Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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Studio Pottery - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Studio Pottery Butter Dish - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Chinese Celadon Porcelain  - Asianin Asian
The Lamplighter - Folk Artin Folk Art
William Roy Wallace-Winston Architect - Visual Artin Visual Art
Cargo Ship - Folk Artin Folk Art
Painting of Sailing Ship - Visual Artin Visual Art
Schooner Sail Boat Painting on Wood - Folk Artin Folk Art
Mysteries in a Frame....... - Visual Artin Visual Art
Italian Alabaster Ashtrays - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Anders Hill Chapel Hill NC Happy to figure this piece
  2. Beautiful Wonder if my bracelet by him would fit in that ;)
  3. Racer4four I will research that... Always need Xtra eye's. Thank u
  4. Racer4four thank you I adore the madness of the glaze.
  5. Moonstone now I have to dig out a glass bowl that's kinda like this.....
  6. Rick I'm sure he's old...but I not to keen on the extra dirt.....
  7. Looks like a squirrel to me also...
  8. Postcardcollector thank you very much for your love and comments. He is an awesome piece. I had the thought of electrifying this because it's so tall it would make an awesome lamp....but Just a t...
  9. After downloading and zooming in on kinda looks like SSA in cursive
  10. Virginia thank ;) I love it also . My husband knows me well.
  11. To me it loOKs like some type of bird.... Maybe a peacock?
  12. Rick Blunderbuss And rattle trap Thank u for looking and the comments.
  13. Karen I ended the day by floating around in the pool ;) Never owned a Sail Boat, Schooner or a Cargo Ship but did own a jet boat and two jet skis. I have to say that was one fun boat and jet skiing w...
  14. Thanks guy's for all the "love".
  15. Alan thank you for looking and the comment. Hope they don't change it from folk art .....
  16. Postcard collector I'm happy you like it ;)
  19. Rick55 it was a wonderful surprise ;) The female is growing on me already but the lithograph well not sure it will ever grow on me ;) I guess two out of three isn't bad. Thank you for looking and t...
  20. Covered in some type of skin......just don't know what type.
  21. racer4four The lithograph from what I have researched is from around 1850-1860 not my kind of artwork I like to collect but I will find a frame for it. And the tapestry is just amazing I will post i...
  22. Oh my.... I love these! Awesome!!
  23. Read this link....Robert Jacobsen did use stone in his earliest wishes on figuring this piece out.....but that all I got for now.
  24. Is the base wood? Try searching artist Robert Jacobsen....
  26. meant to say legs and wings
  27. is that an eagle? top shelf far right......I only see legs and feet. OMG... this is an awesome collection! These would look awesome in large shadow boxes.
  28. Can I have these?!?! I have a great spot for them.... Just kidding..... they are awesome!
  29. Valentino97 Thank you for the comment ;) No..... I didn't put them on right away nor while hiking. OMG they look great with black!
  30. I adore your paperweight's amazing collection you have :) Thanks for sharing.
  31. both are beautiful!
  32. Alan I will have to share this post with my daughter who loves owl's. This is just beautiful! I love the second picture.....just adorable! What a lucky man you are to experience this....thank you...
  33. Sean Thank you
  34. Your paperweights are amazing!
  35. Thanks everyone for the love and comments
  36. Karen and zowie Thank you very much
  37. shareurpassion one shop was three stories....could have stayed in there all day. It was a blast! It was like Christmas for me ;)
  38. nutsabotas6 it was a wonderful vacation. Hiking was the best....wish I could have stayed longer but had to get back to Virginia.
  39. ~~nutsabotas6~~ Thank you I forgot to mention the pearl.....sorry ;)
  40. ~~Rick~~ There was so many amazing item's in this one shop....I was in heaven there! Thank you for the comment and love ;)
  41. ~~Karen~~ Thank you for the comment ;)
  42. found on one on ebay with same monogram.... but potter not identified ....
  43. This is the way I look at "damage" on a I'm from the 1970's and I have a few dints, dings and scratches....comes with age! If it's something you really like, love or want to add to your...
  44. ~~Sean~~ thank you very much Pictures really don't do justice to this piece
  45. Rick55 and Shareurpassion Thank you ;)
  46. vetraio50 thank you for info. racer4four and Rick55 thank you guy's for the comments. I just got home at 11pm from Vermont have a couple more finds to share with all of you tomorrow. Time to rest a...
  47. Sklo42 thank you And thanks to everyone for all the LOVE
  48. Beautiful
  49. Katherine that is funny! You are cracking me up :)
  50. Zowie he is 10" Tall (which I did put in description) and 4" wide (widest point on his body) You are correct that we all see things differently..... I was just diagnosed with Optic Neuritis(right o...
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Pair of Canadian art glass figural bowls Lunch breaks get you in trouble..........


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