Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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Calling all glass collectors. .... - Art Glassin Art Glass
TERRACOTTA VASE - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Small Pitcher - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
How should I clean this??????? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Phoenix Studio Paperweight  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Just another vase... - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Few thrift store finds yesterday.... - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Never know what you will find. .... - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Studio Pottery - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Studio Pottery Butter Dish - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. The love for a dog/pet is an amazing thing. The lost of one is painful. ....they are our family member's. I'm so sorry for your lost. May he rest in peacefully.
  2. As everyone knows here on CW I'm no expert on glass I have a question. How can you tell the difference between the contemporary and the vintage tango glass? I see a lot of beautiful Tango Glas...
  3. Anne I was not lucky enough to find any matching pieces (thrift store find). ...but with some luck maybe one day I will find some ;)
  4. Vetraio50 I researched her some time ago and was amazed. Even though she was born in Lenore NC....SHE was married in Petersburg VA and is also buried in Emporia VA....which I have been going through...
  5. Racer4four Thank u.
  6. Karen And Sklo42 Thank you for looking and the lovely comments.
  7. Wish I was home...have one similar. By an Australian Artist. Put a tealight candle in it and see the real beauty of this piece. I will share when I return home Sunday.
  8. Wish I was home...have one similar. By an Australian Artist. Put a tealight candle in it and see the real beauty of this piece. I will share when I return home Sunday.
  9. Sklo42 thank you for looking and the comment ...guess I have to put some iris in the flower bed this year. to have some beauties to put in this vase
  10. Lol....the grasshopper refused to move. But I think he likes the morning glories that have taken over the back deck.
  11. Love it Alan I have missed a lot of amazing post on here lately (been out of town).
  12. Ruckczglass thank you for the tips on cleaning. Hope I can get it clean. I read where some clean their glass with that a good idea on colored or frosted glass items????
  13. Thanks everyone for the LOVE
  14. Efesgirl thank you :)
  15. Yes purchased in America tiger chips There is a Phoenix Glass Studio in Tampa, Florida And Phoenix Studio in Portland Maine And as you me tinned above Phoenix Studio in California. This piece...
  16. AnNE love your display and collection.
  17. Sklo42 I with you on that. Racer4four I look around at all my pottery and can picture the potter's hard at work with their hands.and their imaginations going ....well god knows where until ...
  18. Green glazed set identified thanks to a FB group. Richard Bresnahan
  19. Green glazed set identified thanks to a FB group.
  20. Katherine thank you very much for the comment. It is a true treasure for me it's not often I find something . And it fits so perfectly in this little box
  21. Laptop crashed Posted this from cell phone and pics always come out horrible....Sorry folks
  22. I can't make out signature for you but I really likey ;)
  23. I can't ake the signature out but I find her just adorable. ....she needs some pearls in her ears :) And she needs to be sitting in my collection ;)
  24. Mike Thank you very much for the info Hope we can figure out #2 Love the celadon myself
  25. Mike Thank you very much for the info Hope we can figure out #2 Love the celadon myself
  26. Anders Hill Chapel Hill NC Happy to figure this piece
  27. Beautiful Wonder if my bracelet by him would fit in that ;)
  28. Racer4four I will research that... Always need Xtra eye's. Thank u
  29. Racer4four thank you I adore the madness of the glaze.
  30. Moonstone now I have to dig out a glass bowl that's kinda like this.....
  31. Rick I'm sure he's old...but I not to keen on the extra dirt.....
  32. Looks like a squirrel to me also...
  33. Postcardcollector thank you very much for your love and comments. He is an awesome piece. I had the thought of electrifying this because it's so tall it would make an awesome lamp....but Just a t...
  34. After downloading and zooming in on kinda looks like SSA in cursive
  35. Virginia thank ;) I love it also . My husband knows me well.
  36. To me it loOKs like some type of bird.... Maybe a peacock?
  37. Rick Blunderbuss And rattle trap Thank u for looking and the comments.
  38. Karen I ended the day by floating around in the pool ;) Never owned a Sail Boat, Schooner or a Cargo Ship but did own a jet boat and two jet skis. I have to say that was one fun boat and jet skiing w...
  39. Thanks guy's for all the "love".
  40. Alan thank you for looking and the comment. Hope they don't change it from folk art .....
  41. Postcard collector I'm happy you like it ;)
  44. Rick55 it was a wonderful surprise ;) The female is growing on me already but the lithograph well not sure it will ever grow on me ;) I guess two out of three isn't bad. Thank you for looking and t...
  45. Covered in some type of skin......just don't know what type.
  46. racer4four The lithograph from what I have researched is from around 1850-1860 not my kind of artwork I like to collect but I will find a frame for it. And the tapestry is just amazing I will post i...
  47. Oh my.... I love these! Awesome!!
  48. Read this link....Robert Jacobsen did use stone in his earliest wishes on figuring this piece out.....but that all I got for now.
  49. Is the base wood? Try searching artist Robert Jacobsen....
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Pair of Canadian art glass figural bowls Lunch breaks get you in trouble..........


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