Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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Littel Raku Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Face Mugs - Potteryin Pottery
Sweater Clip - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sarah Coventry Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Van Dell Earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Soapstone Bowl - Kitchenin Kitchen
Sterling and Egg Yolk Amber - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Sterling and Turquoise Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Robert Eickholt Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sterling Native American Earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. CanyonRoad your knowledge is remarkable ....Thank you. Guess that would explain why this is so darn heavy. I learn something new everyday from this site and appreciate all the info from ALL :) ho...
  2. is there a ceremonial break 0n the raised decoration are? traditional to all Diné pottery..... see this site for example of ceremonial break on drum on pic's
  3. Or Lee Brown
  4. the circular brooch pic#3 with blue and green stone....marked LB sterling. Could that be by Les Baker??? worth researching.
  6. this bowl also has same mark
  7. Image search= this on google maybe will help with your search scroll down and you will see matching mark
  8. shareurpassion Hello to you! I'm doing fine and hope the same for you. Don't think it's Mexican....but hey I have been proven wrong before ;)
  9. Bonnie and Karen Thank you for the comments. I made it there and back safely Bonnie. Nikon is charging so maybe some clear pic's to come soon ;)
  10. Thanks to all for the love and comments
  11. I love when the young kid's pull up and want to race my Granny Impala....especially when they are in a Honda, Nissan etc that has no power bit a muffler that a bimb.... That's when I love...
  12. I was told to reframe mine because the mattes aren't acid free.....which I still haven't done. Lovely by the way.....
  13. No clasp....cuff bracelet
  14. My sister owns a couple and she proudly displays them in her china hutch. Next time I visit her I will snap a couple of photos and share here on CW. I love to watch the expressions on others faces t...
  15. Scott Thank You
  16. American Hand Made (AHC) Crafts they list a "Emelda Colanto" "EC Enterprises" under New Artist Creations. ....when I try to click on here jewelry it states "404 - not found" Not sure if that's who ma...
  17. Thank you Bonnie. I was thinking about you yesterday as I was going through some jewelry I found an egg yolk Amber pinky ring I will have to share with you later right now I'm off to the second hand ...
  18. Ivonne they have In my photos I was trying to focus on the signature.....I will add a pic of post for you ;)
  19. very beautiful!
  21. I miss my camaro was a 97.... Now I have a granny car but still a chevy....2013 impala which I love the smooth ride for long road trips
  22. Ho2cultcha You are going to make me go digging in boxes......lord help me! I may get lost for days in all that pottery.....but I have a set stored away in there somewhere. Once found in will share ...
  23. Does that say BeBe? BeBe fashion jewelry?
  24. Japanese Somayaki Hashirigoma...... Japanese "Aohibi" pottery.
  25. has the same mark as yours...
  26. TassieDevil I'm watching the one Pine Tree we have that is located in the front yard and praying those limbs don't break and land on the roof. But yes as of now the house is still standing and gratef...
  27. absolutely love this!
  28. no marks or signatures on her?
  29. OGF thank you I have worked so hard in the flower beds this year only to wake up this morning to all my plants destroyed from "Tropical Storm Hermine" :( :( :( All of the elephant ears and New Guin...
  30. Definitely get this piece checked out Elizabeth....I think you have yourself Butterscotch Amber here. Is pic #1 taken in natural light?
  31. Elizabeth could you give the yellow necklace a post of its own? From these pic's I can't really see the details in the yellow necklace.... It maybe egg yolk amber and worth a lot more than plastic....
  32. Just beautiful.... Love hummingbirds :) I was just sitting out back on the deck watching the hummingbirds feed while drinking coffee.
  34. 2000 Waterford added seahorse to mark....
  35. This will be a piece "CanyonRoad" chimes in on.... Very interesting. Can you post a base shot? What amazes me about Native American Pottery is all the symbols and the meaning of it. so many o...
  36. Sean thank you ;) TD I agree with you....never enough. Neverblades every thing I plant here grows extra large....the soil here is Amazing! I have been gardening all my life and this is the on...
  37. sometimes the mark is very well hidden... and if it has age the mark may be faded and very hard to find.' Beautiful vase
  38. Beautiful ! they look like jewelry from India.... I have a pair of earrings from India with the same type of Shepards hook and c clasp...if I find them I will post.
  39. looks like egg yolk amber Bonnie it's beautiful
  40. Bernadette thank you :) you have an amazing collection of sewing machines and your display looks awesome!
  41. Karen, OGF & Sean thank you for the comments and love ;)
  42. Shareurpassion the last photo was taken on the stove....with the hood light on the lowest setting. can't wait to see your new post on the boxed pieces :)
  43. took this to the Antique Roadshow and it's an original water color :) No I didn't make it on the air but we had a blast.
  44. Very Beautiful Painting Amazing find
  45. thanks for love and comment's
  46. Thanks for the lovely comment's everyone
  47. Beautiful Kevin
  48. Karen I will use it as a wine cooler for the holidays.
  49. Thank you Thomas
  50. I have seen this mark somewhere...... maybe on here or another mark site.... Think it may be an "Irish" maker mark.....
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Unusual teapot and cups - would love to identify Australian Sterling Silver Annunciation Angel Cameo Pendant on original chain Mattel dolls twins?


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