Suffolk, VA

I'm a collector of mostly art pottery/studio art pottery. I love my weekend hunting trips.


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Wonder what was in this bottle? - Bottlesin Bottles
Look who I found hanging around at the GW today...... - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
My Shell/Fossils Mirror - Furniturein Furniture
Another "Owl" gift for my daughter - Animalsin Animals
Owl Night Light - Animalsin Animals
Ceramic Owl Figurine - Animalsin Animals
My "Ugly Bird" Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Lama Oaxaca Mexico Pottery - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Studio Art Pottery - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Pair of Bristol Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. or call 858-259-8155
  2. Read this article please; try contacting Dan Peragine teacher at The Winston School for students with learning differences this gentleman he ha...
  3. blue, pinched rim and an awesome shape I lovey it! Just beautiful
  4. looks like her eye's are filled with tears....I see a lot of pain.
  5. antiquerose just an amazing beautiful piece! Awesome!
  6. Zowie hello to you :) I love the odd pottery...maybe a little to odd sometimes ;) but hey I can't help it and plus it's an owl. My daughter said it looks like a shrunken head but of course she stil...
  7. Location Solved; Trinity Church on Queen Anne Square in Newport, Rhode Island Now I have his book to go along with his art work :)
  8. Katherine thank you
  9. DrFluffy we all have projects/ideas in our plans/thoughts that never get done :) I for one have But I don't think this girl has the patience to sit down and complete a project like this...
  10. First vase looks like she is line crabbing not fishing. One of my favorite things to do in the summer.....we have great Blue Crabs on the Outer Banks.
  11. Yes it is...she will love it. Found a owl night light also will have to share that also....
  12. Amazing
  13. Oh how I love this Sean The handle is awesome! Little jealous here.....
  14. thanks for all the love and wonderful comments
  15. Awesome and the best part is the shape.....I likey!!
  16. I really love these beautiful!
  17. Karen I have seen lots of molded ceramics but I always by pass them.....but I love butterflies and really liked this piece so I had to have ;)
  18. Thank you Sean ;)
  19. I love that bowl
  20. awesome and simple light box what a major difference in the photos....WOW a project for my husband :)
  21. eye4beauty thank you for sharing the link
  22. Katherine please share your piece would love to see it and I'm sure TallCakes could educate us all on glass like this.
  23. Weight of this piece is 9lbs
  24. Weight 10lbs
  25. eye4beauty could you tell me how to build a light box?
  26. Very birthstone :)
  27. DrFluffy and sklo thank you very much for the lovely comments :)
  28. eye4beauty it's so large....guess one could use it for a salad bowl during special occasions. Virginia and jscott thank you :)
  29. Don't have a clue but it's awesome
  30. Bristol vase
  31. Karen I will do that..... thank you
  32. EVERYONE!! I was researching under "google" on this piece I typed in "murano geometric glass ashtray" clicked "Images" the 8th picture down which is MY photo that I downloaded here on CW....when I ...
  33. vetraio looks like Mandruzzato to me. I love the cut of this ashtray. Thank you for looking and heading this girl in the right direction ;)
  34. love the purple and blue with the clear! Awesome!
  35. love the owl and mouse....adorable
  36. just beautiful
  37. OMG's amazing! Love the purple!
  38. antiquerose didn't pay it no mind until you said something......interesting.....can't wait to see your bowl. You know I have no in depth knowledge of art glass I buy what my eye likes ;). Guess I need...
  39. Karen I will definitely tell her but I don't think she is going to listen.... LOL
  40. jscott thank you
  41. DrFluffy CindB Sean thank you for looking and the comments sklo42-thank you for the information on this piece....I'm not educated on art glass but I do find some pieces very interesting and beaut...
  42. DrFluffy great way to put it....I agree :)
  43. Karen I do believe noob is onto the origin.... :) Now that I'm home from work I can get to researching.... noob thank you for the help I do appreciate it very much.... jscott thank you for the com...
  44. Alan Thank you very much The research is about 25% of the fun for me but the hunt on the other hand is 75% of the fun ;). Sometimes you just can't figure something/artist out it gets really frust...
  45. CindB thank you very much Makes me smile when others enjoy what I love also :)
  46. Karen I have plenty of wall space that is I have plans on remodeling the living room, hallway and my bedroom this spring ( a huge project for my husband). One thing I do lack is art fo...
  47. it's beautiful!
  48. CindB sister watched "Buried Alive" a hoarder really freaked her out how some live. I also have a lot of items packed away :) lol..
  49. antiquerose you are welcome love to share my finds with everyone on CW :)
  50. Sean your a sweet one ;) Thank you :)
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Italian Pitcher by Fratelli Fanciullacci


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