Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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Small Bud Vase  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Three little Angels / Cherubs - Furniturein Furniture
Look WHOOooo called........... - Folk Artin Folk Art
Asian Bookends - Booksin Books
Here Kitty Kitty - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Indiana or Tiffin??? - Glasswarein Glassware
Footed Candy Dish - Kitchenin Kitchen
Cherry Blossom Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Large Natural Stone Vase 
Lunch breaks get you in trouble.......... - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Virginia thank you for the lovely comment. Tiffany (my daughter) adores it.....
  2. Technology has really changed how we communicate/relay messages to each other. That is one reason I take back road trips to my brother's house! No computer and no cell phone service there. I enjoy e...
  3. oh my my just adorable! Love those big green eyes!
  5. TallCakes Thank you very much for the information :) I greatly appreciate it :) I never thought they would be that old.....someone has taken very good care of these pieces.
  6. love the owl ;)
  7. DrFluffy It's very beautiful :) but we have had plenty of it this winter and most of us are over it. Maybe later today I will go take some pictures and post.
  8. vintagelamp it's rare to find colored glass in our local GW's. This was with the clearance Christimas decorations. There is only one local GW that I find a lot of beautiful crystal, glass and art....
  9. Karen, I can see yellow (lilies) and blue (blue delphinium) flower arrangement in this vase. Would be just beautiful!! ;)
  10. your awesome Sean Thank you so much ;) He is here in Virginia (Hampton Roads)
  11. I guess it depends on how you look at it Sean I see; LF FN LE besides what my eyes see on the initials... I see that it's beautiful and a great find for a $1.00 you know I would have grabbed it...
  12. Alan thank you very much :)
  13. Sean thank you ;)
  14. DrFluffy jscott I will be sure to share with her the birthday wishes from both of you. Thank you :)
  15. absolutely fabulous! Love it!
  16. Love to wear vintage jewelry. I get so many beautiful comments from our patient's at the office.....and yes, I wear vintage jewelry with scrubs. Brightens my day !
  17. Katherine thank you very much for the lovely comment. They have so much sparkle!
  18. Alan your correct ;)
  19. Beautiful :)
  20. LMAO!!!! My oldest sister looked at this and said "look at the cute monkeys on here". OMG....I laughed so hard.
  21. Virginia :) thank you
  22. Karen the one on the right had a sticker on it at one time. I haven't cleaned them if you can zoom in you can see it was below the tail feather.'s gone!
  23. Jscott Karen Surfdub Cindb Vintage lamp Thank you for the lovely comments
  24. jscott thank you very much.
  25. racer4four thank you :) I'm going to have a glass/crystal table theme for Christmas this year. Thought this would add some bling to the table/setting.
  26. oh my my.....Sean you know I absolutely adore this! Just beautiful!
  27. I don't know who made them, but I sure do love them!
  28. Contact Linda Dyer this is her online line and info Linda Dyer Antiques | (615) 791-9242 | Linda Dyer brings 30 year’s experience in ev...
  29. Antique Roadshow Archive on her pottery. You found a gem! Great find and good eye. I would get it appraised before putting on ebay!!!!
  30. Very Beautiful
  31. Karen thank you
  32. Virginia thank you
  33. fixit...found one of these in my local GW. Looks like we both have a Lonesome Dove ;) They are Gorham.
  34. Love the shape and the lilac color is beautiful.
  35. fixitjmc what type of dollar store? Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or Dollar General? Because if my local stores have these I will go get more. They are heavy and very thick and make great glasses for tea...
  36. Karen some one really unloaded a lot of nice pieces. I should have went back the following day because sometimes you can find matching pieces the following couple of days. But I had surgery and didn't...
  37. Karen thank you ;)
  38. Sean thank you for the love. I think of you every time I'm in a Flea Market, Thrift Store or a Mom & Pop Shop and see all the beautiful glass/crystal items.
  39. DrFluffy thank you they sure sparkle now that they are clean.
  40. 950 Mexican has a millesimal fineness of 950. The Mexican silver alloy is 95% pure silver and 5 per cent copper or other metals. The French 1st standard has a milessimal fineness of 950. The French ...
  41. Lamp looks like a Venus Flytrap
  42. I also believe its a Jack Russell.....look at those muscle's!
  43. I bet if this was cleaned the color would just pop! I love it!
  44. Thank you guy's for all the comments and loves. It's a wonderful little painting.
  45. Amazing!!
  46. This is awesome! I absolutely love it!!
  47. jscott surfdub thank you for the comments
  48. so butterflies
  49. Kyra I turned the 4th pic/back of painting in the correct position now. Looks like 40x50 the some script the then 270... I don't really know
  50. Kyrstango 4th pic you need to rotate 180.
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Lunch breaks get you in trouble.......... Italian Pitcher by Fratelli Fanciullacci


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