Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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Cake anyone? - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Simon Pearce Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Elephant Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
I buy the strangest things..... - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Two Art Glass Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early Morning Dew Shots - Visual Artin Visual Art
Mats Jonasson - Art Glassin Art Glass
Three little Owl's - Animalsin Animals
Benedict Indestructo  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Gift from India - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. I want to go thrifting with you Sean! Beautiful!
  2. Ivonne I spoke with the individual above and they also don't know the artist. Hopefully "we" will be able to figure it out.
  3. Karen I found a site where this person had original (book) directions for the Cake Breaker. This is what it states in ref to directions; Simple as 1-2-3 Cake Breakers by Schneider. A remarkable ta...
  4. Karen I found a site where this person has the original directions for the cake breaker and this is what directions state; Simple as 1-2-3 Cake Breakers by Schneider. A remarkable table accessory ...
  5. so much to learn about glass insulators.....jeez makes my brain hurt trying to understand ;) But great info SpiriBear! My brother turned me on to glass insulators on one of my many visits to his h0u...
  6. OGF looking forward to seeing it...
  7. Karen what a beauty! You know this girl loves owl's!
  8. shareurpassion I want to thank you for solving :)
  9. I personally love this piece and wouldn't change a thing.
  10. looks to be "Picasso" style....maybe Padilla Pottery.
  11. did an "Ask Cortana" and google image search on both signature and pic#1 nothing similar. Dang!!
  12. Ivonne When I made "Quintessence" out I thought my eye's were playing tricks on me! So I didn't go with it.....
  13. this must be signed somewhere! Beautiful!
  14. real good mystery here Bonnie....
  15. Little figure looks like The Merrill Shops "winged dragon" mark....
  16. Anne can't help you with the questions, no glass expert here. But every piece is beautiful and the table they are sitting on is AMAZING! Where did you get the table?
  17. the spiderwort in pic#3 just showed up one year along the back deck and in my Big Blue Liriope....not a fan of Spiderwort unless around ponds. I have managed to keep it under control... only two spot...
  18. Niobe...blooms twice a year and amazing bright color.
  19. Them! Got two new ones this spring...but no flowers on them yet.
  20. this is wonderful.....I would love to see a picture of at night :) I'm trying to picture it in my mind.....what a collection you have!
  21. The are all beautiful but the one with peace lilies in the back row is my favorite of your amazing collection here.
  22. Nevada & Tassie Thank you
  23. Thomas you have a wonderful Sunday also.... get to spend my day opening the pool and tending to some yard work. flowers beds and flower pot's are all finished ;) Thank you
  24. OGF we both need a bigger Thank you for stopping by a taking a peak at all my picking items.
  25. The Indestructo line was started in 1920. So they can't be before then.
  26. Thomas I'm from Richmond, VA, we moved to Portsmouth, VA when I was four. Stayed there 5 yrs then moved to Chesapeake,VA which I call home. How old are you? Did you go to high school in VA Beach? I...
  27. ???Native American artist Named Johnny Blue Jay from the Hopi tribe??? Driving me insane trying to figure it out.....all I could find on "Blu-Jay" is the above
  28. just a guess maybe the turquoise is from the Blue Jay Nevada Turquoise Mine ....
  29. Virginia watercolorist Carolyn Grossé Gawarecki
  30. Virginia watercolorist Carolyn Grossé Gawarecki
  31. Carolyn Grossé Gawarecki
  32. Va may stand for "Virginia"
  33. doesn't look like a cat to me...... looks like a seal face....
  34. Brunswick there was a time VA BCH was the place to hang out and have a blast....the good old days for thus girl ;). Not as fun nowadays...can't Cruz the strip, to much congestion for me I g...
  35. I never add the tax in....just give you the price tag. With tax $
  36. can't make out the mark on the bottom so I have no idea.... :(
  37. kyratango Thank you very much for the condolences
  38. antiquerose thank you :) great research artist "Roger Vines"
  39. Brett thank you very much
  40. just the details! maybe a close up/better photo of mark will help identify maker....
  41. Bonnie Thank you :)
  42. Thomas Thank you very much for you condolences. I'm sorry to hear that you have been going through this also. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family also.
  43. I have found a couple ideas on making rustic wall sconces with these. My hubby has some work to do ;)
  44. Sslam is correct it's Bar Keepers Friend ....but the one I purchased isn't a's a thick liquid....kinda the consistency of Soft Scrub. Found it at Walmart.
  45. I want to come and use the metal detector in your yard ;) awesome find! in the second picture it looks like there may be some writing/marks....may be once it's cleaned really well on the back you ...
  46. mp.kunst Thank you ;)
  47. also a mark under that sticker
  48. The Merrill Shops New York, NY 1893- 1931 Not positive but may help.
  49. My daughter and nieces would wear this..... Always tell them to go thrifting with me but they don't have the patient to dig through all the goodies....I usually end up giving them a lot of jewelry.
  50. I likey likey likey Bonnie :) I would have purchased it also ;) Great find!
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Early 1930s Bakelite mourning ring Pair of Canadian art glass figural bowls


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