braunschweig, germany

if you need help with german pottery send me an e-mail: ---- in general i'm more a hunter of nice things than a collector and many of the thingsif you need help with german pottery send me an e-mail: ---- in general i'm more a hunter of nice things than a collector and many of the things shown here are allready sold. i keep things for a while and sell them after finding nicer things... i'm working on a e-commerce shop but it will take some time to open it. (Read more)


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Czech or german cased and cut vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
facetted and hoped vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Once again.... no idea - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano table lamps - Art Glassin Art Glass
mezza filigrana vase with unpolished pontil - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rudolf Schrötter Pollax Pattern - Art Decoin Art Deco
Our new lawnmawer collection - Animalsin Animals
kuhn marked brass bowl - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
1950s paintings on cardboard - Visual Artin Visual Art
japanese eggshell porcelaine cups and saucers - Asianin Asian


  1. Reminds me of erik höglund's designs for boda glasbruk Just a shot in the dark
  2. Might be helpful to see a pic of the backside
  3. Just a guess "PRIMITVO GARCIA VILCHEZ CHULUCANAS" from peru?
  4. Merry Christmas Sean
  5. I think audrey never should have started wearing lamp shades...
  6. You can find more informations there
  7. Outstanding quality and such a perfect shape... i'm envious
  8. Riihimaki tamara aladin i think it is
  9. You might ask rosenthal... normally you'll get a quite fast answer
  10. Yepp, you shoupd be right... looks like kjell
  11. these are cameroon dwarf blackbelly mowers
  12. Wow, thanks a lot aissia, even i think my stuff is not that good as other collections i have seen here.... and at least half of my things shown here are allready gone again.... unfortunately i allw...
  13. Dennet Barker ?
  14. Is this the same table? There is a sticker shown on the last picture shown there which might help...
  15. ...exactly
  16. maybe advertisement for them?
  17. own a yellow one
  18. Thanks a lot kyratango and for the loves Dai Nippon Yokohama Imura Zo it says...
  19. Me too...
  20. seems to be 12V originally wired to an external transformer, because the body of the fixture acts as a conductor Miniature 12V (E10) lamp screw bases might work
  21. Love them... what's the shade's diameter at the top? I can have a look for the missing parts if you want me to....
  22. First cleaning step done..... Strange... there is just one wire to each bulb and a single wire connected to the globe... seems to be current carrying electricity when switched on...?
  23. The lightoliers i have seen are with different bulbholders.... it's really a miracle who made this one
  24. yes i had a look... 1stdibs.... a bargain's place
  25. Just cleaned the arms....will take a while to finish it...
  26. 1950s to 1960s i guess
  27. You might alsos ask at the facebook chinese ceramics and art group. And if it turnes out to be japanese
  28. I had several of these model over the years in different sizes and versions and everything seems to be ok for me that this is an original.... the shape has been made in satinated glass, in colored gla...
  29. Thats right
  30. Japanese maybe? Glaze looks a little bit like it...
  31. Thanks a lot Rick for all the information and for the links as well... i really appreciated it...
  32. Maybe one day i will know who did this one... daum shoul be allways signed i think... Liuligongfang as well
  33. I've seen bigger ones made by daum nancy.... but unfortunately no idea who made this though...
  34. I would rather think 50.000 lire?
  35. French i think
  37. nativ american quern/pestle
  38. looks like a quern/pestle and mortar for grinding corn
  39. I had serious problems too when checking gotheborg's site it's a very small zhuanshu mark.... diameter of the pot is less than 2.5inch and in the center of this zhuanshu mark a "glaze" bubble is parti...
  40. seems to say dao guang nian zhi (1821-50)
  41. japanese satsuma i think... you might find it here:
  43. might be german as well.... it's called schmalztopf over here... (pot of lard)
  44. You are right all four of my lithographs has been made in eduard hölzel's company... they've started with this kind of lithographs short after hölzel moved to vienna in 1861
  45. This one is out of the series "geographische charakterbilder" made by eduard hölzel, circa 1865-1870 eduard hölzel started with this kind of school materials in 1861 after he moved to vienna Unfort...
  46. wow matisse.... thanks a lot... time to read and hopefully learn a little...
  47. no there is no tape on the backside.... paris has been rebuild that days i think and the question is if it looked that way in the past?
  48. I would rather think it's a satsuma very nice quality... i would guess meiji period
  49. a little mistake it says this child is born in jordan taunschig (might mean township as well) in northuberland county, in the state pennsylvanien in north america, and is baptized
  50. the smaller text above are prayers
  51. See more


Gorgeous Neiman Marcus Vintage Reversible Sheared Mink Coat? HARRACH VASE Two small vases, Ingeborg Lundin (Orrefors, before 1950)