Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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Gift from India - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
just a few more pieces to share.... - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
No flies in my beer this weekend ;) - Brewerianain Breweriana
Couldn't pass up for a $1.00 - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Small Strombergshyttan Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Roger Vines Art glass oil lamp - Art Glassin Art Glass
 9 More Glass Insulators - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Indian Head Penny - US Coinsin US Coins
No.... I do not sew. - Sewingin Sewing
My little find yesterday... - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. doesn't look like a cat to me...... looks like a seal face....
  2. Brunswick there was a time VA BCH was the place to hang out and have a blast....the good old days for thus girl ;). Not as fun nowadays...can't Cruz the strip, to much congestion for me I g...
  3. I never add the tax in....just give you the price tag. With tax $
  4. can't make out the mark on the bottom so I have no idea.... :(
  5. kyratango Thank you very much for the condolences
  6. antiquerose thank you :) great research artist "Roger Vines"
  7. Brett thank you very much
  8. just the details! maybe a close up/better photo of mark will help identify maker....
  9. Bonnie Thank you :)
  10. Thomas Thank you very much for you condolences. I'm sorry to hear that you have been going through this also. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family also.
  11. I have found a couple ideas on making rustic wall sconces with these. My hubby has some work to do ;)
  12. Sslam is correct it's Bar Keepers Friend ....but the one I purchased isn't a's a thick liquid....kinda the consistency of Soft Scrub. Found it at Walmart.
  13. I want to come and use the metal detector in your yard ;) awesome find! in the second picture it looks like there may be some writing/marks....may be once it's cleaned really well on the back you ...
  14. mp.kunst Thank you ;)
  15. also a mark under that sticker
  16. The Merrill Shops New York, NY 1893- 1931 Not positive but may help.
  17. My daughter and nieces would wear this..... Always tell them to go thrifting with me but they don't have the patient to dig through all the goodies....I usually end up giving them a lot of jewelry.
  18. I likey likey likey Bonnie :) I would have purchased it also ;) Great find!
  19. well jeez a few of these have a lot of soot build up .....
  20. Caperkid don't have a piano ;) lol use this under a desk in my Sitting Room.
  21. sslam -thank you I have read where some use Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser Found it at Walmart this morning hope it works. I will post once I clean them.
  22. I love watching American Pickers but damn they just by-pass all the pottery and it drives me insane! I know I've seen Mike on here before..... he just needs to pick me up and let me go picking with h...
  23. sslam just got back from my brother's house with 9 more insulators ;) I see a bad habit forming here ;) ......I blame him. Oh these are very nasty and gross!!! From under the pole shed this time! ...
  24. You were thinking of me when you found these.....bahahaha! Lovely Bonnie I would wear those crescent pair all the time ;) You are finding some beautiful jewelry!
  25. Love it! I will let you know when my bday is.....amethyst is a hint ;) You did awesome!!!
  26. OGF thank you
  27. it's okay I found this in some change in the bottom of purse.... it's still cool to have and display
  28. UncleRon Did the olive oil and toothpick method... worked some.. but don't think there is any hope for this penny :( but at least I can see some details now.
  29. Bonnie This will stay with me, not planning to sell. was completely black to where you couldn't see any details. Now it will go in my little collection of coins.
  32. cameosleuth thank you for sharing link :) I saved it ;) very educational....
  33. Phil I agree with you...
  34. Phil the Egyptian Motif one is beautiful! I actually got an awesome deal on this one......purchased at one of the "Mom & Pop" shops I love to visit at least once a week. Thank you for the comment an...
  35. or try this site
  36. I can tell you it's beautiful ;) wish I could help but can't see the marks on the inside, maybe post a better picture of those. Plus you can post that mark on Google Image Search and it may match th...
  37. kyratango thank you I sent pic's to my daughter and she can't wait to wear them :) they do have a beautiful luster to them.
  38. Love the "Owl"
  39. I'm going to give this necklace to my lovely daughter :)
  40. Bonnie in a local mom and pop shop ;)
  41. swfinluv1 you are amazing I have to say! I never seen JMc only Mc there is a piece on Ebay that would look great with this and I may have to buy.....which I never buy pottery online (love my hu...
  42. Lots of potters in WI with the first name Beth... Google; Wisconsin pottery signed Beth and multiple sites will come up.. Won't hurt to try and contact them. Wish you luck on your search.
  43. Peasejean and MeliG Thank you :)
  44. ooh la la....I adore this kitty.
  45. Artist: Tsuchiya Koitsu Title: Maiko Bay Date: 1930
  46. this site is awesome for Japanese Woodblock Print Search
  47. looks Roman Maybe an oil lamp? or a musical instrument? but I'm going with "oil lamp" but hey I'm may be wrong
  48. updated photo of lid
  49. TallCakes that's my fault.... I will add a pic of the lid only.
  50. usually a butter dish/bell lid doesn't have a hole...this piece has a opening on the lid. If you were to store butter in this ...insects can get into it.
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Early 1930s Bakelite mourning ring Pair of Canadian art glass figural bowls


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