroCraft.
  48. So mean to say it's ugly....but we all have our own opinions ;) I love Corocraft and many collectors would love to add this to their collection. Sell it and it will be gone fast. Even if someone wan...
  50. Ho2ciltcha great info. Lovely Piece in this link on page 6 of their book (you have to click on the book link) I see a bear like this.
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Unusual teapot and cups - would love to identify Australian Sterling Silver Annunciation Angel Cameo Pendant on original chain Mattel dolls twins?


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