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Rudolf Hlousek vase zelezny brod ZBS - Art Glassin Art Glass
art deco sculpture - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
thick walled deep blue glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
wmf myra vase model J43 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kiyomizu Pottery Kyoto Japan - Asianin Asian
Kiyomizu Pottery Kyoto Japan - Asianin Asian
chinese plate - Asianin Asian
Giorgio Ferro Anse Volante vase? - Art Glassin Art Glass
art nouveau vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
bolling duck - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern


  1. Sorry can't help... But maybe you find it searching the furnitur index page, or you dont find your desk you might find a desk of drawers with the same handles there....good luck http://designmuseum...
  2. Hopefully easy to repair... love'em
  3. Hi thanks a lot for your help... and the great link as well Great source of knowledge
  4. just a guess but it reminds of Carl Fischer BKW Bürgel... might be german
  5. The beads are butterscotch amber... 1930s design I hunt for amber in the moment, but this one is sold allready It has been nice sized with 43gramm and a biggest bead of 1"
  6. Looks real to me...
  7. Amber hunters start their search after storms and pick up the swimming aber at the beaches of the baltic sea
  8. Just take a bowl fill it with water to the half... add salt untill it stops dissolving and a rest of salt is still visible at the bottom... Then put your necklace into it
  9. Lee Johnon gave me the information that the sticker says: Kiyomizu Pottery Kyoto Japan. Unfortunately the artist's signature is still a miracle
  10. Lee Johnon gave me the information that the sticker says: Kiyomizu Pottery Kyoto Japan. Unfortunately the artist's signature is still a miracle
  11. Thanks... maybe one day somebody will know
  12. Thanks a lot... that's right... Model j43 it is
  13. Possible... i was told rather korean or taiwanese than japanese
  14. Thanks a lot for the informations.nI will go searching for it right away. Tranfer printed decoration i was told it is?
  15. No my signature is different...
  16. Here are two pics of my one... never found out who made it... Will search for carlos merida right away...
  17. I believe i have a vase with the same mark...
  18. Could it say norway?
  19. Just a guess but it might be by the Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätten Olbernhau Here is a link to a pic of the kwo sticker which has been in use after 1949...
  20. Just a guess but i would search for schramberg... might be from the art deco period
  21. What is written at the upper half of the backside?
  22. It looks like a replica of ancient roman glass... could be made in murano i think
  23. I would guess 1950s to 60s
  24. Hi it's made by carstens tonnieshof, just in case you don't know allready
  25. That's what i've thought... groovy it is... I've looked at 20-30 pictures of anse volantes in different auctionhouses... I'm not 100% sure this is one but the color and surface seems to be right......
  26. Yes one of the better colored pieces
  27. Yes, german origin is possible... may i use the pics to show them to volker hornbostel? He might know...
  28. Could you add a pic of the bottom? I believev i've seen this decoratin before...
  29. Belgian has been my first thought...
  30. YES, unbelievable isn't it
  31. possible.... i don't know anything about pukebergs history... should learn a little about them...
  32. thanks sean crashed the third lorry in two years... therefore i have to earn some money for the next one
  33. i know... but i'm pretty sure it's by her and them have a look here:
  34. no, i can't find a mark
  35. (unfortunately just in german language)
  36. grapefruit sized (can't find my tapeline)
  37. good morning george, it helps a lot! i have to get ready to drive to a night fleamarket right away but will have a further search later on... thanks for this hint ole
  38. i believe it's not possible to have enough room....
  39. the flat beside our became free to rent... we had to decide to take or leave it very fast
  40. it's one of hers... hard to read but i'm sure
  41. just have a little work to do beside just hunting & selling.... renovating the other flat for example... but i'll be back for sure
  42. incredible objet d'art my congrats
  43. who doesn't? just a wonderful piece
  44. thanks, i'm not good in identifying saints at all...
  45. reminds me a little of monika maetzel but not sure at all...
  46. cool, thanks for helping me with an id and thanks for the links and for all the loves certainly as well... i really appreciated it
  47. thanks aghcollect wasn't ableto find a translation...
  48. hi mike i had a look at your 2 mystery pots actually i don't think that they're by baumann as far as i know baumann allways used a red clay and the clay of one of your mysteries is different i...
  49. i would search for "walter bosse kufstein"
  50. hi i've found an Arnold Larson, a Jan Mitchell-Larsen a Phil Larsen and have seen that Lisa Larson did glass designs as well... what does the pontil look like?
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