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eero saarinen 160MC ? - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Bedö Imre sculpture - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
enamelled plate 
lisa larson bulldog - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Hessen-Glas Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Arabia/Finland - Anja Jaatinen-Winquist - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
cut overlay peking glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
kpm berlin plates - siegmund schütz - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
lenti -  archimede seguso - Art Glassin Art Glass
two chinese vases found this weekend - Asianin Asian


  1. i know... but i'm pretty sure it's by her and them have a look here:
  2. no, i can't find a mark
  3. (unfortunately just in german language)
  4. grapefruit sized (can't find my tapeline)
  5. good morning george, it helps a lot! i have to get ready to drive to a night fleamarket right away but will have a further search later on... thanks for this hint ole
  6. i believe it's not possible to have enough room....
  7. the flat beside our became free to rent... we had to decide to take or leave it very fast
  8. it's one of hers... hard to read but i'm sure
  9. just have a little work to do beside just hunting & selling.... renovating the other flat for example... but i'll be back for sure
  10. incredible objet d'art my congrats
  11. who doesn't? just a wonderful piece
  12. thanks, i'm not good in identifying saints at all...
  13. reminds me a little of monika maetzel but not sure at all...
  14. cool, thanks for helping me with an id and thanks for the links and for all the loves certainly as well... i really appreciated it
  15. thanks aghcollect wasn't ableto find a translation...
  16. hi mike i had a look at your 2 mystery pots actually i don't think that they're by baumann as far as i know baumann allways used a red clay and the clay of one of your mysteries is different i...
  17. i would search for "walter bosse kufstein"
  18. hi i've found an Arnold Larson, a Jan Mitchell-Larsen a Phil Larsen and have seen that Lisa Larson did glass designs as well... what does the pontil look like?
  19. would be very helpful to see a pic of the bottom and the signature....
  20. yes looks like wmf and designed by wagenfeld supposed to be the so called herzvase (heart vase) catalog raisonné no. 438
  21. nice pot, but without a bottom pic nearly impossible to id... soholm is a possibility but would be clearly marked normally easy to read it
  22. that's really adorable
  23. love them, the exbors are on my search list for quite a while...
  24. yes, at least such pieces should show a signature... i'll keep it in my mind & if i ever find a similar piece with an attribution i'll be back
  25. great shaped piece... is there no signature underneath?
  26. Oz, maybe we've been on the same market? if so thanks for leaving it for me.... you'll get the next one, ok?
  27. well i live in braunschweig/germany.... i have to choose between grotian-steinweg and schimmel.... we will see...
  28. cool... i'll search for a piano right away ;-)
  29. sorry, but i don't think it's a mdina vase... i had one of these several times in huge size and really heavy i believe they're from china, not sure though... earlier better pieces are sometimes sig...
  30. thanks for all the loves and your comments i use 14gr espresso powder twice therefore it is more likely a ristretto macchiato... (in the moment a smooth sidamo certainly grinded on demand)
  31. that's an incredible find..
  32. yes....!!!
  33. most likely Uffrecht-Fayence... supposed to be out of the 3300 range supposed to be 3303c and the shape should be designed by Siegfried Möller in 1928, because of the Delius decor it should have b...
  34. supposed to be influenced by waldglas nuppenbecher
  35. volker is the man! beside him i'm an ignoramus.. Klaus & Hildegard Delius moved moved from Carstens Uffrecht to Carstens Neuhaldensleben in 1930. later on they took over the "Hamelner Töpferei" ...
  36. Volker Hornbostel answered Carstens-Rheinsberg or Carstens-Uffrecht, Fayence departement, (workshop Hubbe) circa 1930, the Decor supposed to be designed by Hildegard Delius at her time at Rheinsber...
  37. should say shorter & sons ltd - stoke on trent - made in great britain
  38. these pieces are mainly influenced by the russian constructivism, el lissitzky etc.
  39. I've asked a german art deco pottery specialist for help... if somebody knows it its him...
  40. Bauhaus trained Margarete Heymann-Loebenstein said when she created these decors she was influenced by Kandinsky... (thanks to Mr. Volker Hornbostel for this informations) two pieces with the same ...
  41. fantastic piece... art deco 1930s german several possible makers, carstens elsterwerda for example did similar decors but the clay seems to be wrong... the german word for this kind of decor is "m...
  42. my congrats, i like the arcade stuff... just had one once by ivan baj
  43. i think it's german my first thought is "erco leuchten" you should add "orange" to your search or you will search ages.... here is a link to a floorlamp by erco
  46. thanks for all the loves... i've never seen something like this purse before... must have been quite expensive that days.... with all these gold applications quite snobbish, isn't it? tried to fi...
  47. actually it's a continual coming and going of things.... i've started with fleamarkets with an age of 13 and i've never had a normal job in my entire life afterwards i've been short of cash severa...
  48. just adorable... and it is a kufstein piece... for sure may i ask if it's found in a charity shop? one day i'll make a worldwide charity shop journey that would be real fun
  49. your vase is made by Scheurich KG in Kleinheubach 1970s
  50. sean, your welcome... one day i will know it...
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