Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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  1. I want! Beautiful! Best of all....... a pair and the colors!
  2. racefour vetraio50 & aghcollect thank you for the love.
  3. maybe James Hardy
  4. Oh my manager would love this! I will have to show her. From India and she worships Ganesha.
  5. Rick thank you very much
  6. Sean I love it! The color! My birthstone!
  7. Bluboi thank you for the comment I love this piece!
  8. Beautiful!
  9. Lighter has "Japan" on one side and the other side has "O.O.E."
  10. Karen thank you
  11. Nutsabotas6 Thank you very much
  12. kyratango never heard of Tagua nut I know this is very hard not able to scratch with fingernail. I learn something new on here every day :) Now I will be researching "Tagua Nut"
  13. getthatmonkeyoutofme I guess I will have to find a special spot for it so it doesn't get broke. I love the colors....very different from my other pottery and thought it would add some contrast.
  14. Sean Thank you ;)
  15. I have two of these in original box and some paper work in both of them ... Sad to say the are packed away and not displayed :( I'm sure once the remodeling is done they will appear and be displayed...
  17. Oh my my....just beautifil.
  18. Thank you guys for all the love and comments. I'm learning a lot from you guys.
  19. It's beautiful!
  20. Thanks for all the love and comments.
  21. Beautiful
  22. OMG I love the color!
  23. TallCakes thank you very much for the identification
  24. Rick thank you the color is what got me.... had to have ;)
  25. Agram I need your eye's
  26. Okay I was just researching some of his jewelry.... I must be going blind because to me this looked like a turquoise but I think my eye's may be wrong......Is this jade?
  27. Could it be "CCG" or "CEG"
  28. Just beautiful !
  29. Beautiful Love the color
  30. Rick thank you
  31. Ken thank you for the lovely comment ;)
  32. thank you Rick55
  33. I'm really confused here........bowl or ashtray ...
  34. oh my is it an ashtray? found this and shape looks identical
  35. antiquerose thank you Couldn't pass up for that price ;)
  36. Ivonne you taught me something........I had no clue what "overshot" meant. Would explain the texture on this vase. I just read how they do that......awesome.
  37. I did clean this one with white vinegar and dawn dish soap and most of the cloudy film came off. I did let it soak for a day though then used microfiber cloth. Looks so much better :).
  38. antiquerose thank you I forgot about the paperweight I have by him that eye4beauty solved for me......AWESOME!
  39. Kevin Karen and antiquerose thank you for the info we do have CLR here and I will try that. But Kevin is correct.....why should I stress if I'm going to use.
  40. Rick Thank you very much for the wonderful comment :)
  41. aghcollect and Ivonne thank both of you very much! You guy's are quick and know your stuff wish I had found a pair ;(
  42. toolate2 thank you for the comment ;)
  43. Sean thank you Great find!
  44. Karen thank you I'm hoping that under that yellow is just wood....if so I would leave it that way. Sad to say it will have to stay this way for a while because we just took up carpet in the front l...
  45. nutsabotas6 I'm no expert on glass at all. Learned about these from the internet and that is only because they still had a sticker on them. They are really beautiful when lite up.......I will have ...
  46. Karen I wish they were only .10c each couldn't get that lucky even at a yard sale now day's. But to give you an idea of price the most expensive was the Orrefors discus....I think it was $2.99...only ...
  47. the yellow against that blue is beautiful!
  48. Lisa you made me laugh ......hope it doesn't take off! :)
  49. sklo42 thank you
  50. Sean Thank you you do know you were on my mind this weekend ;) while I was hunting for more stuff that I don't really need. Found a few glass & crystal items and enjoyed the day to myself.
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Pair of Canadian art glass figural bowls Lunch breaks get you in trouble..........


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